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Blog, post, and tweet highlights of the 2020 LPSC using the official conference hashtag #LPSC2020. We are again inviting interested participants to apply to be one of our official conference microbloggers during the week of LPSC. We are looking for a good mix of participants to help provide extended social media coverage of the conference.

Microbloggers will be expected to use their social media platforms to report on anything and everything related to LPSC!

Microbloggers must register for the conference; only credentialed members of the press are allowed to register as working press. Microbloggers will receive a ribbon that attaches to their conference badge to identify them as an official LPSC microblogger.

Microblogger Guidelines —

  • Follow LPI on TwitterFacebookYouTube, and Instagram to like and share our posts.
  • Use the conference hashtag #LPSC2020 on all postings.
  • Engage with other #LPSC2020 posts.
  • Maintain professional courtesy in all postings associated with the conference hashtag.
  • Respect copyright and intellectual property right laws (i.e., do not capture an entire presentation on video and post it without the presenter’s explicit consent). Refer to the LPSC Media Policy for complete details.
  • Refrain from using photo, audio, and/or video recording devices in all oral sessions. Refer to the LPSC Photography Policy for complete details.

Invitation Only Events –

  • Microblogger Meet Up is a networking event held in Grogans Mill on Sunday, March 15 at 7:00 p.m. for all official LPSC microbloggers. Conference staff will be on hand to answer questions.
  • Live from the LPSC is a special opportunity to share exciting science from the LPSC on Thursday, March 19 with the public via a live webinar. Space is limited, so registration is required to participate as a panelist or to observe in person. Please fill out the survey to be considered as one of the panelists.

Selected microbloggers will receive detailed information on these events.


Official LPSC Microbloggers

Alexandra Ahern - Stony Brook University
Arshad Ali - Sultan Qaboos University
Jaclyn Clark - Arizona State University
Luke Daly - University of Glasgow
Camille Denton - Purdue University
Min Ding - Macau University of Science and Technology
Taylor Dorn - UCLA
Jordyn-Marie Dudley - Jacobs, JETS at NASA JSC
Noah Frere - University of Tennessee
Aleksandra Gawronska - Miami University
 Snapchat: Daimondori
Veronica Glass - Paris Observatory
Cesare Grava - Southwest Research Institute
Szilárd Gyalay - University of California, Santa Cruz
Martin Hajovsky
Thomas Harvey - University of Manchester
Lena Heffern - Arizona State University
Elisha Jhoti - UCLA
James Keane - California Institute of Technology
Megan Kelley - University of California Santa Cruz
Rachel Klima - Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
Marissa Lo - University of Manchester
Angela Marusiak - University of Maryland
Allison McGraw - The University of Arizona
Alyssa Mills - University of Alabama
Daniel Moriarty - NASA GSFC
Shyama Narendranath - ISRO
Jennifer Newman- University of Western Ontario
Jessica Noviello - Arizona State University
Lillian Ostrach - USGS Astrogeology Science Center
Valerie Payre - Rice University
Jennifer Piatek - Central Connecticut State University
Julie Rathbun - PSI
Edgard Rivera-Valentín - USRA/Lunar and Planetary Institute
Catheryn Ryan - Western University
Aimee Smith - The University of Manchester
Railyn Stokes - USGS Astrogeology Science Center
Stephanie Suarez - University of Houston
Gavin Tolometti - University of Western Ontario
Ankita Vashishtha - Indian Institute of Remote Sensing
Francis Walsh- Cosmic Obsession
Ryan Watkins - Planetary Science Institute
Paul Wren - Arizona State University
Xinting Yu - University of California Santa Cruz
Michael Zeilnhofer - Northern Arizona University