LPSC In the News

Fontech (Slovakia), V útrobách Zeme je záhadné mimozemské teleso. Ovplyvňuje aj naše magnetické pole – čo spôsobuje záhadné anomálie? (April 15)

The American Scholar, Poetry in the Abstract: What happens when scientists write haiku? (April 15)

Grenzwissenschaft-Aktuell (Germany), Menvra: Krater auf Titan idealer Kandidat für Entstehung dortigen Lebens (April 14)

Česká astronomická společnost (Czech Republic), Voda z Marsu neunikla – je uložena v kůře (April 12)

APS Physics Research News, A Rockin’ Time for Space Missions (April 12)

Novye Izvestia (Russian), Российские ученые открывают тайны происхождения колец Сатурна (April 10)

Heidelberg24 (Germany), Reste eines außerirdischen Planeten könnten sich laut Forschern in der Erde befinden (April 9)

Discover Magazine, There Might Be Remnants of an Ancient Planet Buried Inside Earth? Yup (April 8)

Česká astronomická společnost (Czech Republic), Data ze sondy InSight odhalila velikost jádra planety Mars (April 8)

Northern Arizona University News, In the Student Spotlight: April 9, 2021 (April 8)

Olhar Digital (Brazil), Colonies on Mars? A volcano in Hawaii can help train humans (April 7)

PDS Geosciences Node, 52nd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (2021) (April 6)

NCYT/Amazings Noticias de al Ciencia y la Tecnologia (Spain), Océanos subterráneos, ¿vida oculta en mundos donde no debería existir? (April 6)

Scinexx (Germany), Reste eines Protoplaneten im Erdmantel? (April 6)

SyFy Wire, If We're Seeking Aliens, We Need to Look at Earth Through Their Eyes (April 5)

Kompas.com (Indonesia), Simulasi Hidup di Mars, Ilmuwan Tinggal di Lava Tube Gunung Api Hawaii (April 5)

Republic World (India), Earth Contains Buried Chunks Of Alien World ‘millions Of Times Larger Than Everest': Study (April 4)

Spaceflight Now, Perseverance rover’s zoomable camera checks out on Red Planet (April 4)

Behind the Black, InSight detects additional 3+ magnitude quakes on Mars (April 2)

Live Science, Lava tubes in Hawaii could be a dress rehearsal for Mars colonies (April 2)

Planetary Society, The Lunar Chronology: What Happens When Science Does Its Thing (April 1)

Tribuna (Brazil), NASA descobre o tamanho do núcleo de Marte (April 1)

Space News, OSIRIS-REx to make final close approach to asteroid before heading back to Earth (April 1)

SpaceRef, A New Type Of Ancient Crater Lake On Mars (April 1)

Corriere Nazionale (Italy), Acqua su Marte: può essere rimasta nei minerali (April 1)

Daily Galaxy, Very Strange Crater Lake on Mars – “No Evidence of the Source of the Water” (April 1)

Futurity, Ancient Crater Lake Bolsters Idea of Ice on Early Mars (March 31)

Somag News, The remnants that make up the Moon would be on Earth (March 31)

Universe Today, Maybe Mars Didn’t Lose its Water After All: It’s Still Trapped on the Planet (March 31)

Sky & Telescope, Bits of Theia Might be in Earth's Mantle (March 31)

Native News Post, Puzzling New Type of Ancient Crater Lake Discovered on Mars (March 31)

Florida News Times, Is it another planet hiding under the surface of the earth? (March 31)

National Geographic (Italy), Dove è finita l’acqua di Marte? (March 30)

Media Utama (Malaysia), Tabrak Bumi, Protoplanet Sisa Sembunyi di Mantel Bumi, Berbahayakah? (March 30)

Hayka OFFNews (Bulgaria), Огромни обеми материал в земната мантия може да са останки от протопланетата Тея (March 30)

Al Jeezera (Qatar), كوكب "ثيا" ترك تذكارا مدفونا في أعماق الأرض منذ 4.5 مليارات عام.. تعرف عليه (March 30)

