LPSC In the News

UC Davis Earth and Planetary Sciences Department News, LPSC 2022 Haiku Contest (April 14)

Libero Technologia (Italy), Strane tracce di magnetismo proteggono i ghiacci sulla Luna (April 12)

Space News, Companies build up teams to compete for Artemis lunar rover (April 11)

Griffith Observatory, All Space Considered: Lunar Planetary Science Conference (April 10)

Rutgers University Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Notes from the Field (April 9)

Northern Arizona University Department of Astronomy and Planetary Science, A number of graduate students and faculty presented at the recent Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (April 8)

Live Science, 'Magnetic anomalies' may be protecting the moon's ice from melting (April 7)

Epoch Times, Scientists successfully measure the speed of sound on Mars for the first time (April 4)

Big Think, Why Mercury could be encrusted with diamonds (April 3)

Times Now (India), https://bigthink.com/hard-science/why-mercury-could-be-encrusted-with-diamonds/ (April 2)

Spektrum (Germany), So klingt es auf dem Mars (April 1)

Space.com, The speed of sound on Mars is different from Earth, Perseverance rover finds (April 1)

Eos, Mars’s Dust Cycle Controls Its Polar Vortex and Snowfall (April 1)

Frankfurter Rundschau (Germany), Planet Merkur: Forscher vermutet zahlreiche Diamanten auf der Oberfläche (March 30)

Wire Service Canada (Canada), Science will soon take center stage on the International Space Station thanks to astronaut Jessica Watkins (March 29)

Smithsonian Magazine, Mercury’s Cratered Crust May Hold Glittering Gemstones (March 29)

National Geographic (Indonesia), Kecepatan Suara Bergerak Lebih Lambat di Mars Dibandingkan di Bumi (March 28)

Hindustan Times (India), Asteroid Ryugu provides clues to origin of life on Earth! Here's what researchers say (March 28)

Infobae (Argentina), Así sonaría la música o un niño en Marte: científicos descubren que sería muy diferente a la Tierra (March 27)

Planetary Science Institute News, Pierazzo International Travel Award Winners Honored at Conference (March 27)

EarthSky, Asteroid Ryugu harbors life’s building blocks (March 27)

Gizmodo (Australia), The Speed of Sound on Mars Is Kinda Funky, New Evidence Suggests (March 26)

Express Tribune (Pakistan), The speed of sound on Mars is weirdly different (March 26)

New York Post, Now you can hear what your voice would sound like on Mars (March 25)

Space.com, For Artemis moon missions, science will reign supreme (March 25)

University of Texas at Austin Center for Planetary Systems Habitability, CPSH Travel Grant Sends 11 Students to LPSC (March 24)

Science Times, Diamonds on Mercury: Planetary Scientists Reveal the Possibility of Finding 16 Quadrillion Tons of the Gems in 2025 (March 24)

Global Science (Italy), Misurata la velocità del suono su Marte (March 24)

BBC (United Kingdom), Mars: Speed of sound revealed using Perseverance rover microphone (March 24)

India Times (India), Speed Of Sound On Mars Is So Slow That Human Speech Would Sound Garbled (March 24)

IFLScience (United Kingdom), Perseverance Reveals The Speed Of Sound On Mars (March 24)

Jerusalem Post (Israel), Mars' speed of sound is different than Earth's - study (March 24)

Science Alert, The Speed of Sound on Mars Is Strangely Different, Scientists Reveal (March 24)

Phys.org, Analysis of sounds captured by Perseverance rover reveals speed of sound on the Red Planet (March 23)

Daily Mail (England), Ice on the moon! Water buried in lunar rocks 'that could one day sustain a human colony' was likely preserved by an ancient magnetic field (March 22)

Sky & Telescope, The History of Venus in Air, Rock, and Water (March 22)

American Physical Society Physics, Sound Speed Measured on Mars (March 22)

Space.com, China's missions to the moon and Mars are starting to deliver exciting science results (March 22)

WeMartians Podcast, Episode 117 - Back to Venus (LPSC 2022) (March 22)

Dotyk (Czech Republic), Země pod povrchem skrývá další starou planetu. Theia pomohla vzniku života (March 21)

Eos, The Surprising Greenhouse Gas That Caused Volcanic Summer (March 21)

Space.com, NASA flyby of Jupiter's big moon Ganymede revealed massive unknown craters (March 21)

Science News, Diamonds may stud Mercury’s crust (March 21)

Biology Reporter, A Planet Equals A Fortune: Its Surface Can Hide Tons Of Diamonds (March 20)

Focus (Italy), Scoperti aminoacidi tra le rocce dell’asteroide Ryugu (March 20)

Cosmos Magazine (Australia), The bizarre acoustics of Mars (March 19)

Chip (Poland), Merkury to najcenniejsza planeta Układu Słonecznego: Są tam kwadryliony diamentów (March 18)

Interesting Engineering, The surface of Mercury is covered in diamonds (March 18)

Forbes, There Could Be 16 Quadrillion Tons Of Diamonds On The Planet Mercury Suggests New Research (March 17)

