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Accepted Presenters

(Arranged in alphabetical order by last name of the first author)

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Last Name Initials Abstract Number Abstract Title Presentation Method
Aaron L. M. 2763 Investigation of Hydrothermal Clays and Sulfates in Tyrrhena Terra Martian Craters poster
Abe D. 1813 Experimental Evidence for Formation of Northwest Africa 6962 CR-Related Achondrite from a CR Chondrite Precursor Melt oral
Abrahams J. N. H. 1573 Long Period Non-Synchronous Rotation of Io oral
Abramov O. 1747 Thermal Consequences of Impact Bombardments to the Silicate Crusts of Terrestrial-Type Exoplanets oral
Abu Hashmeh N. 2522 SHARAD Radar Attenuation in the South Polar Layered Deposits poster
Acharya P. J. 2541 Seasonal Variations of the Cold and Bright Anomalies on the North Polar Layered Deposits poster
Achilles C. N. 2216 Factors Influencing the Formation and Preservation of X-Ray Amorphous Materials Identified in Sedimentary Deposits at Gale Crater, Mars oral
Achkar M. M. 2667 CAUSTIC.IO (Characterize Activity and Understand Seismic, Tidal, and Internal Constitution of IO) poster
Acosta-Maeda T. E. 2735 Long-Range Active Laser Spectroscopy Instruments for Planetary Exploration: LIBS for Elemental Analysis of Lunar Regolith poster
Adcock C. T. 1665 In Situ Resources from Water-Rock Interactions for Human Exploration of Mars poster
Aftabi P. 1004 Initial Results from the Mars 2020 ECAM Imaging System oral
Agee C. B. 2314 Ghadduwah 001: Uniquely Unbrecciated Ferroan Anorthosite Lunar Meteorite oral
Ahern A. A. 2290 Thermal Inertia and Conductivity Measurements of Mars Analog Samples poster
Ahrens C. J. 1478 Preliminary Observations on the Relationship Between Fe-Signatures and PSR Locations at the Lunar South Pole poster
Ahrens C. J. 1481 The Spatial Relationship of Graben and Pit Craters at Rimae Daniell and the Implications of Scarp Formation poster
Albach R. S. 2232 Global Morphologic Map of Tesserae on Venus oral
Aleinov I. 2335 The Role of the Transient Volcanically-Induced Lunar Atmosphere in Transport and Deposition of Polar Volatiles oral
Aleinov I. 2418 Modern Mars Simulations with the ROCKE-3D GCM: Sensitivity to H2O Snow Deposition and Dust Cycle poster
Alemanno G. 1465 Systematic Study of Detection Limits of Hydrate and Carbonate Phases in Mixtures with Basaltic-Like Fine Regolith poster
Alfaro C. 2258 The Effect of Isotopic Composition and Surface Residence Times on Lunar Volatile Transport poster
Allen C. C. 2456 Lunar Regolith Evolution Rates Derived from Thermophysical Properties poster
Allen N. H. 1731 Simulating the Formation of Earth’s Largest Impact Crater poster
Allibert L. 2215 Numerical Modeling of the Thermal State of Earth After the Moon-Forming Impact Event poster
Allwood A. C. 1591 The PIXL Instrument on the Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover oral
Almaeeni S. 1906 To a Dusty Moon: Rashid's Mission to Observe Lunar Surface Processes Close-Up poster
Al-Samir M. 1491 A Plausible Formation Model for the Maja Valles Outflow Channel System poster
Al-Samir M. 1448 Cold Vent Fluids in the Lower Crust of Juventae Chasma, Mars poster
Altieri F. 2040 Spectral Classes Investigation on Oxia Planum, the EXOMARS 2022 Landing Site, by Means of CRISM/MRO Data poster
Alvarez-Llamas C. 2330 A Multipurpose Thermal Vacuum Chamber for Planetary Research Compatible with Stand-Off Laser Spectroscopies poster
Alwmark C. 1228 Confirmation of Shocked Quartz Grains in the Crater In-Fill of the Glasford Impact Structure poster
Ambili K. M. 1418 Three Dimensional Map of Lunar Ionosphere Using Physics Based Ionospheric Model poster
Amick C. L. 2506 Cleaning the ANGSA Cold Curation Apollo-Era Glovebox — Training the Next Generation poster
Amitabh Amitabh. 1396 High Resolution DEM Generation from Chandrayaan-2 Orbiter High Resolution Camera Images poster
Amodeo K. M. 2714 Improving the SiO2 Equation of State with Shock and Post-Shock Temperatures poster
Anand A. 1933 Accretion and Thermal Evolution of IIAB and IIIAB Iron Meteorite Parent Bodies Inferred from Mn-Cr Chronometry oral
Anderson J. L. B. 1023 Impacts into a Strength-Layered Target: The Time Evolution of the Excavation-Stage Flow oral
Anderson R. B. 1606 SuperCam Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) Data Processing, Calibration, and First Results poster
Anderson Z. 2696 Modernized Graphical User Interface for JMARS Application poster
Ando J. K. 1593 Does the Morphology of Alluvial Fan Drainage Basins Reflect their Climate?: A Case Study of Terrestrial Basaltic Fans poster
Andres C. N. 2501 The Applicability of 3D Ground Penetrating Radar and Periglacial Sedimentology for Subsurface Ice Volume Estimation in Ice-Rich Planetary Polygonal Networks poster
Andrews G. D. M. 1724 The Fold Illusion: Large Arcuate Lava-Surface Features are Formed by Tensile Fracturing poster
Angell P. 1828 Seasonal Temperature Variations Along the Curiosity Rover Traverse in Gale Crater: A Comparison of THEMIS Remote Sensing Data with Ground Truth poster
Antropova E. G. 1402 Geological Mapping of Unnamed Volcanic Event (Centered at 0.6°N and 277.8°E) in Eastern Part of BAT Region, Venus oral
Anzures B. A. 2255 Assessing Effects of Particle Size on Water Content Estimates of Carbonaceous Chondrites and Their Parent Bodies poster
Anzures B. A. 2238 Sulfide Speciation in Mercurian Magmas poster
Aoki M. 1989 Spectroscopic Analysis of Bright Boulders Inside the SCI Crater on Anteroid Ryugu poster
Aponte-Hernández B. 2174 A Publicly Accessible Repository for Arecibo Planetary Radar Observations of Near-Earth Asteroids poster
Apuzzo A. 2082 Tectonic-Related Fractures in Oxia Planum (Mars) and Their Implication for Life Investigation poster
Arai T. 1896 Current Status of DESTINY+ and Updated Understanding of Its Target Asteroid (3200) Phaethon poster
Arakawa S. 1216 The Stickiness of CO2 and H2O Ice Particles: Effects of “Viscoelastic” Energy Dissipation on the Threshold Velocity for Sticking poster
Araneda P. C. 2273 Dry Oxidation of Ferrous and Mixed-Valence Smectites and Its Implications for the Oxidative History of Mars poster
Archer B. R. 2220 Crater Evidence Does Not Support the Late Noachian Icy Highlands for Mars poster
Arfstrom J. D. 1030 The Barchan-Shaped Depressions of the Equatorial Deposits of Mars poster
Arif Md. 1932 Anisotropy of Magnetic Susceptibility (AMS) of Target Rrocks and Impactites from Dhala Impact Structure, India poster
Arredondo A. 1535 Spectroscopic Survey of the Inner Belt Primitive Background Population oral
Arredondo A. 1526 VALENTInE: A Concept for a New Frontiers Class Long Duration In-Situ Balloon Mission to Venus poster
Arribard Y. 1872 Localization and Micro-Characterization of Organic Matter and Mineral Phases in Bulk Chondirtes by MIR Reflectance Hyperspectral Imaging poster
Arvidson R. E. 1192 Gale Crater: Curiosity Rover and the Candidate Basal Sulfate Unit oral
Astudillo Manosalva D. A. 2356 Assessing Crystallization Modelling Software's Accuracy for the Determination of Multiple Saturation Points in Lunar and Martian Basalts poster
Atkins R. M. 1679 Investigating Morphometric Characteristics of Shortening Structures Across Mars oral
Avent W. M. 2733 New Candidate Pits and Caves at High Latitudes on the Near Side of the Moon poster
Azevedo-Vannson S. 1867 Hydrogen Content in Chondrules of CM Chondrites: Influence of Aqueous Alteration or Preaccretional Heritage? oral
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Last Name Initials Abstract Number Abstract Title Presentation Method
BaharierB.1284Reaction Path Reconstruction of a Magmatic Intrusion into Sulfate-Rich Sediments to Constrain Habitability Potential on Early Earth and Marsposter
BahiaR. S.1117Discordance Mapping of Argyre Basin: An Insight into the Fluvial and Subglacial Origin of Valley Networks in Southern Marsoral
BaiH. C.2108Quantification of Iron in Martian Basalt Using LIBS Data with Penalized Shrunken Regression Methodsposter
BainesK. H.2498High Spatial Resolution Imaging of the Surface of Venus via a Balloon-Borne Tow-Body Camera Systemposter
BairstowB. K.1075Radioisotope Power System Waste Heat Mitigation for Ice and Ocean World Surface Explorationposter
BakerA. E.1714Searching for Hydrous Carbonates on Mars: Investigation of CRISM Spectral Summary Parametersposter
BakerD. M. H.2627Radar Investigations of Subsurface Ice at Askja Volcano, Northern Icelandposter
BakerE.2209Crystallisation of a Model Silicate Moonoral
BallantyneH.2777Identifying the Sweet Spot for an Impact-Induced Martian Dichotomyoral
BallouzR. L.1349Landing on an Asteroid: Simulations of the OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Touching Down on (101955) Bennuoral
BamberE. B.1793Formation of Inlet Valleys into Crater-Hosted Lakes on Marsposter
BanhamS. G.2300Reconstruction of Aeolian Palaeoenvironments and Past Climate Events at the Greenheugh Pediment, Aeolis Mons, Marsoral
BanikD.1122Spin Change of Rubble Piles Due to Mass Shedding Culminating from Surface Motionposter
BapstJ.2639Global Dust Redistribution on Mars: Insights from Observed Surface Temperaturesoral
BarbaroA.1123Impact Shock Origin of Carbon Phases in Yamato 74123 Ureiliteposter
BardabeliasN. M.2496Characterizing Morphology of Lava Tubes in El Malpais National Monument Using Ground Penetrating Radar and LIDARposter
BarkerM. K.1369Measuring Photometric Surface Roughness with the Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter (LOLA)poster
BarnettM. N.2617Chemical Processing of Solids Encountering Forming Giant Planet Coresoral
BarnouinO. S.1133Topography of Nightingale, the OSIRIS-REx Sample Site on Bennuoral
BarraudO.2065Global Analysis of Mercury's Pits Surroundingsoral
BarringtonM. N.2197Geomorphologic Evolution of the Imhotep Region of Comet 67P Churyumov-Gerasimenkoposter
BasilevskyA. T.1825Estimation of Bearing Capacity of Lunar Soil from the Depth of Tracks of the Lunokhod Wheelsposter
BatesA.1520Evidence for Supervolcanic Resurfacing in Arabia Terra, Marsoral
BatesA.1527Validation of Cement Contact Theory to Estimate Martian Regolith Velocitiesposter
BattlerM.2767I-SPI: Intelligent Sensing and Perception in Infraredposter
BauchK. E.1567Unmixing of Laboratory IR Spectral Reflectance Measurements of Labradorite-Enstatite-Glass Mineral Mixtures.poster
BaumM.2402Consequences of Early Ocean and Shoreline Deformation Scenarios for Jezero Crater, Marsposter
BaziotisI.1524A Unique Mineral Assemblage Recording Shock Conditions in Kakowa (L6) Ordinary Chondriteposter
BecerraP.2422Measurements of the Electrical Properties of New Planetary Soil Simulantsposter
BeckerK. J.1511Initial Ground Registration of NEAR MSI Images to Asteroid (433) Erosposter
BeckerM. C.1080Spaceflight Instrumentation Enabled by Additive Manufacturing: A Case Study Analysis with the JUICE/JoEE Instrumentposter
BeddingfieldC. B.2543A Digital Elevation Model of Miranda's Youngest Corona, Invernessposter
BedfordC. C.1569Identifying Ancient Dune Processes in the Stimson Formation of Gale Crater Using Geochemical Data from ChemCam: New Insights from the Greenheugh Capping Unitoral
BehounkovaM.1880Tidally-Induced Magmatic Pulses on the Oceanic Floor of Jupiter's Moon Europaoral
BelgacemI.1142Regional Photometric Study of Ganymede's Surfaceoral
BellA. S.2542Thermodynamic and Phase Equilibria Constraints on the Late-Stage Magmatic fO2 and Petrogenesis of the Angrite Sah99555poster
BellJ. F.2181Anticipated Initial Results from the NASA Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover Mastcam-Z Multispectral, Stereoscopic Imaging Investigationoral
BellJ. F.2110Apophis Pathfinder: A Smallsat Mission to Characterize the Potentially Hazardous Asteroid (99942) Apophisposter
BenaroyaS.2399Crystallization History of Martian Meteorite Northwest Africa 13227: A New Olivine Gabbroic Shergottiteoral
BenavidezP. G.2041Reaction of Dimorphos' Structure to the DART Impactoral
BenkhoffJ.2734The BepiColombo Mission to Explore Mercury — Status Update and First Results from Science Activities During Cruiseposter
BenmahiB.1472Monitoring of the Temporal Evolution of Water Vapor in the Stratosphere of Jupiter with the Odin Space Telescope Between 2002 and 2019poster
BennettK.2434The Preventing Harassment in Science Workshop: Summary and Best Practicesposter
BércziSz.2161Planetology Video Lectures for Remote Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemicposter
BércziSz.1498How NASA Lunar and Antarctic Meteorite Sample Studies Helps Planning New Measuring Complexes in Our Planetary Science Education: Instruments for Extended Structural Hierarchy Table with Parallel Structuresposter
BerdisJ.1570Identifying Europa's Surface Features Using Water Ice Crystallinity and the Abundances of Non-Ice Materialsposter
BereaA.1026Universal Constraints to Life Derived from Artificial Agents and Gamesoral
BergerJ. A.2194Manganese- and Phosphorus-Rich Nodules in Gale Crater, Mars: APXS Results from the Groken Drill Siteposter
BermanD. C.2199Geologic Investigations of Barnard Crater, Southern Hellas Region, Marsposter
BerminghamK. R.2107Isotopic Constraints on the Building Blocks of the Solar Systemoral
BernhardtH.1264Preliminary Geomorphic Map (1:10,000) of Artemis III AoI 001 and 004 on the Shackleton-de Gerlache Ridgeposter
BessoneL.1120ESA Sysnova Lunar Caves Challenge: Ideas and Technologies for a Mission to Lunar Cavesposter
BeyssacO.1499SuperCam's Time-Resolved Raman and Luminescence Spectroscopy Onboard the Perseverance Roverposter
BhagwatR. S.1960Vibrissae Inspired Mechanical Obstacle Avoidance Sensor for the Venus Exploration Rover AREEposter
BhartiaR.1302The Scanning Habitable Environments with Raman and Luminescence for Organics and Chemicals Instrument on the Mars 2020 Perseverance Roveroral
BhattH.1827Geological Evolution of the Largest Shield Volcano Bearing Mare of the Moon, Mare Tranquillitatis: Based on Detailed Morphological, Mineralogical, Topographic Studies Using Multiple Data Setsposter
BhattM.2430Regolith Characteristics of the Reiner Gamma Swirl as Revealed by Polarimetric Observationsoral
BhattacharyaA.1398Schumann Resonance in Venus: Dependence on Volcanism and Tracer for Lightning Activityposter
BhattacharyaA.1547Proposed Model for Estimation of Atmospheric Dust and Cloud Mass Loading on Marsposter
BhattacharyaS.1848Mineralogical Diversity and Hydration Feature at Crater Aristarchus as Revealed by Chandrayaan-2 Imaging Infrared Spectrometer (IIRS)poster
BhiravarasuS. S.1787L-Band Radar Observations of Cabeus Crater: Initial Results from DFSAR Onboard Chandrayaan-2 Missionoral
BickelV. T.1437Global Drivers of Lunar Rockfalloral
BickelV. T.1285The Search for Lunar Present-Day Tectonic Activity Using LO and LRO Imagesposter
BiersonC. J.1603Modeling the Surface Temperatures of Asteroid 16 Psycheposter
BierstekerJ. B.2654Revealing the Internal Structure of Europa with a Bayesian Approach to Magnetic Induction Studiesoral
BishopJ. L.1082Correlating Sulfates with the Aqueous Geochemical History at Juventae Chasma, Marsoral
BishopJ. L.1159Spectral Properties of Fe Hydroxy Sulfates and Implications for Marsposter
Biswal MM K.1039Report on the Loss of Vikram Lander of Chandrayaan 2 Missionposter
Biswal MM K.1280Conceptual Design of Mars Sub-Surface Habitat for Sustaining Thermal Stabilityposter
BjonnesE.1513The Effects of Venus' Thermal Conditions on Multiring Basin Formationoral
BlaskeC. H.2323Energetic Requirements for Dynamos in the Metallic Cores of Super-Earth and Super-Venus Exoplanetsoral
BlewettD. T.1176Planetary Surface Texture Lab: Imaging Polarization and Photometric Studies of Regolith Analogsposter
BoatwrightB. D.1641Inverted Fluvial Channels in Terra Sabaea, Mars: Geomorphic Evidence for Proglacial Lakes and Widespread Highlands Glaciation in the Late Noachianoral
BoatwrightB. D.1651Improved Crater Wall Slope Detection Using a Hough Circle Transform with Applications to Mars Crater Morphometry and Climate Historyposter
BodénanJ. D.1954Nucleosynthetic Variations Generated by Size and Density Driven Sorting of Dust in Protoplanetary Diskoral
BolesH. O.1777Organics Detection in Ancient Cratonic Rocks with TMAH Wet Chemistryposter
BonatoE.2375A New Facility for the Planetary Science Community: The Planetary Sample Analysis Laboratory (SAL) at DLRposter
BonatoE.2364Spectroscopic Characterisation of Primitive CO3 Carbonaceous Chondritesposter
BondarenkoN. V.2673High-Resolution Topography Reconstruction with the Improved Photoclinometry Method: A Look at Small Lunar Cratersposter
BonnefoyL. E.1920Radar Backscatter Properties of the Dragonfly Landing Siteoral
BontognaliT. R. R.1861The CLUPI Science Operation Testing Facility: Preparatory Activities for Acquiring Ideal Close-Up Images During the ExoMars 2022 Missionposter
BordenM. W.2666Understanding the Geologic Context of the Apollo 11 Basalt Suite by Synthesizing Remote Sensing Data and Sample Geochemistryposter
BorlinaC. S.2546Evidence for Non-steady Accretion in the Solar Nebula Inferred from Paleomagnetism of CO Chondrulesoral
BorrelliM. E.1250A Global Survey of Lithospheric Flexure at Pancake Domes on Venus Reveals Intermediate Elastic Thicknessoral
BorrmannD.2073Lunar Caves Exploration with the DAEDALUS Spherical Robotposter
BoseM.1414Heterogeneous R-Process Chromium and Titanium Ejecta from Core Collapse Supernova Ejecta Polluted Our Solar Systemoral
BoseN.1889Transpression and Multiphase Deformations Identified from the Discontinuity Patterns in Lunae Planum, Marsoral
BoseP.2091Using MESSENGER Data to Model the Thermochemical Evolution of Mercury's Interiorposter
BottkeW. F.1362Meteoroid Impacts as a Source of Bennu's Particle Ejection Eventsposter
BourgetA. B.2535Optical Polarization Studies of Suspended Beads in Aqueous Solution: An Analog for Radar Scattering in Icy Regolithsposter
BowmanD. C.2054A Balloon-Borne Aeroseismometer for Locating Seismic Activity on Venusposter
BoyceJ. M.1035Luna 24: A Case Study for the Value of Accurate Calibrated Impact Flux Curves for Predicting Absolute Ageposter
BoydM. R.2449Nanoscale Compositional Analysis of an Antarctic Micrometeorite Using Atom Probe Tomographyposter
BragaC. H. G.1387Detailed Mapping of the Volcanic Center Atira Mons, BAT Region, Venusoral
BramsonA. M.2275The Lunar Schiller-Schickard Mare and Cryptomare as Seen by Arecibo and Mini-RF Radarposter
BravenecA. D.1999Molecular Biosignature Preservation Potential in Subsurface Martian Brinesoral
BreitenfeldL. B.1147An Integrated Fine and Coarse Particulate Machine Learning MIR Model Predicts Modal Mineralogy of CI/CM Chondritic Asteroids and Bennuoral
BretzfelderJ. M.1148Geological Analysis and Possible EVA Targets for an Artemis III Landing Site Bounded by Shackleton and Slater Cratersposter
BrinckerhoffW. B.1382Re-Analysis of Phosphorus and Related Trace Species in the Lower Venus Atmosphere from Pioneer Venus Neutral Mass Spectrometer Dataposter
BringelandS. M.1699Modelling and Assessing Rover-Based Ground Penetrating Radar to Identify and Map Lunar Lava Tubesposter
BrinjikjiM.2544The Effect of Diffusion on Oxygen Isotopes in the Upper Atmosphere of Marsoral
BroquetA.1893Plume-Induced Flood Basalts on Hesperian Mars: An Investigation of Hesperia Planumoral
BroquetA.2060Composition of the Martian Polar Caps from Radar, Elevation, and Gravity Dataposter
BrossierJ.1187Possible Recent or Current Rift-Associated Volcanism in Ganis Chasma, Venusposter
BrounceM.1572The Oxidation State of Sulfur in Apollo Samples 71035 and 71055oral
BrownA. J.1749Mars2020 In Situ Investigation of Alteration at Jezero Craterposter
BrownA. J.2708Distinguishing Anhydrous Carbonates Using Spectral Centroid and Asymmetry Near 2.5 and 4 Micronsposter
BrownE. K.2752Within the Ice: A Biogeochemical Analysis of Brines in British Columbia's Hypersaline Lakesposter
BrozA. P.2136Thermal and Evolved Gas Analysis of Mars Analog Paleosols: Mineralogy and Organic Preservationposter
BrožP.1614The Formation of the Kilometre-Sized Flows in Chryse Planitia (Mars)poster
BrucatoJ. R.2494Astrobio-Cubesat: A Highly Integrated Laboratory to Test in Space Immunoassay Techniques to Detect Biomoleculesposter
BrugmanK. K.1967Petrological Experiments on Rocky Exoplanet Compositions Reveal Clues to Habitabilityoral
BrysonJ. F. J.1301Constraints on Chondrule Generation, Disk Dynamics, and Asteroid Accretion from the Compositions of Carbonaceous Meteoritesoral
BuC.2093Laboratory Simulations of Solar Wind Ion Irradiation on the Surface of Mercuryposter
BubanH. C.2523Geologic Mapping in the Southern Utopia Basinposter
BucknerD. K.2168Assessment of Electron Beam Irradiation as a Lipid Decontamination Technique for Life Detection Instrumentsposter
BuczkowskiD. L.1748Her Desher and Nirgal Valles: An Integrated Geomorphic, Structural, and Mineralogic Evaluation of Groundwater Flow in NW Noachis Terraoral
BuczkowskiD. L.1765Fractures and Furrows on Lobate Flows in Occator Crater, Ceres: Morphologic Evidence of Ice Contentposter
BuhlerP. B.2218Mars' Obliquity-Driven Mobile CO2 Inventory Derived from Polar Stratigraphyoral
BurbineT. H.1351Determining Vestoid Mineralogies Using HEDs as a Guideposter
BurgessK. D.1175Exogenous Copper Sulfide in a Returned Grain from Asteroid Itokawaposter
BurkeS. E.2063The Chemical Effects of Hypervelocity Impact: Implications for Ocean Worlds Plume Sampling Schemesposter
BurnettD. C.2407Enabling Tethered Ocean World Vehicles by Sharing Power and Communication Conductorsposter
BurneyD.2395Moderately Volatile Elements in Lunar Basalts; New Insights on LMO and Source Region Evolutionoral
BurneyD.2409PGE Content of Impact Melts and Sulfides in the Chicxulub Crater; Evidence for PGE Mobilization/Fractionation and the Impactor Signatureposter
BurrD. M.1315Summary of Findings from a USGS Scientific Investigations Map (SIM) at 1:500k of the Aeolis Dorsa Region, Marsposter
BurrisM.2504Uploading and Viewing Images in JMARS Using the Custom Map Upload Toolposter
BurtD. M.1210Distinctive Features of Impactoclastic Layered Rocks on Marsposter
BurtonA. S.1475The Detection of Aromatic Amino Acids in CR Chondrites Suggests They are Prebiotically Plausibleoral
BusemannH.2718Parent Body Processing in CR Chondrites Recorded by Noble Gasesoral
ButcherF. E. G.1231Potential for Sampling of Subglacial and Englacial Environments in Mars' Mid Latitudes, Without Deep Drillingoral
BuxnerS. R.2606Project POEM: In Person and Virtual STEM and Mentoring Programs for Students with Visual Impairmentsposter
BuxnerS. R.1812TREX Public Engagement: Virtual Engagement Through the First Year of the Pandemicposter
ByrneP. K.2198An Extensionally Fractured Upper Lithosphere on Iooral
BywatersK. F.2433ChIPPS: Charged Information-Storage Polymer Preparation Systemposter
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Last Name Initials Abstract Number Abstract Title Presentation Method
CableM. L.1211The New Field of Titan Cryomineralogy: Six Confirmed Co-Crystals and Countingoral
CahillJ. T. S.2114The Unusual Atlas/Hercules Region of the Moonposter
CairnsK.2077Geology of Craters with Pits and Dune Fields in Noachis Terra, Marsposter
CampbellB. A.2339The Earth-Based Radar Search for Volcanic Activity on Venusoral
CampbellL.2027Formation of an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee in the Department of Geosciences at Stony Brook Universityposter
