Abstract Submission Instructions

Abstract Deadline: January 5, 2021
(5:00 p.m. U.S. Central Standard Time, GMT -6)

The abstract submission form will open on November 17, 2020. More details about submission, including a list of topics, will be available at that time.

Use of Meteorite Names

All abstracts should follow the Best Practices for the Use of Meteorite Names in Publications (Heck et al, 2019). All meteorites that are cited in abstracts must have official names approved by the Nomenclature Committee. Authors can use the Meteoritical Bulletin Database to check the status of a meteorite name. Meteorite names must be approved by the Nomenclature Committee, not pending and not provisional names. New meteorites not yet approved by the Nomenclature Committee must be submitted by no later than December 3, 2020 in order to be considered in time for the abstract submission deadline. To submit a meteorite classification and name for approval, please contact the Editor of the Meteorite Bulletin at metbulleditor@gmail.com.

The full names of meteorites should be used in titles, subheadings, and at first mention in the text. Abbreviations, including those published in the Antarctic Meteorite Newsletter and the Meteoritical Bulletin, may be used in tables and elsewhere. Note that in the abbreviated form, there should be a space between the place name and the number. In addition, Antarctic meteorites recovered prior to 1981 may have an A after the blank space.

All meteorite names included in LPSC abstracts must be listed on the abstract submission form. Submitters are asked to carefully check the spelling and compliance of meteorite names within both their submitted abstract(s) and form(s). A representative of the Meteorite Nomenclature Committee will be reviewing the abstracts to make certain that all authors are in compliance with the rules stated above. The program committee reserves the right to reject any abstract found to be in violation of these rules.