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Special Session: Connect the Dots — Using InSight Data to Solve Mars

Monday, March 13, 2023, 2:15 PM
Waterway Ballroom 4

Simon Stähler
Renee Weber
Carys Bill
2:15 PM
Session Introduction
2:20 PM
Plesa A.-C.* Wieczorek M. Knapmeyer M. Rivoldini A. Bozdag E. et al.
InSight's Constraints on the Interior of Mars: Geodynamical Models and Observations [#2212]
In this contribution we discuss how InSight’s new data can be used together with geodynamical mantle convection models to constrain the thermal history of Mars.
2:30 PM
Kiefer W. S.* Weller M. B. Duncan M. S. Filiberto J.
Mantle Plume Magmatism in Elysium Planitia as Constrained by InSight Seismic Observations [#2341]
An upwelling mantle plume in Cerberus Fossae explains the young volcanism and is consistent with InSight seismic velocities. The mantle must be quite dry.
2:40 PM
Samuel H.* Drilleau M. Rivoldini A. Xu Z. Huang Q. et al.
Evidence for Mars Deep Mantle Layering in the Light of InSight Seismic Data [#1482]
We show the evidence for the presence of deep martian mantle layering with InSight seismic and geodetic data along with other observational constraints.
2:50 PM
Khan A.* Huang D. Duran C. Sossi P. Murakami M. et al.
Evidence for a Martian D"-Like Layer [#1448]
We report on the presence of a molten silicate lower-mantle layer overlying a dense and smaller liquid Fe-Ni alloy core using seismic observations from InSight.
3:00 PM
Panel Q&A
3:20 PM
Horleston A. C.* Clinton J. F. Ceylan S. Kawamura T. Stähler S. C. et al.
Finding Marsquakes: InSight's Marsquake Service and the Mars Seismic Catalogue [#1940]
An overview of the Marsquake Service operations and the seismic catalogue from >4 years of InSight SEIS data.
3:30 PM
Giardini D.* Ceylan S. Stähler S. C. Clinton J. F. Kim D. et al.
Review of the Seismicity on Mars as Recorded by InSight [#1213]
We present the current understanding of martian seismicity and the different event types based on InSight’s seismic data and Marsquake Service event catalog.
3:40 PM
Daubar I. J.* Fernando B. Garcia R. F. Collins G. S. Golombek M. P. et al.
Martian Seismic Events Confirmed as Impacts to Date [#2616]
No impacts for years / Despite lots of quakes / Then TA-DA! We found / Not just one, but EIGHT!
3:50 PM
Wojcicka N.* Zenhausern G. Collins G. S. Stahler S. C. Daubar I. J. et al.
Impact Rate on Mars Implied by Seismic Observations [#2286]
What marsquakes tell us / about the cratering rate / on surface of Mars.
4:00 PM
Panel Q&A
4:20 PM
Kim D.* Stähler S. C. Boehm C. Lekic V. Giardini D. et al.
Obtaining Average Crustal and Uppermost Mantle Properties for Planetary Models of Mars [#1943]
Higher-orbit Rayleigh waves constrain average crustal and uppermost mantle properties that better represent global variations of the martian interior structure.
4:30 PM
Beghein C.* Li J. Weidner E. Maguire R. Wookey J. et al.
Crustal Seismic Anisotropy in the Martian Lowlands [#2256]
A big marsquake hit / Love and Rayleigh downloaded / Yay discrepancy.
4:40 PM
Knapmeyer-Endrun B.* Li J. Kim D. Plesa A.-C. McLennan S. et al.
Lithological Interpretation of Martian Crustal Seismic Velocities from InSight [#2138]
We compare seismic velocities of different layers and at various locations on Mars to rock physics models in terms of lithology, porosity, and fluid/ice content.
4:50 PM
Gyalay S.* Nimmo F. Plesa A.-C. Wieczorek M. A. Citron R. et al.
The Rise and Fall of Crustal Porosity: Insight on Early Martian History [#2938]
Impacts fracture crust / Cracks reach kilometers deep / Yet not near InSight.
5:00 PM
Panel Q&A
5:20 PM
Session Closure