CampioneM. C.1294Reactivity and Electrostatic Properties of Astronomical Silicate Nanoparticle Analogues Produced by Pulsed Laser Irradiation of Olivine Single Crystalsposter
CamploneV.1949Geological Maps into MATISSEposter
CannonK. M.2497Stratigraphy of Ice and Ejecta Deposits at the Lunar Poles: Updates and New Insightsoral
CaoF.2472Mineralogy and Shock Effects in Martian Breccia Northwest Africa 7034 by In Situ Micro X-Ray Diffractionposter
CaoF.2321Chemical and Spectroscopic Characteristics of Synthetic K-H3O-Na Alunite Solid-Solutionsposter
CaoH. J.1839Compositional and Mineralogical Snalysis of Mare Basalts in Northern Oceanus Procellarum: Landing Site of the Chang'e-5 Missionposter
CaravacaG.1455Evidence of Depositional Settings Variation at the Jura/Knockfarril Hill Members Transition in the Glen Torridon Region (Gale Crater, Mars)poster
CaravacaG.1169Using Virtual Reality Tools to Characterize and Measure Sedimentary Series in Gale Crater: A Case Studyposter
CarballidoA.1976Early Accretion of Chondrule Dust Rimsoral
CarlsonM. A.1170Effects of Atmosphere on Ejecta Emplacement on Earth and Marsoral
CarmichaelC. C.1676Lunar Swirl Formation in an Irregular-Shaped Dusty Plasma Mediumposter
Carmona ReyesJ. A.1144Student Engagement as a Mediator to Increase Interest in STEM Areasposter
CaroF.1376Designing a Small-Scale Satellite for Habitable Exoplanet Researchposter
CarpenterP. K.2329Amphibole Occurrences in Meteorites: Nakhlite Northwest Africa 13368 and Winonaite Northwest Africa 13432poster
CarpenterP. K.2205Mineralogy and Bulk Elemental Composition of Ungrouped Relatively Sodic Gabbroic Achondrite Erg Chech 002: An Ancient Planetary Crustal Sample?poster
CarrK. A. C.2387Lunar Crater Maturity Analysis in Python: Developing a Toolkit for Ejecta Analysisposter
CarrierB. L.1704Defining the Science and Curation Functionalities for a Mars Sample Return (MSR) Sample Receiving Facility (SRF)poster
CarterL. M.1268Development of the Space Exploration SAR (SESAR) for Planetary Science Missionsposter
CarterP. J.2288Collision Fragments as a Chemically Similar Source for Late Accretionoral
CartwrightJ. A.2739Further HED Analysis to Investigate the Bombardment History of Vestaposter
CartwrightR. J.1298Latitudinal Distribution of CO2 Ice on Ariel Consistent with Seasonal Migrationposter
CartwrightS. F. A.2169Identification of Spectral Endmembers in the Martian South Polar Residual Caporal
CartwrightS. F. A.2533The Lunar Season Calculator: An Accessible Tool for Future Mission Planningposter
CashionM. D.1737Producing Chondrules in the Outer Solar System: The Effect of Ice on Impact Jettingoral
CatoM. J.1622Exploring a Lunar Landslide Deposit in the Taurus-Littrow Valley (LTV). Variations in Mineralogy and Mineral Volatile Trapsposter
CattaniF.1969Application of the Potassium-Argon Laser Experiment (KArLE) to Ordinary Chondritesposter
CaudillC. M.1868Raman Spectroscopy for the Moon: Development of a Lunar-Relevant Raman Spectral Libraryposter
CavosieA. J.1068Dendritic Reidite from Chesapeake Bay Ejecta at ODP Site 1073, Offshore New Jersey, USA: A Hallmark of Distal Impact Ejecta?poster
CavosieA. J.1219Fingerprint of β-Cristobalite in Libyan Desert Glass — The Hottest Naturally Occuring Silica Polymorph?poster
CerubiniR.1466VIS-NIR Spectral Study of Salty Ice Analogue Samples with Implications for Icy Moonsoral
CerubiniR.1469Linear Polarisation of Salty Flash-Frozen Ice Particlesposter
CesurR. M.1243Bacterial Survival and Growth in Fluid Inclusions and Deliquescent Brines of Salt Evaporites Relevant to Cold Arid Worldsposter
ChaffeeT. M.1642Size Thresholds for Unidirectional Remanence Within Lunar Magnetic Anomaliesposter
ChakrabortyT.1447Probing Lunar Polar Impact Craters Using Foll-Pol L-Band Chandrayaan-2 Dual-Frequency SAR (DFSAR)poster
ChampionE. S.2429µXRF Investigation of Relationships Between Geochemistry and Physical Grain Characteristics in a Glacio-Fluvial-Aeolian Catchment in Icelandposter
ChandrachudR. A.2042'LUNAFILT' Mechanism for the Filtration of Lunar Dustposter
ChandrachudR. A.2224Fuel Powered In-Situ Resource Utilization on the Moonposter
ChaplineD. E.1269Characterizing Geomorphic and Mineralogical Features in the Eridania Basin and Their Implications for the Geologic History of Marsposter
CharnozS.1326Tidal Pull of the Earth Strips the Proto-Moon of Its Volatilesoral
ChauhanM.1907Mineral Detection Using Chandrayaan-2 Imaging Infrared Spectrometer (IIRS): Some Initial Resultsoral
ChauhanM.1843Geological Investigation of Petavius Crater, Moon Using High-Resolution Datasets from Recent Lunar Missionsposter
ChaussidonM.222226Al Chronology of Erg Chech 002, the Oldest Andesite in the Solar Systemoral
ChavesL. C.1770Space Weathering Features in a Sulfide Grain from Asteroid Itokawaoral
CheS.1136Late-Stage Oxidation of Yamato 980459 Shergottite: Evidence from Chromite + Silica Trails in Olivineoral
CheX. C.1797In-Situ Cathodoluminescence Feature of Zircons in Thin-Sections of Impact Layer, Barberton Belt, South Africaposter
ChenMr.1460Geomorphologic Evidence for Ice-Sheet Glaciation on Pluto's Largest Moon Charonposter
ChenY.1818The Role of Pre-Existing Topography in Modulating Lunar Lava Flow Widths, Depths, and Channel Structureposter
ChengA. F.2531DART and LICIACUBE: Momentum Transfer from Kinetic Impactposter
ChengH. C. J.1014Age Relationships of Large-Scale Troughs and Impact Basins on Vestaoral
ChengH. C. J.1015Systematic Fracture Pattern on Vesta Revealed by Polygonal Impact Cratersposter
Chennaoui AoudjehaneH.1928Tarda (C2-Ung): A New and Unusual Carbonaceous Chondrite Meteorite Fall from Moroccooral
ChertokM. A.1360The Size-Frequency Distribution of Rocky Craters at the Chang'e 5 Landing Site: Rock Abundance as a Probe for Mechanical Properties of Regolithoral
ChideB.1127The SuperCam Microphone and Expected First Sounds at Jezero Crater, Marsposter
ChiversC. J.2761Thermal and Chemical Evolution of Small, Shallow Water Bodies on Europaposter
ChojnackiM.2524Global Heterogeneity of Martian Megaripples and Transverse Aeolian Ridges: Distribution and Activityposter
ChowdhuryP.1584The Oxidation State of Sulfur in Apatites from Martian Meteorite — Shergottyoral
ChrbolkováK.1246Comparison of Space Weathering Spectral Changes Induced by Solar Wind and Micrometeoroid Impactsposter
ChristianJ. R.1215High-Resolution Thermophysical Mapping of Glen Torridon and Gale Crater, Marsposter
ChristophJ. M.2715Laboratory Simulations of Troilite Space Weathering by Solar Wind Ion Irradiation: Surface, Composition, and Spectral Effectsoral
ChristophJ. M.2730Characterizing Ejecta Fragments from Impact Experiments into Meteoric Iron Using Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)poster
ChristopherH.1809Gerard Q Crater Region, Moon: KREEP Induced Volcanism in Mare-Highlands Boundary?poster
ChristouE. V.2556Fluid Flow in the Martian Subsurface During the Early Amazonian Period Constrained via Numerical Simulations: Implications for Habitabilityoral
CianfarraP.2526Numerical Evolutionary Modeling of the Martian Polar Layered Deposits to Infer the Role of Ice-Tectonicsposter
CiarnielloM.2031Modeling the Seasonal Evolution of 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko Water Loss Rateoral
CioccoM.2020NanoSIMS-TEM Coupled Study of Three Highly Shocked L Chondrites to Constrain the Collisional History of the Solar Systemposter
CiriumD. D.2611Rift-Associated Cluster Volcanism in SW Atla Regio, Venusposter
CitronR. I.1605Are We Visiting the Coastlines of Mars? Load-Corrected Paleo-Ocean Levels at Jezero, Oxia Planum, and Galeoral
CitronR. I.1621Large Impacts on the Early Earth: Planetary Sterilization and Iron Deliveryposter
CiviliniF.1168Detecting Moonquakes Using Convolutional Neural Networksposter
ClabautE.1935Generation of Simulated "Ultra-High Resolution" HiRISE Imagery Using Enhanced Super-Resolution Generative Adversarial Network Modelingposter
ClarkC. S.2695Progress 2021: Constant-Scale Natural Boundary Mapping to Depict Material Transport on Comet 67P/c-gposter
ClarkJ. V.1206Evolved Gas Analysis of Manganese-Bearing Phases and Implications for the Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) Instrument on Board the Curiosity Rover in Gale Crater, Marsposter
ClementM. S.1024Small, Dense, and Isolated: Growing Better Mercury Analogs with In-Situ Accretion and Cataclysmic Instabilitiesoral
CliffordS. M.2724Polar Basal Melting at Low Obliquity on a Cold Early Mars and Its Potential Implications for the Recharge of a Northern Oceanposter
ClineC. J.1034Experimentally Isolating the Effects of Density and Porosity on Impact Cratersoral
CloutisE.1772Spectroscopic Properties of Mars-Relevant Minerals: Implications for ExoMars Missionsposter
CloutisE.1473LunaR: A Versatile Raman Spectrometer for Lunar Explorationposter
CochraneC. J.1559In Search of Subsurface Oceans Within the Moons of Uranusoral
CohenB. A.1556The Peregrine Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer (PITMS): A CLPS-Delivered Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer for In Situ Studies of the Lunar Water Cycleoral
CohenB. A.1488In Situ Geochronology for the Next Decadeposter
CohenI. J.2072Investigating Unusual Inbound/Outbound Asymmetries in Energetic Particles in the Voyager 2 Observations of Uranus' Magnetosphereposter
ColapreteA.1523The Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover (VIPER) Missionoral
ColemanN. M.1010Consideration of Stream Power and the Outflow Channels of Marsposter
ColesK. S.1110A Comprehensive Atlas of Asteroid (101955) Bennuposter
Colina-RuizR. A.1713Oxidation State Studies of the Effects of Simulated Space Weatheringposter
CollinsM. S.2447Deep-Seated Thrust Ring Faults Bound Elevated Mantle Plug Beneath Several Lunar Basinsoral
ComellasJ. M.2176Geologic Interpretations of Elevated-Mn ChemCam Targets in the Bradbury Rise, Gale Crater, Marsposter
CondusT.1670CRISM-Derived Modal Mineralogy and Thermal Inertia for Oxia Planumoral
ConlonJ. R.2448Small Volcanoes in Vastitas Borealis, Mars: A Morphological and Spatial Analysisposter
ConradJ. W.1636Uplift Record of Baltis Vallis, Venusoral
ConwayS. J.2386Molards — A New Landform Revealing Ice-Ejecta Interactions on Marsoral
CookC. W.1624Deformation of the Banded Terrain of Hellas Planitia, Marsoral
CoppinJ. C.2081Micrometeoroid Sample Collection in the Upper Atmosphereposter
CordinerM. A.2297Investigating the Synthesis of Organic Molecules in Cometary Comae via Neutral-Neutral Reactionsposter
CostelloE. S.1073Impact Gardening Does Not Protect South Polar Iceoral
CostinG.2267Lunar Sample 15421,67: Enigmatic Magnesio-Hornblende Monocrystal Hosting Almandine, Omphacite, Quartz, Epidote, Osumilite-Mg, and Al2SiO5oral
CoughenourC. L.1066Hydrology of Scamander Vallis, Marsposter
CourvilleS. W.2355Magnetization of Large C-Type Asteroids: A Detectable Consequence of Pebble Accretion?oral
CousinA.2127K-Rich Rubbly Bedrock at Glen Torridon, Gale Crater, Mars: Investigating the Possible Presence of Illiteoral
CoustenisA.1849The COSPAR Panel on Planetary Protection: Recent Activitiesposter
CowartJ. C.1112Compositional Analysis of Martian Regolith and Surface Deposits Using THEMIS Repeat Imaging Over the Diurnal Cycleoral
CowartJ. C.1113Well-Preserved Volcanic Terrain in Mars' Terra Cimmeria Highlandsposter
CraddockM. L.2138Investigating the Potential of X-Ray Diffraction Coupled with Evolved Gas Analysis in Our Search for Organic Salts on Marsoral
CraddockR. A.2513The Nature of Modified Impact Craters on Marsoral
CreecyE. C.1715The Global Radiant Energy Budgets of Titan and Marsposter
CremonsD. R.1629Optical Characterization of CLPS Miniature Laser Retroreflector Arraysposter
CrossleyS. D.2249Parent Body Histories Recorded in Oxidized Chondrite Sulfides: Implications for Core Formationoral
CróstaA. P.2309Exploring Habitability Conditions in Titan's Impact Record: The Formation of Menrva Craterposter
CrownD. A.1759Geologic Mapping of Gusev Crater, Marsposter
CulleyE.2404Assessing the Anorthosite Composition at Sites of Purest Anorthosite Spectral Identification Using LROC Narrow Angle Camera Photometryposter
CurranN. M.1592Moon United: Measuring Cosmic-Ray Exposure Ages of Pristine Sample Horizonsposter
CurtisR. J.1056Measuring and Interpreting Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Functions for Apollo Lunar Regolith Samples Using the Visible Oxford Space Environment Goniometerposter
CuttsJ. A.2319Balloon Infrasound Networks for Investigating the Venus Interiorposter
CycilL. M.1609Investigating Algae Growth Under Low Atmospheric Pressures for Potential Food and Oxygen Production on Marsposter
CymesB. A.1152Nanoscale Insights into Apollo 17 Regolith Samples from Stations 2 and 6: Exposure History, Mineral Phase Composition, and Space Weatheringoral
CzechowskiL.1380The Formation of Some Cone Chains in Chryse Planitia on Marsposter
CzechowskiL.2740The Chain of Rootless Cones in Chryse Planitia on Marsposter
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Last Name Initials Abstract Number Abstract Title Presentation Method
D'AmoreM.1140The Mercury Radiometer and Thermal Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (MERTIS) Onboard Bepi Colombo: Moon and Venus Flybys Data Formatposter
DaketY.1805Application of Machine Learning Technique for Mapping Rayed Craters, Rilles, and Ridges on the Moonposter
DalyR. T.1098Mound Craters on Rubble-Pile Bennu Indicate Strength at Depthoral
DapremontA. M.2101Subsurface Sediment Mobilization on Mars: Compositional Analysis Using HiRISE Color Dataoral
DasD.2155Modeling the Behavior of Selected Water-Soluble Elements in Calcium Sulfate Veins of Gale Crateroral
DasE.2390Investigating the Origin of Gypsum in Olympia Undae: Characterizing the Mineralogy of the Basal Unitposter
DasN B.2416Project Crescent: A Proposal to Build a Sustainable Moon Baseposter
DavidG.1433Chemical Characterization of Fe-Rich Diagenetic Nodules with ChemCam in the Glen Torridon Region, Gale Crater, Marsposter
DavidsonJ.1027Identification of a Thermally Metamorphosed Clast in the Renazzo-Like (CR) Chondrite Pecora Escarpment (PCA) 91082poster
DavidsonJ.2103Water on Mars: Insights from Correlated Microscale Investigations of Hydrogen Isotopes, Water Abundances, and Iron Valence of Nominally Anhydrous Pyroxene in Nakhlitesposter
DaviesA. G.1539Modelling Voluminous, Rapid Lava Flow Emplacement on Io to Constrain Lava Compositionoral
DavisJ. M.1229The Evolution of Ancient Fluvial Systems in Memnonia Sucli, Mars: Impact Crater Damming, Aggradation, and a Drying Inner Sea on the Dichotomy?poster
DavisR.2614International Mars Ice Mapper Mission: The First Human Exploration Reconnaissance Mission to Marsposter
DavisonT. M.1549Complex Crater Formation by Oblique Impacts on the Earth and Moonoral
DayJ. M. D.1054Martian Chronology and Mars Sample Returnposter
de Dios-CubillasA.1446Biosignatures of Cold Seep Carbonates to Help Understand the Carbon Cycle Within the Ocean Worldsposter
De GregorioB. T.2059Insoluble Organic Matter in Ryugu Analog Meteorite Jbilet Winselwanoral
De HonR. A.1296Crater Wall Failure and Original Excavated Diameterposter
De MarchiL.2217Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Wetumpka Impact Crater, with Focus on the Southern Rimoral
De OliveiraJ. H. C.2621Placing the Apollo 12 Basalts in Their Geological Contextposter
De OliveiraJ. H. C.2628Understanding Orientation and Formation: Using XCT Data to Quantify Void Space in Lunar Samplesposter
De SanctisM. C.1887Ma_MISS on ExoMars Rover: The Investigation of the Martian Sub-Surfaceposter
De SilvaG.2553Identifying Fracture Networks at Oxia Planum and Mawrth Vallis, Marsposter
De ToffoliB.1505Global Mapping of Martian Delta Depositsposter
de VeldF. T.1814GRASIMU: A Software Toolbox for Gravity Modelling and Survey Design in Lunar Explorationposter
DeahnM. C.1325Identifying Landing and Sample Tube Depot Sites and Characterizing Traverse Terrains for Mars Sample Returnposter
DehouckE.1858Leaving Glen Torridon: Bedrock Geochemistry Measured by ChemCam en Route to the Sulfate Unit of Gale Craterposter
DelgadoT.2342Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy of Bacterial Growths in Carbonate Rocks Under Simulated Martian Conditionsposter
Della CorteV.2332DISC, the Dust Impact Sensor and Counter, on Board Comet Interceptor ESA Space Mission, for In Situ Dust Environment Characterization of a Dynamically New Cometposter
DellefantF.1985Distinguishing Shock-Related Microstructures in Gneisses from the Vredefort Impact Structure, South Africaposter
DemidovaS. I.2132Evolved Rock Clast in Luna-24 Soil Samplesposter
DeneviB. W.2368The Spectral Properties of Lunar Agglutinatesoral
DenkT.1841Survey of Jovian Irregular Moons with IVO (Io Volcano Observer)poster
DentonC. A.1078Antipodal Terrains Produced by Sputnik Planitia-Forming Impact Imply Pluto Has a Thick Ocean and Hydrated Coreoral
DeschS. J.2663Radial Distribution of CAIsoral
DeStefanoA. M.2549An Updated Secondary Lunar Meteoroid Ejecta Model for Engineering Designposter
DetelichC. E.2461Regional Scale Tectonic Features at Argadnel Regio and Agenor Linea, Europa: Plate Tectonic Evidence or Global Tidal Forcing?oral
DeutschA. N.2019Investigating the Control of Surface Temperature on Surface Ruggedness at the Lunar Polesoral
DeutschA. N.2024Measuring the Surface Ruggedness of Ice-Bearing Craters on Mercuryposter
DeyS.2517Exploring the Planetary Genealogy of Tarda — A Unique New Carbonaceous Chondriteoral
DhaliwalJ. K.2236Insights from Siderophile Elements into the Impact Origin of Mesosideritesoral
DhingraD.2436Spectral Observations from Imaging Infrared Spectrometer (IIRS) Onboard Chandrayaan-2 Orbiter: Radiance Data Comparisonsposter
DhingraR. D.2257Europa Clipper Preparatory Photometry to Constrain Surface Propertiesposter
DhingraR. D.2276Surface Temperature Decrease at Bright Ephemeral Feature Site on Titan's North Poleposter
DhoundiyalS.2254Mapping Carbonates and Associated Minerals on Mars: A New Fuzzy System Based Approachposter
Di MarcoS.2488Lunar Gravity Exploitation to Enhance X-Ray Telescope Operational Flexibility Through Fractionated Architectureposter
Di PaoloF.1242Radar Sounding of Ganymede and Callisto: Two-Way Attenuation and SNR Evaluation in Diverse Dielectric Scenariosposter
Di PaoloF.1238Dust Impact Sensor and Counter (DISC) for Comet Exploration: Laser Simulations of Hypervelocity Impactsposter
DibbS. D.1543Reflectance Spectra of Metal-Troilite Mixtures: Implications for M-/X-Type Asteroid Explorationposter
DicksonJ. L.2426The Elevation Distribution of Mid-Latitude Gullies on Mars as a Test of CO2 and H2O Formation and Modification Processesoral
DicksonJ. L.2453Image-to-Image Registration for a CTX Mosaic of Mars at the Global Scale: Estimations of Offset in MRO CTX Image Pointingposter
DingM.1097Crustal Annulus of Impact Basins Controlled by Regional Thermal State of the Moonoral
DiotteF.1710Utilizing Laser-Induced Breakdown Technology for the Identification and Quantification of Volatiles in Lunar Regolithposter
DistelA. G.2246Magmatic Processes on the Asteroid 4-Vesta: Implications for Differentiation of Small Rocky Bodiesposter
DmitrovskiiA. A.2186Geophysical Constraints on Phobos's Interior Structureoral
DobricaE.1137Dolomites in Hydrated Fine-Grained Antarctic Micrometeorites: Effective Tools for Analyzing Alteration Conditionposter
DobricăE.1659Insights into Fayalite Formation Through Secondary Processes: An Experimental and a Microstructural Investigationposter
DoddsK. H.2121The Thermal Evolution of Planetesimals during Accretion and Differentiation: Consequences for Dynamo Generation by Thermally-Driven Convectionoral
DoddsK. H.2133The Structure and Accretionary History of the CVox Parent Body Constrained from the Magnetization of Kabaposter
DonatoT. P.1381Analyzing the Allende Meteorite Through the Raman Spectral Peak Positions of (Fo-Fa): Fast Method to Characterize Range of Fe in Chondritesposter
DongC.1790Moon's Polar Ice and Hematite: A Consequence of Ancient Lunar Dynamooral
DottoE.1971The EU Project NEOROCKS — The NEO Rapid Observation, Characterization, and Key Simulations Projectposter
DottoE.2051LICIACube at (65803) Didymos: The Italian Cubesat in Support to the NASA DART Missionposter
DouglassB. D.2668Constraining the Thickness of the Lunar Regolith Using Cold-Spot Cratersoral
DowneyB. G.2481Early Dynamical Evolution of the Moon with a Subsurface Magma Oceanoral
DoyleA. E.2178Icy Exomoons Evidenced by Spallogenic Nuclides in Polluted White Dwarfsposter
DrilleauM.1627Marsquakes' Location and 1-D Seismic Models for Mars from InSight Dataoral
DrozdovskiyI.1119Recognition of Planetary Rocks and Minerals Using Deep Learning Based Multi-Spectral Unmixing and a Custom Mineralogical Databaseposter
DuerrT. A.1951Testing the Origin of Impactites at the Apollo 17 Landing Site: U-Pb Ages of Baddeleyite in Breccia 77035poster
DuncanT.2664Outgassing Experiments on Carbonaceous Chondrites and Their Implications for Titan's Secondary Atmosphereoral
DunnT. L.1063A CV Chondrite Clast in a CK Chondrite?poster
DurdaD. D.2265The Box-of-Rocks Experiment (BORE): A Suborbital Experiment Package for Microgravity Regolith Science and Technology Demonstrationposter
DuttaA.1869Extra-Terrestrial Carbon and Water Molecule in Mukundpura Carbonaceous Chondrite (CM2)poster
DuttaA.1865Petrographic Characterization of Impactites from Dhala Crater, Indiaposter
DygertN.2352Petrogenesis of and Subsolidus Reequilibration Within Lunar Ferroan Anorthosites: Two Demonstrations of a New fO2-Dependent Model for Plagioclase-Melt Europium Partitioningoral
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Last Name Initials Abstract Number Abstract Title Presentation Method
EbelD. S.2311Separate CAI Reservoirs for Allende (CV3) and Murchison (CM2)oral
EbiharaT.1902Investigation of Distribution and Orientations of Boulders on Asteroid Ryugu: Implications for Surface Evolutionposter
EhlmannB. L.1721Mineralogy from Mars-2020: Updates to the Regional Geologic History of Jezero Crater, Its Watershed, and a Framework for Perseverance Explorationoral
EhlmannB. L.1740Lunar Trailblazer: A Pioneering Smallsat for Lunar Water and Lunar Geologyposter
EigenbrodeJ. L.2706Strategies for Stringent Contamination Control for Life Detection Missionsposter
El BilaliH.2529Maat Mons, Atla Regio, Venus: Magmatic and Tectonic History from Detailed Mappingposter
ElardoS. M.2313Ancient Igneous Differentiation Trends in the Moon's Crust Can Be Produced by Secondary Magmatism from a Common Sourceoral
ElderC. M.1725The Subsurface Coherent Rock Content of the Moon as Revealed by Cold-Spot Cratersoral
ElderC. M.2289Uranus Magnetosphere and Moons Investigator (UMaMI)poster
ElmasryW.1775Abiotic Synthesis of Organic Matter in Aqueous Environments Simulating Parent Bodies of Meteorites and the Effects of Minerals on the Production of Amino Acidsoral
ElsS. G.1905The Science Instrumentation for the Rashid Rover of the Emirates Lunar Missionposter
ElvisM.2462Concentration and Crowding for Lunar Sitesposter
EngleA. E.1722Mapping Changes in the Methane-Ethane System When Adding Nitrogen at Titan Surface Conditionsposter
ErnstC. M.2565The Mercury Lander Mission Concept Study: Enabling Transformative Science from the Surface of the Innermost Planetposter
ErnstR. E.2359Large Igneous Provinces: Integrating Lessons from Venus and Earthoral
