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Poster Session I: Special Session: Ryugu and Bennu: Compositions, Boulders, and Space Weathering
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Crack Orientations of Boulders on Ryugu: Thermally-Induced Origin?, S. Sasaki, S. Kanda, H. Kikuchi, T. Michikami, T. Morota, C. Honda, H. Miyamoto, R. Hemmi, S. Sugita, E. Tatsumi, M. Kanamaru, N. Sakatani, S. Watanabe, N. Namiki, P. Michel, M. Hirabayashi, N. Hirata, T. Nakamura, T. Noguchi, T. Hiroi, T. Irie, K. Matsumoto, S. Kameda, T. Kouyama, H. Suzuki, M. Yamada, R. Honda, Y. Cho, K. Yoshioka, M. Hayakawa, M. Matsuoka, R. Noguchi, H. Sawada, Y. Yokota, M. Yoshikawa [Abstract 1822], Poster Location: 15

Palaeothermometers for Post-Hydration Heating of CM Carbonaceous Chondrites, M. R. Lee, P. Lindgren, A. J. King, R. D. Hanna, C. Floyd, P. M. C. Martin [Abstract 1296], Poster Location: 23

Poster Session I: Special Session: Ryugu and Bennu: Topography and Sample Analyses
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Rotational State and Shapes of Ryugu and Bennu: Implications for Interior Structure and Strength, J. H. Roberts, O. S. Barnouin, G. A. Neumann, M. C. Nolan, M. E. Perry, R. T. Daly, C. L. Johnson, M. M. Al Asad, M. G. Daly, J. A. Seabrook, R. W. Gaskell, E. E. Palmer, J. R. Weirich, K. J. Walsh, D. J. Scheeres, J. W. McMahon, S. Watanabe, N. Hirata, Na. Hirata, S. Sugita, D. S. Lauretta [Abstract 1490], Poster Location: 29

Maximising Science Return from Ryugu Using Atom Probe Tomography, L. Daly, J. R. Darling, M. R. Lee, L. J. Hallis, J. Cairney, I. McCarrol, L. Yang, P. A. Bland, G. K. Benedix, L. V. Forman, W. D. A. Rickard, D. Fougerouse, S. Reddy, D. Saxey, P. A. J. Bagot [Abstract 1434], Poster Location: 55

Poster Session I: Special Session: Current Lunar Exploration: Chandrayaan 2 and Chang’E 4
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Digital Elevation Models of the Lunar Surface from Chandrayaan-2 Terrain Mapping Camera-2 (TMC-2) Imagery — Initial Results, Mr. Amitabh, K. Suresh, V. Kannan Iyer, P. Ajay, I Baharul, G. Ashutosh, S. Abdullah, V. Shweta, T. P. Srinivasan [Abstract 1127], Poster Location: 59

Poster Session I: Special Session: Scientific Exploration of the Lunar South Pole
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

The Flux of Impact Ejecta on the Lunar Surface from Scaling Considerations: Implications for Operational Hazards and Geomorphic Forcing, C. I. Fassett [Abstract 2013], Poster Location: 70

New High Resolution Polar Topographic Products from the Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter (LOLA), M. K. Barker, E. Mazarico, D. E. Smith, X. Sun, M. T. Zuber, G. A. Neumann, J. W. Head [Abstract 1730], Poster Location: 73

Chang’E 2 Microwave Radiometer Data in the Lunar Polar Region, F. Yang, Y. Xu, K. L. Chan, X. P. Zhang, G. P. Hu [Abstract 1715], Poster Location: 77

The Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover Payload, K. Ennico-Smith, A. Colaprete, R. Elphic, J. Captain, J. Quinn, K. Zachny [Abstract 2898], Poster Location: 82

Science from the Lunar Permanently Shadowed Regions, D. Hurley, P. Prem, A. Stickle, C. Hibbitts, A. Deutsch, A. Colaprete, R. Elphic, S. Li, P. Lucey, Y. Liu, S. Hosseini, K. D. Retherford, K. Zacny, J. Atkinson, M. Benna, W. Farrell, D. Needham, L. Gertsch, M. Delitsky, P. Hayne [Abstract 1559], Poster Location: 84

Improved Hydrogen Maps of the Lunar South Pole by the Lunar Polar Hydrogen Mapper (LunaH-Map) CubeSat Mission, C. Hardgrove, T. H. Prettyman, R. Starr, T. Colaprete, D. Drake, L. Heffern, LunaH-Map Team [Abstract 2711], Poster Location: 85

Poster Session I: Special Session: Antarctic Meteorites and Micrometeorites
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

The Complex Relationship Between Antarctic Meteorite Concentrations and Ice Velocity, J. W. Schutt, R. P. Harvey, C. Kelleher, J. M. Karner [Abstract 1508], Poster Location: 100

Poster Session I: Mars InSight: What's Shaking?
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Using InSight's Robotic Arm Motion to Examine the Martian Regolith's Response to Short Period Vibrations, A. E. Stott, C. Charalambous, J. B. McClean, T. Warren, A. Trebi-Ollennu, G. Lim, N. Teanby, R. Myhill, A. Horleston, S. Kedar, K. Hurst, N. Murdoch, P. Lognonné, S. Calcutt, W. T. Pike [Abstract 2082], Poster Location: 104

Finite-Discrete Element Modeling of Impact Experiments on Mars Regolith Proxies, M. Froment, E. Rougier, C. Larmat, Z. Lei, B. Euser, S. Kedar, J. E. Richardson, T. Kawamura, P. Lognonné [Abstract 2311], Poster Location: 107

Evidence for a Wet Martian Interior from Magnetic Sounding with the InSight Magnetometer, Y. Yu, P. J. Chi, C. T. Russell, M. Fillingim, W. Banerdt [Abstract 1209], Poster Location: 109

Poster Session I: Geodynamics of the Rocky Planets
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Scaling Laws for Stagnant Lid Convection with Buoyant and Negatively Buoyant Crustal Layers, K. P. Batra, B. J. Foley [Abstract 1107], Poster Location: 122

On the Effect of the Mg/Si Ratio on the Mantle Dynamics of the Massive Rocky Planets. Implications for the Habitability and Superhabitability of HZ-Super-Earths, P. Futó [Abstract 1021], Poster Location: 124

Poster Session I: Tectonics of the Rocky Planets
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Constructing a Preliminary Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis for the Moon, L. S. Schleicher, N. C. Schmerr, T. R. Watters, M. E. Banks, M. Bensi [Abstract 3064], Poster Location: 131

Imaging the Subsurface of Pit Craters, C. Magee, C. L. Kling, P. K. Byrne [Abstract 1824], Poster Location: 134

Evaluating the Loading History of Pavonis Mons, Mars Using Lithospheric Flexure, N. L. Wagner, P. B. James [Abstract 2802], Poster Location: 139

Poster Session I: Venus: Geology, Geophysics, and Geochemistry
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

High-Resolution Stereo Topography Re-Examination of Central Artemis, Venus, D. C. Nunes, S. E. Smrekar, N. Mueller, J. Stock, A. Davaille, S. Hensley, K. Cotton, K. Mitchell [Abstract 2734], Poster Location: 152