Science, Ancient magnetic fields on the Moon could be protecting precious ice (March 17)

Nextech (Slovakia), Vedci našli na asteroide Ryugu stavebné kamene života (March 17)

Newsy Today, Creativity is still ‘new quality’ after almost a year on Mars (March 16)

Atlantico (France), Le sol de la planète Mercure pourrait être jonché de diamants (March 16)

BGR, Scientists found the building blocks of life on an asteroid (March 15)

Nature, China’s first Moon rocks ignite research bonanza (March 15)

Cosmos Magazine (Australia), Mars helicopter’s odyssey (March 15)

Wired, Mercury Could Be Littered With Diamonds (March 15)

TecMundo (Brazil), Amostras de asteroide primitivo podem ajudar a entender origem da vida (March 14)

Diario Lawen (Chile), La creatividad sigue siendo una ‘nueva cualidad’ después de casi un año en Marte (March 13)

Interesting Engineering, Venus is about to get three major missions in one decade (March 13)

Space News, Ingenuity still “as good as new” after nearly a year on Mars (March 12)

Space.Navy, The Enigma Of The Moon Could Be Solved By Simulations Of Planetary Collisions (March 12)

Los Angeles Weekly Times, Ingenuity still “as good as new” after nearly a year on Mars (March 12)

Sky & Telescope, Mission Update: Mars and the Moon (March 11)

Science Post (France), Cet astéroïde contient des éléments constitutifs de la vie (March 11)

Space.com, Scientists hail 'the decade of Venus' with 3 new missions on the way (March 11)

Space News, Astrolab unveils Artemis lunar rover design (March 10)

Sky & Telescope, How Apollo 17 is Preparing Artemis for a Return to the Moon (March 10)

Science, Mars rover wraps survey of Jezero crater’s surprising volcanic floor (March 10)

Wired (Italy), Misurare la velocità del suono su Marte (March 10)

Nspirement, Scientists Recover Gases From Moon Rock Time Capsule (March 10)

Hindustan Times (India), Origin of Life on Earth Came From an Asteroid? (March 10)

National Geographic (Indonesia), Ilmuwan Memulihkan Gas dari Kapsul Waktu Batuan Bulan Misi Apollo 17 (March 10)

Eos, Lipids from Europa’s Ocean Could Be Detectable on the Surface (March 10)

Digital News Today (India), The Ultimate ‘Moon Shadow’ Captured on Jupiter as NASA Reveals New Insights into Its Planet-Sized Source (March 9)

NASA Solar System and Beyond, NASA Recognizes Early Career Planetary Scientists at Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (March 9)

Times of Nation (India), Update from the Hope Probe at Mars (March 9)

Space.Navy, Over 2200 Photos Of Mars Have Been Taken By NASA’s Ingenuity Chopper (March 9)

Space.com, Pristine asteroid Ryugu contains amino acids that are building blocks of life (March 9)

Forbes, Ganymede’s Mighty ‘Moon Shadow’ Captured On Jupiter As NASA’s Juno Reveals New Insights (March 8)

Sky & Telescope, Update from the Hope Probe at Mars (March 8)

Arizona State University Buseck Center for Meteorite Studies, New research in the Center (March 7)

AAAS EurekAlert!, WashU scientists help recover gases from Moon rock time capsule (March 7)

Space Review, A FAB approach to Mars exploration (March 7)

NASA Museum & Informal Education Alliance, Live from LPSC (March 7)

Orbit Inside, Scientists Extract Gases From Lunar Soil Collected On Moon’s Surface 50 Years Ago (March 7)

India Education Diary (India), Washington University In St. Louis: WashU Scientists Help Recover Gases From Moon Rock Time Capsule (March 7)

Earth & Solar System, 53rd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 2022 (March 7)

Space Calendar, 53rd LPSC Being Held in Texas Teeming with Space Activities and Access (March 6)

Spacepolicyonline.com, What's Happening in Space Policy March 6-13, 2022 (March 6)

Phys.org, Scientists help recover gases from moon rock time capsule (March 4)

Washington University in St. Louis: The Source, WashU scientists help recover gases from Moon rock time capsule (March 4)

SpaceRef, LPSC: NASA PSD Meet & Greet (March 3)

Purdue University Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences Newsletter, Student and Early-Career Events: 53rd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (February 21)

New York Times, NASA Isn’t the Only Space Program Celebrating a Year at Mars (February 15)

Arizona State University Buseck Center for Meteorite Studies, 2022 Nininger Travel Award Recipients Announced (February 11)

University of Louisiana at Lafayette Department of Physics News, Ph.D. candidate to present research results at Lunar and Planetary Science conference (February 9)

Arizona State University Buseck Center for Meteorite Studies, Apply for the 2022 Nininger Travel Award (January 14)

Spacepolicyonline.com, Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 2022 (LPSC 2022) (December 21)

SpaceRef, 2022 Pierazzo International Student Travel Award Winners Announced (December 9)