ErnstsonK.1350Zhamanshinite-Like Black-Glass Melt Rocks from the Saarland (Germany) Meteorite Impact Siteposter
ErnstsonK.1851The East Bavarian Meteorite Crater Assemblage Revitalized — Probably Linked to the Ries Crater (Germany) Impact Eventposter
EsauA.2613Heterogeneities of Impact Melts from the Zhamanshin Crater: A Two-Stage Mixing Scenario?poster
EshelmanE.2340A Probe for Exploring Regolith and Ice by Subsurface Classification of Organics, PAHs, and Elements (PERISCOPE)poster
EspleyJ. R.1746Measuring Magnetic Fields at Ocean Worldsposter
EssunfeldA.2180Attribute Recognition for Grouping Elevated-Manganese ChemCam Targets by Visual Characteristicsposter
EttenboroughI. E.2308Monohydrated and Polyhydrated Sulfates in Southeastern Aeolis Monsposter
EvansM. E.1304An Alternate Approach to Lunar Human Exploration: The Flexible Lunar Architecture for Exploration (FLARE)poster
EvansM. E.1303Initial Prototype Work on Artemis "Gandalf's Staff" — Science Suite on a Lunar EVA Walking Stickposter
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Last Name Initials Abstract Number Abstract Title Presentation Method
FackrellL. E.1684Plant Growth Experiments Using Martian Simulants: Potential and Limitations of Agriculture on Marsposter
FairweatherJ. H.1403Automated Crater Detection on the Moon at High-Resolutionsposter
FarleyK. A.1317The Mars 2020 Mission One Month After Landingoral
FarrandW. H.2362Analysis of Mantled Lunar Domes, Rille Flanks, and Anomalous Regionsposter
FarrellW. M.1937Lunar Dust-to-Suit Electrostatic Interactions: Insulating vs. Conducting Space Suitsposter
FassettC. I.1571Slow Hillslope Processes on Equatorial Mars as Revealed by the Topographic Diffusivity of Km-Scale Crater Rimsoral
FastookJ. L.1181Drainage of Moats Surrounding Lava Deposits Superposed on Martian Ice Sheetsposter
FastookJ. L.1528Hellas Basin, Mars: A Model of Rim and Wall Glaciation in the Late Noachian and Predictions for Enhanced Flow, Basal Melting, Wet-Based Glaciation and Erosion, and Generation and Fate of Meltwaterposter
FattarusoL. A.2557The Lachesis Tessera Quadrangle (V-18), Venusoral
FauguerollesC.2023Experimental Constraints on N Cycle on Titan: From NH3-Rich Hydrothermal Fluids to Atmospheric N2 and Possible Deep Rock Storageposter
FavaroE. A.1873The Aeolian Environment of the Landing Site for the ExoMars Rosalind Franklin Rover in Oxia Planum, Marsposter
FeignonJ.-G.1557Petrological and Geochemical Investigations of the Granite Basement in the Chicxulub Peak Ring: Implications for the Yucatán Target Rockposter
FeldmanA. D.1782Persistence of Fe-Containing X-Ray Amorphous Material Favored in Cooler Climatesposter
FengJ.2678Thermal Gradient in the Lunar South Polar Region Estimated from Infrared and Microwave Observationsoral
FentonL. K.2287Surface Roughness Length as a Function of Fetch Length at a Planetary Analog Field Siteposter
FenucciM.1416Unexpected Thermal Properties of the Near-Earth Object (499998) 2011 PToral
FernandesD.1053Composite Micrometeorites Recovered from Antarcticaposter
FerrariM.2095Investigating the 1-µm Feature in the Refined Average Spectrum of Ceresposter
FerrariM.1914Determinating the Ma_MISS Instrument Capabilities for Organics Detectionposter
Ferrari-WongC. M.22811-Meter Resolution Hyperspectral Thermal Infrared Imager Concept for Lunar Explorationposter
FevigR. A.2750Pilot Study of Doublet Craters on Mercuryposter
Fieber-BeyerS. K.1233Interesting Objects Near (6) Hebeposter
FilibertoJ.1201Venus Alteration: Model and Experimental Resultsoral
FischP. R. M.2239Lunar Polar Autonomous Micro-Roving for Hydrogenous Volatile Characterizationoral
FisenkoA. V.1016Nanodiamonds of Meteorites: Extreme Isotopic Composition of Xenon Componentsposter
FisherE. A.2742Evaluating Water Adsorption Through Remotely Acquired Spectra of the Lunar Surfaceoral
FlomA. J.1863Telescopic Hydration Observations of Change'e 5 Landing Site in Partial Eclipseoral
FloydC. J.1335Rapid Calcite Dissolution in CM Carbonaceous Chondrites and Its Implicationsposter
FloydC. J.1337Size Analysis of Chondrules and Their Rims in CM Carbonaceous Chondritesposter
FlynnI. T. W.1305The Effects of DEM Resolution on Planetary Thermo-Rheological Lava Flow Modelingposter
FoingB. H.2502Life and Research at SouthPole Moonbase: EuroMoonMars Campaigns Results 2019-2020oral
FoingB. H.2595ArtMoonMars Cultural and Artistic Activitiesposter
FoingV.1552Characterizing Exoplanet Transits and Stellar Activity in Kepler Lightcurves with Scalable Gaussian Processesoral
FordJ. S.2631Planetary Pit Photogrammetry: Accuracy, Coverage, and Science Valueposter
FormisanoM.1894Thermophysical Modeling of Oxia Planum, Landing Site of ExoMars 2022poster
ForniO.1503Elevated Fluorine Abundances Below the Siccar Point Unconformity: Implications for Fluid Circulation in Gale Crateroral
FouchetT.1939Supercam Visible/Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Onboard the Perseverance Roverposter
FoxV. K.2765Contextualizing CRISM Observations of the Clay-Bearing Glen Torridon Region with the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Roveroral
Fox-PowellM. G.1929Brine Evolution and Transport-Driven Fractionation of Ocean Fluids Within Europa's Icy Shelloral
FranzH. B.2018Large Sulfur Isotopic Anomalies in Shergottites Gadamis 001 and Northeast Africa 011poster
FranzH. B.2012Assessing Interannual Variability in the Chemical and Isotopic Composition of the Martian Atmosphereposter
FriendP.2586Dielectric Profiling of Enceladus' Surface in the Tiger Stripe Regionposter
FrigeriA.1462Integrating Drill Telemetry in Ma_MISS Science Onboard the ExoMars 2022 Roverposter
FrizzellK. R.2650Utilizing Nucleosynthetic Models and Jupyter Notebooks to Constrain the Building Blocks of the Solar Systemposter
FromentM.1847Numerical Simulation of an Impact-Generated Stress-Glut Field and Corresponding Seismic Sourceposter
FrühT.1661Possible Timing of Wrinkle Ridge Formation in Mare Tranquillitatisoral
FrühT.1977Northern Xanthe Terra: A Reference Site to Test Hypotheses Related to the Oxia Planum Landing Site for ExoMars 2022poster
FuR. R.2727The Fine-Scale Magnetic History of the Allende Meteorite: Implications for the Structure of the SolarNebulaoral
FuS. F.1735Hydrogen Storage in FeSi Alloy at High Pressure: Implications for the Composition and Structure of Rocky Planets' Coresposter
Fuentes-QuiñonesM.1375Exploring the Spectral Clustering Analysis of the Surface Composition of a Known Asteroidposter
FukaiR.1049The Evolutional Model of Chromium Isotopic Heterogeneities in the Protoplanetary Diskposter
FukudaK.1319Multiple CV Chondrule Precursors Originating from the Inner and Outer Solar System: Evidence from Cr-Ti-O Isotope Systematics of Allende Chondrulesoral
FutóP.1017The Rocky Planets with Magnesium-Rich Mantle Compositionposter
FutóP.1018Optimal Core Sizes for Earth-Like Habitabilityposter
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Last Name Initials Abstract Number Abstract Title Presentation Method
GainsforthZ.1669Simulated Fe-L Edge XAS of Molecular Species in the ISMposter
GaneshI.1218Dynamics of Dense Pyroclastic Flows on Venus — Insights into Pyroclastic Eruptionsoral
GaneyT. M.1309Sediment Supply as a Constraint on Yardang Formation Near Mead Crater, Venusposter
GaneyT. M.2271Distribution and Volume of Impact-Generated Sediment on Venusposter
GaoA. L.1674Using Machine Learning to Complement New Martian Crater Inventoriesposter
GaraniJ.2571Modeling Nitrogen Isotope Chemistry in the Solar Nebulaposter
GarciaR. F.1922Infrasound Hunt in InSight Dataposter
GarczynskiB. J.2235Expected Results of Carbonate Investigations by the Perseverance Rover in Jezero Crater: Lessons from a Fluviolacustrine Analog at Lake Salda, Turkeyposter
GardeA. A.1288Hydration of Melt Grains from the Hiawatha Crater, North-West Greenland: Evidence for Impact Through the Greenland Ice Sheet?poster
Gardner-VandyK. G.2657Relationships First and Always: A Guide to Collaborations with Indigenous Communitiesposter
GarrettM. P.2589NephEx: Nephelometer for Measuring Cloud Particle Size and Density in Planetary Atmospheresposter
Garrick-BethellI.2369Laccolith Model for Lunar Ring-Moat Dome Structuresoral
GarvieL. A. J.2446Bulk Mineralogy of the Tarda (C2-ung) 2020 Fall: Results from Powder XRD and Thermal (TG-DSC-MSEGA) Analysisposter
GarvieL. A. J.2398Location and Speciation of Germanium in the Butler and Northwest Africa 859 Ungrouped Iron Meteoritesposter
Gary-BicasC. E.1203Investigating the Role of Amazonian Mesoscale Wind Patterns on the Spatial Distribution of Martian Bedrock Exposuresposter
GasdaP. J.1271The Chemistry and Morphology of Diagenetic Features in Glen Torridon, Gale Crateroral
GasdaP. J.1272A Multivariate Manganese Calibration Model for ChemCamposter
GasnaultO.2248What Supercam Will See: The Remote Micro-Imager Aboard Perseveranceposter
GawronskaA. J.1090A New Dimension to Lunar Magmatism: New Interpretations of Apollo Basalt Petrogenesis from X-Ray Computed Tomographyoral
GebbingT.1986New Geologic Map of the Apollo 16 Landing Site: Implications for Crater Size-Frequenzies of the Lunar Chronologyposter
GelißnerP.1487Magmatic Fractionation and Degassing of Siderophile Volatile Elements in Lunar Magmatic Rocksoral
GellertR.1732The Sulfate Unit at Gale Crater: What to Expect There and How to Explore Itposter
GemmaM. E.2768Mineral Abundance, Variation, and Coarsening Across Petrologic Types of H Chondrite Meteoritesposter
GemmaM. E.2206OpenSpace: Interactive Public Outreach in a Virtual Worldposter
GentryD. M.2691Habitability of Cloudy Worlds: Intersecting Constraints and Unknownsoral
GermannJ. T.1143VNIR Reflectance Spectroscopy of Five G-Class Asteroids: Implications for Mineralogy and Geologic Evolutionoral
GermannJ. T.1320NIR Reflectance Spectroscopy of Massalia Family Asteroids 8452 Clay, 2316 Jo-Ann, 7760, 52442, 27120 Isabelhawkins.poster
GiacominiL.1934Kuiper Quadrangle (H06) Geological Map: Integration Between Morphological and Spectral Characteristicsposter
GiannakisI.1276A Shallow Layered Structure at Chang'E-4 Landing Site Revealed Using Lunar Penetrating Radaroral
GibsonC. A.1171Is Early Mars Really More Altered than Modern Mars? A Statistical Assessmentposter
GigliottiA. E.2328Pore-Scale Simulation of Two-Phase Melt Percolation During Core Formation in Planetesimalsposter
GiguereT. A.1091Determination of Lunar Lava Flow Ages in Northeastern Oceanus Procellarum: The Need for Calibrating Crater Counting Procedures Across the Fieldposter
GiuriB.2774Lunar Light Plains in the Orientale Region, Moonposter
GlavinD. P.1086Evidence for Extraterrestrial L-Amino Acid Excesses in the CM2 Aguas Zarcas and Murchison Meteorites: Predictions for Ryugu and Bennuoral
GlotchT. D.2004Micro-FTIR Imaging and Spectroscopy of Experimentally Space Weathered CM2 Chondrite Murchisonoral
GolishD. R.1677Regional Photometric Mapping of Asteroid (101955) Bennuposter
GolishD. R.1682Improved Remediation of NEAR MSI Images of Asteroid (433) Erosposter
GolombekM.1563Comparison of Degradation Rates at the InSight and Spirit Landing Sites on Marsoral
GolombekM.2420SpaceX Starship Landing Sites on Marsposter
GolubovO.2670Thermal Models of YORP and Yarkovsky Effects: Typical Evolution and YORP Equilibriaposter
GómezF.1530Astrobiological Implications from MEDA Atmospheric Measurementsposter
GoodaleC. D.1273A Thermodynamic Model for Ancient Perchlorate-Driven Ecosystems on Marsposter
GoodrichC. A.1331Almahata Sitta is No More Exotic Than any Other Polymict Ureiliteoral
GorceJ. S.1656Textural, Geochemical, and Thermodynamic Constraints on the Evolution of Eucrite EET 90020oral
GosselinG. J.1529Where Have All the Rings Gone? Exploring the Reputed Multiring Nature of Mercury's Caloris Basinoral
GoudgeT. A.2196Assessing Controls on the Termination of Overflow Floods for Paleolakes on Marsoral
GranadosM.1332A Meteorite Fall Observed in the Framework of the Southwestern Europe Meteor Network (SWEMN)poster
GrantF. H.1323Mapping Phyllosilicates and Aqueous Alteration Products at Tyrrhena Terra, Marsposter
GrantH.2242Bulk Water Abundances and D/H Ratios of Unequilibrated Ordinary Chondritesposter
GrantJ. A.1719Late Aqueous Activity on Mars: Evidence from Southern Margaritifer Terra and Gale Crateroral
Grau GalofreA.1879Valley Networks and the Fingerprints of Martian Wet Based Glaciationoral
Grau GalofreA.2076The Canadian Arctic Archipelago: A Mars Glacial Analogue Siteposter
GravaC.2025LRO/LAMP Observations of Lunar Exospheric Helium: Constraints on Its Thermal Accommodation and Outgassing Rateposter
GrayM. L.2116Abundances and Isotopic Compositions of Volatile H, N, C in Unequilibrated Enstatite Chondrites and the Volatile Inventories of the Terrestrial Planetsposter
GrayR. W.2610Spectral Analysis of Distinct Geological Units on Mercuryoral
GreenwoodJ. P.1617New Constraints on Chondrule Formation from Experimental Reproduction of Aluminum and Titanium Zoning in Chondrule Olivineoral
GrewalD. S.1601A Very Early Origin of Isotopically Distinct Nitrogen in Inner Solar System Protoplanetsoral
GrierJ.2145Towards a More Equitable, Diverse, and Inclusive Workforce — The NASA SSERVI EDI Focus Groupposter
GriffinG. G.2208Determining Diagnostic Capabilities of Dust by Exploring Lunar Swirlsposter
GriffinS.2083Crystallographic Deformation Within the Nakhlites: Implications for Emplacement and Ejectionposter
GrimaC.1221The Coherent Character of the Martian Surface at 20 MHzposter
GrindrodP. M.1340Optimizing ExoMars PanCam Multispectral Science: Cross-Rover Mission Comparisonposter
GrishakinaE. A.1882Probable Reserves of Water Ice in the Lunar Polar Regionsposter
GrossC.1480Looking Back to 17 Successful Years of High Resolution Stereo Camera Image Release on ESA's Mars Express Missionposter
GrossJ.2684Preliminary Examination Process of Apollo Core 73002 — Insights and Lessons Learned from ANGSA for Future Sample Return Missionsoral
GrotheerE.1474Using the ESA's Planetary Science Archive to Search for Mars Express VMC Data of an Elongated Cloud Near Arsia Monsposter
GrottM.1237Thermal Conductivity of the Martian Regolith at the InSight Landing Site from HP3 Active Heating Experimentsposter
GucsikA.2781Shock Stage Clarification of Plagioclase Samples from Asteroid Itokawa Using Raman and Cathodoluminescence Microscopy and Spectroscopyposter
GucsikA.2780Micro-Raman Sprectroscopy of the Barberton Impact Spherules from South Africa: An Application to the Identification of Shock Metamorphismposter
GuentherM. E.2450The Influence of Variable Oxygen Fugacity on the Source Depths for Lunar High-Titanium Ultramafic Glassesoral
GuimpierA.2122Geologically Recent Earthflow-Like Landslides on Marsposter
GüldemeisterN.1339Insight into the Distribution of High Pressure Shock Metamorphism in Rubble-Pile Asteroidsoral
GulickS. P. S.2320Impactite Stratigraphy and Depositional Processes in the Chicxulub and Ries Impact Structures: Insights into Crater Floorsposter
GulickV. C.2773Studies of Martian Gully Systems and Their Potential Paleoenvironmental Settingsposter
GuoZ.1802Unique Zoned Pyroxenes in Basaltic Shergottites Meteorite: Implications for Some Open System Processposter
GuptaS.2140Morphodynamic Study of Oblique Impact Crater on Lunar Surface Using Terrain Mapping Camera Onboard Chandrayaan-2poster
GusevaE. N.1104Results of Geological and Morphological Analysis of Structures of Venus' Coronaeposter
GuzewichS. D.1984Modeling Flood Basalt Volcanic Climate Disruptions: Implications for Terrestrial Planet Habitabilityposter
GyalayS.1820Insights Into Io's Interior as Inferred from Its Long-Wavelength Topographyoral
GyollaiI.1126Signatures of Iron Enriching Metasomatism in Sidi Ali Ou Azza Meteoriteposter
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Last Name Initials Abstract Number Abstract Title Presentation Method
HaberJ. T.1607Using Color to Map Diagenesis in Gale Crater: Comparing the Rover and Orbital Perspectiveposter
HahnR. M.1130A New Study of Shield Fields and Their Spatial Relationships on Venusposter
HalimS. H.1409Modelling the Survival of Carbonaceous Chondrites Impacting the Lunar Surface, as a Potential Resourceposter
HallattD.2518Preliminary Results of Exploring the Behaviour of Phyllosilicates When Subject to Thermal Conditions Relevant to Asteroid Ryuguposter
HamannC.2380Rapid, Impact-Induced Dehydration, Melting, and Recrystallization of CaSO4∙nH2O (Gypsum, Bassanite, Anhydrite) Inferred from Laser-Irradiation Experimentsposter
HamidS. H.2038A Lunar Dynamo Powered by Core Convection and a Basal Magma Oceanoral
HamiltonV. E.2148Thermal Infrared Evidence for Limited Compositional and Particle Size Variability on Asteroid (101955) Bennuoral
HammondN. P.2427Intense Geologic Activity on Triton for Billions of Years After Orbital Captureoral
HampR. E.1244Modelling Water-Rock Interactions in the Subsurface Environment of Enceladusoral
HamranS. E.1223RIMFAX GPR on the MARS 2020 Investigation at Jezero Crateroral
HanJ.2587Hibonite and Its Associated Ultrarefractory Phases from the Paris CM Chondriteposter
HandK. P.2120Europa Lander Mission Concept (Update 2021)oral
HargitaiH. I.2102Model-Based Climate Zone Map and Climate Diagrams of Marsposter
HargitaiH. I.2109The Pocket Atlas of Mars: A Public Outreach Projectposter
HarmsJ.1668Lunar Gravitational Wave Antennaposter
HarrellM. J.1141Analysis of Transverse Aeolian Ridge Transitions on Marsposter
HarriesD.1953Occurrence of the Sodium Carbonate Shortite in the Flensburg C1 Chondriteposter
HarringtonE. M.1490Detailed Chloride Mapping in Terra Sirenum, Marsposter
HarrisR. S.2365The Woodbury-Manchester Impact Structure: Confirmation of a Large Low-Angle Oblique Impact on Earth in the Early Neoproterozoicposter
HarrisR. S.2629Expanding the Reach of Space and Planetary Science Education During a Global Pandemic: The Fernbank Science Center At-Home Planetarium Experienceposter
HarrisT. H. S.1008Reframing the Australasian Tektite Source Mysteryposter
HarrisT. H. S.1009Electromagnetic Indications of Australasian Tektite Morphologyposter
HarrymanJ. E.2203Spectral Mapping Using CRISM Data in the Northwest Noachis Terra Regionposter
HarveyT. A.1897Non-Destructive Determination of the Physical Properties of Antarctic Meteoritesposter
HauberE.2057Regional Geologic Mapping of the Oxia Planum Landing Site for the Exomars 2022 Missionposter
HausrathE. M.1561Reactive Transport Modeling to Interpret Environmental Conditions that May Preserve Organic Molecules on Marsoral
HayH. C. F. C.2147How Do Convective and Tidal Dynamics Interact in Europa's Subsurface Ocean?oral
HayH. C. F. C.1582Can High-Frequency Tidal Deformation Help Constrain the Ocean Thickness of Europa and Ganymede?poster
HayashiH.2601Stratigraphic Comparison Between Quenched Angrites and Komatiitesoral
HaydenT. S.1550Chlorine and Hydrogen in Brecciated Lunar Meteorites: Implications for Lunar Volatile Historyoral
HayesT. W.1647An Investigation of Space Weathering on the Moon with Mineralogy and Hydroxylposter
HaynesM. S.1281Small Body Radar Inverse Scattering in Monostatic and Bistatic Geometriesoral
HeadJ. W.2143Contributions of Volatiles to the Venus Atmosphere from the Observed Extrusive Volcanic Record: Implications for the History of the Venus Atmosphereoral
HeadJ. W.2189Sulfates on Mars: A Pyroclastic Airfall Model for Origin, Emplacement, and Initial Alteration of Valles Marineris Interior Layered Deposits (ILD)poster
HeatherD. J.2111The ESA PROSPECT Payload for Luna 27: Development Statusposter
HeatherD. J.2142The Rosetta Science Archive: Preparing for Legacy Scienceposter
HedgepethJ. E.2555Nitrogen's Role in the Degradation of Craters on Plutooral
HeemskerkM. V.2762CHILL-ICE (Construction of a Habitat Inside a Lunar-Analogue Lava Tube): Building and Testing of a Deployable Habitat in Icelandic Lava Tubes for Space Exploration Purposesposter
HeidenreichJ.2432A Possible Subaqueous Hydrothermal System in Melas Chasma, Marsposter
HeirweghC. M.1260Calibrating PIXL for Elemental Analysis on Marsposter
HelbertJ.1899Mapping Venus from Orbit: Opportunities and Challenges of Near Infrared Emissivity Mappingposter
HelbertJ.1521Venus as Seen by the MErcury Radiometer and Thermal infrared Imaging Spectrometer (MERTIS) During the First Flyby of the ESA-JAXA Bepicolombo Spacecraftposter
HelhoskiS.2576A Numerical Model to Constrain the Origin of Lunar Impact Ejectaoral
HendersonM. J. B.2465Spectral Analysis of Explosive and Effusive Volcanic Edifices in the Marius Hills Volcanic Complex with Moon Mineralogy Mapperoral
HenleyT. L. J.2241An Update on Martian Dust Coverage and Contribution to APXS Elemental Concentration and Bedrock Composition for Rock Targets in Gale Craterposter
HenriksenM. R.2578Regions of Interest: Availability of and Access to LROC NAC Data Productsposter
HenzT. N.2150Measuring the Radar Properties of Pyroclastic Deposits in Eistla Regio, Venusposter
HerdC. D. K.1987Sampling Mars: Notional Caches from Mars 2020 Strategic Planningoral
HerkenhoffB. K.2754Preliminary Design Concept of Locust Inspired Jumping Moon Robot Swarmposter
HernandezS.1794Small Spacecraft Swarms Enabling Asteroid Radar Observations: Apophis Mission Studyposter
HerrA. A.2737Investigating the Brushy Creek Suspected Impact Crater, St. Helena Parish, Louisianaposter
Herrero PérezM. J.1993Studying the Thermal Metamorphism Experienced by the Parent Asteroid of Villalbeto de la Peña Ordinary Chondrite Using an Equilibrium Phase Diagram Modelposter
HerrickR. R.2414The Mechanics of Crater Cavity Formation and Modification at the Simple-to-Complex Transition on Marsposter
HeslarM. F.2128Physical Oceanography in the Coastal Zones of Titan's Punga Mareposter
HessM.1048Uncertainty-Based Unmixing of Space Weathered Lunar Spectraposter
HeyerT.1124The Multi-Temporal Database of Planetary Image Data (MUTED): Web-Processing of Orbital Images of Marsposter
HezelD. C.2264Resolving the Contradictory Results for Chondrule Size Distributions When These are Empirically Determined and Theoretically Consideredposter
HibbittsC. A.2690How the State of Water Affects Its Use as an In-Situ Lunar Resourceposter
HickmanJ. M.2700Dynamic Power Generation for Human and Scientific Exploration of the Lunar South Poleposter
HicksL. J.2190XANES and EELS Identification of Fe-Redox Variation in Space Weathered Apollo 17 Lunar Surface Soiloral
HicksonD. C.2593Polarimetric Analyses of Archival Arecibo Near-Earth Asteroid Radar Observationsposter
HiesingerH.1494The Mercury Radiometer and Thermal Infrared Spectrometer (MERTIS) at the Moon — First Results and Status Reportposter
HiesingerH.1485The Rima Bode Region — Candidate for a Future Lunar Landing Siteposter
HietalaS.1222In Situ Sedimentary Rock and Pseudotachylitic Breccia Veins in the Rim of the Söderfjärden Impact Crater Structure, Finlandposter
HildebrandA. R.2677Coefficient of Restitution / Leeb Hardness for Six Meteorites and HCCL-1 Simulantoral
HillD.2463An Attempt to Determine Minimum Areas for Useful Model Agesposter
HimoR.1240Effect of a Superficial Porous Brittle Layer on the Thermal Equilibrium of Europa's Ice Shelloral
HirabayashiM.1585Efficient Topographic Degradation on Ceres as Revealed by the Equilibrium Population of Small Cratersposter
HirataK.1467Constraints on the Origin of Phobos Using Major Element Data Obtained by MMX MEGANEposter