Low Radar Emissivity Signatures on Venus Tesserae: Classification and Mineralogical Trends, J. Brossier, M. S. Gilmore [Abstract 1026], Poster Location: 154

Selection and Preparation of Minerals for Testing Under Simulated Venusian Conditions in GEER, M. N. Nutt, M. G. Gilmore [Abstract 2488], Poster Location: 158

The Venus Life Equation, N. R. Izenberg, D. M. Gentry, D. J. Smith, M. S. Gilmore, D. Grinspoon, M. A. Bullock, P. J. Boston [Abstract 1512], Poster Location: 159

Poster Session I: Venus: Mission Concepts, Instruments, and Laboratory Facilities
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

DAVINCI+: Deep Atmosphere of Venus Investigation of Noble Gases, Chemistry, and Imaging Plus, J. B. Garvin, G. Arney, S. Getty, N. Johnson, W. Kiefer, R. Lorenz, M. Ravine, C. Malespin, C. Webster, B. Campbell, N. Izenberg, V. Cottini [Abstract 2599], Poster Location: 162

Poster Session I: Gale Crater: Geology and Stratigraphy
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Diversity of Float Rocks at Bressay on Vera Rubin Ridge, Gale Crater, Mars, R. M. E. Williams, M. C. Malin, K. S. Edgett, R. C. Wiens, R. A. Yingst, K. M. Stack, S. Gupta, E. Heydari, J. Bridges, V. Sautter, A. Cousin, O. Gasnault [Abstract 2305], Poster Location: 187

Progress on Iron Meteorite Detections by the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover, J. R. Johnson, P. Y. Meslin, J. F. Bell III, R. C. Wiens, S. Maurice, O. Gasnault, W. Rapin [Abstract 1136], Poster Location: 191

Poster Session I: Surface Water on Early Mars
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

The Geometry of the Tyras Vallis Fan: Using Stratigraphy to Study Depositional Environment, M. A. Tebolt, T. A. Goudge [Abstract 1606], Poster Location: 226

Secondary Erosion Modification of Cross Section Morphology in Martian Inverted Channels, M. Mirino, M. Balme, P. Fawdon, P. Grindrod [Abstract 1500], Poster Location: 228

Poster Session I: Red Rover, Red Lander, Send the Mars Robots Over: Geology of Current and Future Landing Sites
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Depositional Relationships Between Crater Floor Materials in Jezero Crater, Mars, L. Kah, E. Scheller, S. Eide, F. Meyen, S. Jacob, R. Spaulding, N. Miklusicak, K. Golder, K. Stack-Morgan [Abstract 1301], Poster Location: 242

Behavioral Characteristics of Dark-Toned Crater Floor Materials, Jezero Crater: Implications for Mode of Emplacement, K. Golder, N. Miklusicak, R. Spaulding, J. Atkins, B. Boring, T. Hicks, E. Shaver, L. Kah [Abstract 1302], Poster Location: 243

Large Fractures in Jezero Crater: Implications for Understanding Dark-Toned Crater Floor Materials, N. Miklusicak, J. Atkins, B. Boring, T. Hicks, E. Shaver, R. Spaulding, K. Golder, L. Kah [Abstract 1303], Poster Location: 244

Topographic Relationships of Exposed Bedrock Deposits: Implications for Understanding Crater Fill Units in Jezero Crater, T. Hicks, E. Shaver, B. Boring, R. Spaulding, N. Miklusicak, J. Atkins, L. Kah [Abstract 1304], Poster Location: 245

Traversability Study of Jezero Crater Using Comparative Orbital and Ground-Based Image Analysis of MER and MSL Rover Traverses, E. Harris, D J P. Martin [Abstract 2042], Poster Location: 247

The Nature of Remnant Mounds North of the ExoMars 2020 Landing Site, J. D. McNeil, M. R. Balme, P. Fawdon, A. L. Coe [Abstract 1948], Poster Location: 252

Study of the Rock Distribution on the Surface of ExoMars 2020 Oxia Planum Landing Site, I. A. Agapkin, O. I. Turchinskaya, A. A. Dmitrovskii, E. N. Slyuta [Abstract 2750], Poster Location: 253

Poster Session I: Mars Instruments and Methods
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

High Resolution Digital Elevation Model Errors Propagation on Computed Slopes, C. Millot, C. Quantin-Nataf, C. Leyrat, M. Volat [Abstract 1475], Poster Location: 261

Poster Session I: Mars Polar Regions
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Building a CTX-Based Digital Terrain Model Mosaic of the South Pole of Mars: Point Cloud Alignment, D. P. Mayer [Abstract 1159], Poster Location: 273

Poster Session I: ANGSA Special Lunar Samples: Geologic Context and Preparing for Future Sample Return
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Petrology of Surface Soils from the Landslide Deposit at Taurus-Littrow: A Link to the ANGSA Double Drive Tube 73001/73002, S. B. Simon, B. L. Jolliff, C. K. Shearer, J. J. Papike, ANGSA Science Team [Abstract 1203], Poster Location: 290

Apollo 17 Station 3 Samples: What to Expect Among Lithologic Components in ANGSA Double Drive Tube 73001 and 73002, B. L. Jolliff, K. Wang, R. L. Korotev, S. B. Simon, J. J. Papike, C. K. Shearer [Abstract 1970], Poster Location: 291

Storage, Processing, and Preparation Methods for China’s Returned Lunar Samples, G. L. Zhang, C. L. Li, D. W. Liu, B. Liu, Q. Zhou, F. Gao, H. B. Zhang, D. Q. Kong, X. Ren [Abstract 1394], Poster Location: 297

Poster Session I: Lunar Magmatism: Evolution of the Mantle and Crust
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Magma Dynamics on the Moon: A Computed Tomography Investigation of Apollo Basalt Vesicularity, A. J. Gawronska, C. L. McLeod, E. H. Blumenfeld, R. Hanna, R. A. Zeigler [Abstract 1245], Poster Location: 301

Different Types of Spinel Symplectites in Lunar Dunite 72415 and 72417, K. K. Bhanot, H. Downes, N. Almeida, C. M. Petrone, E. Humphreys-Williams, B. Clark [Abstract 1140], Poster Location: 304

The Influence of Variable TIO2 Contents and Oxygen Fugacity on the Temperatures and Depths of Melt Generation of Lunar High-Ti Ultramafic Glasses, M. E. Guenther, S. M. Brown, T. L. Grove [Abstract 2901], Poster Location: 306

Magmatic Evolution Model for the Host Magma of Rocks in Procellarum KREEP Terrane, S. Togashi [Abstract 1094], Poster Location: 308

Understanding the Crystallization Histories of Martian and Lunar Meteorites, S. Webb, M. Borden, C. R. Neal, J. M. D. Day [Abstract 2062], Poster Location: 313

Mineralogical and Petrological Analysis of Lunar Mare Gabbro Meteorite Swayyah 001, E. B. Shi, P. K. Carpenter, B. L. Jolliff, J. Jian, A. Wang, J. H. Tepper, A. J. Irving, D. C. Burney, C. R. Neal [Abstract 2923], Poster Location: 314

Streamlining the Crystal Size Distribution Method to Maximize Science Return, H. C. O'Brien, A. M. McDonald, C. R. Neal [Abstract 2044], Poster Location: 315

