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Poster Session: Not Headed Downhill Yet: Curiosity Results from the Clay-Sulfate Transition, Marker Band, and Sulfate Unit

Tuesday, March 14, 2023, 6:30 PM
Town Center Exhibit Hall

Fraeman A. A.* Arvidson R. E. Stack K. M. Christian J. R. Sheppard R. Y. et al.
Mt. Sharp's Clay-Sulfate Transition: A Regional Perspective from Orbital Spectral and Geomorphic Datasets [#1502]
We examine the clay-sulfate transition in Gale crater using new orbital spectral data processing, and interpret in the context of Curiosity observations.
Turner M. L.* Lewis K. W.
Variable Bedding Orientations Within the Clay-Sulfate Transition, Gale Crater, Mars [#2597]
This study reports on bedding measurements from the Curiosity rover as it traverses through a key stratigraphic interval known as the clay-sulfate transition.
O'Connell-Cooper C. D.* Thompson L. M. Spray J. G. Gellert R. Dietrich W. E. et al.
Lensoid Bodies Within the Mirador Formation, Gale Crater — Geochemistry and Implications for Depositional Environment and Timing [#2564]
APXS derived geochemistry lensoid units, Gale; chemistry distinct from Mirador formation, Mt Sharp Gp; potential influx sands/soils to interdune bodies of water.
Clark J. V.* Sutter B. Lewis J. McAdam A. C. Archer P. D. et al.
Mineralogical and Chemical Changes in the Clay-Sulfate Transition Region as Detected by the Sample Analysis at Mars-Evolved Gas Analyzer (SAM-EGA) in Gale Crater, Mars [#1275]
The Sample Analysis at Mars-Evolved Gas Analyzer on the Curiosity rover was used to assess mineralogical changes in the clay-sulfate transition region.
Jacob S. R.* Bell J. F. Eng A. Farrand W. H. Rampe E. B. et al.
Mars Science Laboratory Mastcam Multispectral Investigation of Drill Targets from the Beginning of the Clay Sulfate Transition to Marker Band Valley [#2856]
Multispectral data from the Curiosity rover suggest significant mineralogical changes in drill targets from the clay sulfate transition to marker band valley.
Gellert R.* Berger J. A. Boyd N. I. O'Connell-Cooper C. D. McCraig M. A. et al.
Germanium Enrichments in the Clay-Sulfate Transition and the Marker Bed at Gale Crater, Mars [#1618]
Germanium is consitently enriched in altered sediments in Gale Crater. A recent drill attempt indicates that it is also present in the MarkerBed.
Parker T. J.* Anderson R. C. Grant J. Heydari E.
Morphological and Stratigraphic Comparison of a Ridge at the "Marker Band", Gale Crater, with a Small Bay Mouth Bar in Lake Bonneville, Utah [#2679]
The MB ridge may have formed via longshore currents bringing eroded/reworked material from the mound to close off the small embayment west of the ridge.
Roberts A. L.* Gupta S. Dietrich W. E. Edgar L. Rapin W. et al.
What Depositional Processes and Paleoenvironments Formed the Layered Sulfate Unit in Gale Crater, Mars?: Insights from Marker Band Valley [#2945]
At Gale, sand sheets spread / A shallow lake swelled and ebbed / New winds scour old seds.
Farrand W. H.* Eng A. Johnson J. R. Jacob S. R. Bell J. F. et al.
Mastcam Multispectral Examination of Rocks in the Sulfate-Bearing Terrain of Marker Band Valley, Gale Crater, Mars [#1504]
Mastcam multispectral results from the Marker Band Valley region of Gale crater are presented. Spectrally distinct units and geological implications are discussed.
Eng A. M.* Rice M. S. Farrand W. H. Haber J. T. Jacob S. et al.
New Mastcam Multispectral Rock Classes in Sulfate-Bearing Strata, Gale Crater, Mars [#1603]
Phyllosilicates / Show spectral diversity / Where are the sulfates?
Clark J. V.* Morris R. V. Haney N. C. Jakubek R. S. Archer P. D. et al.
Sheppard R. Y.* Rapin W. Tu V. Lim L. Gabriel T. S. J. et al.
Updated Orbital Perspective of the Mt. Sharp Upper Sulfate Bearing Strata in Preparation for In Situ Exploration [#2423]
We review the orbital perspective of the Gale crater layered sulfates and outline hypotheses that can be tested in situ in the coming years of rover exploration.
Ettenborough I. E.* Thomson B. J. Weitz C. M. Bishop J. L. Seelos K. D.
Hydrated Sulfate Minerals in Gale Crater Observed from CRISM and HiRISE Imagery [#2481]
Orbital observations of hydrated sulfate minerals are mapped using CRISM and HiRISE data to further constrain their spatial extent and inform their formation.