HobbsS. W.1184Evaluating the Utility of Low-Cost Sensors for Deep Space Applicationsposter
HoffmannV. H.2458The Kolang (CM 1/2) and Tarda (C2 ungrouped) Meteorite Falls from 2020: First Systematic Mineralogical Investigations by LASER Raman Spectroscopy and SEM/EDXposter
HoffmannV. H.2443The Flensburg (C1-Ungrouped) 2019 Meteorite Fall: Raman Spectroscopy and Compilation of Magnetic Susceptibility Data on C — Ungrouped Falls/Findsposter
HollerB. J.2525Evaluating Trans-Neptunian Dwarf Planets as Targets for an Interstellar Probe Flybyposter
HollosiD. H.1842LEAPS: Lunar Expedition to Ascertain Philolaus Skylightsposter
Holm-AlwmarkS.1089Twinned Magnetite in Granitic Samples from the Siljan Impact Structure, Swedenoral
HolsappleK. A.1373New Findings from Simulations of the History of Main Belt Asteroidsoral
HoltJ. M. C.1450A Double Walled Isolator Scanning Electron Microscope for Investigating Mars Samples in Full Biosafety Containmentposter
HonE.1660Investigation of Young Mare Deposits in the Lichtenberg and Flamsteed Regionsposter
HönesC. J.2071Shape Characterization and Temporal Analysis of Exoplanet Transits with Deep Learningposter
HongP.1741Initial Test for the Breadboard Model of TCAP Tracking Mirror of DESTINY+ Missionposter
HonniballC. I.1256Enhanced Hydration at Craters with Central Peaks Detected by Ground-Based Observationsoral
HoodD. R.2106Interpreting Airflow Dynamics from Ripple Patterns and Migration Rates on Marsposter
HoodL. L.1628A New Large-Scale Map of the Lunar Crustal Magnetic Field and Its Interpretationoral
HooperD. M.2474Linear Deconvolution Applied to Aster Imagery of Terrestrial Dune Analog Sitesposter
HopkinsR. J.1534Chemical and Spectral Properties of Iron-Sulfate Acid Solutions Through a Hydration/Dehydration Cycle: Implications for the Martian Regolithposter
HopkinsR. J.2325Spectral Effects of Roasting Olivine in H2 at High Temperatures as a Lunar Space Weathering Simulationposter
HoppJ.2002In Situ Measurements of Sulfur Isotopic Composition of Sulfides in Enstatite Chondritesposter
HoppeP.1055A Presolar Silicon Carbide Grain of Type C with Extremely Low 12C/13C Ratiooral
HortonP.1321Classification and Analysis of High Resolution Dust Devil Tracks on Marsposter
HorvaiF.1179Planetary Science as a Tool to Integrate Instrumental, Laboratory, and Modelling Aspects Under Research Activity in Hungaryposter
HorvathD. G.2609Comparative Hydrology of the North and South Polar Regions of Titanposter
HorzempaP.1425Calypso Venus Scoutposter
HouX. T.2006The Chronology of Pythagoras and Sharp B Craters in the Adjacent Highlands of the Chang'E-5 Landing Siteposter
HowardA. D.1149Pervasive Ice-Related Erosion of Mid-Latitude Martian Cratersoral
HowardA. D.1150Martian Decrescent Scarps Backwasted by Iceposter
HowellS. M.2423Fomenting Chaos: Formation on Europa Through Dry Porous Compactionoral
HuangR. I.2625Slope Analysis of Martian Gullies in Three High-Northern Latitude Cratersposter
HuangR. I.2596Quantitative Analysis of Caldera Shapes on Mars, Earth, and Ioposter
HuangZ. H.1798Modeling Solar Wind Implantation and Its Contributions to Volatile Formation on Lunar Surfaceposter
HubbardK. M.2322Thermal-Infrared Emission Spectroscopy of Graybody Materials: Sulfideposter
HuberM. S.1188Preliminary Results of Geophysical Properties of Granitoids Taken from a Transect Through the Vredefort Impact Structureposter
HuffmanM. R.16635-Phase Ice Simulations to Test the Effects of Embedded Low Viscosity Layers on Crater Formationposter
HughesE. B.2050VNIR and Raman Spectral Characterization of Martian Analogue Chloride and Sulfate Brinesoral
HughesE. B.2170Global and Regional Martian Regolith Compositions Derived from GRS and TES Dataposter
HughesM. N.1586Characteristics of the Fractured Intermediate Unit from Orbital and Curiosity-Based Dataoral
HumayunM.1390Assimilation of Fossil Hydrothermal Sulfide by Early Amazonian Martian Magmas: Implications for Ore Mineralization on Marsoral
HundalC. B.2475Comparing the Jezero Floor Unit and the Circum-Isidis Mafic Cap: Morphology, Stratigraphy, and Compositionoral
HydeT. W.1128Experimental Study of Chondrule Rim Formationposter
HydeW. R.1287Shock Metamorphism and Organic Matter in New Impactite Samples from the Hiawatha Crater, NW Greenlandposter
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Last Name Initials Abstract Number Abstract Title Presentation Method
IacovinoK.1057Carbon Solubility in Mercurian Magmas: What We Don't Knoworal
Ibáñez-InsaJ.1385Studying the Main Mineralogy and Shock of the Bolivian H5 Chondrite Aiquileposter
IevaS.1239Rotational Resolved Spectroscopy of the Didymos System, Target of the DART/LICIACube Missionposter
InnanenA. C.2074Mapping Swiss Cheese Terrain at the Martian South Pole to Understand its Possible Atmospheric Interactionsposter
IpatovS. I.1618Migration of Bodies from the Zone of the Outer Asteroid Belt to the Earthposter
IqbalW.1917Investigating a Potential Source of Young Ages at Apollo 15 Landing Siteposter
IrelandS. M.2646New Insights into the Geological Evolution of the Moon via Petrologic Investigation of Lunar Basalt Meteorites Dominion Range 18262 and Dominion Range 18666oral
IrvingA. J.2244Petrology and Oxygen Isotopic Composition of Two Different Ungrouped Highly Magnesian, Reduced Ultramafic Achondrites (Northwest Africa 11562/12969 and Northwest Africa 13307): More Samples from Unknown Parent Bodiesposter
IrvingA. J.2229Martian Meteorite Rain 2021: Petrology and Bulk Elemental Composition of More Shergottites and Nakhlitesposter
IrwinR. P.2729Spatially and Temporally Variable Degradation of Large Post-Noachian Impact Craters: A Record of Paleoclimate and Climate Change on Marsoral
IshibashiK.1405Development of Cameras Onboard DESTINY+ Spacecraft for Flyby Observation of (3200) Phaethonposter
IshiiH. A.2315Detection of Volatiles in Space Weathered Surfacesoral
IshimaruK.1154Apparently Layered Boulders with Multiple Textures on Bennu's Surfaceoral
IshimaruR.1712ASTERISC Project: CubeSat Mission for Observation of Cosmic Dust with a New Large Film Type Dust Sensorposter
ItoM.1822Detailed Shape Modeling of a Local Topography Using Thermal Infrared Imager Data and Evaluation of Thermal Inertia of Asteroid 162173 Ryuguposter
IvanovB. A.1931Searching for Numerical Models to Reproduce Terrases in Impact Cratersposter
IvanovM. A.1436Main Topographic and Morphologic Characteristics and Chronology of the Uzboi-Ladon Fluvial System on Marsoral
IvanovM. A.1400The Evolution of Venus: Assessing the Transition from Potential More Earth-Like Conditions to the Recent Geological and Atmospheric Environmentposter
IzawaM. R. M.2247Hydrothermal Ammoniation of Chondrites: Implications for Ceresposter
IzenbergN. R.1265The Scientific Case for an Earth Transit Observerposter
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Last Name Initials Abstract Number Abstract Title Presentation Method
JacksonA. P.1718To See a World in a Shard of Ice: 'Oumuamua as a Fragment of N2 Ice from an Exo-Plutooral
JacksonA. P.2294A Moth-Eaten Blanket: Re-Impacting Debris Punctured Holes in the Early Lunar Crustposter
JacquetE.1042Inheritance of Meteoritic Isotopic Anomalies from a Zoned Protosolar Cloudoral
JaegerL.1716Automatic Detection of Interstellar Dust Impact Craters on Stardust Aluminum Foils by Convolutional Neural Networksposter
JaiswalS.1183Heavy Noble Gas in Eucrites and Diogenites: An Attempt to Understand the Trapped Componentsposter
JakubekR. S.1207Novel Use of an Internal Mercury-Argon Lamp for the Calibration of Raman Wavenumber, Bandwidth, and Relative Intensities in Large Raman Images of Astromaterialsposter
JappjiM.2260Morphology of the Copernican Das Crater on the Farside of the Moonposter
JaramilloC.2561Laboratory Simulations of Solar Wind-Driven Space Weathering on Olivine Powderposter
JardineK. J.2559AFM Measurements of Asteroid-Relevant Particle Adhesionoral
JawinE. R.2022Last Epoch of Resurfacing on Asteroid (101955) Bennu Revealed by Global Geologic Maporal
JayamV. J.2764An Analytic Model of Stable and Unstable Orbital Resonanceposter
JenkinsL. E.1204Fine-Grained Equant Troilite in the CM Chondrite Shidian: Potential Evidence for Low Temperature Post-Hydration Heatingposter
JhotiE.1548An Orbital Dynamics Model for an Ultra-Low Altitude Lunar Orbiterposter
JitarwalS.2162Non-Foster Active Impedance Matching of Short Dipole Antenna for a Lightning Instrumentposter
JodhpurkarM. J.2252Mapping and Interpreting the Northern Fan Deposit in Jezero Crater, Marsposter
JodhpurkarM. J.1767Mapping and Interpreting Moulton Crater and Its Surroundingsposter
JohnsenT. K.2464Multimodal Machine Learning with Dual-Band Raman Spectroscopy for Mineral Classificationposter
JohnsonJ. R.1213Initial Mastcam-Z Multispectral Visible/Near-Infrared Observations of Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover Calibration Targetsposter
JohnsonJ. R.1212New Iron Meteorite Detections by the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover in the Southern Glen Torridon Regionposter
JohnsonP. A.1081Where to Look Next: Extant Life Niches and Biomarkers on Marsposter
JohnsonP. A.1076Novel Robotic System for Improved Motor Control in Microgravityposter
JolliffB. L.2681Lithology of Rock Fragments in Apollo 17 Double Drive Tube Core 73002 Using X-Ray Computed Tomography and Comparison to Lithologic Makeup of Station 3 Soilsoral
JonesA. J. P.2466Outreach in a Pandemic: Strategies that Led to Record-Breaking Participation in International Observe the Moon Night 2020poster
JonesB. M.2713Formation, Transport, and Release of Volatiles from Packed Lunar Regolith Grainsposter
JordanA. P.1270Reevaluating How Charged Particles Cause Space Weathering on the Moonoral
JoshiD. R.2604Testing Lunar Regolith Characterization Algorithms with Simulated Subsurface Samples and Digital Twin Dataposter
JoshiV.2551Updated Calculations of Thermal Breakdown of Rocks on the Asteroids Bennu and Ryuguposter
JoswiakD. J.1604Origin of low-Ca Pyroxenes in Comet Aamples: Evidence for Igneous Formation in the Nebula Like Chondrulesoral
JozwiakL. M.2223Investigating the Unexpected Youth of Mercury's Pyroclastic Depositsoral
JuE. M.2075Synthesis and Spectral Studies of Two Calcium Sulfate Solid Solutions Related to Marsposter
JudgeL. E.2293Determining the Biosignature Preservation Potential of Manganese Oxides Using Laboratory and Spaceflight Analysis Techniquesoral
JungD.1330Fast and Accurate: Real-Time Soft-Shadowed Ray Traced Lunar and Planetary Global Terrain for Lighting and Landing Simulationsposter
JungJ.2388Shock Demagnetization Does Not Fully Explain Variations in the Lunar Paleointensity Recordoral
JurewiczA. J. G.1295The Genesis Mission: A Unique Opportunity for Scientific Collaborationposter
JusinoM.2327The Occurrence of Planets in the Abiogenesis Zoneoral
JusinoM.2756Modeling Global Geochemical Cycling of Phosphorus and Sulfur on Terrestrial Planetsposter
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Last Name Initials Abstract Number Abstract Title Presentation Method
KadlagY.1185Early Solar Irradiation as a Source of the Inner Solar System Isotopic Heterogeneityposter
KaliwodaM.2445Quartz and Cristobalite Ballen Aggregates Formed by Dehydraton of Shock-Generated Amorphous Phases in Impact Melt Rocks from the Ries Impact Structure (Germany)poster
KaliwodaM.2471Education and Public Engagement in the Mineralogical State Collection Munich (Germany), Meteorites from Mars and Moon as an Attraction for the Publicposter
KanamaruM.1769YORP Effect on Asteroid 162173 Ryugu and Its Spin Evolutionoral
KaneS. R.1156Venus as a Laboratory for Exoplanetary Scienceposter
KangW.1392The Enceladus's Ice Shell Geometry: How It Could Form and What It Tells Usoral
KarageozianM. E.2318Anomalous 40Ar/39Ar Shock Ages in Mbale: Nonintuitive K and Ar Behavior, Implications for the Interpretation of Shock Ages in Shocked Meteoritesoral
KarimovaR.1577Experimental Setup to Record the Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function of CO2 Ice Under Polar Martian Conditionsoral
KarnesV. M.2592Identification and Quantification of Martian Frost Using HiRISE Imageryposter
KarthiA.1807Analyses of Compositional and Topographical Characters of the Wrinkle Ridge and Dark Holo Crater on Mare Orientale Basinoral
KarthiA.1808Investigation of Highland Lithologies in Finsen and Kovalevskaya Craters on the Far Side of the Moonposter
KauffmanJ. T.2532Constraining Titan's North Polar Haze Structure from Specular Reflectionsposter
KaufmanS. V.2444Constraining the Surface Weathering Formation Conditions of the Olivine-Carbonate Unit in the Northeast Syrtis Region Using Reactive Transport Modellingoral
KawohlA.1001Impactites East of the Sudbury Igneous Complex — A Reconnaissance Studyposter
KearneyM. L.2078Robotic Exploration Potential of Martian Cavesposter
KeeblerA. M.2704Displacement Profiles of Wrinkle Ridge Thrust Faults on Mercuryposter
KeeneyB. A.2366The First Measurements of Charon's Far-Ultraviolet Surface Reflectanceposter
KellerJ. W.1522Negative Secondary Ion Sputtering by Solar Wind Energy Ions on Lunar Samplesoral
KellerL. P.2389Oxygen Isotopic Compositions of Hydrated Interplanetary Dust Particles: Implications for Aqueous Alteration in Outer Solar System Objectsoral
KendallJ. D.2113Scratching at the Lunar Surface: Determining Regolith Compositions and Provenance at Probable Artemis Landing Sites Using Impact Hydrocode and Ejecta Modelingposter
KennyG. G.1413Zircon U-Pb Dating of the Kara Impact Structure, Russia, Indicates No Role in Late Cretaceous Mass Extinctionsposter
KennyG. G.1420The Response of Zircon to Extreme Pressures and Temperatures — Insights from a Lightning Strike and a Nuclear Explosionposter
KernerH. R.2618Novelty-Driven Onboard Target Selection in Grayscale and Color Mars Rover Imagesposter
KervazoM.2460Inferring Io's Interior from Tidal Monitoringoral
KeszthelyiL. P.2005Progress Toward a Porous Flow Model for the Emplacement of Pahoehoe Flow Fieldsoral
KeszthelyiL. P.2009Measuring Ionian Lava Temperatures via VNIR Color Imagingposter
KhanA.1836Constraints on the Martian Upper Mantle from InSight Seismic Dataoral
KhanS. Y.2649Characterization of Clasts in the Glen Torridon Region Observed by the MSL Curiosity Roveroral
KhanS. Y.2560Geochemistry and Stratigraphic Classification of Sandstones Observed by the MSL Curiosity Roverposter
KhatibA. S.2520Near Surface Structure from an Active-Source Seismology Study of Apollo 11 Astronaut Activitiesposter
KhullerA. R.1680Characteristics of the Basal Interface of the Martian South Polar Layered Depositsoral
KieferW. S.2539Tidal Dissipation and the Interior Structure of Io: Magma Mush or Magma Ocean?poster
KieferW. S.1792Venus, Earth's Divergent Twin: Observations Constraining the Transition from a Mobile Lid Planet to a Stagnant Lid Planetposter
KillianG. O.2776Simulation-Derived Thermal Diffusion Parameters in Temperature-Dependent Depletion of Potassium Adsorbed on Magnetiteposter
KimY.1546(16) Psyche's Internal Structure May Have Low and High Dense Silicate Layers on Top of a Metallic Coreposter
KingA. J.1909The Bulk Mineralogy and Water Contents of the Carbonaceous Chondrite Falls Kolang and Tardaposter
KingD. T.2467Field, Drill-Core, and Geophysical Analysis, Wetumpka Impact Structure, Alabamaposter
KingO. R. T.1060Compositional Mapping of Europa and Ganymede with VLT/SPHERE and Galileo/NIMS Using Markov Chain Monte Carlo Fittingoral
KirchoffM. R.1536Preliminary Examination of the Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Equatorial Layered and Radial Ejecta Craters on Marsposter
KiteE. S.1703Sustaining Mars Surface Habitability: Climate and Climate Evolutionoral
KivrakL.2468Trimethylsulfonium Hydroxide (TMSH) Thermochemolysis with Py-GC-MS as a Method of Organic Biosignature Detection: Optimization for Nucleobase Detectionoral
KletetschkaG.1368Location of Water Deposits in the Polar Regions of the Moonposter
Klug BoonstraS.2701NASA's Lucy Student Pipeline Accelerator and Competency Enabler (L'SPACE) Program: Reimagining Workforce Development for Diverse Undergraduate Students at Scaleposter
KminekG.1700Mars Sample Return Science Planning Group Phase 2 (MSPG2): Overview and Interim Reportposter
KnapmeyerM.1069Marsquake Activity Driven by the Sun?oral
KnightA. L.1377Preliminary Analyses of Select Trace Element Abundances from the Mars Exploration Rover Alpha Particle X-Ray Spectrometersposter
KochT. E.1950Forsterite Dust Aggregation Aboard the International Space Station (ISS)poster
KodikaraG. R. L.2259A Possible Formation Pathway for Zeolites in Closed-Basin Lakes on Noachian Mars: Insights from Geochemical Modelingoral
KodikaraG. R. L.2299Visible-Near Infrared Spectroscopy of Lacustrine Sediments in Saline-Alkaline Playas: Implications for Paleolakes on Marsposter
KodolányiJ.1291In Situ Constraints on the 60Fe Abundance in the Early Solar Systemposter
KoeberlC.1209Planetary Scientific Target Detection via Deep Learning: A Case Study for Finding Shatter Cones in Mars Rover Imagesposter
KoefoedP.2310K Isotope Systematics of the CB Chondrite Gujba: Testing the Impact Plume Model of Formationoral
KohoutT.1588Experimental Constraints on the Ordinary Chondrite Shock Darkening Caused by Asteroid Collisionsoral
KokhirovaG. I.1451Identification of the Nature of Asteroid Don Quixote from Observations in the Sanglokh Observatoryposter
KokhirovaG. I.1453Results of Observations of the Dual Status Object 2008GO98 (3962) in 2017poster
KomatsuG.1164Southern Chryse Planitia on Mars as a Potential Landing Site: Investigation of Hypothesized Sedimentary Volcanismposter
KomatsuM.1962The Comparative Study for Aqueous Alteration and Thermal Records in CR Chondrites by Raman Spectroscopyposter
KoneckeB. A.1701Revisiting the Origin of Macromolecular Carbon (MMC) in Lunar Basalts 15556 and 10044poster
KoneckeB. A.1695Utilizing Linear Combination Fitting (LCF) to Model Highly Reduced, Multi-Component Mixtures of Cation-Sulfide Species Relevant to Mercurian Meltsposter
KongX.1191Chemical Characterization of Surface Salts in Qaidam Basin: Implications for Climates of Planet Earth and Marsposter
KonovalovaK. A.1517Evolution of Pyroxene Composition During CAI Formation in CV3-Chondrite Northwest Africa 12590poster
KonovalovaK. A.1961Mineralogy of the Complex Refractory Metal Nuggets in B1 Type CAI from CV3-Chondrite Northwest Africa 12590poster
KonstantinidisM.2585Laser Ablation Molecular Isotopic Spectrometry and Time-Resolved Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy: Implications for Planetary Explorationposter
KorycanskyD. G.1267Towards Modeling Crater Collapse and Relaxation with a Stokes-Flow Codeposter
KouvatsisI.2683Petrography of Eucrite Northwest Africa 11548: Searching for Melt Clastsposter
KrasilnikovA. S.1459The Model Estimates of the Craters Ejecta Thickness in the Southern Polar Region of the Moonposter
KrasilnikovS. S.1428Geological Map of the South Pole of Moonposter
KraussA.1489The Influence of Crack Propagation on Tektite Glass Corrosion Sculptureposter
KreinS. B.2483Source Regions of the Lunar Ultramafic Glasses Constrained by Experiments and Modelsoral
KremerC. H.2191Detecting Olivine Composition in Troctolitic Mixtures in the "Cross-Over" Infrared Range (4-8 µm)oral
KremerC. H.2200Olivine and Plagioclase Largely Unaffected by Lunar-Like Space Weathering in the "Cross-Over" Regionposter
KreslavskyM. A.1826Ubiquity of "Elephant Hide" Texture on the Moonposter
KrierJ. D.2118Evolution of the Ice Shell of Enceladus Including Expansion Due to Freezingposter
KringD. A.1161Enlarging the Geographical Domain of the Impact Origin of Life Hypothesisoral
KrishnamoorthyS.2755Earth-Analog Experiments for Detecting Seismicity on Venus Using Balloonsposter
KrishnanV.1855Evidence for Long-Lived Middle to Late Amazonian Volcanism, Tectonics, and Recent Boulder Fall Activities in the Northern Tharsis region, Marsposter
KrohnK.2527Asymmetric Craters on Ceresposter
KronrodE. V.1730Dehydration Processes in the Hydrated Cores of Large Icy Satellitesposter
KrzesinskaA. M.1189Mineralogy, Aqueous Alteration, and Biosignature Preservation Potential of Bedrock Deposits at Oxia Planum, ExoMars 2022 Landing Sites, as Inferred from Spectral Study of Terrestrial Analoguesoral
KuY.2377K Isotope Variations in Chondrules, CAIs. Matrix and Bulk Chondritesoral
KuentzL.1711Mapping the Extent and Timing of Water Tracks with High Temporal Resolution Satellite Imagery in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica: Can Subsurface Melt Conditions be Deduced from Orbital Imagery for RSL-Analogs?poster
KuhnsR.2671Rocket Plumes and Aeolian-like Bedforms in Regolithposter
KumamotoA.1510Derivation of Lunar Subsurface Loss Tangent from SELENE Lunar Radar Sounderposter
KumamotoA.1838FDTD Simulation and Radar Experiments Using Scale-Down Model for Radar Sounding of the Asteroidposter
KumarA.1421Neon Isotopic Study of Ordinary Chondritesposter
KumarS.1613Nuclear Thermal Propulsion for Outer Planets Robotic Explorationposter
KumarV. R. D.1768Constraint on Discharge Current Parameters and Streamer Speeds of Venusian Lightningposter
KumaresanP. R.1645Estimation of Optical Maturity and Evolutionary History of Inter-Basinal Region Between Imbrium and Serenitatis Basinposter
KumariN.1197Geological Diversity at Two Potential Landing Sites in the Lunar South Poleposter
KumariN.1194Episodic Volcanism and Fluvial Activities in a Floor-Fractured Crater at the Flanks of Arsia Monsposter
KurosawaK.1817Shock Metamorphism in a Quasi-Open System I: Undulatory Extinction in Calcite (CaCO3)poster
KutsopN. W.2500Stratospheric Haze Bands Observed in Cassini VIMSoral
KuzmichevaM. Yu.1327Modeling of the Magnetic Anomaly of a Complex Crater, Taking into Account the Drilling Data of the Bosumtwi Craterposter
KuznetsovE. D.1859Pairs of Trans-Neptunian Objects with Close Orbitsposter
KyrylenkoI. I.2741New Asteroid Pair Candidates in the Main Beltposter
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Last Name Initials Abstract Number Abstract Title Presentation Method
LaczniakD. L.2361Understanding Space Weathering of Carbonaceous Asteroids Through H+ and He+ Ion Irradiation of the Murchison Meteoriteoral
LaDouceurB. O.2486A Raman-Dependent Methodology to Predict Oxidation State, Composition, and Viscosity of Silicate Glasses: Implications for Earth and Marsposter
LaferriereK. L.16313D Mapping of Migration Paths of Mars' North Polar Spiral Troughsposter
LaflècheÉ. A.1363Proposed Lunar Sample Return Mission at Tsiolkovskiy Craterposter
LahowetzD.2547Morphometric and Rheological Properties of Ridged Lava Flows in Daedalia Planum, Marsposter
LaineP. E.1895Life on Icy Worlds? Emergence vs. Panspermiaposter
LakeB. D.2722Sand Distribution, Ice-Rich Regions, and Sources of the Sand Seas of Titanposter
LalichD. E.2392Explaining Bright Radar Reflections in the Martian SPLD Without Liquid Wateroral
LalichD. E.2406Invisible Mounds: Observing the Earliest Stages of Labyrinth Evolution on Titan with the Cassini RADARposter
LallaE. A.2266Combined Measurements by Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy and Laser Ablation Molecular Isotopic Spectrometry for Planetary Explorationposter
LanctotS. I.2772Sole Morphing Astronaut Boots (SMAB) for Lunar Dust Mitigationposter
LandisG. A.1019Eccentricity and Inclination Reduction Following Capture of Martian Moonsposter