Quantitative Textural Analysis of Olivine In Apollo 15 Olivine-Normative Mare Basalts, Z. Q. Xue, C. R. Neal, L. Xiao [Abstract 1745], Poster Location: 316

Cooling Regimes of Apollo 11 High-Ti Basalts — Insights from Quantitative Textural Analysis of Ilmenite and Plagioclase, Z. Q. Xue, D. Welsh, C. R. Neal, L. Xiao [Abstract 2964], Poster Location: 317

Examination of Negative Effects on Data Quality and Proposed Quality Assurance Measures for Crystal Size Distribution Analyses, S. Webb, C. R. Neal, J. M. D. Day [Abstract 2054], Poster Location: 318

Trace-Element and Textural Evidence for Lunar, Not Terrestrial, Origin of the Minigranite in Apollo Sample 14321, P. H. Warren, A. E. Rubin [Abstract 1315], Poster Location: 320

A Revised Shock History for the Youngest Unbrecciated Lunar Basalt — Northwest Africa 032, T. Mijajlovic, X. Xue, E. L. Walton [Abstract 1554], Poster Location: 321

Clast Size Distributions for Lunar Ferroan Anorthosite 60025 Provide Possible Explanation for Age Disparities, J. H. C. De Oliveira, M. A. Torcivia, C. R. Neal [Abstract 1673], Poster Location: 322

Poster Session I: Lunar Highlands: From Formation to Meteorite Sampling
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Did Volatile Loss Play a Role in the Restricted Anorthite Content of the Ferroan Anorthosite Suite?, M. A. Torcivia, D. Burney, C. R. Neal, K. Cronberger [Abstract 1243], Poster Location: 324

Characterizing the Components in Two Ferroan Anorthosite Clasts Within Sample 60016, M. A. Torcivia, C. R. Neal [Abstract 1468], Poster Location: 325

Analysis of Highland Material in Apollo 17 Sample 73263: Implications for Future Discoveries, J. L. Valenciano, C. R. Neal [Abstract 1722], Poster Location: 326

More Meteorites, More Insights! Five New Lunar Basaltic Meteorites from the Dominion Range, C. L. McLeod, B. Shaulis, J. T. Brum, A. J. Gawronska [Abstract 2634], Poster Location: 329

Investigating the History of Allan Hills (ALHA) 81005: What a Meteorite's Components Can Tell Us About It's Past, J. T. Brum, C. L. McLeod, B. Shaulis, M. Duley, M. Loocke [Abstract 2919], Poster Location: 337

Poster Session I: Differentiation of the HED Parent Asteroid
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

4.137 Ga Metamorphic Age for Polymict Eucrite LEW 85300, A. P. Robertson, M. Righter, T. J. Lapen [Abstract 2836], Poster Location: 342

Petrologic Characterization and U-Th-Pb Chronology of Ca-Phosphate in Noritic Diogenite Northwest Africa 10666, C. Martinez, T. J. Lapen, M. Righter, A. J. Irving [Abstract 2710], Poster Location: 343

Plagioclase Compositions of Eucrites and Eucrite-Type Achondrites, D. W. Mittlefehldt [Abstract 2595], Poster Location: 345

Documenting Antarctic Alteration of Eucrites, D. W. Mittlefehldt, A. A. Turner, L. Le [Abstract 2242], Poster Location: 346

Chemical and Thermodynamic Constraints on the Thermal Evolution of Eucrites, J. S. Gorce, D. W. Mittlefehldt, J. I. Simon [Abstract 2499], Poster Location: 347

Identification of Anomalous Eucrites and Diogenites by Multivariable Discriminant Analysis, Z. X. Peng, D. W. Mittlefehldt, D. K. Ross [Abstract 1084], Poster Location: 350

Poster Session I: Differentiation of the Ureilite, Angrite, and Other Primitive Achondrite Parent Asteroids
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Northwest Africa 12774 — A New Basaltic/Quenched Angrite, V. H. Hoffmann, K. Wimmer, T. Mikouchi, M. Kaliwoda, R. Hochleitner, M. Funaki, M. Torii, M. Jost [Abstract 2323], Poster Location: 362

Poster Session I: Presolar, Cometary, and Interplanetary Dust
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Presolar Grains Condensed in Wolf-Rayet Stars, A. Gupta, S. Sahijpal [Abstract 1797], Poster Location: 366

Origins of O-Anomalous Stardust Using New Nova and Supernova Modeling, M. Bose, S. Starrfield, P. A. Young, G. Vance, J. Schulte [Abstract 1117], Poster Location: 368

Behavior of Dust in an Inductively-Heated Plasma Jet with Application to Planetary Science, J. Schmidt, A. Carballido, R. Laufer, G. Herdrich, T. W. Hyde [Abstract 1839], Poster Location: 384

Microgravity Nucleation of Iron and Magnesium Silicates, J. A. Nuth III, Y. Kimura, Y. Inatomi, F. T. Ferguson [Abstract 2289], Poster Location: 385

Nanoscale Dust Production at 1 AU; Identification and Tracking with 12 Spacecraft, H. R. Lai, Y. D. Jia, M. Connors, C. T. Russell [Abstract 1199], Poster Location: 386

STEM and STXM-XANES Analysis of FIB Sections of Ultracarbonaceous Antarctic Micrometeorites (UCAMMs), B. Guérin, C. Engrand, C. Le Guillou, H. Leroux, J. Duprat, E. Dartois, S. Bernard, K. Benzerara, J. Rojas, M. Godard, L. Delauche, D. Troadec [Abstract 2117], Poster Location: 387

Isotopic Analyses of Ion Irradiation-Induced Organic Residues, Clues on the Formation of Organics from UCAMMs, J. Rojas, J. Duprat, E. Dartois, T-D. Wu, C. Engrand, B. Augé, J. Mathurin, B. Guérin, J-L. Guerquin-Kern, Ph. Boduch, H. Rothard [Abstract 1630], Poster Location: 389

Poster Session I: Genesis
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Laser Surface Cleaning as a Novel Cleaning Approach for Genesis Solar Wind Collectors, M. Schmeling, I. V. Veryovkin, C. E. Tripa [Abstract 2245], Poster Location: 391

Genesis Mission Bulk Metallic Glass Solar Wind Collector: Characterization of Return Samples Available for Re-Allocation, C. P. Gonzalez, K. K. Allums, J. H. Allton, R. Harrington, L. Le, K. Thomas-Keprta [Abstract 2216], Poster Location: 393

Trace Elemental Analysis of Genesis Samples: Progress in Developing RIMS with Laser Ablation Probe, I. V. Veryovkin, C. E. Tripa, J. M. Gross, L. Hanley, A. J. G. Jurewicz, D. S. Burnett [Abstract 2776], Poster Location: 396

Poster Session I: Protoplanetary Disk Evolution
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Crystallization of Ferromagnesian Amorphous Silicate Nanoparticles with Olivine-like Stoichiometry Synthesized with Thermal Plasma Method, R. Sakurai, K. Kobayashi, D. Yamamoto, S. Tachibana [Abstract 2844], Poster Location: 406

