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Primordial Lunar Volatiles: From Origin to Eruption

Tuesday, March 14, 2023, 8:20 AM
Waterway Ballroom 1

Ananya Mallik
Lars Borg
Chris Renggli
8:20 AM
Session Introduction
8:25 AM
Render J.* Wimpenny J. Borg L.
Implications for the Origin of the Earth-Moon System from Gallium Isotopes [#2457]
Gallium isotopes in highland rocks hold critical clues to the nature of lunar volatile element depletion and the origin of the Earth-Moon system.
8:35 AM
Mallik A.* Schwinger S. Moitra P. Roy A.
Constraining the Wetness of the Moon by Modeling Lunar Magma Ocean Crystallization: Insights and Challenges [#2542]
Constraining the wetness of the Moon by modeling lunar magma ocean crystallization: insights and challenges.
8:45 AM
Greenwood J. P.* Davoren T. F.
Dislocation-Rich Olivine in Apollo 12 Olivine Basalts Have Implications for Their Thermal Histories and for Our Understanding of Water and Volatiles in the Moon [#2073]
Dislocation-rich olivine grains in Apollo 12 olivine basalts are not supposed to be there. Their existence holds important clues to these rocks.
8:55 AM
Borg L. E.* Brennecka G. A. Kruijer T. S.
The Origin of Volatile Element Depletion in the Earth-Moon System [#1054]
The Rb-Sr isotopic evolution of the Earth-Moon system requires the progenitor bodies to be depleted in volatile elements and form in the inner solar system.
9:05 AM
Ma C.* Liu Y.
Nanomineralogy of Lunar Beads: Discovery of Zinc Sulfide (ZnS) Nanocrystals on a Yellow Bead Fragment, Condensed from Volcanic Vapors on the Moon [#1420]
We report a cover-up of ZnS nanocrystals on the surface of a yellow glass bead, showing direct evidence of condensation from volcanic vapors on the Moon.
9:15 AM
Distel A. G.* Davidson J. Wadhwa M. Hervig R. L.
Water on the Moon: Insights from Nominally Anhydrous Minerals in the Lunar Basaltic Breccia Meteorite Elephant Moraine 87521 [#1754]
We investigate the hydrogen isotopes and water contents of nominally anhydrous minerals in the lunar basaltic breccia meteorite Elephant Moraine (EET) 87521.
9:25 AM
Panel Q&A
9:50 AM
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