News from Brown University, Researchers discover new type of ancient crater lake on Mars (March 30)

Asteroid News, A remnant of a protoplanet may be hiding inside Earth (March 30)

Men's Health, An Alien World Might Be Hiding Inside Earth, Study Says (March 30)

AAAS EurekAlert!, Researchers discover new type of ancient crater lake on Mars (March 30)

Latin Times, Is There An Alien World Buried Deep Within Earth? (March 30)

WeMartians podcast, Episode 96 - LPSC 2021 (March 30)

Centauri Dreams, Theia: Tracking Remnants of the ‘Big Whack’ (March 29)

Popular Mechanics, An Alien World Might Be Hiding Inside Earth, Study Says (March 29)

Observer, Scientists Locate Remains of Alien Planet Buried Deep Inside Earth (March 29)

Astroblogs (The Netherlands), Mogelijk zijn grote klodders materiaal in de aardmantel overblijfselen van protoplaneet Theia (March 29)

Daily Space, LPSC: Studying Microorganisms Trapped in Salt as Martian Analog (March 29)

EarthSky, Mars’ missing water might still be in its crust (March 29)

BBC Science Focus (England), Scientists have measured the core of Mars (and found something unexpected) (March 29)

CosmoQuest, LPSC: Lunar and Asteroid Samples (March 29)

Live Science, A remnant of a protoplanet may be hiding inside Earth (March 29)

CosmoQuest, LPSC: Studying Microorganisms Trapped in Salt as Martian Analog (March 29)

Dire (Italy), Che fine ha fatto l’acqua di Marte? (March 29)

HuffPost, Continent-Sized Remnants Of An Alien World May Be Buried Deep Within Earth (March 29)

MétéoMédia (France), L’eau des océans de Mars pourrait être piégée dans sa croûte (March 28)

CNN News18 (India), Remains of Planet That Struck Us and Created the Moon May Still Be Buried in Earth's Mantle (March 27)

Weather Network, Mars may have oceans of water trapped in its crust (March 26)

Esquire (Italy), Vicino al centro della Terra ci sono i resti di un mondo alieno, secondo un nuovo studio (March 26)

verietyinfo.com, The new theory suggests that large droplets of material in the Earth’s mantle are remnants of the planet Theo (March 26)

Phys.org, New theory suggests large blobs of material in Earth's mantle are remnants of protoplanet Theia (March 26)

Science, Remains of Moon-forming impact may lie deep in Earth (March 26)

Futurism, There Appears to be a Huge Chunk of an Ancient Planet Buried Inside Earth (March 25)

Live Science, Legacy of shattered alien-seeking Arecibo telescope will live on for millions of years (March 25)

Report Wire (India), Get prepared for the primary flight of NASA’s Mars helicopter (March 25)

Nauka (Ukraine), Вчені запропонували вивчити транзит Землі як аналога екзопланет із життям (March 25)

verietyinfo.com, Huge fragments of an amazing world can be buried deep in the earth! (March 25)

Houston Herald, Experts say interstellar object is cookie-shaped planet shard (March 25)

MSN, How to spot aliens? Look at Earth, scientists propose. (March 24)

Gizmodo, Where Are All the Aliens? Maybe Trapped in Underground Oceans (March 24)

Daily UK News (England), Mysterious blobs of dense rock could be remnants of the ancient planet Theia, study finds (March 24)

U.S. Sun, Rocky Horror: Mysterious blobs of rock beneath Earth’s surface may belong to an ALIEN planet, study claims (March 24)

UNILAD (England), Ancient Planet Could Be Buried Within Earth, Study Finds (March 24)

Arecibo Observatory, Education and Public Outreach Highlights (January – March 2021) (March 24)

Science Alert, Vast Fragments of an Alien World Could Be Buried Deep Within Earth Itself (March 24)

Daily Express (England), 'Alien' world could be trapped beneath Earth, scientists show (March 24)

MSN, Blobs of dense rock could be remnants of Theia, study finds (March 24)

