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Still Climbing: Continuing to Celebrate 10 Years of Curiosity at Gale Crater

Tuesday, March 14, 2023, 2:15 PM
Waterway Ballroom 4

Lu Chou
Abigail Fraeman
James Haber
2:15 PM
Session Introduction
2:20 PM
Gasnault O.* Lanza N. L. Wiens R. C. Maurice S. Mangold N. et al.
ChemCam: Zapping Mars for 10 Years (and More) [#2076]
Oh dear teen you’re ten! / What on Mars are you zappin’? / Still so much to learn…
2:30 PM
Nikiforov S. Y.* Djachkova M. V. Mitrofanov I. G. Litvak M. L. Lisov D. I. et al.
Catalogization of DAN Data for Water Equivalent Hydrogen and Absorption Equivalent Chlorine Along the First 27 km Part of Traverse of Curiosity [#1931]
DAN measurements presented as pixels. Pixels contain WEH and AEC values derived from sol 3 to sol 3333 and are associated with the MSL stratigraphic column.
2:40 PM
Chou L.* Malespin C. McAdam A. Glavin D. Millan M. et al.
Investigating Organic Molecules in MSL’s SAM Wet Chemistry Experiments Using De Novo Mass Spectrometry Interpretation [#2886]
The SAM wet chemistry experiments onboard Curiosity revealed the presence of several high molecular weight compounds. Their provenance are investigated here.
2:50 PM
Franz H. B.* McAdam A. C. Knudson C. A. Clark J. V. Sutter B. et al.
The Sulfur Isotopic Composition of Magnesium Sulfates at Gale Crater [#2310]
We will discuss d34S in sulfates of phyllosilicate- and sulfate-rich sediments at Gale crater and compare to those throughout Curiosity’s traverse to date.
3:00 PM
Panel Q&A
3:20 PM
Lo D. Y.* Atreya S. K. Wong M. H. Trainer M. G. Franz H. B. et al.
Evaluating Atmospheric and Surface Drivers for Atmospheric O2 Variations at Gale Crater as Observed by MSL SAM [#1167]
O2 above Gale / Seasonal, unexpected... / What could the cause be?
3:30 PM
Dietrich W. E.* Bryk A. B. Kite E. S. Lewis K. W. Gupta S. et al.
Implications of the Local Topography of the Marker Band Contact, Gale Crater [#1421]
Observed local ridge and swale topography of the sharp Marker Band contact has implications for constructional and post-depositional history of Mt. Sharp.
3:40 PM
Thompson L. M.* Kite E. S. Grotzinger J. P. Yen A. S. Berger J. A. et al.
Investigation of the Gale Crater Marker Band (and Beyond) with the Mars Science Laboratory, Alpha Particle X-Ray Spectrometer [#2311]
APXS compositional results from the Gale crater marker band have implications for its origin and relationship to other units within Gale crater.
3:50 PM
Gasda P. J.* Lanza N. Rapin W. Frydenvang J. Goetz W. et al.
ChemCam Observations of the Marker Band, Gale Crater, Mars [#2389]
Chemical changes / Nodule and ripple layers / A lake or a brine?
4:00 PM
Panel Q&A
4:20 PM
Cowart A. C.* Minitti M. E. Lewis M. M. Tuggle J. P. Bennett K. A. et al.
The Mars Descent Imager (MARDI) Sidewalk Imaging Campaign in Marker Band Valley, Gale Crater, Mars [#1283]
The landscape calls out / “It’s worth looking closely at / Ground under your feet.”
4:30 PM
Lewis K. W.* Kite E. S. Weitz C. M. Cowart A. Dietrich W. E. et al.
Rhythmic Stratigraphy at the Orbital Marker Bed at Mount Sharp, Gale Crater, Mars [#2887]
We characterize an unusual cyclically layered rock unit encountered by Curiosity at Mount Sharp and discuss possible implications for past climate cycles.
4:40 PM
Newsom H. E.* Hoffman M. E. Gallegos Z. E. Williams J. M. Los S. A. et al.
Climate Change and Topography Focused Aeolian Erosion in Gale Crater, Mars — Ten-Years of MSL Observations [#2285]
The topography along the Curiosity 10-year traverse was established during recent higher atmospheric climate excursions by aeolian sand transport in valleys.
4:50 PM
Wilson S. A.* Thompson L. Hughes M. Fedo C. Arvidson R. et al.
The Gediz Vallis System in Gale Crater on Mars: HiRISE Views of the Inverted Channel [#1355]
We present an overview of the Gediz Vallis system in Gale crater and how the MSL rover will address various questions and hypotheses related to its evolution.
5:00 PM
Panel Q&A
5:20 PM
Session Closure