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Special Session: Not Headed Downhill Yet: Celebrating 10 Years of Curiosity at Gale Crater

Tuesday, March 14, 2023, 8:20 AM
Waterway Ballroom 4

Liz Rampe
Ashwin Vasavada
Steven Banham
8:20 AM
Session Introduction
8:25 AM
Vasavada A. R.* Fraeman A. A. McCauley Rench R.
Not Headed Downhill Yet: Celebrating 10 Years of Curiosity at Gale Crater [#1683]
NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover has been exploring Gale crater since 2012 with the goal of assessing Mars’ potential to support past or present life.
8:35 AM
Blake D. F.* Bristow T. F. Rampe E. B. Vaniman D. T. Ming D. W. et al.
A Decade of Quantitative Mineralogy on Mars: Results from the CheMin X-Ray Diffractometer on the Mars Science Laboratory Rover Curiosity [#1228]
The mineralogical discoveries made by the CheMin XRD Instrument on the MSL rover Curiosity during its decade-long exploration of Gale Crater are presented.
8:45 AM
Stern J. C.* Eigenbrode J. L. Franz H. F. Glavin D. P. Graham H. V. et al.
Organics on Mars: What We’ve Learned at Gale Crater [#1663]
Ten years have gone by / So many molecules found / Organics on Mars!
8:55 AM
Guzewich S. D. Martínez G.* Innanen A. Pla-García J. Ruíz-Pérez M. et al.
10 Years of Environmental Science in Gale Crater [#2054]
Environmental science, 5 Mars years in Gale, unprecedented record.
9:05 AM
Panel Q&A
9:25 AM
Rampe E. B.* Bristow T. F. Blake D. F. Chipera S. J. Vaniman D. T. et al.
Mineralogical Evidence for Environmental Change in the Clay-Sulfate Transition at Gale Crater, Mars [#1554]
Mineralogical changes recently observed in Gale crater by the CheMin instrument signify shifts in environment and diagenetic conditions.
9:35 AM
Berger J. A.* Gellert R. McCraig M. A. O'Connell-Cooper C. D. Spray J. G. et al.
Isochemical Characteristics of the Clay-Sulfate Transition in Gale Crater, Mars: APXS Results from Mont Mercou to the Marker Band Valley [#1662]
We ask why the transition from laminated, clay-bearing mudstone to clay-free aeolian sandstone in Gale crater has no change in bulk elemental composition.
9:45 AM
Seeger C. H.* Grotzinger J. P. Cowart A. C.
Diagenetic Overprints Associated with the Clay-Sulfate Transition in Gale Crater, Mars [#2955]
We characterize the diverse array of diagenetic features encountered in the clay-sulfate transition and connect to chemical variations in the host rock.
9:55 AM
Rapin W.* Dromart G. Schieber J. Clark B. C. Kah L. et al.
Not Always Wet: An Aridification Sequence in the Orbital Clay-Sulfate Tansition of Aeolis Mons [#2085]
After years of ascending fluviolacustrine strata, Curiosity now explores a significant shift toward eolian deposits with only localized wet paleoenvironments.
10:05 AM
Panel Q&A
10:25 AM
Weitz C. M.* Lewis K. W. Kite E. S. Dietrich W. E. Thompson L. M. et al.
The Marker Band in Gale Crater: A Synthesis of Orbital and Ground Observations [#1560]
The Curiosity rover recently reached the Marker Band in Gale crater and is now collecting critical in situ measurements for comparison to orbital observations.
10:35 AM
Gupta S.* Dietrich W. E. Lewis K. W. Kite E. S. Mondro C. et al.
‘High’ but Not So Dry on Aeolis Mons: Transient Lake Systems in Hesperian Deserts in Gale Crater [#2707]
A distinct layer, the Marker Band, in Aeolis Mons stratigraphy (Gale crater) contains symmetrical ripples likely formed by wind-generated waves in a shallow transient lake.
10:45 AM
Banham S. G.* Roberts A. L. Gupta S. Dietrich W. E. Bryk A. B. et al.
Fluidization Structures Within the Stimson Formation: Evidence for Water Postdating the Exhumation of Aeolis Mons [#2103]
A desert arose / From a ruined mountain side / Through which water flowed.
10:55 AM
Davis J. M.* Dietrich W. Gupta S. Bryk A. Banham B. et al.
The Gediz Vallis Inverted Channel: Evidence for Late-Stage Flow in Gale Crater, Mars? [#1964]
Down Gale’s flanks you flowed / Leaving stones very exposed / For rovers, you pose.
11:05 AM
Panel Q&A
11:25 AM
Session Closure