Poster Session I: Chondrites and Their Components I
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Capturing an Evolving Nebular Environment: A Petrographic and Geochemical Study of a Type A, B, and C CAI, M. B. Comins, P. Mane, J. I. Simon, R. M. G. Armytage, D. K. Ross, T. M. Erickson [Abstract 1612], Poster Location: 412

Petrological Peculiarities of Carbonaceous Chondrite Northwest Africa 12590, L I. Glazovskaya, P Yu. Plechov, V D. Shcherbakov, K A. Konovalova [Abstract 1090], Poster Location: 417

Experimental Study of Perovskite Evaporation from Knudsen Cell, S. I. Shornikov, O. I. Yakovlev, M. A. Ivanova, M. S. Minaeva [Abstract 1029], Poster Location: 418

Poster Session I: Planetary Volcanism: The Mars Fire Rises
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Searching for the Hidden Vent Locations for the Lava Flows Southwest of Arsia Mons, I. T. W. Flynn, M. S. Ramsey [Abstract 1676], Poster Location: 444

Dynamics of Emplacement of Lava Flows on Elysium Mons, Mars, E. Harris, L. Wilson, M. O. Chevrel [Abstract 1387], Poster Location: 448

Investigation of Magmatic Activities on Early Mars Using Igneous Mineral Chemistry in Gale Crater, Mars, V. Payre, K. L. Siebach, R. Dasgupta, A. Udry, E. B. Rampe, S. M. Morrison [Abstract 2822], Poster Location: 449

Basaltic Plinian Eruptions on Mars: Updated Models of Co-Erupted Tephra, H2O, SO2, S2, H2S, and Precipitation of H2SO4, L. Wilson, J. W. Head [Abstract 1391], Poster Location: 451

Poster Session I: Planetary Volcanism: The Fieldwork, Remote Sensing, and Laboratory Fire Rises
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Sinuous Rille Source Depression Morphology as an Indicator of Lunar Volcanic Eruption Conditions, L. Wilson, J. W. Head [Abstract 1390], Poster Location: 462

Modelling the Ascent and Eruption of Picritic Lunar Magmas, M. Lo, G. La Spina, M. Burton, K. H. Joy, M. Polacci [Abstract 1044], Poster Location: 468

Lava Coils on Mars: Modeling Using Wax Analog Experiments, C. J. Renner, S. K. Nawotniak, C. Bottenberg, B. Crosby [Abstract 1613], Poster Location: 469

Rheological Investigation of Cryovolcanic Slurries: Viscosity of Chloride and Sulfate Brines, A. A. Morrison, A. G. Whittington, F. Zhong, K. L. Mitchell, E. M. Carey [Abstract 1530], Poster Location: 470

Poster Session I: Icy Planets: Oceans and Geysers
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Investigating the Possible Presence of Plumes by Comparing Thermal Qualities of Linea on Europa and Sulcus on Enceladus, L. Blackburn, S. Byers, R. Evans, A. Fan, E. Finley, L. Martinez, M. Moore, J. Nguyen [Abstract 1347], Poster Location: 481

Poster Session I: Icy Planets: Tectonics and Interiors
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

An Investigation of the Relationships Between Double Ridges and Pits on Europa, J. L. Noviello, Z. A. Torrano [Abstract 1562], Poster Location: 496

Distribution and Significance of Tectonic Patterns in Argadnel Regio, Europa, C. E. Detelich, S. A. Kattenhorn [Abstract 1671], Poster Location: 498

Cluster Analysis of Thermal Icequakes Using the Seismometer to Investigate Ice and Ocean Structure (SIIOS): Implications for Ocean World Seismology, A. G. Marusiak, N. C. Schmerr, B. Avenson, S. H. Bailey, V. J. Bray, P. Dahl, D. N. DellaGiustina, E. C. Pettit, N. Wagner, R. C. Weber [Abstract 1424], Poster Location: 501

Forward Modeling Planetary Interior Structure from Gravity Using Genetic Algorithms, S. T. O'Hara, A. J. Dombard [Abstract 1529], Poster Location: 509

Poster Session I: Icy Planets: Mapping
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Photometrically-Corrected Global Infrared Mosaics of Enceladus: New Implications for Its Spectral Diversity and Geological Activity, R. Robidel, S. Le Mouélic, G. Tobie, M. Massé, B. Seignovert, C. Sotin, S. Rodriguez [Abstract 1384], Poster Location: 516

Progress on Global Geological Mapping of Pluto, O. L. White, K. N. Singer, D. A. Williams, J. M. Moore, R. M. C. Lopes, S. A. Stern, P. J. McGovern [Abstract 1212], Poster Location: 517

Poster Session I: Icy Planets: Surfaces
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Phoebe and Lapetus Spectral Analyses Using ISS/Cassini Images, E. Tatsumi, A. R. Hendrix [Abstract 1575], Poster Location: 537

Solid Nitrogen Hardness Measurements at Triton Surface Conditions, M. R. Maughan, Z. Hacker, J. W. Leachman, J. W. Hartwig [Abstract 1690], Poster Location: 540

Some of Saturn's Small Satellites Have Surprisingly Stygian or Strangely Snowy Surfaces, M. M. Hedman, P. Helfenstein, R. O. Chancia, P. Thomas, E. Roussos, C. Paranicas, A. Verbiscer [Abstract 1477], Poster Location: 546

Poster Session I: Ceres and Vesta: Rise of the Poster Planets!
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Solar Wind Soft X-Ray Effects on Ceres' Bright Carbonate Deposits: Laboratory Studies, C. Bu, G. Rodriguez-Lopez, C. A. Dukes [Abstract 2871], Poster Location: 561

Poster Session I: Exoplanets and Giant Planets
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Viability of Lithopanspermia Between Planets of Gliese 667C, K. E. Broad, L. S. Brock, H. J. Melosh [Abstract 2454], Poster Location: 569

Modelling Early Earth Ocean Mixing Timescale: Implications on Oxygenation of Habitable Worlds, X. Liu, S. L. Olson [Abstract 1202], Poster Location: 571

Venus as a Laboratory for Exoplanetary Science, S. R. Kane, G. Arney, D. Crisp, S. Domagal-Goldman, L. S. Glaze, C. Goldblatt, D. Grinspoon, J. W. Head, A. Lenardic, C. Unterborn, M. J. Way, K. Zahnle [Abstract 1791], Poster Location: 572

Kepler-277 b: A Supermassive Terrestrial Exoplanet in the Kepler-277 Planetary System, P. Futó [Abstract 1055], Poster Location: 574

Poster Session I: Impacts: Frontiers in Modelling
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Probing the Effects of Shallow Liquid Water on Crater Formation, M. R. Huffman, J. P. Kay, A. R. Rhoden, A. M. Stickle [Abstract 2186], Poster Location: 579

Europa Clipper Impact: Temperature Analysis, A. S. Gullerud, M. Garcia, S. N. Quintana, K. P. Ruggirello, M. W. Heinstein [Abstract 1686], Poster Location: 580

Using Numerical Modelling to Assess Biomarker Survival in Terrestrial Material Impacting the Lunar Surface, S. H. Halim, I. A. Crawford, G. S. Collins, K. H. Joy [Abstract 1414], Poster Location: 589

