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Tectonics and Interiors: Shake, Rattle, and Roll

Monday, March 13, 2023, 9:55 AM
Waterway Ballroom 4

Chan Yuan
Christian Klimczak
Laura Lark
9:55 AM
Session Introduction
10:00 AM
Yuan Q.* Gurnis M. Asimow P. D.
A Giant Impact Origin for the First Subduction on Earth [#2723]
We show that the conditions created by the Moon-forming impact can naturally give rise to subduction initiation ~200 million years after Moon formation.
10:10 AM
Lark L. H.* Huber C. Parmentier E. M. Head J. W.
10:20 AM
Miller J. W.* Howell S. M. Lesage E.
Modelling the Thermal and Compositional Evolution of Icy Satellites, with Application to Pluto and Triton [#2474]
We present a model for the interior evolution of icy bodies on Ga timescales, focusing on thermal structure and volatile distribution within an ice shell.
10:30 AM
Burnett E. R.* Hayne P. O.
Dynamical Study of the Tidal Locking of Europa [#2804]
This work presents numeric and analytical study of the tidal locking of Europa. We show that the ice shell can have an outsize impact on the final spin state.
10:40 AM
Klimczak C.* Crane K. T. Byrne P. K.
Revealing Multiple Global Tectonic Patterns on Mercury [#1122]
Mercury’s faults show / Multiple overlapping / Tectonic patterns.
10:50 AM
Gonzales N. R.* Clark J. D. Robinson M. S. Watters T. R. Frueh T.
Characterizing First, Second, and Third-Order Wrinkle Ridges on the Moon [#2740]
In order to clearly classify and characterize wrinkle ridges and understand their formation, we must first know how to define each geomorphic instance of one.
11:00 AM
Panel Q&A
11:25 AM
Session Closure