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Space Weathering: From Outer Satellites, the Moon, and Ryugu

Tuesday, March 14, 2023, 8:20 AM
Waterway Ballroom 6

Brittany Cymes
Jeff Gillis-Davis
Laura Chaves
8:20 AM
Session Introduction
8:25 AM
Hiroi T.* Milliken R. E. Robertson K. M. Schultz C. D. Amano K. et al.
Evidence of Space Weathering on the CI1-Chondrite Asteroid 162173 Ryugu [#1040]
A 6 nm shift in the 2.7-micron band positoin between returned samples and the surface materials of asteroid Ryugu indicates space weathering by solar wind.
8:35 AM
Hallatt D.* Wozniakiewicz P. J. Burchell M. J. Leroux H.
How do Ryugu-Inspired Phyllosilicates Respond to Micro-Mechanical Impact? [#2084]
Phyllosilicates have been shot with micrometer-scale projectiles at <6 km/s. We report on the morphology of the resultant craters.
8:45 AM
Melendez L. E.* Thompson M. S. Keller L. P. Snead C. J.
Characterizing Space Weathering Features in Grains from Asteroid Ryugu [#2069]
Winds of yesterday / The smallest meteorites / Remnants of times past.
8:55 AM
Laczniak D. L.* Thompson M. S.
Space Weathering Effects Revealed Through In Situ Ion Irradiation and Heating of the Murchison Meteorite in the Transmission Electron Microscope [#1176]
In situ H+ and He+ irradiation and subsequent rapid heating of Murchison dust reveals the combined effects of solar wind and micrometeoroid space weathering.
9:05 AM
Panel Q&A
9:25 AM
Cartwright R. J.* DeColibus D. R. Castillo-Rogez J. C. Beddingfield C. B. Grundy W. M. et al.
Are Nitrogen-Bearing Species Present on Uranus' Moon Umbriel? [#1268]
We analyzed the near-infrared spectral properties of the uranian moon Umbriel to investigate whether ammonia and other nitrogen-bearing species are present.
9:35 AM
Hibbitts C. A.* Stockstill-Cahill K. Lloyd E.
Spectral Effects of Electron Irradiation on Cryogenic Hydrated Minerals and Brines Relevant to Europa [#2667]
Space weathering of cryogenic salts and brines by high-energy electrons results in coloring in the visible but does not affect the infrared.
9:45 AM
Schriver D.* Jia X. Domingue D.
Mapping Particle Precipitation on Tethys' Surface to Understand Space Weathering of Its Regolith [#1729]
The precipitation of saturnian magnetospheric particles onto Tethys’ surface is examined to explore space weathering of the moon’s icy regolith.
9:55 AM
Kling A. M.* Greer J. Thompson M. S. Heck P. R. Isheim D. et al.
Solar Wind-Sourced Water Stored in Nanoscale Reservoirs in Lunar Soil Grains [#1710]
Moon water from Sun / Is not so ephemeral / It’s trapped in small voids.
10:05 AM
Panel Q&A
10:25 AM
Cymes B. A.* Burgess K. D. Stroud R. M. ANGSA Science Team 
Comparison of Space Weathered Lunar Olivines of Varying Maturity, Recent Exposure, and Curation Temperature [#2599]
Lunar olivine may have a characteristic “style” of solar wind-driven space weathering controlled by its crystal structure.
10:35 AM
Sorokin E. M.* Yakovlev O. I. Slyuta E. N. Gerasimov M. V. Zaitsev M. A. et al.
Chemical Composition of the Nanophase Iron (NpFe0) Obtained in the Laser Experiment [#2156]
In our experiment, large npFe0 spherules (up to 5 μm) were obtained in basalt glass and olivine, their chemical properties were measured using a SEM.
10:45 AM
Cahill J. T. S.* Cahill K. R. S. Hibbitts C. A. Livi K. Waller C. D. et al.
10:55 AM
Wöhler C. Bhatt M. Arnaut M.*
Localized Polarization Behavior and Inferred Grain Size Distribution at the Lunar Swirl Reiner Gamma in Comparison to Crater Rays and Ejecta Blankets [#1599]
This study examines the regolith grain size distribution at the lunar swirl Reiner Gamma and nearby locations based on new telescopic polarimetric imaging data.
11:05 AM
Panel Q&A
11:25 AM
Session Closure