Numerama (France), Des vestiges de l’impact ayant créé la Lune pourraient être enfouis au fond de la Terre (March 24)

New York Times, Why Oumuamua, the Interstellar Visitor, Looks Eerily Familiar (March 23)

New York Times, Get Ready for the First Flight of NASA’s Mars Helicopter (March 23)

Science, In a first, NASA’s helicopter will fly over Mars next month (March 23)

Scienze Notizie (Italy), Spazio: Ambiente ideale per forme di vita extraterrestri in un cratere di Titano (March 23)

Science, Remains of impact that created the Moon may lie deep within Earth (March 23)

SciTechDaily, Up to 99% of Mars’ Water May Still Be Trapped in Planet’s Crust – Not Lost to Space As Long Theorized (March 23)

Live Science, How to spot aliens? Look at Earth, scientists propose. (March 23)

Der Standard (Austria), Entstand im größten Krater des Eismonds Titan Leben? (March 23)

TNW (The Netherlands), Why haven’t we found extraterrestrial life? Maybe it’s hiding under layers of rock and ice (March 23)

EarthSky, Subsurface oceans on alien worlds better for life than Earth’s oceans? (March 23)

CNN News18 (India), Marsquakes Help NASA's InSight Lander Calculate the Magnitude of Red Planet's Molten Core (March 22)

Olhar Digital (Brazil), Marte é o segundo planeta do sistema solar a ter o núcleo medido por cientistas (March 22)

Daily Space, LPSC: Water on Mars Never Left After All (March 22)

Moon Monday, Moon Monday Issue #19 (March 22)

Space.com, Interstellar object 'Oumuamua is a pancake-shaped chunk of a Pluto-like planet (March 22)

Republic World (India), NASA's InSight Lander Measures Size Of Mars’ Molten Core With Help Of 'Marsquakes' (March 22)

Space.com, The mysterious core of Mars is on the large side, NASA's InSight lander data suggests (March 22)

Daily Space, LPSC: All the Planetary News You Can Handle (March 21)

Smithsonian Magazine, Mars’ Missing Water Might Be Hiding in Its Minerals (March 19)

New York Times, The Water on Mars Vanished. This Might Be Where It Went. (March 19)

Ta Nea (Greece), NASA: Μετρήθηκε για πρώτη φορά ο πυρήνας του Άρη (March 19)

Ziare.com (Romania), Vizitator misterios al sistemului solar: 'Oumuamua ar putea fi un fragment dintr-o lume asemanatoare lui Pluto (March 19)

National Geographic (France), Mais où est passée l'eau martienne ? (March 19)

Science News, ‘Oumuamua may be a chip knocked off an icy, Pluto-like exoplanet (March 19)

Phys.org, Data from Insight reveals size of Mars's core (March 19)

Science, Titan’s largest crater might be the perfect cradle for life (March 19)

KHQ (Spokane, Washington), Mad Minute Stories from Thursday, March 18th (March 19)

World Today News, According to new research, water from Mars is still below the surface (March 19)

Cosmos, Mars and Moon geology: Past, present and future (March 19)

Anchorage Daily News, Scientists say interstellar object is a cookie-shaped planet shard, not a comet or asteroid (March 18)

WGN Radio, Mystery space object may be cookie-shaped chunk from Pluto-like planet (March 18)

HuffPost, Solar System’s First Known Interstellar Visitor Likely A Cookie-Shaped Planet Shard (March 18)

Sydney Morning Herald (Australia), A cookie! First interstellar visitor is nothing like a cigar (March 18)

verietyinfo.com, On Mars – a huge amount of water can remain in space (March 18)

Sky & Telescope, Is an Ocean of Mars Water Trapped in the Planet's Crust? (March 18)

Medium, Is Life Hiding on Water Worlds? (March 18)

New York Post, New NASA study challenges beliefs about water on Mars (March 18)

New Scientist, Perseverance’s first month on Mars has yielded new sights and sounds (March 18)

