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Special Session: Results from DART and LICIACube 1: Humanity's First Planetary Defense Test Mission

Monday, March 13, 2023, 8:20 AM
Waterway Ballroom 6

Paul Abell
Carolyn Ernst
Dawn Graninger
8:20 AM
Session Introduction
8:25 AM
Ernst C. M.* Barnouin O. S. Daly R. T. Pajola M. Tusberti F. et al.
Characterization of the DART Impact Site on Dimorphos [#2529]
Where did DART impact? / Site had lots of big boulders / What hit what and how?
8:40 AM
Dotto E.* Zinzi A. Amoroso M. Bertini I. Brucato J. R. et al.
LICIACube: The Close-Up Observation of the DART Impact [#2125]
LICIACube is a 6U CubeSat managed by the Italian Space Agency (ASI) that witnessed in situ the DART impact on Dimorphos.
8:55 AM
Stickle A. M.* DeCoster M. E. Graninger D. M. Kumamoto K. M. Owen J. M. et al.
Dimorphos's Material Properties and Estimates of Crater Size from the DART Impact [#2563]
Crater grows, speed shifts / Ejecta shoots into space / Models tell us how.
9:10 AM
Panel Q&A
9:25 AM
Daly R. T.* Ernst C. M. Barnouin O. S. Agrusa H. F. Ballouz R.-L. et al.
The Shape Of Dimorphos with Relevance To Binary Asteroid Formation [#1671]
We summarize the initial understanding of Dimorphos’ shape and describe aspects of the shape that must be explained by models of the asteroid’s formation and evolution.
9:35 AM
Barnouin O. S.* Ballouz R. L. Marchi S. Vincent J.-B. Pajola M. et al.
The Geology of the Didymos System [#2605]
We use images collected by DART and LICIACube to reconstruct Didymos and Dimorphos, to assess their geology, and to decipher the evolution of the Didymos system.
9:45 AM
Poggiali G.* Brucato J. R. Caporali S. Deshapriya J. D. P. Hasselmann P. et al.
Physical Properties and Composition of Plume Ejected from Dimorphos After DART Impact, Investigated Using LICIACube-LUKE RGB Color Data [#1934]
We report color analysis of the plume generated by DART impact on Dimorphos, secondary asteroid of Didymos system, observed by the LUKE camera onboard LICIACube.
9:55 AM
Li J.-Y.* Hirabayashi M. Farnham T. L. Sunshine J. M. Knight M. M. et al.
Hubble Space Telescope Observations of the Evolution of Dimorphos's Ejecta Created by the DART Impact [#2115]
HST observations of the Dimorphos ejecta created by the DART impact reveal its detailed evolutionary process from excavation to the formation of a tail.
10:05 AM
Panel Q&A
10:25 AM
Raducan S. D.* Jutzi M. Zhang Y. Cheng A. F. Collins G. S. et al.
Low Strength of Asteroid Dimorphos as Demonstrated by the DART Impact [#2033]
Dimorphos small and weak / DART impact, no crater made / But asteroid bent.
10:35 AM
DeCoster M. E.* Barnouin O. S. Cheng A. Daly R. T. Dotto E. et al.
Impact Modeling Results of the Deflection Efficiency Resulting from the DART Impact [#2032]
This talk details simulations performed to recreate the DART impact into Dimorphos to show the effects of material parameters on deflection efficiency.
10:45 AM
Cheng A. F.* Agrusa H. F. Barbee B. W. Meyer A. J. Farnham T. L. et al.
Determination of Momentum Transfer to Dimorphos from the Dart Kinetic Impact [#2148]
The DART mission kinetic impact on asteroid Dimorphos transferred a momentum well in excess of the spacecraft incident momentum.
10:55 AM
Schultz P. H.*
Lessons from Kinetic Probes: Deep Impact, LCROSS, and DART [#2948]
NASA’s DART mission was not the first to used kinetic impacts as a tool for planetary exploration.
11:05 AM
Panel Q&A
11:25 AM
Session Closure