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Poster Session: A Diverse and Inclusive Planetary Community: Who We Are and Can Be

Tuesday, March 14, 2023, 6:30 PM
Town Center Exhibit Hall

McAdam M. M.* Rathbun J. McCanta M. C. Deutsch A. Knicely J. et al.
Cross-AG Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA) Working Group: 2023 Priorities [#2403]
The Cross-AG Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility Working Group presents our 2023 priorities.
Rathbun J. A.* Rivera-Valentín E. G. Bayron J. Quick L. C.
Diversity and Inclusion in Spacecraft Science Teams: What Do We Know and What Can We Do About It? [#2175]
Do you need help with / Writing an inclusion plan? / Here are data and ideas.
Jensen H. B.* Pappas L. L. Taha N. A. New M. H.
Introducing the New NASA Science Mission Directorate's ROSES 2021 Research and Analysis Yearbook: An Online Resource for Programmatic and Self-Reported Demographic Data [#2213]
The NASA Science Mission Directorate Data Analytics Team is excited to share a new resource for programmatic and self-reported demographic data.
Bennett K. A.* Garcia P. Keszthelyi L.
USGS STEP UP! Employee Empowerment Strategies: A Bystander Intervention Program for the Planetary Science Community [#2207]
We describe a Bystander Intervention training that is available at no cost for the planetary science community and can be a resource for Inclusion Plans.
Patterson R. V.* Meier M. L. Hendrix A. Buxner S. Grier J. A.
IDEA: Principles in Practice with the TREX Analog Rover Team [#2541]
We report demographics of the TREX 2022 participating science team, share feedback from the field science team, and offer recommendations for other field teams.
Elrod M. K. Roberts J. H.* Daubar I. J.
The Cost of Diminished In-Person Participation in Unsafe Locations: The Necessity of Hybrid Meetings [#2833]
The changing political location is a detriment to the safety of many of our members attending in person meetings. Hybrid options are one adequate solution.
Morris J. R.* Schurmeier L. R. Wagner N. L. Baker S. Bill C. et al.
InSightSeers: Peering into Invited Student Participation of a Mission Science Team Meeting [#1966]
NASA science teams / Invite, expose your meetings / ECRs love it!
Klug Boonstra S.* Garcia D. Kretke K. Storksdieck M. Fischer H. et al.
NASA L’SPACE Program: Reimagining Agile, Equitable, Technical STEM Workforce Development for All [#2951]
L’SPACE addresses the need for an equitable, inclusive technical STEM workforce model that can be delivered at scale.
Crotti S.* Pascual J. Puriené V. Foing B. EuroSpaceHub Team 
EuroSpaceHub: A European-Led Project to Facilitate Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Accessibility, Inclusion and Diversity in the Space-Tech Ecosystem Accessibility, Inclusion and Diversity in the Space-tech Ecosystem [#1426]
An overview on the efforts of the EuroSpaceHub project to foster collaboration, innovation, entrepreneurship, and access to funding opportunities in aerospace.