Interesting Engineering, A Seismic Event Just Revealed the Inside of Mars (March 18)

Kerdos (Greece), Γιγαντιαίες ποσότητες νερού ίσως είναι «κλειδωμένες» στον Άρη (March 18)

National Geographic (The Netherlands), Nieuwe hypothese over ‘onvindbaar’ water op Mars (March 18)

Forbes, Mars Becomes The First Inner Planet After Earth To Have Its Core Measured (March 18)

Scientific American, Seismic ripples reveal size of Mars’s core (March 18)

Scientific American, Water on Mars May Be Trapped in the Planet's Crust, Not Lost to Space (March 18)

Scientific American, Perseverance Rover Settles in During First Month on Mars (March 18)

The Telegraph (Australia), Interstellar object is planet shard: Study (March 18)

Carnegie Institute for Science, Martian Meteorite Mineral Named After Carnegie’s Yingwei Fei (March 17)

Baltimore Sun, Solar system’s first known interstellar visitor is a cookie-shaped planet shard (March 17)

KPNX TV, ASU astronomers release new study on mysterious object in space (March 17)

Press Democrat, Interstellar object is cookie-shaped planet shard (March 17)

Beloit Daily News, Interstellar 'cookie' studied by experts (March 17)

SciTechDaily, New Science Indicates Mars’ Water Didn’t Escape to Space – It’s Trapped in the Red Planet’s Crust (March 17)

Nature, Mars’s core has been measured — and it’s surprisingly large (March 17)

Associated Press, No cigar: Interstellar object is cookie-shaped planet shard (March 17)

MSN, Water on Mars: Entire oceans could be 'locked up' in the Red Planet's crust, NASA says (March 17)

Daily Galaxy, “Lost to Space?” – Long-Held Theory About Mars’s Water Nixed (March 17)

Fox News, New NASA study challenges beliefs about water on Mars (March 17)

Gizmodo, Mars Is Hiding Its 'Lost' Water Beneath the Surface, New Research Suggests (March 17)

Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory News, A New Conceptual Mission Proposes to Study Earth Like an Exoplanet (March 17)

Phys.org, A pocket guide to Mars: Now you can buy an atlas for the Red Planet (March 17)

Grenzwissenschaft-Aktuell (Germany), Studie: Der Mars besitzt noch viel mehr Wasser als bislang gedacht (March 17)

Interesting Engineering, Worlds With Interior Oceans May Be More Hospitable Than Earth-Like Planets (March 17)

Media INAF (Italy), Marte potrebbe aver conservato la sua acqua (March 17)

National Geographic (Spain), ¿A dónde fue el agua líquida de Marte? Una nueva teoría propone nuevas pistas (March 17)

Voice of America, Scientists Determine New Cause of Missing Water on Mars (March 17)

Space.com, The Perseverance rover's 1st month on Mars has been super smooth, scientists say (March 17)

Europlanet Society, Press Release: A Pocket Guide to Mars (March 17)

Mirage News (Australia), What Happened to Mars’s Water? It is Still Trapped There (March 17)

Astrobiology Web, Worlds With Underground Oceans May Support and Conceal Life (March 16)

Southwest Research Institute, SwRI Researcher Theorizes Worlds with Underground Oceans May be More Conducive to Life than Worlds with Surface Oceans Like Earth (March 16)

AGU News, Interstellar Object ‘Oumuamua is Likely a Piece of a Pluto-like Planet (March 16)

Nature, A month on Mars: what NASA's Perseverance rover has found so far (March 16)

Republik (Argentina), El investigador piensa en mundos que albergan océanos subterráneos y esconden vida (March 16)

OstanniPodii.com (Ukraine), Теоретично, світи з підземними океанами можуть бути більш сприятливими для життя (March 16)

National Geographic, Where did Mars's liquid water go? A new theory holds fresh clues. (March 16)

Technoguide (France), Les mondes avec des océans souterrains peuvent être plus propices à la vie que les mondes avec des océans de surface comme la Terre (March 16)

