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Mars Paleohydrology

Monday, March 13, 2023, 2:15 PM
Waterway Ballroom 5

Ginny Gulick
Stefano Nerozzi
Sasha Warren
2:15 PM
Session Introduction
2:20 PM
Kite E. S.* Noblet A. Conway S. J.
Billion-Year Records and Model Predictions of Aridity Change on Mars [#1363]
We sum up new global geologic constraints on change in Mars aridity over time, in the context of big-picture questions, data synthesis, and models.
2:30 PM
Bahia R. S.* Bohacek E. V. Braat L. Boazman S. Sefton-Nash E. et al.
A Major Missing Component — Aeolian-Fluvial Interactions on Ancient Mars [#1193]
Ancient Mars experienced fluvial and aeolian activity. These processes likely acted in synergy. We model the interactions between them.
2:40 PM
Irwin R. P.* Craddock R. A. Grant J. A. Howard A. D. Moore J. M. et al.
Three Distinct Phases of Fluvial Erosion on Mars [#2964]
We differentiate between these three phases of fluvial erosion on Mars, where distinct suites of landforms and processes prevailed at different times.
2:50 PM
Cardenas B. T.* Lamb M. P.
Sedimentology of an Ancient Ocean Margin at Aeolis Dorsa, Mars [#2172]
Aeolis Dorsa / Paleolandscapes evolve / Ocean on the rise.
3:00 PM
Panel Q&A
3:20 PM
Nerozzi S.* Spurling R. Holt J. W.
3:30 PM
Naor R.* Gulick V. C. Mushkin A. Halevy I.
Subsurface Volume Loss and Surface Collapse by Salt-Dissolution of Terminal Cavi in Osuga Valles [#2005]
A martian outflow channel site in which the flood morphologies can be tracked down to terminal cavi that are genetically linked to the inflowing floodwater.
3:40 PM
Portillo D.* Liu T. Gulick V.
Modeling Catastrophic Discharges in Osuga Valles, Mars [#1551]
We are interested in the history of flooding in the Osuga Valles system and the properties of the subsurface that produced these high-magnitude flows.
3:50 PM
Grau Galofre A.* Huff A. Noblet A.
Revisiting Ice Streaming in Kasei Valles: A Fluid Dynamics Perspective [#2057]
Mars’ megacanyon / Carved by a Tharsis ice stream / Only ice explains.
4:00 PM
Panel Q&A
4:20 PM
Head J. W.* Kreslavsky M. A. Wilson L. Fastook J. L. Wordsworth R. D.
Late Hesperian-Early Amazonian Valley Networks, Inverted Channels and Sulfates on Tharsis: The Confluence of Explosive Eruptions, Surface Snow/Ice, and "Acid Rains" [#1739]
We account for young valley networks by confluence of tephra/enhanced gas release, acid rain, snow/ice deposits, and runoff; a “warm/wet” climate is not required.
4:30 PM
Grant J. A.* Manogaran R. Wilson S. A.
Evidence for Late Drainage Along Portions of Samara Valles, Margaritifer Terra, Mars [#1700]
The formation of relatively pristine segments of Samara Valles may be related to water released by the Jones crater impact event.
4:40 PM
Warren A. O.* Wilson S. A. Kite E. S.
Mechanisms for Overspilling Fresh, Young Martian Craters Multiple Times, and Above the Lowest Points on their Rims [#2584]
Fresh young craters with / Rims incised in strange places / Could clue water source.
4:50 PM
Noblet A.* Osinski G. R. Conway S. J.
Gully Incision Depths in Mantle and Bedrock in Utopia Planitia: Implications for Gully Formation on Mars [#1944]
We map gully alcoves in Utopia Planitia and estimate their incision depths in mantle and bedrock to test the effect of substrate on gully formation.
5:00 PM
Panel Q&A
5:20 PM
Session Closure