LandisM. E.1653Interannual Variability of Ice Within North Polar Layered Deposits Craters on Marsoral
LaneM. D.2550Identifying Two Distinct Olivine Compositions in Tyrrhena Terra and Libya Montes, Marsoral
LangA. N. M.1997Holes in the Moon: Copernicus Crater Collapse Pitsposter
LanzaN. L.2231Chemistry of Manganese-Bearing Materials at the Groken Drill Site, Gale Crater, Marsoral
LapotreM. G. A.1135Interplay Between Grain Sintering and Transport-Induced Abrasion in Creating Sand-Sized Sediments on Titanoral
LarrasoañaJ. C.1778Magnetofossil Abundances are Associated with Distal Deltaic Bottomsets and Low Sedimentation Rates in the Guadalquivir Basin, Spain; Implications for the Recovery of Biosignatures from Jezero Crater and Oxia Planum, Marsposter
LarsonJ. N.2743Put Your Mascon: Implementing the Mascon-Layer Model into the N-Body Integrator Reboundposter
LasernaJ.2157Combined LIBS and Acoustics for Differentiating Minerals with Similar LIBS Spectraposter
LaurettaD. S.2097The OSIRIS-REx Touch-and-Go Sample Acquisition Event and Implications for the Nature of the Returned Sampleoral
LauroS. E.2061New Radar Evidence of Subglacial Liquid Water Below the Martian South Poleoral
LavagnaM.1991Taste Mission to Deimos: Terrain Analyzer and Sample Tester Explorer with Smallsat and Miniaturized Landerposter
LavrentjevaZ. A.1037To Question About Formation of the Pallasite Parent Bodies: On the Peculiarities of Trace Element Composition of Mineral Components from the Omolon Pallasiteposter
LawsonC. S.2583Development of MEMS-Based Inertial Gravimetry for Planetary Explorationposter
LayakP.1983Geochemical and Mineralogical Constraints on the Composition of the Parent Planetesimal for the Acapulcoite and Lodranite Suite of Meteoritesposter
LazzarinM.2056Spectroscopic Investigation of the Large Potentially Hazardous Asteroid (52768) 1998OR2 within NEOROCKS EU Projectposter
Le GuillouC.2572Light Element Quantification by TEM-EDS and Application to Organics Mapping in Ultra-Carbonaceous Antarctic Micrometeorites (UCAMMs)poster
Le MaistreS.2011Preliminary Results of One Martian Year of Observations from the Radio-Science Experiment of InSight, RISEoral
Le MouélicS.1408Housedon Hill — A ChemCam RMI Mega Mosaic to Investigate Distant Features in Gale Craterposter
Le MouélicS.1514Using Virtual and Augmented Reality for Planetary Surfaces Investigations — A Case Study on Mars and the Moonposter
LeeM. R.1297Carriers of Hydrogen in the CM Carbonaceous Chondritesposter
LeeP.2771SCHRODINGER CAT: A Mobile Instrument Suite to Explore a Volcanic Vent and Permanently Shadowed Region in the Schrodinger Impact Basin, Far Side, Moonposter
LeeS.2043A Simple Method for Synthesizing Siliceous Ferrihydrite: Implication for the Formation of Natural Ferrihydrite and Mars Analogsposter
LeeburnJ. M.2577Building a GIS Framework for Co-Analysis of Mini-RF Bistatic Radar Data with Other Lunar Datasetsposter
LegettC.1516Optical Characterization of SuperCam Below 900 nmposter
LegettS. A.1600Ribose Stability in Solutions with Borate and Borate-Bearing Clays: Implications for Origins of Life on Earth and Marsoral
LegrandC.1002Virtual Moon Atlas 7 Freewareposter
LeightC. J.2214Identifying Volcanic Glass Concentration and Composition with Remote Sensing Using Multivariate Methodsposter
LeitnerJ.1878A Study of Chromium and Silicon Nitrides in Carbonaceous Chondritesposter
LemelinM.1038Foundational Data Products for the Exploration of the Lunar Polar Regions: Iron, OMAT, and Mineralogy Using the Kaguya Spectral Profiler and the Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeterposter
LemkeL. G.2669The Low Altitude Venus Aircraftposter
LeonardE. J.2269Bringing Order to Chaos: Insights on the Formation of Chaos Terrain from Geologic Mapping of Europa at the Regional Scaleoral
LeonardE. J.2296Investigating the Formation of Miranda's Inverness Coronaposter
LeonardM. J.1754Restoration of NASA's Mobile Analytical Lunar Platform (MALP) as a Prototype Science Exploration Device Using a Public, Private, Academic (PPA) Modelposter
LeopoD. A.1553Detection of Mineral Products Following FE(III) Oxide Reduction by a Thermophilic Autotrophic Bacterium Using Reflectance Spectroscopiesposter
LeseigneurY.1471Martian Dust Dynamics Constrained by OMEGA/MARS EXPRESS Orbital Dataposter
LeveringtonD. W.1771The Shalbatana Vallis Outflow System is a Product of Dry Volcanic Megafloodsposter
LevinJ. N.2317Isolating the Role of Volatiles in the Erosion of Bedrock Chutes on Marsposter
LevyJ. S.1537Boulder Bands on Lobate Debris Aprons: Debris-Covered Glacier Growth at Martian Mid-Latitudes Spans Multiple Glaciationsoral
LewisJ. M. T.2567Assessing Mars Pyrolysis Data for the Presence of Organic Saltsoral
LiJ.2675Comparison Study of Surface Energies for Titan Haze Analogs "Tholin"poster
LiM.2473Maximum Temperatures in Evolving Protoplanetary Disks and Composition of Planetary Building Blocksposter
LiS.2508Water Anomalies at Rugged Lava Flows on the Moonoral
LiS.1186In Situ U-Pb Dating of Phosphates in Weekeroo Station IIE Ironposter
LiS.2452Unveiling Chaos Terrain Formation on Europa Through Synthesizing Ice Mixtures and Modeling of the Galileo NIMS Reflectance Dataposter
LiY.1871Analysis of Surface Roughness vs WEH Values in the Regolith of the Lunar South Pole Areaposter
LiY.2428Shock Effects on Olivine Structure and Slip Systems in Martian Dunite Northwest Africa 2737poster
LiangW.1844Exploring the Source of the Lunar Linear Gravity Anomaliesoral
LichtenbergT.1870Bifurcation of Planetary Building Blocks During Solar System Formationposter
LichtenheldtR.1443A Mission Concept for Lava Tube Exploration on Mars and Moon — The DLR Scout Roverposter
LienR.1005Modeling Fracture Hazards at Europa for Cryobot Tunneling and Communicationoral
LigginsP.2001Probing Mantle Redox with Planetary Atmospheresposter
LightS. L.2165Seasonal Variability of Titan's Global Wind Fieldposter
LillyE.2584Building the Reference Small Body Population Modelposter
LillyE. L.2499No Activity on 13 Centaurs Discovered in the Pan-STARRS Detection Databaseposter
LimL. F.2219Main-Belt Infrared Spectral Analogues for (101955) Bennu: Gaussian Fitting to AKARI Spectra of Bennu-Like Asteroidsoral
LimL. F.2204Reconnaissance of Apophis (RA): A Rendezvous Mission Concept for Exploring the Potentially Hazardous Asteroid Apophis During Its 2029 Earth Encounterposter
LimayeS. S.2171Venus, an Astrobiology Targetposter
LinY.2779The Scientific Achievements by Chang'E-4 and the New Lunar Samples Returned by Chang'E-5oral
LissauerJ. J.2272Mixing of Condensable Constituents with H and He During the Formation and Evolution of Jupiterposter
LisseC. M.2187On the Origin and Thermal Stability of Arrokoth's and Pluto's Icesoral
LisseC. M.2581What Can an Interstellar Probe Mission at Large Heliocentric Distances Achieve with Remote Imaging and In Situ Dust Measurements?poster
LitasovK. D.1445Detailed Mineralogy and Trace Element Chemistry of Donino Iron Meteorite: A Pentlandite and Heazlewoodite Issueposter
LitvakM. L.2058The Measurements of Neutron Radiation Dose During Mars Odyssy Cruise to Marsposter
LitvakM. L.2045The Sampling Acquisition Instrumentation for the Lunar Missionsposter
LiuC. Q.1963Fe-Rich Pyroxene and Mg-Rich Olivine at Chang'e-4 Landing Site Constrained by Spectral Characteristics of Lunar Soil Analogs Using VNIS Prototypeposter
LiuC. Q.1743LIBS Calibration Standards Applicable for MarsCoDe Onboard the Rover of Tianwen-1poster
LiuJ. C.1739Paleosols with Strong Fe LossDirect Geological Evidence for a Reducing Greenhouse Warming on Early Marsposter
LiuJ. W.1990The Structures and Impact Direction of the South Pole-Aitken Basinposter
LiuN.2347Multielement Isotopic Compositions of Presolar SiC from Asymptotic Giant Branch Starsoral
LiuN.2382Is There Presolar Dust in the Allende Curious Marie Calcium-Aluminum-Rich Inclusion?poster
LiuP.1996LIBS, Raman, and VNIR Spectroscopic Studies of Hydrated Mg-Sulfates Relevant to Marsposter
LiuT.1225Predicted Sources of Samples Returned from Chang'E-5 Landing Regionposter
LiuY.2064Discovery of A Na-K-Sulfate on Apollo 74220 Orange Beads: Direct Evidence of Volcanic Outgassing of Na and K on the Moonoral
LiuY.1501Preliminary Results of a New Lunar Impact-Melt Breccia Meteorite Northwestern Africa (NWA) 13638poster
LiuY. H.2003Mineralogy of Lunar Meteorite Northwest Africa 10480 by Raman Spectroscopic Studiesposter
Liu-SchiaffiniM.1224Machine Learning Classification of the Martian Surface: Application to Radar Reflectometryposter
LognonnéP.1936One Martian Year of Seismic Monitoring of Mars by InSight: Seis Results and Perspectives for the Extended Missionoral
LoizeauD.1452Analogue Rock Characterization with MicrOmega, Within the H2020/PTAL Projectposter
LolachiR.2630Optical Characterization Model of the DART Impact Ejecta Plumeposter
LompaT.1254Linking Gravity Data of Basins on the Lunar Farside with Numerical Formation Modelsposter
LopezX. R.1383Decomposition of Calcite After 30 Days of Venus Conditions in GEERposter
LópezA.1379Designing a Submarine for the Exploration of Titan's Methane Seasposter
LópezI.1329Origin of Flat-Topped Venusian Shield Volcano Summits: A Case Study of Idunn Monsposter
LorenzoJ. M.2173Seismic Wheel for Shallow Characterization (0-1 m) of Soils on the Moon and Marsposter
LosekammM. J.2302A Compact Cosmic-Ray and Neutron Spectrometer to Search for Water Ice on the Moonposter
LosiakA.2100Interaction of Ejecta During Multiple Crater Formation on Earth: Kaali 2/8 Case and Laboratory Experimentsposter
LosiakA.2117Teaching Planetary Geology to Engineers During European Rover Challenge (ERC)poster
LuS.1779Content-Based Classification of Mars Exploration Rover Pancam Imagesposter
LucasJ.2493Isotopic Signatures Associated with Quantum Tunneling of Atomic Oxygen on Cold Dust Grain Surfacesposter
LucasM. P.1307New Major and Trace Element Data from Acapulcoite-Lodranite Clan Meteorites: Evidence for Melt-Rock Reaction Events and Early Collisional Fragmentation of the Parent Bodyoral
LucchettiA.1061Length and Self-Similar Clustering Analysis of Ganymede's Equatorial Groovesposter
LuceyP. G.1764Understanding the Contemporary Lunar Volatile System as a Key to the Pastoral
LuchsingerK. M.2540From Transient to Sequestered: Vertical Transport of Water Ice in Seasonally Shadowed Regionsposter
LudyanJ. C.2372Lack of Diagenetic Maturity Near Home Plate, Gusev Crater, Mars Favors Short-Term Hydrothermal Activityposter
Luk'yanykI.1565Spectroscopy and Photometry of Interstellar Comet 2I/Borisov on 2-m HTC Telescopeposter
LunningN. G.2225Impact Production of Silicon-Bearing Iron-Nickel Metal: A Widely Occurring Process on the Moon?oral
LuuN. C.2343Reevaluation of CheMin Data: New Constraints on the Nature of Poorly Crystalline Materials on Marsposter
LuzziE.1883Piecemeal Caldera Collapse as the Trigger of Chaotic Terrains and Floor-Fractured Craters on the Moon and Marsposter
LyonsJ. R.2716N2 Self-Shielding in the Solar Nebula as the Mechanism of 15N Enrichment in Meteoritic Amino Acidsoral
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Last Name Initials Abstract Number Abstract Title Presentation Method
MaC.1681Discovery of Feiite (Fe2+2(Fe2+Ti4+)O5) and Liuite (GdFeO3-Type FeTiO3), Two New Shock-Induced, High-Pressure Minerals in the Martian Meteorite Shergottyposter
MaC.1720Discovery of New High-Pressure Mineral Tschaunerite, (Fe2+)(Fe2+Ti4+)O4, a Shock-Induced, Post-Spinel Phase in the Martian Meteorite Shergottyposter
MaceyM. C.1139The Identification of Sulfide Oxidation as a Potential Metabolism Driving Primary Production on Late Noachian Marsoral
MacLellanL. M.1726Unnamed Lava Flow System Along the Northeastern Margin of Vaidilute Rupes, Venusposter
MaderaA.2686Provenance of Lunar Basaltic Meteorite Northwest Africa 8632 and Related Meteoritesoral
MadiedoJ. M.1274Orbit and Emission Spectrum of a Mag. -12 Meteor Event Recorded on 2019 February 6poster
MadiedoJ. M.1275The Ursid Meteor Outburst in 2020: Preliminary Resultsposter
MaedaN.1388Size Distributions of Bluish and Reddish Small Main Belt Asteroidsposter
MageeC.1884Imaging the Subsurface Structure of Pit Cratersposter
MagnusonM. P.1781Space Weathering via Vapor Redeposition of Carbonaceous Materialposter
MahajanR. R.1041Nitrogen and Noble Gases in Martian Meteorite Tissintposter
MahantiP.2408Standardized Representation of Lunar Lobate Scarp Topography — Initial Resultsposter
MaiaJ. S.1910Crustal Thickness of Venusian Crustal Plateausoral
MalakhovA. V.2015Areas with Enhanced Water Content Observed in Equatorial Areas of Mars Trough TGO's FREND Neutron Telescopeposter
MallikA.1800The Importance of Hydrogen Partitioning During Lunar Magma Ocean Crystallization: Implications for Constraining the Water Content of the Bulk Silicate Moonoral
MandtK. E.2167The Origin of Volatiles Samples by the LCROSS Mission in Cabeus Crateroral
ManeP.2566Oxygen Isotope Reservoirs in the Solar Nebulaoral
MangaM.1318No Cryosphere-Confined Aquifer Below InSight on Marsposter
MangoldN.1994The Unexpected Origin of the Branched Ridges at Antoniadi Crater, Marsposter
ManskeL.2030The Influence of Interior Structure and Thermal State on Impact Melt Generation in Terrestrial Planetsposter
MantegazzaM.1492Illumination Analysis of Louth Crater and Its Relation with Ice Depositsposter
MantegazzaM.1495Analysis of Pit Craters on the Eastern Wall of Hale Craterposter
ManzariP.1616Automated Research of 3.3 um Absorption in Some CRISM IR Data: Acidalia Mounds, Alba Patera, and Orcus Pateraposter
ManzariP.1615Possible Clues of Sulfide Volatilization in Al Haggounia 001poster
MaoX.2415Collisions with Small Classical Kuiper Belt Objects are Not Sufficient to Cause Substantial Spin Changes to Arrokothoral
MarkwardtL.2538Latest Results from DECam Search for L5 Earth Trojansposter
MarquezR. T. C.2635Search for the Carriers of Anomalous Nucleosynthetic Signatures in Early Solar System Condensatesposter
MarshalR.1457Insights on Pixel and Sub-Pixel Scale Rock Abundance on the Moon with LROC/NACposter
MarteauE.2067Soil Mechanical Properties at the InSight Landing Site on Marsposter
MartellJ.2086Neutron Tomography as a Tool for Pin-Pointing Meteoritic Components in Impactitesposter
MartellaC. H.1483Reanalysis of the Active Seismic Experiments Performed on the Moon During Apollo 14 and 16 Missionsposter
MartellatoE.2175Ganymede's Cratering Recordposter
MartinA. C.2349Comparison of Images with Direct and Indirect Illumination: Lunar Permanently Shadowed Region Analog Imagesposter
MartinE. S.2419Exploring Lunar Graben Formation with Displacement-Length Scalingposter
MartinP. M. C.2068Clast Populations Within the CM2.2 Brecciated Carbonaceaous Chondrite Aguas Zarcas: Implications for Understanding Aqueous Alteration on Ryuguoral
MartinezC.2699Further Insights of Temperature-Time Events on HED Parent Body Using U-Th-Pb Chronology of Zircon-Bearing Noritic Diogenite Northwest Africa 10666oral
MartinezC.1300Systematic Monitoring of Large Meteoroids in the Earth-Moon Environmentposter
MartinezG. M.1205Atmospheric Thermal Forcing at Gale Crater, Marsposter
Martinez-SierraL. M.1020Galactic Cosmic Ray Induced Neutrons On and Around Marsposter
Martin-WellsK. S.2636Topography and Impact Melt at Distal Tycho Secondary Chainsoral
MarusiakA. G.1151Effects of Methane Clathrates on Thermal and Seismic Profilesposter
MasonD. P.1664Gobi Desert Deltas as an Analogue Environment for Jezero Delta Marsposter
MasonK.1752Sediment Sorting and Rounding in a Basaltic Glacio-Fluvio-Aeolian Environment: Þórisjökull Glacier, Icelandposter
MasterS.1610New Topographic Modelling of the >45 km Diameter Simlipal Ring Structure, Singhbhum Craton, Odisha, India — World's Oldest Impact Structureposter
MatsuoY.1824Image Completion for Shaded Area Around Lunar Polesposter
MattinglyR. L.2588Tours of High-Containment and Pristine Facilities in Support of Mars Sample Receiving Facility Definition Studiesposter
MaturilliA.2085Spectral Signatures of Glass on Lunar Analogue Rocksposter
MaturilliA.1435MERTIS on BepiColombo Cruise Operations: Flybys to the Moon and Venusposter
MaurelC.1166Paleomagnetism of Iron Meteorites: Recent Advances and New Questionsposter
MaxwellR. E.1766Variations in Lunar Elastic Thickness from Spectral Admittance Analysis and Synthetic Noise Testsoral
MazaricoE.1784The Europa Clipper Gravity/Radio Science Investigationoral
Mazzotta EpifaniE.1190Rotational Properties of Binary Asteroid System (65803) Didymos, Target of the DART/LICIACube and HERA Missionsposter
McAdamA. C.2337Investigation of the Glen Torridon Clay-Bearing Unit and Overlying Greenheugh Pediment by the Sample Analysis at Mars Instrument Suiteoral
McConnochieT. H.1367Mars Atmospheric Science with SuperCam's Visible and Near-Infrared Passive Spectroscopy Modesposter
McCubbinF. M.1541The ANGSA Program: A Low-Cost Lunar "Sample Rreturn Mission." An Overview and Progress Over the Last 18 Monthsoral
McDougallD.2758Morphometry and Sampling of Terrestrial Yardangs to Aid Geologic Mapping of Martian Yardang Regionsposter
McEwenA. S.1352The Io Volcano Observer (IVO)poster
McFaddenK. D.1788Modeling Thermophysical Properties of 2100 Ra-Shalomoral
McGlassonR. A.1649Subsurface Radar Observations of Outlier Polar Ice Deposits on Marsoral
McGovernP. J.2698New Constraints on Pluto's Lithosphere from Tectonics, Cryovolcanism, and Sputnik Planitia Loading Modelsoral
McGovernP. J.2516Emplacement and Tectonism of the Non-Basin Lunar Mare Provinces Tranquillitatis and Frigorisposter
McGroartyF. C.2672Modeling the Thermal and Chemical Evolution of the Martian Lithosphere Through Timeposter
McHenryL. J.2348Extended, High-Temperature Cooling of Lava Tube Interiors: Analog for Venusoral
McKeebyB. E.1957Deriving Planetary Surface Roughness: Combining Digital Photogrammetry and Thermal Infra-Red Spectroscopyposter
McKinnonW. B.2719Are Maryland and Other Craters on CCKBO Arrokoth Compaction Craters, and Does it Matter?poster
McNeilJ. D.1429The Geology of Isolated Landforms on the Margin of Chryse Planitia, Marsoral
McNeilJ. D.1417Mounds in the ExoMars 2022 Landing Siteposter
MeenJ. K.2749Thermal Reduction of Surface Rocks on Airless Planetsposter
MeiQ. -F.1564Evidence for Rhenium Isotopic Fractionation During Crystallization and Mixing in the IIAB Iron Coreoral
MelendezL. E.2284Quantifying the Environmental Response to Deglaciation in Martian Craters During the Late Amazonianoral
MéndezA.2291Habitability Models for Planetary Sciencesoral
MendozaA.2726Determining Electrostatic Forces on Lunar Dust Regolithposter
MengT. M.2503Insolation-Driven Boundary Conditions for Debris-Covered Glaciers on Mars and Earthposter
MeninaS.1657Statistical and Energetic Characteristics of High Frequency (HF) and Very High Frequency (VF) Martian Eventsposter
MentenS. M.1047Cryovolcanically Sourced Methane on Charonoral
MertensC. A. K.2098Probability of Cosmogenic Nuclide Production Ratesposter
MeshikA.2268Indigenous Lunar Gases from the Earth Wind — An Experimental Verificationposter
MestS. C.2055The Chronostratigraphy of Ceresposter
MetzgerP. T.2616Ejecta Sheet Tracking, Opacity, and Regolith Maturity (Ejecta Storm): An Instrument for Lunar Landing Plume Effects and Dust Dynamicsposter
MetzgerP. T.1083Reductionist vs. Folk Taxonomies in Planetary Scienceposter
MeyerB. S.2598NRLEE Nucleosynthesisoral
MeyerH. M.1508A Multi-Wavelength Study of Mercury's Polar Anomalies: New Data from Arecibo Informed by MESSENGERoral
MeyerM. A.1708Mars Sample Return (MSR) Sample Caching/Retrieval Strategyposter
MeyerM. J.1461Primary Depositional and Secondary Diagenetic Fabrics in Evaporite Rocks as Seen by Perseverance Rover's PIXL Instrumentposter
MezilisJ. A.2305Initial Acoustic Results from Mars 2020 Perseverance Entry, Descent, and Landing Camera [EDLCAM] Microphone Systemposter
MezilisJ. A.2213Lunar ExoCam: Active Flight Test of Camera and Sensor Payload System for Remote Capture of Lunar Lander Descent and Landingposter
MichaelG. G.1632Lunar Crater Ina: Analysis of the Morphology of Interior Landformsposter
MichalikT.2164Assessing the Effects of Heating Vesta-Like Material on its Spectral Characteristicsposter
MichautC.1415Crustal Radioactivity on Mars Constrained by InSight Data and Geodynamic Modelingoral
MijjumM.2376Investigating Micrometeorite Material Retention on Genesis Mo-Pt Foilsposter
MikolajewskiS.2087Landing Site Evaluation Inside Mare Moscovienseposter
MikouchiT.2457Mineralogy and Cooling History of Ungrouped Achondrite Erg Chech 002oral
MikouchiT.2334Olivine Petrofabric Analysis of Brachinites: Implications for Petrogenetic Diversitiesposter
MilazzoM. P.2612The Growing Digital Divide and Its Negative Impacts on NASA's Future Workforceposter
MiljkovicK.1758New Impact Craters on Mars Since the Landing of the InSight Missionposter
MillanM.2039Organic Molecules Revealed in Glen Torridon by the SAM Instrumentoral
MillerA. M.2360Stalking a Large Carbonaceous Chondrite Asteroid Using ε54Cr-Δ17O Isotope Systematics of the Unique Xenolith Almahata Sitta 202oral
MillerD. V.2391Distribution of Normal Faults Not Evenly Distributed Across Dioneposter
MindeP.1345The Enigmatic Holmajärvi (Northern Sweden) Diamictite: Evidence of a Meteorite Impact Depositposter
MinesingerG. M.2534Modeling the Effect of Solar Ion Irradiation of Troilite with SDTrimSP -—Implications for (16) Psycheoral
MinittiM. E.2028The Mars 2020 WATSON Imaging Subsystem of the SHERLOC Investigation and Anticipated Early Resultsoral
MinittiM. E.2435Rock Textures and Grain Sizes in the Glen Torridon Region (Gale Crater, Mars) Observed by the Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI) and ChemCamposter
MirmalekZ.1734Remote Science Work Support, Context, and Approach on NASA's VIPER Missionposter
MischnaM. A.1217Hyperspectral Infrared Sounding for Improving Weather Prediction on Marsposter
MishevI.1694Characterization and Mapping of Light-Toned, Layered Deposits on the Plateaus of Western Valles Marineris with SHARAD and High-Resolution Imageryposter
MishraA.1862New Report of Young Lobate Scarps and Recent Mass Wasting Events in the Lunar South Polar Region with Implication for Seismic Hazard Assessment to Upcoming Landing Missionposter
MishraR. K.1834Multiple Episodes of Superflares from Our Nascent Sun: Evidences from a Canonical CAI in Vigaranooral
MishraR. K.1837Petrography and Mineralogy of a Large Calcium, Aluminum-Rich Inclusion in Chainpur (LL3.4) Ordinary Chondriteposter
MitchellJ. L.1214Artemis Curation: Preparing for Sample Return from the Lunar South Poleoral
MitchellJ. T.1576The Evolving Crust of 4 Vesta from Compositional and Thermal Modellingoral
MitrofanovI. G.2032Mission of Luna-25, as the First Step of Russian Robotic Moon Exploration Programoral
MittalP.1774PRADAN: Data Browse and Dissemination Web Application for Chandrayaan-2poster
MittalS.2017Reinvestigating Gale Crater with New NIR Spectral Parametersposter
MittelholzA.1941Magnetic Variations of a Sol Observed Over a Year on Mars with InSightposter
MiyakeN.1393Characterization of Microbial Communities in the Land-Based Mud Volcanoes of Tokamachi, Niigata, Northern Japanposter
MiyazakiY.2469Dynamic Evolution of Major Element Chemistry in Protoplanetary Disksoral
Moggi CecchiV.2757Northwest Africa 12727, 13596, and 13597: Three New Unequilibrated Ordinary Chondrites from Saharaposter
MohanN.2212Radiative Transfer Simulations to Explain the Subsurface Thermal Radio Emission of Venusposter