Phys.org, Researcher theorizes worlds with underground oceans support, conceal life (March 16)

Daily Star (England), Asteroid 'barely moves' after being shot with high-speed bullet by baffled scientists (March 16)

verietyinfo.com, The researcher theorizes worlds with the support of underground oceans, hides life (March 16)

Leonard David's Inside Outer Space, Step Out in Style: New Moon Boot Design (March 16)

HLN (Belgium), Water op Mars verdween niet in ruimte maar werd opgezogen door bodem volgens nieuwe studie (March 16)

SINC (Spain), Gran parte del agua antigua de Marte quedó atrapada en su corteza, no fue al espacio (March 16)

Caltech News, What Happened to Mars's Water? It is Still Trapped There (March 16)

NASA Mars Exploration Program News, New Study Challenges Long-Held Theory of Fate of Mars' Water (March 16)

Science Daily, Worlds with underground oceans may be more conducive to life than worlds with surface oceans like Earth (March 16)

BBC News, Mars: Vast amount of water may be locked up on planet (March 16)

Science News, Most of Mars’ missing water may lurk in its crust (March 16)

New Scientist, Mars’s crust may have sucked up most of the planet’s water (March 16)

AAAS EurekAlert!, SwRI researcher theorizes worlds with underground oceans support, conceal life (March 16)

New Mexico Consortium News, Karen Rieck Presents at Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (March 15)

Leonard David's Inside Outer Space, Moon’s South Pole: Crowd Control Needed? (March 15)

Université Fédérale Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées (France), Un Banc d’Essai pour Rouller sur Phobos (March 15)

Moon Monday, Moon Monday Issue #18 (March 15)

Women in Planetary Science, LPSC Workforce Poster Session: Who We Are and Who We Can Be (March 15)

Night Sky Network, The 52nd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (LPSC) (March 15)

Spacepolicyonline.com, What's Happening in Space Policy March 14-20, 2021 (March 14)

U. S. Geological Survey (USGS), USGS Scientists present new research at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (March 12)

Museum Alliance, Live from the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference! (March 10)

University of Washington Astrobiology Department, Public Presentation at LPSC by Ken Williford on Mars 2020 Mission (March 9)

AstroSpace.it (Italy), SpaceX sta identificando i primi siti dove atterrare su Marte (March 2)

humanMars.net, SpaceX has downselected 7 potential Mars landing sites for Starship (March 2)

University of Maryland Astronomy Department, News from the Department (March 1)

Newswise, Farming on Asteroids: Science Future, not Science Fiction (February 23)

ICA Commission on Planetary Cartography, Geographic Pocket Atlas of Mars (February 19)

TecMundo (Brazil), Oumuamua pode ser um exótico iceberg espacial de nitrogênio (February 19)

Somag News, Oumuamua Could be an Exotic Space Nitrogen Iceberg (February 19)

Károly Eszterházy University News (Hungary), Kutatócsoportunk Eredményei a NASA Konferenciáján (February 18)

UND Today, Farming on Asteroids: Science Future, not Science Fiction (February 18)

Eger Hirek (Hungary), Holdraszállás: A NASA Bemutatja az Egri Eszterházy Károly Egyetem kutatásait (February 17)

Arizona State University Center for Meteorite Studies, 2021 Nininger Student Travel Award recipients announced (February 15)

Daily Mail, New Theory of Interstellar Visitor Oumuamua Says it is NOT an Alien Craft, but a Nitrogen Iceberg that Originated from a Pluto-like Exoplanet (February 10)

Forbes, New Theory Perfectly Explains ‘Oumuamua Naturally: It’s a Nitrogen Iceberg (February 10)

Lunar Enterprise Daily, Moon, Mars, And Worlds Beyond Considered At 52nd Lunar And Planetary Science Conference (LPSC) (February 1)

Spacepolicyonline.com, 52nd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (LPSC), Mar 15-19, 2021, virtual (July 12)

Astrobiology at NASA, 52nd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (LPSC 2021) (May 20)