Evolution of the Silicate Earth Composition Induced by Collisional Erosion in the Context of Terrestrial Planets Accretion, L. Allibert, S. Charnoz, J. Siebert, S. N. Raymond, S. A. Jacobson [Abstract 2071], Poster Location: 594

Poster Session I: Impacts: Hazard Assessment and Mitigation
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Revisiting Energy Relations for Large Bolides: Implications for Impact Hazard from Meter-Sized Asteroids, E. Mas Sanz, J. M. Trigo Rodríguez, E. A. Silber, M. Gritsevich, M. R. Lee, E. Peña Asensio [Abstract 2155], Poster Location: 603

Poster Session I: Comets: The Other Icy Body
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Close Flyby and Characterization of Long Period Comets Like C/2017 K2, S. E. Matousek, J. C. Castillo-Rogez, B. P. Donitz, T. Balint [Abstract 2831], Poster Location: 607

Progress 2020-A: Constant-Scale Natural Boundary Mapping to Depict Material Transport on Comet 67P/C-G, C. S. Clark, P. E. Clark [Abstract 2126], Poster Location: 610

Progress 2020-B: Constant-Scale Natural Boundary Mapping to Depict Material Transport on Comet 67P/C-G, C. S. Clark, P. E. Clark [Abstract 2138], Poster Location: 611

Photometric Follow-Up of Interstellar Comet 2I/ BORISOV Since Its Discovery, S. Tanbakouei, J. M. Trigo-Rodríguez, G. Borisov, T. Santana-Ros, M. R. Lee [Abstract 2124], Poster Location: 613

Poster Session I: Clever Planetary Science and Mission Concepts
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Planetary Science Instrument Development Programs, R. N. Simons [Abstract 3068], Poster Location: 637

ARES: The Autonomous Roving Exploration System for Active Source Seismology on the Moon and Mars, S. W. Courville, N. E. Putzig, P. C. Sava, M. R. Perry, T. D. Mikesell [Abstract 2623], Poster Location: 640

Using a MEMS Inertial Measurement Unit for Planetary Gravimetry, C. S. Lawson, M. E. Evans, P. B. Niles [Abstract 2759], Poster Location: 641

Spaceflight Instrumentation Enabled by Additive Manufacturing: A Case Study Analysis with the JUICE/JoEE Instrument, M. C. Becker, M. Presley, G. B. Clark, P. C. Brandt, C. W. Parker, C. C. Battista, S. Jaskulek, C. M. Peitsch [Abstract 1736], Poster Location: 645

Poster Session I: 2020 Missions to Mars
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

The MEDA Thermal IR Radiometer (TIRS) for the MARS2020 Mission, E. Sebastián, G. M. Martínez, M. Ramos, F. Haenschke, M. Fernández, R. Ferrándiz, M. de la Torre-Juárez, J. A. Manfredi [Abstract 1269], Poster Location: 653

Listening to Laser Plasmas of Minerals: Research Activities Towards the Analytical Exploitation of the Microphone Onboard Supercam for the Mars 2020 Rover, J. Moros, M. Bosáková, S. Luna-Ramírez, F. J. López, J. Laserna [Abstract 2063], Poster Location: 654

SkyCam: The Mars Environmental Dynamics Analyzer Camera on the Mars 2020 Rover, M. T. Lemmon, M. de la Torre Juarez, J. Boland, V. Apéstigue Palacio, R. López Heredero, J. J. Jiménez Martín, V. Peinado Gonzalez, A. Molina, D. R. MacDonal, M. C. Helminger, I. Arruego Rodríguez, J. A. Rodriguez Manfredi [Abstract 2282], Poster Location: 663

Performance of the MEDA Environmental and Meteorological Package for Mars 2020 After Integration, M. de la Torre Juárez, J. A. Rodríguez Manfredi, V. Apéstigue, I. Arruego Rodríguez, D. J. Banfield, J. S. Boland, P. G. Conrad, R. Ferrándiz, E. Fischer, M. Genzer, J. Gómez-Elvira, F. Gómez Gómez, S. D. Guzewich, A.-M. Harri, M. Hieta, R. Hueso, J. J. Jiménez, M. T. Lemmon, A. Lepinette, J. Martín-Soler, G. M. Martínez, A. Molina, L. Mora, J. F. Moreno, S. Navarro, C. E. Newman, C. Ortega, V. Peinado, J. Plá García, O. Prieto Ballesteros, M. Ramos, T. del Río, J. Romeral, K. Runyon, A. Saiz-López, A. Sánchez-Lavega, J. T. Schofield, E. Sebastián, M. D. Smith, R. J. Sullivan, L. K. Tamppari, J. Torres Redondo, R. Urqui, Á. de Vicente Retortillo, D. Viúdez Moreiras [Abstract 2971], Poster Location: 670

Acoustic Measurements on Mars 2020 Rover with the Entry, Descent, and Landing [EDL] Microphone System, J. A. Mezilis, J. M. Megivern, K. Edelberg, M. Houge [Abstract 3000], Poster Location: 671

Martian Meteorites Through the Eyes of the ExoMars Rover: Preparing for PanCam on Mars, S. Motaghian, P. M. Grindrod, R. B. Stabbins, E. J. Allender, C. R. Cousins, M. D. Gunn, A. Ladegaard, M. R. Balme [Abstract 1898], Poster Location: 673

Poster Session I: Mars Exploration Concepts (Except 2020 Missions)
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Oxygen Generation by Glow Discharge Under Simulated Martian Conditions, M. C. Qian, Z. C. Wu, F. B. Yan, Z. C. Ling, Y. Y. Zhou [Abstract 2316], Poster Location: 692

Poster Session I: Lunar Surface Missions
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Newly Implementable Capabilities and Technologies Enable Comprehensive Lunar Exploration with Compact, Low-Cost Payloads, P. E. Clark, D. Bugby [Abstract 1526], Poster Location: 695

Concept of the High Precision In-Situ Measurements of the Four Magnetic Characteristics of the Lunar Near-Surface Without Touching the Regolith, R. Kavkova, G. Kletetschka, M. Takac, V. Petrucha, M. Dress [Abstract 2332], Poster Location: 703

Neutron Measurements at the Lunar Surface (NMLS), an Eight Day Mission to Lacus Mortis on Astrobotic Mission One, H. Fuqua Haviland, P. Bertone, J. Caffrey, J. Apple [Abstract 2935], Poster Location: 708

Directly Measuring the Distribution of Surface Hydroxyl/Water on the Moon with Lunar Trailblazer: A Pioneering SmallSat for Lunar Water and Lunar Geology, B. L. Ehlmann, R. L. Klima, L. Bennett, D. Blaney, N. Bowles, S. Calcutt, M. Cannella, J. Dickson, K. Donaldson Hanna, C. S. Edwards, R. Evans, W. Frazier, R. Green, G. Helou, M. A. House, C. Howe, B. Marotta, J. Miura, C. Pieters, M. Sampson, E. Scire, R. Schindhelm, C. Seybold, K. Shirley, D. Thompson, J. Troelzsch, T. Warren, J. Weinberg [Abstract 1956], Poster Location: 716

Poster Session I: Exploring Other Worlds Beyond the Moon and Mars
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Europa Lander Concept Mission Monopropellant Plume-Induced Contamination Testing, C. E. Soares, W. A. Hoey, A. T. Wong, M. Grabe [Abstract 3066], Poster Location: 719