MoitraP.1803Roles of Magmatic Volatile, Ground Ice, and Impact Triggering on the Dynamics of the Most Recent Explosive Volcanic Eruption on Marsoral
MokrousovM. I.1952ADRON Instrument for Future Missions to Moon and Mars: Active Gamma-Ray Sensing of Shallow Subsurfaceposter
MolnárM.1580Lechatelierite in Moldavite Tektites: New Analyses of Compositionposter
MondroC. A.2357Modeling Fracture Populations in Europa's Brittle Ice Shell and Implications of Fracture-Added Porosityposter
MontalvoP. E.1477Contributions of Impact Mixing to the Spatial Distribution of Water Ice in Permanently Shaded Lunar South Polar Cratersposter
MooreJ. M.1693Are the Surface Textures of Pluto's Wright Mons and Its Surroundings Exogenic?poster
MooreK. R.2676Exploring Relations Between Major Element Cations and Organic Preservation in Silicaposter
MoreauJ.1044Injection of Molten Iron Sulfides and Metals into Rocks: Developing a Technique to Study Shock Melt Veins in Ordinary Chondritesposter
MoreauJ.1138Heat Diffusion in Shocked Chondrites: Towards a Better Understanding of Shock Melting Featuresposter
MorelandE. L.2397Compositional Variance of Aeolian Deposits in Gale Crater, Marsposter
MorganG. A.2512The Moon at 12.6 cm: Legacy of Arecibo/LRO Mini-RF Partnershiporal
MorganP.1587Relationships Among Regolith Thermal Conductivities and Seismic Velocities: Application to InSight Studiesposter
MorganoM.2608Experimental Study of the Interaction Between Amorphous Silicates and Water Vaporposter
MoriS.1757Verification of the Autofocusing System for the Raman Spectrometer on the MMX Roverposter
MorlandZ. S.1045Modelling Ejected Martian Biomarkers impacting Phobosposter
MorlokA.1964BepiColombo and MERTIS @Moon: A Very First Comparison of Mid-Infrared (7-14 µm) Spectraposter
MorotaT.1755Impact Strength of Ryugu's Boulder Inferred from Meter-Sized Crater Statisticsposter
MorrisR. V.1761Toward Understanding Ferruginous Smectite Mg-for-Ca Interlayer Cation Exchange, Crystalline Ca-Sulfates, and Amorphous Mg-Sulfates on Marsposter
MorrisonA. A.2123Modeling Effusive Cryolava Flows: Reevaluating Flow Emplacementoral
MorrisonA. A.2137Rheological Evolution of Brine Liquids and Suspensions: Chloride and Sulfate Brine as Analogs to Cryoflows on Europaposter
MorrisseyL. M.1458Simulating Solar-Wind-Ion Sputtering of Sodium from Silicate Minerals: The Importance of the Surface Binding Energyoral
MortimerJ. I.2383Experimental Methods to Inform Modelling of Volatile Preservation During Lunar Subsurface Icy Sample Collection: In Support of ESA's 'PROSPECT' Packageposter
MoruzziS. A.2099Constraining the Compensation State, Structure, and Geophysical Evolution of Sputnik Basin on Plutooral
MoruzziS. A.2125Investigating Sub-Resolution Surface Properties of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko from Optical Photometry and Hapke Modelingposter
MosqueiraI.1025Formation of Extrasolar Planet TOI-849b in a Quiescent Diskposter
MouserM. D.1482Gravitational Instabilities in Mercury's Mantle Produce Diverse Volcanic Source Regionsposter
MoyeC. G.2759Lunar Polar Water Ice: A Terrain Classification System and Optimal Sites for Moon Explorationposter
MukundanV.1157A Modeling Study on the Effect of the 2018 Mars Global Dust Storm on the Ionospheric Peakposter
MunarettoG.1938Multiband Photometry of RSL and Dust-Devil Tracks from CaSSIS Color Imagesposter
MunarettoG.1943Analysis of Multiangular MESSENGER Color Observations of Hollows at Canova Crater, Mercuryposter
MurdochN.1658Predicting Signatures of Dust Devils Recorded by the SuperCam Microphoneposter
MurriM.1251Silicate Nanoparticles Produced by Laboratory Simulated Space Weathering of Olivine Single Crystalsposter
MurtazovA. K.1172Visual Spectra of Some Chondrites and Terrestrial Basaltsposter
MusilovaM.2600Lunar and Martian Lava Tube Research Simulation at HI-SEASoral
MustardJ. F.2367Imaging Spectroscopy in the 5-7 Micrometer Wavelength Region for Quantitative Analysis of Fe2+ in Olivine and Hydrationposter
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Last Name Initials Abstract Number Abstract Title Presentation Method
NachonM.1723Microbial Biosignature Investigation in Aeolian Environment Using µXRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) Analyses that Simulate the PIXL Instrument Onboard the Perseverance Rover from NASA's Mars 2020 Missionposter
NagaashiY.1426Cohesive Force Measurements of Meteorite Powdersoral
NagoriR.1885Retrieving Photometric Properties of Apollo 16 Landing Site Using TMC Onboard Chandrayaan-2: Prospectsposter
NaidsA. J.1314Developing Geology Sampling Tools for the Artemis Programposter
NakanoR.1292Finite Element Modeling Approach to Characterize Temperature Variations of Irregularly Shaped Bodiesposter
NakashimaD.1944Initial 244Pu/238U Ratios and Search for Presolar SiC in CAIs Inferred from Noble Gas and Trace Element Abundances in CAIs from CV3 Chondritesoral
NambiarS.1904Comparative Analysis of Two and Three Channel Hypervelocity Dust Detectorsposter
NarendranathS.2230New Insights from Chandrayaan-2 Large Area Soft X-Ray Spectrometeroral
Nascimento-DiasB. L.1333Possible Interpretations and Implications of the Carbons Detection in Martian Meteorite Zagamiposter
Nascimento-DiasB. L.1308Calcium Carbonates Detected in Martian Meteorites May Be Indicative of the Existence of Paleolakes on Marsposter
NathanE. M.1751Understanding Icy Moons as a Population of Solar System Bodiesposter
NavarroK. F.1354Physical Characterization of an Impact Vapor Plume from a Chicxulub Carbonate Layer Using Laser Ablation in a Simulated Late Cretaceous Atmosphereposter
Navarro-GonzálezR.1365Abiotic Input of Fixed Nitrogen by Bolide Impacts in CH4+CO2+N2 and H2+CH4+CO2+N2 Atmospheres. Comparison with Nitrate Levels Measured by the Curiosity Rover's Sample Analysis at Mars Instrumentoral
Navarro-GonzálezR.1358Search of Phosphine in the Evolved Gases from Hypophosphite/Phosphite Minerals in Lacustrine Sedimentary Rocks at Gale Crater by the Sample Analysis at Marsposter
NazN.2233Analysis of Synthetic Terrestrial and Modeled Enceladian Seawater Using the Microfluidic Wet Chemistry Laboratory (mWCL)poster
NeatK. A.1992Bioreduction of Nanophase Ferrihydrite, Akaganeite, and Lepidocrocite by the Autotrophic Thermophile Desulfothermobacter Ferrireducens as Seen Through Mössbauer Spectroscopyposter
NeesemannA.2509High-Precision Topographic Map of the Mars 2020 Landing Site as Part of the MC-13E Syrtis Major Quadrangle Digital Terrain Model.poster
NefianA.2519Automatic Crater Detection at the Lunar South Poleposter
NeidhartT.2033Update on the Crater Cluster Mapping and Statistics on Marsposter
NeishC. D.1589Physical Properties of Lunar Impact Melt Depositsoral
NellessenM. A.2413Boron Adsorption onto Clay Minerals: Insight into Martian Groundwater Geochemistryoral
NénonQ.1689Weathering of Lunar Polar Crater Interiors by Northward/Southward Ions: Ion Observations by the ARTEMIS Probesposter
NénonQ.1691On the Long-Term Weathering of Airless Body Surfaces by the Heavy Minor Ions of the Solar Wind: Inputs from Ion Observations and SRIM Simulationsposter
NerozziS.2590Revealing the Geologic and Fluvial History of Hebrus Valles and Hephaestus Fossae on Marsposter
NeumanM. D.1470Apollo 17 Drive Tube 73002 Major and Trace Element Characterizationoral
NeumannW.1361Parent Body of the Hayabusa2 Target (162173) Ryugu: High Porosity, Early Accretion, Small Sizeoral
NeumannW.1852Do Water-Rich Carbonaceous Chondrites and the NEA Ryugu Share a Common Parent Body?poster
NewsomH. E.2256Evidence for Glacial and Fluvial Processes on Gale Crater Rim — Dulce Vallisposter
NguyenA. N.2709Presolar Grain Abundance Variation in the Miller Range 090019 CO3.1 Chondriteoral
NguyenA. N.2769Identification of an 16O-Poor Solar System Condensate in the Miller Range 090019 CO3.1 Chondriteposter
Nichols-FlemingF.2177Short-Lived Lunar Dynamos Powered by Accretion of Cold Impactor Core Materialoral
NicklasR. W.1040Petrogenesis of Northwest Africa (NWA) 8686, a New Olivine-Phyric Shergottiteoral
NicklasR. W.1074Multi-Stage Differentiation History of Andesitic Achondrite Erg Chech 002poster
NiiharaT.1783Pyroxene Compositions in EETA79001 Lithologies: Comparison with Zagamiposter
NikiforovS. Y.2159Pixel Map Interpretation of the MSL DAN Passive Measurementsposter
NikiforovS. Y.2152Water Estimation in Vera Rubin Ridge and Glen Torridon Based on Measurements of the MSL/DAN Instrumentposter
NikitczukM. P.2697Nitrogenous Mars-Analog Potassic and Micro- and Mesoporous Minerals: Relevant Targets for Mars Sample Returnposter
NimmoF.1247Using Moderately Volatile Elements to Probe Planetary Accretionoral
NishiyamaG.1819A New Model of Seismicity on Asteroids Implied by the SCI Experiment of the Hayabusa2 Mission: Insights from the Existence of Boulders Perched on Other Bouldersoral
NiuS.1786Dating and Morphological Characterization of Layered Ejecta Craters in the Candidate Landing Areas of China's First Mars Mission (Tianwen-1)poster
NodjoumiG.1316Deep Learning Object Detection for Mapping Cave Candidates on Mars: Building Up the Mars Global Cave Candidate Catalog (MGC^3)poster
Noe DobreaE. Z.1728The Laser Spectrometer for Ices and Mineralogyposter
Noe DobreaE. Z.2371Tools for Autonomous Rover Science: Preparing for Analog Field Exercisesposter
NoekerM.1574Accessing the Lunar Underground: The LAva-TUbe iNvestigAtion (LA-TUNA) Mission Conceptposter
NolanM. C.1860The Heterogeneous Population of Near-Earth Asteroids Revealed by the Arecibo Planetary Radaroral
NorthrupP. A.2480Tender Energy X-Ray Microspectroscopy Reveals Microscale Heterogeneity of P and S Chemistry in CM2 Chondriteposter
NowickiS. F.1702Ambient-Temperature Imaging Gamma-Ray Spectrometer (TIGRS) for High-Sensitivity Planetary Elemental Mappingposter
NuevoM.2160Preliminary XANES Analysis of Laboratory Analogs of Titan Tholinsposter
NunnC.1829The Lunar Geophysical Package (LGP): A "Suitcase Science" Approach to Building a Long-Lived, Human-Deployed, Lunar Networkposter
NussbaumerJ. W.2037Evidence for a Paleolake in Galaxias Chaos, NW Elysium Planitia, Marsposter
NypaverC. A.2324Prolonged Boulder Exhumation at the Rims of Kilometer-Scale Craters on the Lunar Mariaoral
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Last Name Initials Abstract Number Abstract Title Presentation Method
O'BrienA. C.2069Determining Origin of Organic Matter in Martian Samples Using Metabolomicsposter
O'BrienP.1652Surface Residence Times of Regolith on the Lunar Mariaoral
O'Connell-CooperC. D.2405APXS Geochemistry of the Fractured Intermediate Unit (fIU) — Its Relationship to Underlying Glen Torridon Units and Overlying Pediment Rocks at the Greenheugh Unconformityoral
O'ConnorR. A.1696Surface Minearlogic Mapping in Central Valles Marineris Using CRISM Multispectral Mapping Dataposter
OehlerD. Z.1353Focusing the Search for Organic Biosignatures on Marsoral
OettingA.2088Refinement of the Lunar Production Function — Preliminary Normalization of Dataposter
OglioreR. C.1697Acquisition and Online Display of High-Resolution Backscattered Electron and X-Ray Maps of Meteorite Sectionsposter
OglioreR. C.1919Candidate Cosmic Spherule from the November 2019 Saint Louis Bolideposter
OgsugiA.2184Thermal Properties of Boulders on C-Type Asteroid 162173 Ryugu Observed by Hayabusa2TIR During Low Altitude Operationsposter
OguraA. J.1729Elemental Analysis of Lunar Meteorites Using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopyposter
OhtakeM.1840Current Status of the Planned Lunar Polar Exploration Mission Jointly Studied by India and Japanoral
OkadaT.1449Thermal Infrared Imager Onboard Hera to Observe S-Type Binary Asteroid Didymosposter
OkawaH.1780Three-Dimensional Tracking of Various Sized Glass Beads Ejected from Impact Craterposter
OlginJ. O.2470Increasing Student Enrollment, Academic Curriculum, and Community Involvement in STEAM Careers and Awareness Centered in Planetary Science Through NASA's SOLVE Programs, Lunar and Planetary Institute's Augmented Reality, and Zooniverse's Citizen-Science Activities in Service Learningposter
OlsenK. G.2048Investigating Icequakes on Enceladus Using an Antarctic Analog: Application of Seismic and Machine-Learning Techniques to Characterize Tidally Induced Seismicity Along Icy Riftsposter
O'NealE. W.1065Characterization of Poikilitic Shergottite Parental Melts and What They Can Tell Us About Martian Magmatismposter
OnoH.1810Shock Metamorphism in a Quasi-Open System II: Melt Veins in Basalt at Shock Stage 2poster
OrmöJ.1965Influence of Target Heterogeneity on Crater Formation: Insight from Laboratory and Numerical Studiesoral
OrrK. J.2679Linear Deconvolution of Martian Meteorites Using Martian Mineralogyposter
Ortiz CeballosK. N.2582Constraints on the Water-Production Rates of Interstellar Comet 2I/Borisov from Arecibo Radio OH Observationsoral
O'SheaC. O.1028An Archive of Mars Science Laboratory ChemCam Passive Visible/Near-Infrared Surface Spectraposter
OsinskiG. R.1970Impact Earth — A 2021 Update on the Terrestrial Impact Recordposter
OstbergC. M.2580Differentiating Exo-Venus and Exo-Earth Using Transmission Spectroscopyoral
OstrowskiD. R.2424Acoustic Velocity and Mechanical Properties of Stony Meteoritesposter
OstwaldA. M.1132The Role of Assimilation and Fractional Crystallization in Evolved Martian Crustal Compositionsoral
OstwaldA. M.1079Parental Melts of Nakhlites and Chassignites Determined from Analysis of Melt Inclusionsposter
OveryR. D.2770Radioisotope Power for Scientific Explorationposter
OvsakO. S.1145Multimode Aerosol Mixture Parameters Recovering Method Based on Spectral Polarimetric Measurements of the Skyposter
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Last Name Initials Abstract Number Abstract Title Presentation Method
PabariJ. P.1430Detachment of Interplanetary Dust Particles from Asteroid Beltposter
PajolaM.1116Boulders on Asteroids Didymos and Dimorphos: Future DART-LICIACube Observationsposter
PálB.1864Global Deliquescence Possibility on Present Day Mars from Model Calculationsposter
PaladinoT.2689Can Explosive Volcanism Explain Hydrated Regolith Patterns on Mars?poster
PalmerE. E.2263Stereophotoclinometry Terrain Generation Supporting Autonomous OSIRIS-REx Touch-And-Go Sample Collectionposter
PalucisM. C.1918What Do You Call a Martian That (Still) Likes Stream Deposits? A Big Alluvial Fanoral
PandeyA.1753Analysis of Complex X-Ray Amorphous Phase Assemblages with Potential Applications as Martian Soil Simulantsposter
PangR. L.2417A New Occurrence of Phosphoran Olivine in Ungrouped Achondrite Northwest Africa 12319oral
PankineA.2574Reconciling Estimates of Endogenic Power Emitted from the Southern Polar Region of Enceladusposter
PankineA.1357Vertical Distribution of Water Vapor in the Martian Atmosphere Retrieved from MGS TES Day and Night Observationsposter
PanningM. P.1533Results from InSight's First Full Martian Yearoral
PanningM. P.1590Seismic Constraints on the Thickness and Structure of the Martian Crust from InSightposter
ParaiR.2665A Gas Extraction Manifold for the Apollo 17 73001 Core Sample Vacuum Containerposter
ParenteM.2736Characterizing Aqueous and Mafic Mineralogy at Gale Crater, Mars with New Hyperspectral Algorithmsposter
ParkerA. H.2454BORE-II Suborbital Demonstration of Microsatellite-Scale Magnetic Asteroid Regolith Sample Collection Systemposter
ParmanS. W.2477Assessing the Abundance of Super-Mercuries and Their Habitabilityoral
ParraS. A.2282Characterizing Spectral Diversity in Carbonaceous Chondrites and Linking Meteorites to Asteroids with Microimaging Spectroscopyoral
ParsonsR. A.2047Martian Moraines and Ice Flow Models: A Path to Constraining Amazonian Obliquity?poster
PascuzzoA. C.2721Development and Evolution of Exposed Icy Layers at Mars' North Pole Through Space and Timeoral
PasquonK.2487Observing Seasonal Ices on Gullied Slopes in Sisyphi Cavi with CaSSIS and HiRISEoral
PassoniL.1982A Single-Wheel Testbed for Regolith Science Studiesposter
PattersonG. W.2607Mini-RF X-Band Bistatic Observations of the Moonoral
PattonR. L.1199Lunar Reference Model Inferred from Gravity, Topography, and Seismicityposter
PatzerA.1866Evidence Against Chondrule-Matrix Complementarity as Seen in CO, CM, and CR Chondritesposter
PaulD.2312Compositional Variability of Mare Humorum and Insights into Diverse Geologic Units of Mare Volcanismposter
PauwL.2119Mapping and Investigation of Lunar Wrinkle Ridges in Mare Serenitatisposter
PayreV.1707Is Tridymite a Witness of Explosive Volcanism in Early Mars?oral
PayreV.1705Effects of Phosphorus on Martian Magma Genesis: An Experimental Studyposter
PedersenD. A. K.1198PIXL Multicolor Capability: False-Color Imaging and Iron-Bearing Mineral Detectionposter
PeñaA. B.2240Exploring Terra Sabaea Volcanic Terrain Using CRISM Mapping-Mode Dataposter
Peña-AsensioE.1692The Jerezthe Jerez De La Frontera (Spmn020121) Bolide: A -13 Magnitude Event with a Long Endurance Persistent Trail from the Comae Berenicids Meteor Showerposter
Peña-AsensioE.11742020 Ursid Meteor Shower Activity from Video Recordings and Forward-Scatter Echo Detectionsposter
PenasaL.18573D Geologic Model of the Shallow Subsurface of Chang'E 3 Landing Site (Sinus Iridum, Moon)poster
PengB.2036Modeling Carbon Outgassing from Anhydrous Planetesimalsoral
PernaD.1106ANIME: The "Asteroid Nodal Intersection Multiple Encounters" CubeSat Mission to Explore Near-Earth Asteroid Diversityposter
PerovN. I.1043Forecasting for the Hazardous Asteroids Appearanceposter
PerrierI. R.2562Preparing Future Engineers and Astronauts for Moon Exploration: EMMPOL EuroMoonMars Poland 2020 Campaignposter
PetersonG. A.2354Thermal Evolution of Mercury with a Volcanic Heat Pipe Fluxoral
PetroN. E.2381Compositional Variability and Basalt Stratigraphy of the Taurus-Littrow Valley Floor: Implications for Double Core Tube 73001/02oral
PhanV. T. H.2029Nano-Infrared Spectroscopy of Functional Carbon Groups in Extraterrestrial Kerogensposter
PhilippeM.2304Preferential Distribution of Ice-Wedge Polygons in Relation to Regolith Properties (Utopia Planitia, Mars)poster
PhillipsD.1709Shallow Surface Velocity at the Apollo 17 Landing Siteposter
PhillipsM. S.2510Convolutional Neural Network Image Classification of Mars-Analog Terrain: Preliminary Results and Implications for the Search for Life on Marsposter
PhippsP. H.1500Galactic Cosmic Ray Proton Radiation Dosage Near a Simple Lunar Craterposter
PiatekJ. L.2723All Conference Talks Need Captionsposter
PickersgillA. E.2139A Preliminary Simulation of the Hydrothermal System at the Boltysh Impact Structureoral
PickersgillA. E.2035Microtubules, Trichites, and Bioalteration in Impact Glassesposter
PietersC. M.1686New M-Cube Insights on the Character of the Mysterious Reiner Gamma Swirlsoral
PigueL. M.1568Spectral Analysis of Lunar Pyroclastic Deposits in the Montes Apenninus Regionoral
PigueL. M.2594A Tale of Two Mozarts: Investigation of Lunar Pyroclastic Deposits Near Lacus Mozartposter
PilorgetC.2016Albedo and Spectro-Photometric Properties of Ryugu from NIRS3/Hayabusa2, Implications for the Composition of Ryugu, and the Representativity of the Returned Samplesoral
PineauM.1898Near-Infrared Signature of Kaolinite: A Proxy for Estimating Its Crystallinity and Its Geological Origin on Earth and Marsoral
PinetP. C.1422Olivine Composition and Reflectance Spectroscopy Relationship Revisited from Advanced Mgm Deconvolution Bbased on Synthetic Samplesposter
PintoG. P.1371Size-Distribution of Nebular Components in CO3 Chondrites: Hits at a Heterogeneous Accretion Historyposter
PladoJ.2725Small Impact Crater-Like Features: The Tor Crater, Sweden, as a Reference Structure in Evaluating Alternative Causes of Formation in Non-Volcanic Settings on Earth and Marsposter
PlesaA. C.2130The Effects of Intrusive Magmatism on the Mechanical Lithosphere Thickness of Venusoral
PoehlerC. M.1915The Lunar South Pole: A Geologcial Map of the South Pole-Aitken Basin Regionposter
PoggialiV.2156Surface Clutter Simulations and Super Resolution Processing of the SELENE (Kaguya) Lunar Radar Sounder Dataposter
PolitteD. V.2396Pilot Data Analysis of PDS Geosciences Data in the Cloud with the Java CRISM Analysis Tool (JCAT)poster
PommierA.2226Investigating the Interior of Terrestrial Planets and Moons Using Electrical Laboratory Measurementsposter
PopescuM.2026Widely Distributed Exogenic Materials of Varying Compositions on Asteroid (101955) Bennuposter
PoppeA. R.1255Fractionation of Solar Wind Minor Ion Precipitation by the Lunar Paleo-Magnetosphereposter
PortS. T.1356Numerical Investigation of Mercury-Bearing Minerals to Address the Low Emissivity Anomaly on the Highlands of Venusposter
PoßekelJ.1347Ries Impact Structure (Germany) Long-Distance Cratering Effects: The Mandlberg Phenomenon Seen in Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)poster
PotinS. M.1542Simulated Observations of Small Bodies: The Effect of Shape and Topographyposter
PotinS. M.1544Laboratory Spectroscopy to Assess the Origin of the Martian Moonsposter
PotterR. W. K.1881Modeling the Formation of Simple Craters in Ice-Rich Polar Targets on the Moonposter
PouL.2202Tidal Dissipation in Binaries of Asteroid Pairsoral
PowellT. M.2410Modeling the Accumulation of Secondary Craters on Mars and the Moonoral
PozzobonR.1886Marius Hills Skylight Hazard Characterization as a Possible Landing Site for Lunar Subsurface Explorationposter
PraetA.1163Hydration State of Asteroid (162173) Ryugu's Surface Using Hayabusa2/NIRS3 Spectral Dataoral
PravdivtsevaO.2570Experimental Determination of the 129I/127I Ratio in the Early Solar Systemoral
PremP.1637Modeling the Polarization Properties of Icy Regolith Analogs at Optical and Radar Wavelengthsposter
PrettymanT. H.1249Elemental Constraints on Ceres' Hydrothermal Evolution: Regolith Modelsoral
PriceM. C.1328Shock Synthesis of Pre-Biotic Molecules III: Probing the Pressureposter
PrimmK. M.2385Seasonality and Surface Properties of Slope Streaks at Acheron Fossaeoral
PrinceB. S.2688Mid-IR Analysis of Laser Irradiated Carbonaceous Chondrite Simulantsposter
PrisselK. B.2149Disruption of Metal Melt Connectivity in a Partially Molten Silicate Matrixposter
ProvowA. W.2656Examining Weathering of Magnesite in an Arid Environment: Implications for Jezero Craterposter
PugachevaS. G.1411Clavius Crater Waterposter
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Last Name Initials Abstract Number Abstract Title Presentation Method
QianY.1306China's Chang'e-5 Landing Site: An Overviewposter
QianY.2492The Longest Sinuous Rille on the Moon (Rima Sharp) and Its Relationship to the Young Procellarum Mare Basalts: Implications for the Chang'e-5 Returned Samplesposter
QiaoL.1799Conceptual Lunar Missions to the Ina Lunar Irregular Mare Patch: Distinguishing Between Ancient and Modern Volcanism Modelsposter
QuHK.2146Synthesis and Spectra of a Group of Hydroxy Ferric Sulfates Relevant to Marsposter
QuHK.2166Laboratory Simulation of Venus Lightening for Atmospheric and Surficial Electrochemistry Reactionsposter
QuS. Y.1973Fe Mineralogy Controls on Generation Ratio of Chlorate/Perchlorate on the Martian Surfaceoral
Qualizza-McDonaldB. R.1630The Role of Basal Sliding in the Migration of Angular Block Terrain on Plutoposter
Quantin-NatafC.2034The Complex Exhumation History of Jezero Crater Floor Unitoral
