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Martian Geophysics and Interior Processes

Monday, March 13, 2023, 8:20 AM
Waterway Ballroom 4

Ana-Catalina Plesa
Pat McGovern
Nick Wagner
8:20 AM
Session Introduction
8:25 AM
Campbell B. A.* Morgan G. A.
SHARAD Observations of Mars Dayside Ionospheric Patterns Controlled by Remnant Magnetic Fields [#2254]
Radar sounding observations from SHARAD map the total electron content for tracks collected on the Mars dayside that reveal regions of strong magnetic fields.
8:35 AM
Steele S. C.* Fu R. R. Ermakov A. I. Mittelholz A. Lillis R. J. et al.
Magnetic Properties of Martian Basins Cooled in a Reversing Dynamo [#2711]
Martian reversals / Might mask magnetic basins / Long live the core field!
8:45 AM
Shoemaker E. S.* Carter L. M. Casademont T. M. Russell P. Eide S. et al.
Revisiting the Subsurface Stratigraphy of the Jezero Crater Floor Using the RIMFAX GPR [#2064]
The RIMFAX GPR observed both shallow, undulating layers that may be crater ejecta or regolith on the surface and some deeper, horizontal layers on Sols 383–398.
8:55 AM
Marteau E.* Golombek M. Delage P. Vrettos C. Hurst K. et al.
Initial Results from the InSight Lander Robotic Arm Soil Mechanics Experiments on Mars [#1597]
Geotechnical properties of the martian soil at the InSight landing site obtained from the robotic arm soil mechanics activities.
9:05 AM
Grott M.* Piqueux S. Spohn T. Knollenberg J. Krause C. et al.
Seasonal Variations of Soil Thermal Conductivity at the InSight Landing Site [#1112]
We present the first long-term monitoring of in-situ soil thermal conductivity on Mars.
9:15 AM
Atri D.* Abdelmoneim N. Dhuri D. B. Simoni M.
Measuring the Surface Temperature of Mars with the Emirates Mars Mission [#2040]
We measure the surface temperature of Mars at all local times across the planet with the Emirates Mars Mission and compare it with the Mars Climate Database.
9:25 AM
Panel Q&A
9:50 AM
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