Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Environment

What time zone is LPSC?
U.S. Central Daylight Time (CDT)

Where do I find the link?
Head to the Lounge for access to the link.

What time is available? is available Monday–Friday from 10:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m. CDT.

How do I view my schedule?
To view your personal schedule refresh the page, and it will update the "My Schedule" tab in the auditorium.

How do I view pre-recorded talks?
Visit the Auditorium, click on “Click Here for Oral Sessions,” and click on the “Pre-recorded Presentations” tabs. There are 2 tabs (Last Name A–K and Last Name L–Z).

How do I view oral session?
Visit the Auditorium, click on “Click Here for Oral Sessions,” click on the day, and scroll down to your desired session.

How do I join an oral session?
A “Join” button will appear in place of the countdown timer 2 minutes before the start of the session. Click “Join,” and you will enter the session.

How do I ask a question during a session?
There will be a Q&A box in each session. Session chairs will read the questions to the speakers during Q&A.

How do I view the posters?
Click on “iPoster Gallery” in the LPSC vFairs lobby.

How do I contact a poster presenter?
There are multiple ways to contact poster presenters. You can search the gallery for "presentations with chat" in order to see the time in which the author will be at their poster for a text-based chat. Likewise, posters that have live presentation will have an associated video-conference at the listed time. Outside those times, there is a "contact author" tab at the bottom of each iPoster so that you may send the author an email.

I have an iPoster. How do I present?
There are truly no set times for you to present your poster. You can interact with others via chat anytime you like.

Where can I find virtual backgrounds to use?

When will recordings of the sessions be available?
24 hours after the session has ended.

Where can I find the session recordings?
The recordings will be listed on the corresponding day and at the bottom of the page.

How long will LPSC 52 content be available for after the conference?
Recorded sessions, pre-recorded talks, and iPosters will be available for 30 days after the end of the conference.


Do I need to register to attend the 52nd LPSC virtual conference?
Yes, you will need to register to access the live and on-demand sessions, iPosters, exhibit booths, press conferences, and town hall events. One week before LPSC, a link to the virtual conference website will be posted on the LPSC Main Page.

Do I need to download or install any software to attend the virtual conference?
No, all you need is a standard web browser and a stable internet connection to access the virtual conference website.

Will there be a registration fee? Will there be a discounted fee for students?
The virtual conference will have a standard professional registration fee and a discounted student registration fee.

Why is there a registration fee for a virtual conference?
To provide an integrated approach to an all-virtual LPSC, a virtual event platform is necessary. Using the latest virtual technologies and capabilities, we can deliver an exceptional experience that will facilitate sharing your research, asking questions, and networking with colleagues. For the first time ever, you will have advanced access to pre-recorded sessions and archived access for up to 30 days post-LPSC.

What is your cancellation policy?
Requests for cancellation with a full refund will only be accepted through March 5, 2021. All cancellation requests must be submitted by clicking the cancel button under the action column in the registration section of the USRA Meeting Portal. Those who fail to attend and do not notify USRA prior to the March 5 deadline will forfeit their full fee.

Conference Program

When will the full conference program be available?
Authors can view their assigned method of presentation on the conference program page on January 29. The full conference program will be released on February 5, 2021. To be added to the mailing list to receive program information, submit an Indication of Interest form by January 31, 2021.

Is the iPoster format the only option for poster presenters?
All posters will be submitted through the iPoster format, which can include images and text and enables the use of video, audio files, and interactive communication tools.

Will there be a dedicated timeslot for the poster sessions?
Poster viewing hours are from 1:30–2:30 p.m. daily as indicated in the schedule. Although, attendees may browse the iPosters at any time of day. Attendees may contact poster presenters and ask questions and leave comments using the chat feature. iPosters will be available for viewing on March 8, 2021, until 30 days after the conference concludes.

Will everyone who requests an oral presentation be given one?
Even though there will be more sessions with the virtual format, the days will be shorter and therefore the number of presentations will not increase substantially from that of past years. There will be a limited number of live presentations (not pre-recorded) selected by the program committee during the week of the conference.

How will oral sessions be handled at the conference?
Those selected for oral presentations must be prepared to pre-record their full-length presentation and submit it by March 1. All pre-recorded oral presentations will be made available for viewing on March 8. During the live session, speakers will give a brief recap (2–3 minutes) of their pre-recorded presentation followed by a Q&A session. Instructions for pre-recorded presentations will be announced in February.

How can I ask speakers questions during the live oral sessions?
Each live oral session will have session chairs and support staff to monitor the Q&A. Attendees will comment and upvote the questions, and the hosts can determine which questions should be asked during the session. The speakers will do their best to answer as many questions as possible during the allotted time.

Will I have access to the sessions after the conference has concluded?
Registered LPSC attendees will have full access to the recorded sessions after the conference has concluded for up to 30 days.

Will there be networking opportunities for attendees?
The virtual conference has interaction and networking opportunities built right into the platform. First-time attendees should check out the Public and Scientist Engagement Events.