Presentation Instructions

Specifications and Requirements

Duration: 15 minutes
File size: 1-2 GB
Accepted Formats: MP4 or M4V
Dimensions: aspect ratio 16:9
Saved file name: abstractnumber_lastname
Submission deadline: March 1
Submission form: vFairs Video Upload Form

You may use any program/platform to pre-record your presentation as long as the file you submit is an MP4 or M4V.


Create your PowerPoint file, as usual. To add narration, choose “Record Slide Show” in the Slide Show tab. When you’ve completed your narration, save your file. To export to an MP4, select File/Export/Create a Video/Create Video and Save.

Additional Resources:
Instructions for recording a PowerPoint presentation
Instructions for saving as an MP4 in PowerPoint


Create your Keynote file, as usual. To add narration, choose the “Record Slideshow” under the Play Menu. Click the red circle at the bottom of the window to start and stop your recording. Press the escape key to exit the presentation mode. When you’ve completed your narration, save your file. To export to an M4V, select File/Export/Movie and save.

Additional Resources:
Record Keynote presentations on Mac
Export Keynote to M4V


  1. Log into your account.
  2. Join audio (computer audio, phone, headset).
  3. Start your video.
  4. Share your screen with your presentation in presenter view.
  5. In the Meeting Control bar, select the 3 dots, “More” and click Record.
  6. Once you are done, click on “More” again and stop recording.
  7. End Meeting, and your recording will save to your computer or cloud.
  8. Review your recording.

Tips for Recording your Presentation

  • If you are using a webcam, be mindful of your surroundings. A backdrop or blank wall is the best possible background. LPSC 52 virtual backgrounds are available for download.
  • Be aware of your lighting — lighting can make your video look great or washed out. Light sources should come from in front of you or from your side to best light your face.
  • If available, use a headset as this will ensure that you are heard by the listeners. If no headset is available, try to stay close to the microphone on your webcam or phone.
  • Silence your device notifications.
  • Look directly at your webcam rather than your presentation.
  • Review your recording to ensure the audio is clear, your start and stop are prompt, and your animations are working properly.



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