Europa Lander Stereo Spectral Imaging Experiment (ELSSIE), S. L. Murchie, J. Boldt, B. L. Ehlmann, K. Hibbitts, R. S. Layman, J. J. Linden, J. I. Nunez, F. P. Seelos, K. D. Seelos, C. L. Tinsman [Abstract 1547], Poster Location: 720

SLUSH: Search for Life Using Submersible Heated Drill, P. Palmowski, S. Stolov, B. Mellerowicz, Z. Zacny, H. Hand, C. Sotin, C. Cwik, M. Mueller, B. Ehlmann, N. Nagihara, T. Tipton, L. Liller [Abstract 2990], Poster Location: 723

Integrated Europa Interior Science with Europa Clipper, J. H. Roberts, A. M. Rymer, M. L. Cable, F. Nimmo, C. S. Paty, M. T. Bland, C. M. Elder, H. Korth, T. B. McCord, W. B. McKinnon, R. T. Pappalardo, C. A. Raymond, L. Roth, J. Saur, D. M. Schroeder, G. Steinbrugge, K. M. Soderlund, G. Tobie, S. D. Vance, D. A. Young, D. A. Senske [Abstract 2281], Poster Location: 724

Assessing the Susceptibility of Europa Clipper Onboard Thermal Anomaly Detection to Radiation, G. Doran, K. L. Wagstaff, J. Bapst, A. G. Davies, S. Piqueux, S. Anwar [Abstract 2193], Poster Location: 728

Io Volcano Observer (IVO): Does Io Have a Magma Ocean?, A. S. McEwen, IVO Science Team [Abstract 1648], Poster Location: 738

New Frontiers-Class Uranus Orbiter: A Case for Exploring the Feasibility of Achieving Multidisciplinary Science with a Mid-Scale Mission, I. J. Cohen, C. B. Beddingfield, R. O. Chancia, G. A. DiBraccio, M. M. Hedman, S. M. MacKenzie, B. H. Mauk, K. M. Sayanagi, K. M. Soderlund, E. P. Turtle, E. Y. Adams, C. J. Ahrens, C. S. Arridge, S. M. Brooks, E. J. Bunce, S. Charnoz, G. B. Clark, A. Coustenis, R. A. Dillman, S. Dutta, L. N. Fletcher, R. A. Harbison, R. Helled, R. Holme, L. M. Jozwiak, Y. Kasaba, P. Kollmann, S. Luszcz-Cook, O. Mousis, A. Mura, G. Murakami, M. Parisi, A. M. Rymer, S. Stanley, K. Stephan, R. J. Vervack, M. H. Wong, P. Wurz [Abstract 1428], Poster Location: 741

Uranus Magnetosphere and Moons Investigator (UMaMI), C. M. Elder, T. A. Nordheim, D. A. Patthoff, E. Leonard, R. J. Cartwrigth, C. Cochrane, C. Paranicas, M. Tiscareno, A. Masters, D. Hemingway, M. M. Sori, H. Cao, R. T. Pappalardo, B. J. Buratti, I. De Pater, W. M. Grundy, M. Showalter, W. Kurth, I. Jun, J. I. Moses, K. L. Aplin, J. Casani [Abstract 2277], Poster Location: 742

Double Jupiter Gravity Assist for Achieving High Heliocentric Asymptotic Escape Speeds and Missions to Interstellar Objects, A. Hibberd, T. M. Eubanks [Abstract 1110], Poster Location: 747

Bridge to the Stars: A Mission Concept to an Interstellar Object, S. W. Courville, K. Moore, K. Connour, S. Ferguson, R. Agrawal, D. Brack, P. Buhler, E. Czaplinski, M. DeLuca, A. Deutsch, N. Hammond, D. Kuettel, K. Llera, A. Marusiak, S. Nerozzi, A. Shoenfeld, J. Tarnas, A. Thelen, J. Stuart, J. Castillo, D. Landau, W. Smythe, C. Budney, K. Mitchell [Abstract 1766], Poster Location: 748

Poster Session I: Bioastronautics: Stayin' Alive!
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Kale Growth in MMS-2 Enhanced Mars Regolith Simulant During Indoor Earth Conditions, H. Fitchett, R. Ford, C. Ray, L. K. Tukei, D. Beedle, J. J. Garcia-Espinosa, G. Kostic, A. A. G. Enevoldsen, J. Pikul, K. Aragon, J. G. Rivas, M. Orneas-Mendoza [Abstract 3016], Poster Location: 753

Poster Session I: Connect with NASA’s Science Activation Program
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Combining NASA GLOBE Observer with Web Technologies to Broaden High School Student Access to Authentic Science Research Experiences, M. Baguio, R. Low, C. Soeffing, T. Schwerin, T. Ferrell, D. Janney [Abstract 2934], Poster Location: 763

OpenSpace: Development Updates and Education Applications, M. E. Gemma, C. Roe, C. Emmart, V. Trakinski, R. L. Smith, M. Acinapura, B. Abbott, D. S. Ebel, R. Kinzler [Abstract 2392], Poster Location: 764

Girl Scouts and Subject Matter Experts: Making Connections, P. K. Harman, W. Chin, C. Grisson, W. Friedman, D. McCarthy, L. Lebofsky, L. Mayo, J. Fahy, J. Henricks, V. White, T. Summer [Abstract 2408], Poster Location: 766

Leveraging Partnerships, Science Content, Special Events, and NASA Assets to Help Girl Scouts Earn Space Science Badges, P. V. Graff, S. Runco, S. Foxworth, K. Willis, J. Fooshee, K. Cavenah, C. Shupla, A. Shaner, S. Webb, P. Harmon [Abstract 2060], Poster Location: 767

Using Solar System Ambassadors Volunteers in Support of NASA Public Engagement, K. A. Ferrari, H. J. Doyle [Abstract 2789], Poster Location: 769

Poster Session II: Mercury — The Little Planet with a BIG Personality!
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

The Mercury Radiometer and Thermal Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (MERTIS) Onboard Bepi Colombo: Latest Data Format in View of Upcoming Flybys Data, M. D'Amore, J. Helbert, A. Maturilli, J. Knollenberg, R. Berlin, G. Peter, T. Säuberlich, H. Hiesinger [Abstract 1438], Poster Location: 17

Prospects for the Measurement of Mercury’s Solid Body Tides with the BepiColombo Laser Altimeter, R. N. Thor, R. Kallenbach, U. R. Christensen, A. Stark, G. Steinbrügge, A. Di Ruscio, P. Cappuccio, L. Iess, H. Hussmann, J. Oberst [Abstract 1379], Poster Location: 18

A Thermal Model and the Hermean Hollows: Constraints on Plausible Volatiles Involved in Hollow Formation on Mercury, M. S. Phillips, J. E. Moersch [Abstract 2442], Poster Location: 22

Did the Cessation of Convection in Mercury's Mantle Allow for an Increase in the Rate of Heat Loss from Its Core?, J. M. Guerrero, J. P. Lowman, P. J. Tackley [Abstract 2531], Poster Location: 23