QuickL. C.2637A Volume Flux Approach to Europa Cryolava Dome Formation and Implications for the Thermal Evolution of Crustal Fluid Reservoirsoral
QuickL. C.2653The Dragonfly Student and Early Career Investigator Program: Broadening Participation on Planetary Mission Teamsposter
QuinteroR. R.1921Ora Banda: Evidence for a Newly Discovered Impact Structure in Western Australiaposter
QuinteroR. R.1946Deformed Quartz from the First Drill Cores at the Ilkurlka Circular Geophysical Anomaly in Western Australia: A Possible Impact Structureposter
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Last Name Initials Abstract Number Abstract Title Presentation Method
RaducanS. D.1900Global Scale Deformations Caused by the DART Impact: Insights to the Collisional Evolution of Small Asteroidsoral
RaducanS. D.1908Benchmark and Validation Studies with SPH and iSALE, in the Context of the DART and Hera Missionsposter
RagusoM. C.2438Monitoring of CO2 Seasonal Variations at the Martian Polar Ice Caps Using SHARAD Dataoral
RajasekharR. P.2183Investigation of a Plausible Lobate Scarp Mapped in the Mare Fecunditatis Region Using Datasets of Terrain Mapping Camera (TMC-2) Onboard Chandrayaan-2 Mission Acquired at a Low Sun Angleposter
RajšićA.1830Numerical Simulations of the Apollo S-IVB Artificial Impacts on the Moonoral
RamkissoonN. K.1518Geochemical Energy Available to Microbes in Martian Impact Cratersposter
RammelkampK.1463Optimization of Clustering Analysis for Classification of ChemCam Data from Gale Crater, Marsposter
RamsleyK. R.1575The Motion of Ejecta Bboulders Entering Phobos Cratersposter
RangarajanV. G.2195Semi-Quantitative Identification of Colour Associated Gully Changes Through CaSSIS Band Ratios and Spectral Analysis Techniquesposter
RaniA.2353Synthesis of Chemical Provinces on Mars and Their Geologic Interpretationsoral
RapinW.1479First Insight on Depositional Environments Recorded in the "Clay-Sulfate" Transition at Gale Crateroral
RatcliffeA. L.1551Bacterial Survival Under the Extreme Physical and Chemical Conditions of Europa and the Ocean Worldsposter
RathbunJ. A.2090Active Volcanoes on Io: Results of Ground-Based Observations from IRTF 2017-2020oral
RathbunJ. A.2094Results of the 2020 Planetary Science Workforce Survey, Funded by the DPSposter
RaviS.2245Evidence for the Lunar Procellarum Basin: Insights from the Spatial Distribution of Floor-Fractured and Concentric Cratersoral
RayS.2652Correlated Iron and Silicon Isotope Compositions of Aubrites as Tracers of Differentiation Processesoral
RaychaudhuriD.1282Response of Shock-Deformed Zircons and Their Transformation to Reidite and Baddeleyite in Impactites from Dhala Impact Structure, Madhya Pradesh, Indiaposter
RecchuitiE. M.1299Mapping Hydrogen Variations in Silicate Glasses: Eruptive Lunar Degassingoral
RegbergA. B.2491A Method to Reduce Bioburden in Astromaterials Curation Facilities Without Introducing Unwanted Contaminationposter
ReidR. B.1293Assessment of the Effect of Bulk Composition on Basalt Weathering on Venus' Surfaceposter
ReissP.2333Diurnal Storage and Release of Lunar Subsurface Water in the Clavius Regionoral
ReitmeijerF. J. M.1620Experimental Confirmation of Deep Metastable Eutectic Vapor Condensation in Astronomical Environments and the Solar Nebulaposter
RenJ.2620Asteroid Thermal Evolution with Fragmentation and Reassembly into a Rubble Pileoral
RezesD.2439Possible Source Region of Northwest Africa (NWA) 13637 Lunar Regolith Breccia in Connection with Glass Spherules and Basaltic Clastsposter
RezzaC. A.2455The Transmissive Clays of Ganges Chasma: An Investigation into SHARAD Observations on a Phyllosilicate Rich Plateauposter
RieckK. D.2638Comparing SIMS Data for Solar Wind Na in Two Collectors Using Multiple Approachesposter
RiedoA.1940Detection of Biomarkers Using Compact and Sensitive Laser Ablation/Desorption Ionization Mass Spectrometryposter
RighterK.1071Metal-Silicate Partitioning of Re, Ru, Pt, Os, Ti, Nb, and Ta in Reduced Differentiated Planetary Bodiesoral
RighterK.1111Vanadium Valence in MgAl2O4 Spinels at Reducing Conditions (IW to IW-5)poster
Rivera-MuñizB.1372The Arecibo Observatory's STAR Academy: Achievements, Status, and Futureposter
Rivera-ValentínE. G.2104Arecibo S-Band Radar Characterization of the Mercurian North Polar Depositsoral
Rivera-ValentínE. G.2163Demographic Study of the Planetary Science Workforceposter
RivkinA. S.1945Hydrated Minerals on B-class Asteroidsoral
RizosJ. L.1099Bennu's Candidate Sample Sites and Global Surface Characterized by Spectral Clustering of OSIRIS-REx Imagesoral
RobbinsS. J.2066Fully Controlling Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Context Camera Images and Producing Photometrically Stable Mosaics (2021 Update)poster
RobertsonK. M.1972Laboratory Derived Mineral-Ice Mixtures with Applications to Chaos Terrain Formation on Europaposter
Rodd-RoutleyS. A.1923Optical Design and Breadboard of the Raman Spectrometer for MMX-RAXposter
RodionovaZh. F.1410Comparative Analysis of Morphological Features of Mercury Craters in Two Independent Cataloguesposter
RodriguezJ. A. P.2270The Devolatilized Landscapes of Mercury: New Insights and Major Uncertaintiesposter
Rodriguez-ManfrediJ. A.1506First Observations with MEDA: The Environmental and Meteorological Package for Mars 2020oral
RogersE. R.1745Understanding Equatorial Gully Erosion on Mars: A Case Study on Krupac Craterposter
RöhlenR.1854The Fate of Iron Cores Upon Impact of Differentiated Bodies into Magma Oceansposter
RollingA. R.1595Correlation of Particle Volume and Velocity of Fragments of Different Types of Meteorites During Disruption Eventsposter
RoqueC.1312Characterization of the Serra Pelada Meteorite by Raman: Implications for Planetary Formation and Hypotheses of Water Originposter
RosaevA. E.1554Some Interesting Cases of Close Asteroid Pairs Perturbed by Resonanceposter
RoseD.2568Length, Orientation, and Spacing of Linear Dunes in the Shangri La Sand Sea, Titanposter
RossA. J.2384Identification of Coexisting Ortho- and Clinopyroxene by Electron Backscatter Diffraction in Chemically Homogenous "Enstatite" Grains in Almahata Sitta Ureilitesposter
RossiA.1404Dynamics of Ejecta in the Didymos-Dimorphos Binary: Sensitivity to the System Parametersoral
RossiC.1924First Observation of Apollo Laser Retroreflectors with the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera and NASA's Moon Trek Softwareposter
RothschildL. J.2687Synthetic Biology, Astrobiology, and the Search for Life in the Universeoral
RoushT. L.1678The Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover (VIPER) Near Infrared Volatile Spectrometer Sys-tem (NIRVSS)poster
RousseauB.1431DAWN-VIR at Vesta and Ceres: A New Look in the Visible Through Global Maps of Spectral Parametersoral
RousseauB.1440DAWN-VIR at Vesta and Ceres: Wrap-Up of the Corrections for the Data of the Visible Channelposter
RoyleS. H.1454UV Photolysis of Humic Acids: Fractionation Between the Coma and Surface Composition of Cometsposter
RubanenkoL.1650Mapping Mars' Surface Winds from the Global Distribution of Barchan Dunes Employing Artificial Intelligenceposter
RubinA. E.1021IIE Irons: Early Accreted, Metal-Rich Ordinary Chondrites from a Partially Differentiated Asteroidposter
RubinoS.1444The NIR Spectral Variations of Ion Irradiated Phyllosilicates Depend on Observation Geometryposter
RuckerH. R.2370Habitability of Eridania Lake: An Ancient Mars Lacustrine Hydrothermal Vent, Compared to an Icelandic Analogue Fjord Siteoral
RudolphA.1502Diagenesis in the Glen Torridon Region of Gale Crater, Mars Using VNIR Spectral Data from Curiosity Roveroral
RuedasT.2237Impact-Atmosphere-Interior Interactions in Terrestrial Planets on Different Timescalesposter
RueschO.1464Experiment on Thermal Fatigue of Near-Earth Asteroids and Lunar Surfaces Using Representative Temperature Conditions and Samplesoral
RueschO.1052Composition and Size Dependent Abrasion of a Rock on the Moon Derived from Topographic Diffusion Modeling and Optical Observationsposter
Ruiz-BonillaS.2000The Effect of Pre-Impact Spin on the Moon-Forming Collisionposter
RujT.1334Boulder Tracks Within Finsen Crater: Evaluation of Triggersposter
RuncevskiT.1121Phase Diagrams of Planetary Ices Relevant to Titan: Acetonitrile and Benzeneposter
RunyonK. D.1683Abraded Pyroclastic Linear Paleodunes in Syria and Daedalia Plana, Marsposter
RussellA. T.2536Analysis of Radar Attenuation in the South Pole Layered Deposits of Mars with 3D Radar Imagingposter
RussellC. E.2702Interpreting Paleohydrology and Fluvial Dynamics of Martian Channels in the Aeolis Dorsa Regionoral
RussellS. R.1406An Evaluation of CI Carbonaceous Asteroid Regolith as a Plant Growth Medium for Space Crop Productionposter
RusticusY. J.2080Towards Deep Learning for Transiting Exoplanet Search Using Simulated TESS Dataoral
RuzickaA. M.2234Lunar Meteorite Northwest Africa 13531: Chip Off of a Different Kind of Blockposter
RyanC. H.2221Alteration-Associated Spatial Distribution of Organic Biosignatures in Mars-Analogue Volcanic Rocksoral
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Last Name Initials Abstract Number Abstract Title Presentation Method
SabbethL.2172Predicting Venus' Seismicity for Infrasound Detectionposter
SafonovaM.1346Interplanetary Exchange in the Solar System — Are We Really Biologically Isolated?oral
SaikiK.2303Development of Two Types of NIR Spectral Camera for Lunar Missions SLIM and LUPEXposter
SaikiaB. J.1853Organic Compounds in Mahadevpur H4/5 and Natun Balijan L4 Ordinary Chondrites by Raman Spectroscopyposter
SakataniN.1832Anomalously Porous and Dark Rocks on Asteroid (162173) Ryuguoral
SakimotoS. E. H.1626Deep Learning for an Inventory of Small to Midsize Volcanic Edifices on Marsposter
SalasI.1286Properties of Large Fragments from Comet 2P/Encke: Spectroscopic Analysisposter
SaleseF.1948Fluvial Siliciclastic Deposition on an Unvegetated Planet: The Izola Outcrop (Mars)oral
SallumS.2412SCALES: Instrument Overview and Expected Science Outcomesposter
SalvatoreM. R.2046The "Flashy" Hydrology of the McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica and Implications for Past and Present Martian Cryospheric Processesposter
SanchezJ. C.1324Canali W-SW of Salus Tessera and Link with Nabuzana Coronaposter
SánchezA.1115Photometric Monitoring of a 29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 1 Outburst in November 2020poster
SánchezD. P.1850Seismic Waves in the Asteroid Environment — Impactor Momentumoral
SanderH.2482Movement of Sorted Stone Circles on Svalbard, Norwayposter
Sandtorf-McDonaldJ. R.2623Nitrogen and Water Ice Mixtures: Spectral Analysis of Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Condensation with Possible Clathrationposter
SaninA. B.1966Updated LEND Hydrogen Mapping in the Lunar Southern Polar Regionposter
SasaiH. S.1773High Velocity Impact Experiments on Porous Ice Aggregates Simulating Cometary Nuclei Surface: Measurements of Post Shock Temperature around Impact Craterposter
SasakiS.2010Crack Orientations of Boulders on Ryugu: N-S Preference and Exfoliation Featureposter
SatheV. M.1916Geological Investigation of Northern Rim of Argyre Planitia, Mars Using High Resolution Datasetsoral
SatoH.1032Polar Color Mosaic Production from Kaguya MI Dataposter
SatoH.1031New Extended Range WAC TiO2 Map of the Moonposter
SatoM.1816Shock Remanence Intensity and Stability Structures of Single-Domain Titanomagnetite Bearing Basalt Sampleposter
SawickiJ. A.2775Unusual Achondrite-Like Find in Sooke Basin: Results of First Analysesposter
SaxenaN. R.2379Technical Concept of Energy Production at Lunar Poles by Means of Meshed Network Arrangements of Thermoelectric Generatorsposter
ScanlonK. E.1259Volcano-Ice Interactions at Pavonis Mons, Mars: New Insights from CTX and HiRISEposter
SchaeferE. I.2401Strong Variability in the Decameter-Scale Geometries of Lava Flow Marginsoral
SchaibleM. J.2748Interactions of Electrostatically Charged Dust Grains with Phospholipids: Production and Mobilization of Charged Grainsposter
ScheeresD. J.1706Janus: A NASA SIMPLEx Mission to Explore Two NEO Binary Asteroidsposter
SchellerE. L.1666Crustal Hydration of Ocean-Scale Volumes Controlled Martian Climate and Habitabilityposter
SchenkP.2228The Topography of Ganymede (and Callisto): Geology, Global Characteristics, and Future Explorationoral
SchildT.1888Development of a High Vacuum CSVC Penetration System for the Apollo Next-Generation Sample Analysis Programmeoral
SchmedemannN.2250Crater Distributions of the Galilean Satellitesposter
SchmedemannN.1290BepiColombo — Correction of MERTIS Geometryposter
SchmelingM.1262Removing Contamination from Genesis Sapphire Collectors by Polishingposter
SchmidtF.2660Cold Late Hesperian Climateoral
SchmidtG. W.2778Water Table Level Controls in Western Arabia Terra Recognized from the Characteristics of the ELDs within Becquerel Crater, Marsposter
SchmittH. H.2575Apollo 17 Deep Drill Core 70001/9: Large Impact Ages at Taurus-Littrow, Recorded Increase in Solar Luminance, and Implications for ANGSA Studiesoral
SchoolsJ.1257The Role of Melt Permeability in Linked Magmatic-Tectonic Corona Formation Modelsposter
SchorghoferN.1389Carbon Dioxide Cold Traps on the Moonoral
SchorghoferN.1391High-Resolution Thermal Environment of Recurring Slope Lineae at Palikir Crater, Marsposter
SchraderD. L.1058The Fe/S Ratio of Pyrrhotite Group Sulfides in Chondrites is Related to the Degree of Oxidationoral
Schreder-GomesS. I.1072Optical Recognition of 830 Million Year Old Microorganisms Trapped in Bedded Halite: Implications for Future Return Samples from Marsposter
SchuindtS.2021Microstructural Geochronology of Lunar Feldspathic Breccia Northwest Africa 10272: A Major Event at ~3.48 Ga in the Lunar Crust?poster
SchultzC. D.1611An Investigation of the Sub-mm-Scale Spectral Diversity of the ~3 µm OH/H2O Absorption Feature in CM2 Carbonaceous Chondritesposter
SchuringI. H. M.2092Martian Valley Formation Due to Basal Melting of Ice Sheets at High Obliquityposter
SchurmeierL. R.1785Explosive Gas Emission Craters on Earth: Possible Analog for Raised Rim Lakes on Titanoral
SchwarzW. H.1981Pb-Pb Ages of Chondritic Phosphatesposter
SchwingerS.2089Determination of the Bulk Silicate Moon FeO Content from Petrological and Geophysical Modelsoral
ScottE. R. D.1833Short Cosmic-Ray Exposure Ages of CI and CM Chondrites May Reflect Disintegration of Volatile-Rich Asteroids at Perihelionposter
ScudderN. A.2062Hydrated Silica Associated with Glacier-Like Forms on Marsoral
ScullyJ. E .C.1493Foreign Nationals Employed and Studying in Planetary Research in the United States, and Recommendations for Supporting this Groupposter
ScullyJ. E. C.1252Testing the Hypothesis that Curvilinear Gullies, Lobate Deposits, and Pitted Terrain on Vesta and Ceres Were Formed by Short-Lived, Debris-Flow-Like Processesoral
SeabrookJ. S.1248Building a High-Resolution Shape Model of Bennu from OSIRIS-REx Lidar Dataposter
SealesJ.2393Compositional Variations of Martian Primary Magmas Due to the Water Loss from the Martian Mantleoral
SealesJ.2014The Timing of Habitability for Earth- and Venus-Like Planets: The Role of Tectonic Cooling Efficiencyposter
Sefton-NashE.1947Team Mapping of Oxia Planum for the ExoMars 2022 Rover-Surface Platform Missionposter
SeguraA. J.2431Temporal and Spatial Variation of Hydrogen Content in the Martian Shallow Subsurfaceposter
SehlkeA.2658Natural Thermoluminescence of Lunar Samples: Review and Updateoral
SemprichJ.1059Rocky Core Meets Fluids — Modeling Metamorphic Phases on Icy Moonsoral
SenA.1538Latitude Dependence of Spectral Properties on Bennu: Relevance to Space Weatheringoral
SenguptaD.2766Depletion of Moderately Volatile Elements by Open-System Loss in Early Solar Nebulaoral
SenskeD. A.1266Mapping Europa at the Regional Scale: Insights from Conamara Chaos and Surrounding Regionsposter
SeoJ.-H.2680Was There a Meteorite Impact or Volcanic Eruption at the Onset of the Younger Dryas?poster
SeritanM. R. K.1811Modeling Thermal Demagnetization at the Lunar Swirl Reiner Gammaoral
SetoE. P.1738Astronaut-Drilling Simulation for Signs of Lifeposter
SevyJ. M.2655Yardangs in the Argentine Puna: Using Dedos and Cap Slopes to Understand Yardang Morphologyposter
ShafferS. J.2760Initial Small Crater Survey of the MER Spirit Rover Traverseposter
ShahiC. B.2153Cellular Array Neutron Detector for Lunar and Planetary Missionsposter
ShanerA. J.2597Developing an Evidence-Based Model for Preparing Planetary Scientists to Engage Underserved Audiencesposter
ShankarB.2602Engaging the Next Generation of the Canadian STEAM Workforce Using Space Science — Through a Pandemicposter
SharafO.1077Emirates Mars Mission (EMM) 2020 Overview and Statusoral
SharmaH.2326Variations in the Near-Infrared Spectra of the Enceladus Plumeoral
SharmaS.1655Palladium Isotopic Heterogeneity in the Solar Systemposter
SharmaS.2747Machine Learning for Generation of Biochemical Signaturesposter
ShaverE.1760Quantifying Erosion Rates on Mars Using Impact Crater Statisticsposter
ShearerC. K.1566Revisiting Apollo and Preparing for Artemis: A Perspective from the ANGSA Initiativeoral
ShearerC. K.1155The Evolution of the Lunar Crust I. A Multi-Perspective Approach to Understanding the OrigIn of FAN and Mg-Suite Lithologies at the Luna 20 Landing Siteposter
SheikhD.1279Geochemical Constraints on Potential UOC Chondrule Genesis by Hypervelocity Impact Vapor Plumes and Likely Precursor Sourcesoral
ShepardJ.1378Permanent Capture of Minimoons in Libration Point Orbits: A Case Study on Capturing Asteroid 2006 RH120 and 2020 CD3poster
ShepardM. K.2201Asteroid (16) Psyche: A Ferrovolcanic World?oral
SheppardR. Y.1560Presence of Clay Minerals Can Obscure Spectral Evidence of Mg Sulfates: Implications for Orbital Observations of Marsoral
ShiErbin.2151A γ-CaSO4 with Abnormal Stability from Atacama Desert and in a Martian Meteoriteposter
ShimS.-H.1208Mineral-Water Reaction at High Pressures — Implications for Uranus and Neptuneposter
ShinerJ. E.2554Virtual Reality Tools for Mars Exploration: MarsVRposter
ShirleyK. A.2622Investigating Lunar Silicic Volcanism at Lassell Massif Using Diviner Emissivity Spectral Propertiesposter
ShkolyarS.1717Detecting Shock Effects on Mars Using Mineral Spectroscopyposter
ShoemakerE. S.1507Investigating the Subsurface Northwest of Ascraeus Mons, Mars Using Radarposter
ShollenbergerQ. R.2316Titanium Isotope Systematics of Refractory Inclusions: Echoes of Molecular Cloud Heterogeneityoral
ShollenbergerQ. R.173354Fe Heterogeneity in Sequential Acid Leachates of Refractory Inclusionsposter
ShubhamS.2591Noctis Landing, Mars: Regions of Interest with Diversity of Hydrated Mineralsposter
ShumilovaT. G.1608Giant Kara Astrobleme: Present State and Future Frontiersposter
ShumilovaT. G.1134Diamond Fossils as an Important New Key for Astrobiologyposter
ShuplaC.2603Preparing Virtually for Virtual Programsposter
ShustermanM. L.2141Dielectric Breakdown Weathering: Morphological Effects of Electrical Breakdown in Laboratory-Irradiated San Carlos Olivineoral
SiebachK. L.1263Identifying Mineral Candidates in High-Resolution Geochemical Data with Application to PIXL on Mars 2020poster
SiljeströmS.1468Organic Phases in Nakhla Martian Meteorite as Mapped by Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (ToF-SIMS)poster
Sillitoe-KukasS.2292Elemental Evidence for Global Volcanogenic Input at the KPg Boundary Based on Results from El Kef, Tunisiaposter
SilvaD. C. A.2084Towards an Improved Morphometric Database of Valleys and Fans on Marsposter
SilvaG. G.2693Classification of the Tocache Meteorite, a Fall from Peruposter
SilvestroS.1442Change in the Wind and Climate at the ExoMars 2022 Landing Site in Oxia Planum (Mars)poster
SimC. K.1806Korea's First Scientific Instruments on the Lunar Surfaceposter
SimonA. A.1093OVIRS Visible to Near-IR Spectral Results at (101955) Bennuoral
SimonJ. I.1515Characterizing the Stratigraphy of the Nili Planum Region Outside Jezero Crater: Implications for Mars 2020 Strategic Planningoral
SimonK.2425Aerosol Capture and Compositional Profiling of Venus Atmosphere on a Descent Probeposter
SimonS. B.1562Exploring the South Massif of the Taurus-Littrow Valley (TLV) by Examining the Less Than 2mm Lithic Fragments in the 73001/73002 Double Drive Tubeoral
SimonS. B.1672The Evolution of the Lunar Crust II. A Multi-Perspective Approach to Understanding the Origin of Spinel-Bearing Lithologies at the Luna 20 Landing Siteposter
SingerlingS. A.1687TEM Studies of Presolar SiC Grains: Insights into Circumstellar Conditions and Implications for IR Spectroscopyoral
SinghV.2403Communication Tethers May Survive Shearing Across Ice Faults on Europaposter
SinhaP.2070The Mineralogy of Lithic Sediments Within the South Polar Layered Deposits of Marsoral
SinhaP.2682Decorrelation Stretches (DCS) of Visible Images as a Tool for Assessing Sediment Provenance on Earth and Marsposter
SironG.1639High Precision Al-Mg Chronology of Chondrules in Unequilibrated Ordinary Chondritesoral
SisolekarS.2298A Rheological, Mathematical, and Statistical Comparison of Lunar Rilles and Terrestrial Lava Tubesoral
SkjetneH. L.2052Chaos Terrains on Pluto, Europa, and Mars: Insights to Crustal Lithology and Structureoral
SkluteE. C.1258A New Open-Source Hapke Radiative Transfer Program for Determining Optical Constants and Anayzing Phase Behaviorposter
SkluteE. C.2659Raman Spectra of Amorphous Ferric Sulfate Reacted with Mars Regolith Analogues: A Compatible Technique to Assist in XRD Identificationposter
SlankR. A.2338Experimental Investigation of Deliquescence-Driven Liquid Brine Formation with Calcium Perchlorate in a Mars-Like Environmentoral
SmithI. B.2573CO2 Glaciers on the South Polar Layered Deposits of Marsoral
SmithJ. C.1801An Automated Bolide Detection Pipeline for GOES GLMposter
SmithR. J.1486X-Ray Amorphous Sulfates in Gale Crater, Marsoral
SmithR. L.2712Observations of Carbon Monoxide Variability in Massive Young Stellar Environments and Implications for Nebular Reservoirsoral
SmolkaA.2283Investigation of Transient Volatile Migration in Lunar Regolith for the Lunar Volatile Scoutposter
SmrčinováL.2286Nature of Magnetism Recorded in Utah Concretions — Relation to Mars?poster
SmrekarS. E.2211VERITAS (Venus Emissivity, Radio Science, In-SAR, Topography, and Spectroscopy): A Proposed Discovery Missionposter
SneadC. J.2495Small Particle Glovebox Experiments — Preliminary Resultsposter
SobronP.2505Exploring Deep Sea Hydrothermal Vents on Earth and Ocean Worldsposter
SobronP.2421Ultra Sensitive Raman Spectrometer for Planetary Sciencesposter
SolomonidouA.2633The Chemical Composition of Impact Craters on Titanposter
SonnettS.2705NEO Surveyor Cadence and Simulationsposter
SoriM. M.1011Does Triton's Ice Cap Reveal Its Internal Heat and Ocean?oral
SorokinE. M.1975Laser Experimental Modeling of the Formation of Nanophase Iron (np-Fe0)oral
SpaargarenR. J.2605The Compositional Range of Terrestrial Exoplanets in the Solar Neighborhoodoral
SpathisV.1623Shock Synthesis of Prebiotic Molecules: Preliminary Resultsposter
SpathisV.1625Shock Synthesis of Prebiotic Molecules II: Probing the Temperature of Creation Using Impact Flash Spectraposter
SpencerC. J.1235Granulate Titanite in Granitoid from the Rotes Kamm Crater — A Product of Regional Metamorphism, NOT Meteorite Impactposter
