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Advanced Curation: Tools and Techniques for Preserving Pristine Samples

Tuesday, March 14, 2023, 9:55 AM
Waterway Ballroom 1

Aaron Regberg
Sara Russell
Stuart Robbins
9:55 AM
Session Introduction
10:00 AM
Herd C. D. K.* Bosak T. Farley K. A. Stack K. M. Benison K. C. et al.
Sampling by the NASA Perseverance Rover for Mars Sample Return [#2185]
The Perseverance rover mission has collected 21 samples for return to Earth, including witness tubes. We provide an overview of the samples collected thus far.
10:10 AM
Yada T.* Abe M. Miyazaki A. Yogata K. Nagashima K. et al.
Initial Descriptions and Distribution of Ryugu Samples Returned by Hayabusa2 and Preparation for OSIRIS-REx Returned Sample Curation in JAXA [#1959]
More than 40% of Ryugu samples have been described. They will be distributed for the 2nd AO starting in January 2023. Preparation for OSIRIS-REx sample curation in JAXA is ongoing.
10:20 AM
Yokoyama T.* Dauphas N. Fukai R. Usui T. Tachibana S. et al.
The Ryugu Reference Powder (RRP): A Consortium Study of Elemental and Isotopic Solar System Abundances [#1093]
We propose to establish a new consortium to estimate solar elemental and isotopic abundances based on analyses of Ryugu samples.
10:30 AM
Glavin D. P.* Alexander C. M. O'D. Aponte J. C. Bacyznski A. A. Berger E. L. et al.
Investigating the Impact of X-ray Computed Tomography Imaging on Organic Matter in the Murchison Meteorite: Implications for Bennu Sample Analyses [#1315]
XCT imaging of Murchison had no effect on the bulk composition of insoluble organic matter. Results and implications for OSIRIS-REx planning will be discussed.
10:40 AM
Charlier J.* Aléon-Toppani A. Brunetto R. Aléon J. Borondics F.
Hunting Refractory Inclusions in CM2 and CO3 Chondrites by Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy: A Non-Destructive Approach for Returned Space Samples [#2211]
This abstract deals with user-friendly machine learning for infrared detection of refractory inclusions in extraterrestrial samples.
10:50 AM
Stolov L.* Zacny K. Spring J. Grossman A. Bywaters K. et al.
Vacuum Sealable Container (VSC) and Astronaut Lunar Drill (ALD) for Artemis [#2877]
Honeybee Robotics has been developing a Vacuum Sealable Container (VSC) and new Astronaut Lunar Drill (ALD) for sample return on the upcoming Artemis missions.
11:00 AM
Panel Q&A
11:25 AM
Session Closure