Poster Session II: How Primitive Are We? Igneous Rocks on Mars
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Source and Parental Melts of a Poikilitic Suite: Implications for Martian Magmatism, E. W. O'Neal, A. Udry, G. H. Howarth, J. Gross, A. Ostwald [Abstract 1169], Poster Location: 27

Chassignite and Nakhlite Parental Melts Determined from Melt Inclusion Analysis, A. M. Ostwald, A. Udry, J. Gross, J. M. D. Day [Abstract 2213], Poster Location: 30

Prioritizing Candidate Source Craters for Martian Meteorites, J. S. Hamilton, C. D. K. Herd, E. L. Walton, L. L. Tornabene [Abstract 2607], Poster Location: 31

Microimaging Infrared Spectroscopy for Characterization of Martian Meteorite Compositional Diversity, J. K. Miura, B. L. Ehlmann, R. Greenberger, E. Cutts [Abstract 2969], Poster Location: 33

Major and Minor Element Variations in Olivine in Shergottites to Determine Source Lithology, S. Ramsey, G. H. Howarth, J. Gross, A. Udry [Abstract 1447], Poster Location: 37

Petrologic and Isotopic Characterization of Olivine-Phyric Depleted Shergotitte Northwest Africa 6162, S. E. Suarez, M. Righter, A. Udry, T. J. Lapen, A. J. Irving [Abstract 2978], Poster Location: 39

Petrographic Setting of Baddeleyite in Enriched Basaltic Shergottites, A. I. Sheen, C. D. K. Herd [Abstract 2257], Poster Location: 40

Poster Session II: Mars Alteration from Every Angle
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Investigation of Dehydration-Hydration Features of Iron-Smectite and Sulfate from –90 to 950°C and Applications to Mars, M. Yesilbas, J. L. Bishop [Abstract 2610], Poster Location: 50

Stoichiometric Efficiency of Iron Oxidation by Chlorate on Mars, E. L. Moreland, K. Mitra, J. G. Catalano [Abstract 1033], Poster Location: 62

Amorphization of S- and Cl-Salts by Martian Dust Activity, A. Wang, Y. C. Yan, B. L. Jolliff, J. Houghton, S. M. McClennan, M. D. Dyar [Abstract 2838], Poster Location: 68

Poster Session II: Planetary Spatial Data Infrastructure
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Provision Scientific Data Results of Space Missions — A Prototype for Central Storage, Visualization, and Useability, A. Naß, M. d'Amore, M. Mühlbauer, T. Heinen, M. Böck, J. Helbert, T. Riedlinger, R. Jaumann, G. Strunz [Abstract 2695], Poster Location: 71

The Annex of the PDS Cartography and Imaging Sciences Node in 2020, M. A. Hartke, L. R. Gaddis, T. M. Hare, A. Sunda, D. P. Mayer, M. Bailen, B. Kindrick [Abstract 2519], Poster Location: 78

Identifying Community Needs for a Mars Exploration Rovers (MER) Data Catalog, S. B. Cole, J. C. Aubele, B. A. Cohen, S. M. Milkovich, S. R. Shields [Abstract 1709], Poster Location: 81

HiWish: The High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) Suggestion Tool, M. Chojnacki, A. S. McEwen, S. Byrne, C. Hansen, I. J. Daubar, R. Beyer, G. McArthur [Abstract 2095], Poster Location: 82

Digitizing the Ronald Greeley Slide Collection, D. A. Williams, D. M. Nelson [Abstract 1119], Poster Location: 83

Poster Session II: Mars: Big Data for a Small Planet
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

A Martian Meteorite Spectral Library Based on In Situ Pyroxene and Bulk Martian Meteorite Spectra, K. J. Orr, L. V. Forman, G. K. Benedix, M. J. Hackett, V. E. Hamilton [Abstract 1357], Poster Location: 96

Implementation of a Residual Correction in the MRO CRISM VNIR Mapping Strip Data Processing Pipeline, K. R. Frizzell, F. P. Seelos, D. C. Humm, S. L. Murchie, C. D. Hash [Abstract 2377], Poster Location: 98

Richness and Equitability Measures Applied to a K-Means Classification of All Four Rovers' APXS Oxides and Elements Data, C. M. Rodrigue [Abstract 1607], Poster Location: 105

K-Means Clustering and Mapping of All Four Mars Rovers' APXS Oxide and Element Relative Abundance Data, C. M. Rodrigue [Abstract 1262], Poster Location: 106

Identification of Martian Surface Minerals in CRISM Imagery Using a Deep Neural Network, J. A. Caggiano, A. M. Sessa, J. J. Wray, C. S. Paty [Abstract 1637], Poster Location: 109

Poster Session II: Mars Geomorphology
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Enigmatic Inclined Planar Features in East Candor Chasma, Valles Marineris, Mars, J. Labrie, F. Fueten, R. Stesky, J. Flahaut, L. Vargas, E. Giroud-Proeschel [Abstract 1261], Poster Location: 123

Timing of Smooth-Topped Chaotic Terrains, Southern Circum-Chryse, Mars, J. Walmsley, F. Fueten, R. Stesky, A. P. Rossi [Abstract 1131], Poster Location: 125

Investigating Conditions for Relaxation of Small Icy Craters in the Northern Mid-Latitudes on Mars, A. B. Cunje, A. J. Dombard, E. Z. Noe Dobrea [Abstract 2491], Poster Location: 133

Spatial Variation in Erosion Rates in Mars Equatorial Regions Inferred from Ejecta Retention of 1–3 km Diameter Craters, C. I. Fassett, W. A. Watters, C. B. Hundal, M. Zanetti [Abstract 1586], Poster Location: 136

Poster Session II: Modern Mars Surface Processes: It's All Downhill from Here
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Crocus Melting Behind Boulders on Mars, N. Schorghofer [Abstract 1792], Poster Location: 140

Talus Deposits on Mars — Proxies for Lithological Properties?, M. Voelker, E. Hauber, A. Cardesín-Moinelo, P. Martin [Abstract 1992], Poster Location: 152

Deflecting Slope Streaks on Mars: Possible Formation Mechanism, V. Yakovlev, S. Gorelik, M. Kreslavsky, N. Kovalenko [Abstract 1230], Poster Location: 156

Polar Dune Migration at Scandia Cavi, Mars: The Effects of Seasonal Processes, S. J. Boazman, P. M. Grindrod, M. R. Balme, P. Vermeesch, J. M. Davis, T. R. Baird, S. Silvestro, M. Chojnacki, D. A. Vaz, M. Cardinale, F. Esposito [Abstract 1975], Poster Location: 163

Three-Dimensional Documentation of the Transition from Sand Ripples to Megaripples, J. R. Zimbelman, S. P. Scheidt, M. M. Baker, E. Williams [Abstract 1462], Poster Location: 165

Morphology and Sediment Dynamics of Elongating Linear Dunes at Hellespontus Montes, Mars, J. M. Davis, P. M. Grindrod, S. J. Boazman [Abstract 1884], Poster Location: 166

Field Observations of Yardangs in the Argentine Puna: What Dedos and Cap Slopes Reveal, J. M. Sevy, J. Radebaugh, D. McDougall, L. Kerber, J. Rabinovich [Abstract 2803], Poster Location: 168

