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Results from DART and LICIACube 2: Humanity's First Planetary Defense Test Mission

Monday, March 13, 2023, 2:15 PM
Waterway Ballroom 6

Toshi Hirabayashi
Jessica Sunshine
Sabina Raducan
2:15 PM
Session Introduction
2:20 PM
Sunshine J. M.* Rizos J. Farnham T. L. Barnouin O. S. Cheng A. F. et al.
Mapping Albedo Variations to Constrain the History of the Didymos System from DART and LICIACube Observations [#1659]
As doomed DART flew close / Cameras observed albedo / Distinct units emerged.
2:30 PM
Hasselmann P. H.* Dotto E. Deshapriya J.-D.-P. Poggliali G. Rossi A. et al.
Albedo Properties of Didymos and Dimorphos Surface and Ejecta Plume Through DART and LICIACube Imaging [#2023]
DART/DRACO and LICIACube/LUKE cameras have witnessed the Didymos system before and after the impact. Albedo and photometry are discussed for surface and ejecta.
2:40 PM
Pajola M.* Tusberti F. Lucchetti A. Barnouin O. Ernst C. M. et al.
The Boulder Size-Frequency Distribution Derived from DART/DRACO Images of Dimorphos: First Results [#1314]
Here is presented the first analysis on the boulder size-frequency distribution obtained on asteroid Dimorphos, target of the NASA-ASI DART LICIACube mission.
2:50 PM
Lucchetti A.* Barnouin O. S. Pajola M. Cambioni S. Ramesh K. T. et al.
Didymos and Dimorphos Surface Characterization Through Boulders’ Cracks and Mass movements analysis [#1718]
Analysis of boulders cracks and mass movements on the Didymos system.
3:00 PM
Panel Q&A
3:20 PM
Hirabayashi M.* Farnham T. L. Deshapriya J. D. P. Li J.-Y. Dotto E. et al.
DART Impact-Driven Skewed Ejecta Plume [#2500]
The DART impact-driven ejecta is more widely opened along Dimorphos’ short axis than along its equatorial direction.
3:30 PM
Lolachi R.* Glenar D. A. Stubbs T. J. Kolokolova L. Hasselmann P. H. et al.
Scattering Properties of the DART Impact Plume: Phase Angle and Color Dependence [#2594]
We use LUKE brightness measurements at widely separated phase angles and in multiple colors to constrain effective size of scattering plume ejecta particles.
3:40 PM
Farnham T. L.* Hirabayashi M. Deshapriya J. D. P. Barnouin O. S. Bruck-Syal M. et al.
Spatial Distribution of the Boulders in the DART Impact Ejecta: A 3-D Analysis [#2426]
Ejected boulders / Lie in preferred directions / From the DART impact.
3:50 PM
Soldini S.* Ferrari F. Li J. Y. Raducan S. Zhang Y. et al.
Fate of the DART Impact Ejecta: Interpretation of the Tail Morphology Under the Effect of the Solar Radiation Pressure Acceleration [#1988]
The the post DART-impact dynamics of 0.18–57-mm-radius ejecta particles is simulated to evaluate how the observed tail is affected by solar-radiation pressure.
4:00 PM
Panel Q&A
4:20 PM
Bruck Syal M.* Kumamoto K. M. Owen J. M. Pearl J. M. Raskin C. D. et al.
Spheral Simulations of the DART Spacecraft Impact at Dimorphos [#2094]
3-D simulations of the DART impact show the effects of spacecraft geometry and the rubble-pile structure of Dimorphos on momentum transfer and ejecta morphology.
4:30 PM
Graninger D. M.* DeCoster M. E. Kumamoto K. M. Owen J. M. Stickle A. M.
Cratering and Ejecta from the DART Impact — Influence of Spacecraft Geometry [#2128]
Here, we present a reconstruction of the DART impact using the full 3-D spacecraft model and explore how material properties effect cratering and ejecta.
4:40 PM
Ormö J.* Raducan S. D. Luther R. Herreros M. I. Jutzi M. et al.
Impact Induced Motion of Large Boulders and Their Effect on Ejecta Emplacement on Rubble-Pile Targets [#1194]
Experiments validate numerical simulations in studying boulder behaviour at impacts on rubble-piles in context of the SCI, DART, and natural impacts.
4:50 PM
Meyer A. J.* Noiset G. Karatekin Ö. McMahon J. Agrusa H. F. et al.
Tidal Dissipation in Didymos Following the DART Impact [#2105]
The spin and orbit of Dimorphos was perturbed by the DART impact. We investigate how it may return to a minimum-energy configuration through tidal dissipation.
5:00 PM
Panel Q&A
5:20 PM
Session Closure