SpeyererE. J.2558Assessing Solar Illumination and Earth Visibility at the Lunar South Pole: Resource and Constraint for Future Explorationposter
SpiersE. M.2643Water Activity of Europa's Ocean: Temporal Variability and Implicationsoral
SpiersE. M.1598TIGER: JPL PSSS Architecture and Feasibility Study for a New Frontiers 5 Mission Concept to Enceladusposter
SpringJ.1131KRAKENS Underwater Drill System for the InVADER Project: Tech Demo for Ocean Worldsposter
SridharN.1095Constraints on the Ice Composition of Carbonaceous Chondritesposter
SrivastavaA.1084Are Sulfates the Viable Substrates for the Long-Term Preservation of Lipids?poster
SrivastavaP. K.1096An Evaluation of the Size of Ramgarh Crater, India: Clues from Satellite Gravity Dataposter
St. ClairM.2626Updates to the Chandrayaan-1 Moon Mineralogy Mapper Archiveposter
StabbinsR. B.1912Optimizing Exomars Pancam Multispectral Science: Investigating the Limits of Material Classificationposter
StaddonL. G.1875Microstructurally Constrained Geochronology of Baddeleyite Within Shergottites Northwest Africa (NWA) 7257, NWA 8679, and Zagamiposter
StadermannA. C.2661Apollo Sample 12032,366-18: Characterization and Experimental Investigation of a Chemically Evolved Lunar Basaltoral
StählerS. C.1545Seismic Detection of the Martian Core by InSightoral
StangaroneC.2079Calculated High Temperature Thermal-IR Spectra of Orthoenstatite: Theoretical Insights on Band Shifts and Temperatureposter
StcherbinineA.1423Evidence of an Additional North Polar Component in the Martian 3 Microns Water Band Observed by OMEGAposter
SteckloffJ. K.1036Titan's Bistable, Cyclical Climate: A Song of Slush and Photodestructionposter
SteffensB. S.1178The Search for n-Butane in Titan's Atmosphere Using IRTF/TEXES Dataposter
SteinT. C.2336PDS Analyst's Notebook for InSight Mars Landerposter
StelmachK. B.2685Adsorption of Tyrosine and Glutamic Acid to the Chiral (101) Face of Quartz: An XPS Studyposter
StephanK.1341Spectral Properties of H2O Ice Depending on Particle Sizes and Temperatures Expected on Ganymede and Callistoposter
StephanT.2358The Presolar Grain Database for Silicon Carbide — Grain Type Assignmentsposter
StephenN. R.1911Petrological Examination of Coarse-Grained Shergottites Northwest Africa 10761, Northwest Africa 11300, and Northwest Africa 12323; Combined Analytical Microscopy Using SEM-EDS and XFMposter
SternS. A.1180Some Implications for Both Life and Civilizations Regarding Interior Water Ocean Worldsposter
StevenC. J.1401Preliminary Results of Quantifying Oxygen Fugacity in Solar System Materials with X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy of Pyroxenesposter
StillmanD. E.1578RSL Geostatistics Show Slopes Above the Angle of Repose and Significant Enhancement After Mars Year 34 Dust Stormposter
Stockstill-CahillK. R.1978Ultraviolet Characterization of Fe-impregnated Silica Gels as Analogs for Lunar Space Weatheringoral
StokerC. R.2521A Drilling Mission to Search for Biosignatures of Life on Mars Simulated in Atacama Chileoral
StookeP. J.1013Chandrayaan-1 Moon Impact Probe: Impact Location Refinedposter
StorzJ.1995Carbon Isotope Analyses of Graphite in Enstatite Chondrites and Ureilitesposter
StraussB. E.2301Magnetic Domain Behavior and Interpretation in Apollo Samplesoral
StraussB. E.2306Nonbinary Systems: Gender-Inclusive Study Methods in Planetary Scienceposter
StromC. A.1597A Spectral Analysis of the Massalia Asteroid Family to Evaluate the L-Chondrite Source Hypothesisoral
StroudR. M.2745Elemental Composition and Functional Chemistry Variation at the Nanoscale in Insoluble Organic Matter from Carbonaceous Chondritesoral
SturrupC. S.2126Organics Detection in Acid Mine Drainage Sediments, with Implications for Organics Preservation in Iron-Rich Acid and Saline Environments on Marsposter
StyczinskiM. J.2728Recent Advances in Magnetic Induction from Asymmetric Ocean Worldsoral
SuX.115315597 Pigeonite Basalts: Evidence for a Wet Primitive Lunar Mantleoral
SuárezJ.1736Geomorphological Mapping of Sputnik Planitia and Its Surroundings, and How It`s Shaped by Pluto Internal and External Processesoral
SuárezJ.1177Hydric Evolution of Two Deltas in the Ismenius Cavus System, Marsposter A Web-Based Tool for Determination of VNIR Optical Constants from Multi-Grain-Size, Multi-Phase-Angle Powdered Mineral Spectraposter
SugitaS.1399Collisional and Thermal Evolution of Ryugu's Parent Body Inferred from Bright Bouldersoral
SukhanovaK. G.1831Trace Elements Mobility in Silicate Minerals of EOC Under Thermal Metamorphismposter
SunL.1789Multispectral Imaging and Hyperspectral Profile of the First Dissection of Core 73002oral
SunL.1796Mineralogy and Mg# of the Chang'E 5 Landing Regionposter
SundayC.1913Low-Velocity Collision Dynamics on Earth vs. Small-Bodiesoral
SundinM.1232Mars — Education of Ethics and Planetary Processesposter
SureshK.1397Triplet Camera Based Digital Elevation Model Generation of Lunar Surface from Chandrayaan-2 Terrain Mapping Camera-2 (TMC-2) Imagery — Quality Improvements and Resultsposter
SusorneyH. C. M.1438The Potential Role of Asteroid Class on Surface Slopes: Investigating the Effects of Density and Spin Periodoral
SvenssonM. J. O.2478Revisiting the Origin of the Ries Graded Suevite: Implications for Plume Fallback Preservationposter
SvetsovV. V.1007Causes of Formation of Charcoal Particles Found Under Ejecta from Small Impact Cratersposter
SweeneyD.2437Addressing Mars Atmospheric Science and Exploration Knowledge Gaps with Smallsat Radio Occultationsposter
SzaboP. S.1512Experimental Investigation of the Space Weathering of Phobos by Planetary Oxygen Ionsoral
SzurgotM. A.1108Mean Atomic Heat of Sariçiçek Howardite and Bursa L6 Chondriteposter
SzurgotM. A.1029On the Mean Grain Density of Pułtusk, Chelyabinsk, Murray, and Murchison Chondrites, and Mean Density of Their Poresposter
SzynkiewiczA.1366Review of Sulfate Sources in Antarctic Polar Environments — Geochemical Implications for Sulfate Origin on Marsposter
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Last Name Initials Abstract Number Abstract Title Presentation Method
TachibanaS.1289Hayabusa2 Reentry Capsule Retrieval and Sample Container Opening Operationsoral
TakaiY.2044Statistics of Small Craters Observed on Boulder Surface of Asteroid Ryuguposter
TakakiN.1432Surface Flows Mechanism on Asteroid Ryugu Inferred from the Azimuthal Direction of Wake-Like Features on Regolith Around Large Bouldersoral
TakenouchiA.1742Argon-Argon Chronology of Two Shocked Eucrites, Northwest Africa 1000 and Yamato 980433poster
TakirD.1364Large Low-Albedo Asteroids: Thermal and Dynamical Contextoral
TakirD.1386Three-Micron Spectroscopy of Phobos and Deimosposter
TalkingtonC. L.1342The Depletion of Craters Larger than 600-800 m in Diameter on the Walls of Lunar Complex Cratersoral
TallaD.1162Reflectance Spectra of Monohydrated Sulfates with Variable Mg and Fe Abundance, and Implications for Their Identification on Marsposter
TanbakoueiS.1456A Reflectance Spectra Link Between the CV-CK Chondrites Clan and the EOS Asteroid Family: Different Degrees of Space Weathering Experienced by Carbonaceous Chondrites Asteroidsposter
TanbakoueiS.1581Comparing the Reflectivity of Ungrouped Carbonaceous Chondrites with the Reflectivity of Ungrouped Carbonaceous Chondrites with Those of Short Period Comets Like 2P/Enckeposter
TangY.1795Analysis and Simulation of Boulder Mass Movement Sites on Asteroid Bennuoral
TarasashviliM. V.2545Growth of the Grapevines in the Controlled Greenhouse Environment and Prospects of the Space Agricultureposter
TarasashviliM. V.1094Manganese-Based Bacterial Methanogenesis in Simulated Martian Conditionsposter
TarnasJ. D.2251Origins of Carbonate-Bearing Rocks in Jezero Crateroral
TatsumiE.1338Rapid Space Weathering Process on Ryugu Inferred from the Artificial Crateroral
TavernierA.2253EuroMoonMars Atacama (ChileMoonMars): Prospect for the Installation of an Analogue Martian Base in the Arid Central Andes (Puna) and Development of Planetary Sciences in the Atacama Region (Chile)poster
TavernierA.2278Exokite, Design of an Aerial Decision-Support Platform in a Martian Inhabited Space Exploration Contextposter
TaylorP. A.2179The Legacy of Arecibo Observatory in Planetary Science and Beyondoral
TchernyiV. V.1355The Role of Diamagnetism of Ice Particles of Saturn's Protoplanetary Cloud to the Rings Originposter
TeboltM. A.1525Investigation of the Depositional Environment of Martian Sedimentary Fan Featuresposter
TeffetellerH.1635An Experimental Study of the Alteration of Basalt on the Surface of Venusoral
TerpstraJ. M.2476TESS Data and Ground-based Observationsposter
ThalerP.1277Temporal Trends in Planetary Mission Announcements of Opportunity and Proposal Evaluationsposter
TheilingB. P.2261Predicting the Seawater Chemistry of an Ocean World Using Machine Learning on Isotopic Measurements of CO2oral
ThesniyaP. M.2277Spectrochemical Characteristics of Chromium Spinels from the Sittampundi Anorthosite Complex, Southern India: Implications for Remote Identification of Lunar Spinelsposter
ThomasC. A.2753Constraining the Orbital Parameters of the Didymos-Dimorphos System: Lightcurve Observations in Preparation for AIDA/DARTposter
ThompsonL. M.2411APXS-Derived Compositions of Greenheugh Pediment Capping Rock and Immediately Underlying Murray Formation: Implicationsoral
ThompsonM. A.1313Leveraging Meteorite Outgassing Experiments to Improve Models of the Initial Atmospheres of Terrestrial Exoplanetsoral
ThompsonM. S.1496Understanding the Space Weathering of Mercury Through Laboratory Experimentsoral
ThomsonB. J.2489One of These Poles is Not Like the Other: Asymmetry in the Global Distribution of Lunar CPR Anomalous Cratersoral
ThorpeM. T.1519The Mineralogy and Sedimentary History of the Glen Torridon Region, Gale Crater, Marsoral
TianS. K.2188Laboratory Spectroscopic Characterization and Classification of Natural Kaolin-Group Mineralsposter
TianZ.2192Potassium Isotope Composition of Mars Reveals a Mechanism of Planetary Volatile Retentionoral
TinkerC. R.1756A Dust Deposition Chamber for Thermal Infrared Spectral Analysis of Coated Rocks in a Simulated Airless Body Environmentposter
TirschD.1193Spatial Trends in Mineral Abundances Across Tyrrhena Terra on Marsoral
TiscarenoM. S.2346Planetary Nomenclature and Indigenous Communitiesposter
TissotF. L. H.2641Evidence for the Survival of a P-Process Anomaly Carrier in Fine-Grained CAIs from Allendeoral
TkalcecB. J.1662SXRF Analysis of an Orgueil Fragment as Analog Material for Ryugu Samples Returned in the Hayabusa2 Missionposter
ToledoD.1845Aerosol Retrievals from MEDA RDSposter
ToliouA.2717Minimum Perihelion Distances and Dwell Times During the Dynamical Evolution of NEOsoral
TomasiI.2537Formation and Evolution Processes of Large-Size Lava Tubes as Planetary Analogues: The Example of La Corona Lava Tube System (Lanzarote, Spain)poster
TomlinsonT. C.1654Possible Origins of Dark Crater Ejecta on Europaposter
TorciviaM. A.2193Evidence for an Initial LREE-Depleted LMO from the Youngest Ferroan Anorthosite Suite Sample 62236poster
TornabeneH. A.1531New Insights to the Genetics, Formation, and Crystallization History of Group IC Iron Meteoritesoral
TornabeneL. L.2459Potential Detection of Exposed Martian Water Ice with Multispectral Images from the 2016 Exomars TGO Colour and Stereo Surface Imaging System (CaSSIS)poster
Torres-SantiagoN. J.2720Evolution of Terrestrial Habitabilityoral
ToyodaY. T.1903Experimental Study on Restitution Coefficients of Porous Ice Ball Simulating Saturn's Ring Particlesposter
TrainerM. G.1532Development of the Dragonfly Mass Spectrometer (DraMS) for Titanposter
TrangD.1698The Relationship Between Water Abundance and the Physical and Compositional Properties of Lunar Localized Pyroclastic Depositsposter
TrappitschR.2485Working with Solar System Elemental and Isotopic Abundances in Pythonposter
TreimanA. H.1200Possible Detection of a Jahnsite-Whiteite Group Phosphate Mineral by MSL CheMin in Glen Torridon, Gale Crater, Marsoral
TreimanA. H.1579Lunar 'KREEP' is Diverse and Localposter
Trigo-RodriguezJ. M.1384Meteorite Controlled Ablation Under Low Vacuum Studied Using Emission Spectroscopy: A Technique to Sample the Bulk Composition of Asteroidsoral
Trigo-RodriguezJ. M.1107Photometric Follow-Up of the Two Components of Comet 2018 F4 PANSTARRS After Breakupposter
TrinhK. T.2394Delayed Timing of Metal-Silicate Differentiation in Europaposter
TripathiP.1602Raman Spectroscopic Study of Terrestrial Geological Samples: Possible Analogs for Lunar Brecciaposter
Trisic PonceJ.1336Martian Lava Tubes as Potential Water- and Life-Bearing Colonial Habitatsposter
TrnkaM.1195Tektites Occurring In Situ and Impact Clastic Sediments on the Indochina Peninsulaposter
TrussellA.1558InSight Rock Size-Frequency Distributions on Marsposter
TuV.2053Mineralogic Assemblages in Don Juan Pond Sediments, Antarctica Dry Valleys: Implications for Cation Exchange on Marsposter
TuckerO. J.2363Global Transport Modeling of Impact Released Volatiles from Lunar Soilsposter
TunneyL. D.1644Distribution of Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Organic Compounds in the C2 Ungrouped Tarda Carbonaceous Chondriteposter
TurchiL.1118A System for Supporting Distributed Field Science Operations During Astronaut Training and Planetary Exploration: The Electronic FieldBookposter
TurchinskayaO. I.1667Titanium and Iron Probable Reserves in the Lunar Soilposter
TurchinskayaO. I.2442Analysis of the Terrain and Surface Slopes of the Potential Landing Area of the ExoMars Spacecraft Oxia Planumposter
TurnerA. R.2129Slip Directions in the A01 Deep Moonquake Nestposter
TurnerS. M. R.2440Modeling Water-Rock Reactions Beneath the Greenheugh Pediment, Gale Crater, Marsposter
TurnerS. M. R.2490Mineralogy of the Oxia Planum Catchment Area on Mars and Its Relevance to the ExoMars Rosalind Franklin Rover Missionposter
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Last Name Initials Abstract Number Abstract Title Presentation Method
U (Uu)K.1160Effects of Magma-Generation and Transport of Heat and Heat Producing Elements by Migrating Magma on the Thermal History of the Moonposter
UcarH.1648Identification of Possible Impact Glass in Ocean Sediment from South Atlanticposter
UdryA.1033The Plagioclase-Bearing Poikilitic Shergottite Northwest Africa 12241, a Not-So Shocked Martian Meteoriteoral
UdryA.1046What Have We Learned About the Interior and Surface of Mars from Martian Meteoritesposter
UlibarriZ. E.2732Measurement of Organic Molecules and D-H Ratios in Laboratory Mass-Spectra of Hypervelocity Dust Impacts into Iceposter
UmurhanO. M.2243Are the First Planetesimals Born in Turbulence?poster
UstinovaG. K.1310Analysis of the Solar Proton Effects in the Stubenberg and Jesenice Chondritesposter
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Last Name Initials Abstract Number Abstract Title Presentation Method
VacherL. G.2345Photochemical Processing by Nearby Stars Recorded in Sulfur Isotopes of Cosmic Symplectiteoral
VacherL. G.2528Hydrogen Isotopic Composition of Water in the Ungrouped Carbonaceous Chondrite Tagish Lakeposter
VaciZ.2378Northwest Africa 6698: Dioritic Partial Melt of the Ureilite Parent Bodyoral
ValantinasA.2731Colour and Multi-Angular Observations of Martian Slope Streaksposter
ValenciaS. N.2154Surface Composition and Mineralogy of the Apennine Bench Formationoral
ValencianoJ. L.2135Crystal Size Distributions of Ilmenite in Basalt Clasts from Apollo 17 Drive Tube 73002oral
ValencianoJ. L.1750Crystal Size Distributions of Ilmenite in Basalt Clasts from Luna 16poster
van der BogertC. H.2351Absolute Model Ages for Geological Units in Schrödinger Basin: Context for the 2024 PRISM CLPS Missionposter
Van GinnekenM.1925Chondrule-Like Material in Wild 2: A New Insight from Impact Experiments of Chondrule Fragments on Stardust Analogue Al Foilposter
VanBommelS. J.1688Simulated Performance of a MSL-Generation APXS in a Lunar Settingposter
VanceS. D.2552Addressing Mental Health in Planetary Scienceposter
Vander KaadenK. E.1087Landing on Mercury: A Geochemical Perspectiveposter
Vander KaadenK. E.1088Fostering Inclusive, Supportive, and Safe Environments in Planetary Science for Members of the LGBTQ+ Communityposter
VannierH.1727Investigating the Mineralogy and Origin of Irregular Mare Patches with Spectra from Moon Mineralogy Mapperoral
VaratharajanI.1359Surface Mineralogy of Major Geochemical Terranes of Mercury: Results from NIR (0.7-4.2 microns) Ground Based IRTF/SpeX Spectroscopyoral
VargasG.1374The Effects of Increasing the Amount of Time in Space Missions on Astronauts' Cognitive Functionsposter
VazD. A.1926Mapping of Meter-Scale Bedform Variability at Bagnold Dune Fieldposter
VelbelM. A.2373Dehydroxylation and Peak Temperature of Matrix in CM and Related Carbonaceous Chondritesposter
VelichkoS.2280Phase-Ratio and Phase Dependence of Albedo of Irregular Mare Patch Maskelyne Obtained from LROC NAC Dataposter
VenerandaM.1343Planetary Terrestrial Analogues Library (PTAL): A Novel Multi-Analytical Database to Support ExoMars and Mars2020 Missionsposter
VenerandaM.1344Combination of Remote Raman-LIBS Data: Novel Mineral Discrimination Strategies to Support SuperCam on Marsposter
VerasD.1012Limits on Small-Impact Crater Ejecta in Extrasolar Planetary Systemsposter
VerhagenC. M.2350Unraveling the Magnetic History of Peak Ring Granitoid Rocks from the Chicxulub Impact Structureposter
VermeulenN. M. J.2341Euro-Moon-Mars Astronautics Training Academyposter
VeryovkinI. V.2692RIMS with Laser Ablation Probes for Trace Elemental Analysis of Genesis Samples: Lessons Learned for Rb and Srposter
Vicente-RetortilloA.1419Diurnal Variations in Atmospheric Opacity at Gale Crater, Marsoral
VidmachenkoA. P.1100The Difference in the Visible Characteristics of Saturn's Disk at the 2010 Equinox from Previous Threeposter
VidmachenkoA. P.1101What Physical Parameters of Saturn's Cloud Layer at the 2010 Equinox Differ from Previous Three?poster
ViswanathanV.2651A Simulation Study for Extending Lunar Laser Ranging Scienceposter
VivianoC. E.1675Unique Basin-Related Alteration on Early Marsoral
ViziP. G.1311Simulated Mars Rover Competition — The Pandemia Challengeposter
VoecksG.1202Approaches for Extracting Volatiles from Regolith Using Electromagnetic Radiationposter
VoelkerM.1424Sinuous Channels on Amazonian Impact Ejecta — Indicators for Ground Ice?poster
VoelkerM.1427Melting Mountains on Mars? —Sheet Deposits in a Montane Environmentposter
VogtD. S.1439The VOILA Instrument: Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy at the Lunar South Poleposter
VolatM.1230MarsSI: Martian Surface Data Processing Serviceposter
VossP. R.1070How Much Dike Emplacement Occurs Beneath Radially Fractured Centers (RFCs) on Venus?poster
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Last Name Initials Abstract Number Abstract Title Presentation Method
WadhwaM.2515The NASA SMD Community of Practice for Education (SCoPE): A New Science Activation Program Integration Project to Connect SMEs with NASA SCIACTposter
WagnerN. L.2564Evaluating Magma Ascent at Pavonis Mons, Mars Using Stress from Flexureoral
WagnerR. V.2530Occurrence and Origin of Lunar Pits: Observations from a New Catalogoral
WagstaffK. L.1278The Mars Target Encyclopedia Now Includes Mars Pathfinder and Mars Phoenix Targetsposter
WakitaS.1173Methane-Saturated Crust May Prevent the Formation of Detectable Impact Craters on Titanoral
WaldronA.1196A Miniature Monolithic Spatial Heterodyne Spectrometer for Remote Raman and LIBS, 1D Raman Imaging, and In-Situ Raman Using a Drone Camera Detectorposter
WalkerR. J.1540182Hf-182W Dating of Iron Meteorites and Pallasites: Virtues and Vicesoral
WallaceS. M.2507Utility of Generative Approaches for Meteorite and Asteroid Classificationoral
WallerS. E.1129Hypervelocity Plume Sampling: Experimental Efforts and Astrobiology Implicationsposter
WaltematheM.2441Cultural and Educational Aspects of Space Explorationposter
WanS.1958Morphometry, Morphology, and Topography of Volcanic Cones in Marius Hill, the Moonoral
WangA.2112Phase Transformations in Salts Caused by the Impact of Energetic Electrons and the Relevance to Europaposter
WangH. Z.2185Energetic Neutral Atoms Distribution on the Lunar Surface and Its Relationship with Solar Wind Conditionposter
WangJ.1673Microbial Survival in an Extreme Martian Analog Ecosystem: Poás Volcano, Costa Ricaoral
WangJ.2479PSI HX: A new Series of Martian Soil Simulantsposter
WangJ.1394Recent Updates of the PDS Geosciences Node's Orbital Data Explorerposter
WarrenA. O.1253Degassing, Decarbonation, and Dehydration: Investigating the Likelihood of a Habitable Era on Venusoral
WarrenP. H.2262Caveat! Calibration Complexities for Reflectance Spectroscopy of Anorthositic Lunar Soilsposter
WarrenT.1890Investigating the Thermal Infrared Emission Phase Function of the Lunar Surface Using the Diviner Lunar Radiometerposter
WasilewskiB. J.2374The Medusae Fossae Formation, Mars: Finding the Former Extent of an Enigmatic Depositposter
WatkinsR. N.2158LROC NAC Photometry of the Apollo 16 Landing Site: Correlating Feldspathic Compositions Using Landing Site and Sample Dataoral
WatsonH. C.2599Freezing Point Experiments of NaCl Solutions Up to 70MPa: Implications for Icy Moons and Ocean Worldsposter
WattersW. A.2115Relating Thermal Inertia to Crater Shape Characteristics in Equatorial Marsoral
WebbS.2563Crystal Size Distribution of Plagioclase in Basalt Grains from Luna 16poster
WeberJ. M.1146Exploring the Reactivity of Metabolically Relevant Precursors Under Hydrothermal Analog Settingsoral
WeberR. C.1261The Artemis III Science Definition Team Reportoral
WeintraubA. R.2648Using Thermal Inertia and Short-Wave Infrared Spectroscopy to Characterize Lithified Bedforms on Marsoral
WeissB. P.2096Searching for Subsurface Oceans on the Moons of Uranus Using Magnetic Inductionoral
WeitzC. M.1484Observations of the Marker Bed at Gale Crater with Recommendations for Future Exploration by the Curiosity Roveroral
WeitzC. M.1596Aeolian Bedform Grain Properties at Gale Crater from Vera Rubin Ridge to the Sands of Forvieposter
WellerM. B.1555Punctuated Evolution of the Venusian Atmosphere from Mantle Outgassingoral
WeltenK. C.1821Cosmogenic Radionuclides in Four Paired Antarctic L/LL Chondrites Indicate Similar Cosmic-Ray Exposure Age as Chelyabinsk LL Chondriteposter
WengM. M.2738Life in the Dark: The Blue Dragon Flow as an Analog for the Martian Subsurfaceoral
WestphalA. J.1643High-Statistics Measurement of Oxidation State of Fe in the ISM Using XMM Observations of Cyg X-1poster
WhelleyN.2295NASA's Planetary Analogs Website: A New Science Communication Resourceposter
WhiteL. F.2124Accessory Mineral Chronology of Eucrites Reveals New Insights into the Formation, Evolution, and Bombardment of Vestaoral
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Last Name Initials Abstract Number Abstract Title Presentation Method
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Last Name Initials Abstract Number Abstract Title Presentation Method
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Last Name Initials Abstract Number Abstract Title Presentation Method
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ZuschneidW.2049HRSC on Mars Express — Recent Advances in the Processing of Quadrangle Image Mosaicsposter

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