Poster Session II: Martian Glaciers and Subsurface Ice
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Internal Structure of a Glacier on Mars Revealed by Gully Incision, F. E. G. Butcher, N. S. Arnold, D. C. Berman, S. J. Conway, J. M. Davis, M. R. Balme, R. Barnes [Abstract 1902], Poster Location: 171

Poster Session II: Atmospheric Processes Across the Solar System
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Climate Model Predictions for a Transient Change from a Long-Lived "Cold and Icy" Climate to a Short-Lived "Warm and Wet" Climate in the Late Noachian-Early Hesperian, A. M. Palumbo, J. W. Head [Abstract 2086], Poster Location: 181

Diurnal and Seasonal Temperature Variations Along the Mars Curiosity Rover Traverse: A Comparison of THEMIS Remote Sensing Data with Ground Truth, P. Angell, H. Werner, P. R. Christensen [Abstract 2925], Poster Location: 183

Exploring the Miss-Distance as a Possible Cause of Non-Simultaneity in Pressure and Seismic Signals of Martian Dust Devils, L. Wright, N. Bowles, T. Warren, W. T. Pike, A. Scott, J. M. McClean, C. Charalambous, B. Kenda, N. Murdoch, R. Lorenz, K. Perrin, A. Spiga, D. Banfield, P. Lognonné [Abstract 2185], Poster Location: 186

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Experiments at Controlled Temperature, Relevant to Mars and Europa, Y. C. Yan, A. Wang [Abstract 2753], Poster Location: 193

Simulating Experiment of Venus Lightening: Electrochemistry in Atmosphere and at Surface, H. K. Qu, A. Wang, E. Thimsen [Abstract 2504], Poster Location: 194

Poster Session II: Exploring the Moon from Core to Crust
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Active-Source Seismology from Anthropogenic Sources During the Apollo 11 Lunar Mission, A. S. Khatib, N. C. Schmerr, B. Feist, J. B. Plescia, N. E. Petro [Abstract 2557], Poster Location: 214

Tremors and Tracks: Tracing the Apollo 12 Astronauts Through Time, N. R. Gonzales, J. A. Schulte, M. R. Henriksen, R. V. Wagner, M. S. Robinson [Abstract 1578], Poster Location: 215

Estimating the Lunar Core Equatorial Ellipticity Using Lunar Laser Ranging, V. Viswanathan, E. Mazarico, S. Goossens, N. Rambaux, D. E. Smith [Abstract 2031], Poster Location: 217

Photometric Functions and the Improved Photoclinometry Method: Mature Lunar Mare Surfaces, N. V. Bondarenko, I. A. Dulova, Yu. V. Kornienko [Abstract 1845], Poster Location: 221

Measurements of the Moon's Infrared (4–15 µm) and Microwave (1.6–13 mm) Thermal Radiation, M. J. Burgdorf, H. Yang, T. G. Müller, S. A. Buehler [Abstract 1469], Poster Location: 225

Detection of New Potential Site of Lava Tube in Marius Hills Region by Three Component Decomposition Technique of LRO Mini-RF Data, A. Vashishtha, S. Kumar [Abstract 1880], Poster Location: 239

Poster Session II: Lunar Mapping of the Surface
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Creating Crater Catalogs of the Apollo 15-16-17 Landing Sites, M. J. Jodhpurkar, L. R. Ostrach, W. B. Garry, S. C. Mest, R. A. Yingst, N. E. Petro, B. A. Cohen [Abstract 1590], Poster Location: 259

Re-Mapping the Apollo 17 LRV Traverses, P. J. Stooke [Abstract 1001], Poster Location: 260

Variations in the Number of Near-Earth Objects and Lunar Craters During the Last Billion Years, S. I. Ipatov, E. A. Feoktistova, V. V. Svetsov [Abstract 1910], Poster Location: 262

Ancient Lava Flows in Mare Imbrium: Estimations of Extent and Rheologic Properties Using LROC Images, M. C. Holt, J. R. Zimbelman [Abstract 1768], Poster Location: 270

Poster Session II: Lunar Impacts and Regolith Processes
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Impact Melt Inclusions in Apollo Zircons: Target Lithology Tracers?, C. Tong, C. Crow, A. Bell, N. Kelly, D. Moser [Abstract 3058], Poster Location: 275

Modeling the Formation of the Lunar Upper Megaregolith Layer, J. E. Richardson, O. Abramov [Abstract 1015], Poster Location: 280

A Possible Contribution from the Ancient Terrestrial Atmosphere to the Trapped Xenon Inventory of Lunar Soils, R. Wieler, P. Bochsler [Abstract 1076], Poster Location: 285

Poster Session II: Lunar Surface Volatiles and Exosphere
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Lunar Polar Water Ice: A Terrain Classification System and Optimal Sites for Moon Exploration, C. G. Moye, P. Lee [Abstract 2594], Poster Location: 293

Poster Session II: Chondrites and Their Components II
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Chondrites and Chondrules Analogous to Sediments, R. K. Herd [Abstract 2649], Poster Location: 304

Diversity of the Fusion Crust of the Allende CV Chondrite, S. M. Cancel Vázquez, D. S. Ebel [Abstract 1655], Poster Location: 306

Q-Gases in Acid-Resistant Rractions of Saratov (L4) Chondrite: Variations of Ar/Xe and He/Xe Ratios, A. V. Fisenko, A. B. Verchovsky, L. F. Semjonova, A. A. Shiryaev [Abstract 1957], Poster Location: 307

Implantation of Ionized Solar Nebular Hydrogen in Minerals, Z. Jin, M. Bose [Abstract 1250], Poster Location: 311

Aqueous Alteration of CM Carbonaceous Chondrites: Pre-Terrestrial vs. Post-Terrestrial, C. J. Floyd, M. R. Lee [Abstract 1374], Poster Location: 317

Aqueous Alteration in the CM2 Aguas Zarcas Meteorite, L. J. Hicks, J. C. Bridges [Abstract 2869], Poster Location: 324

Distinguishing Between Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Organic Compounds in the CM2 Aguas Zarcas Carbonaceous Chondrite, L. D. Tunney, P. J. A. Hill, C. D. K. Herd, R. W. Hilts [Abstract 1795], Poster Location: 325

Occurrence, Formation, and Destruction of Magnetite in Chondritic Meteorites, A. E. Rubin, Y. Li [Abstract 1092], Poster Location: 337

A Unique Amphibole- and Magnetite-Rich Carbonaceous Chondrite Clast from Almahata Sitta, C. A. Goodrich, V. E. Hamilton, M. E. Zolensky, N. T. Kita, A. M. Fioretti, I. Kohl, E. Young, A. H. Treiman, H. C. Connolly Jr, J. Filiberto, M. H. Shaddad, P. Jenniskens [Abstract 1223], Poster Location: 341

Petrology and Oxygen Isotopes in New Enstatite Chondrite Fragments from the Almahata Sitta Fall, H. Downes, C. A. Goodrich, R. C. Greenwood, A. J. Ross, M. Shaddad, P. Jenniskens [Abstract 1182], Poster Location: 342

The Pecora Escarpment (PCA) 91020 EL3 Chondrite and the EL3 Parent Asteroid, Y. Boleaga, M. K. Weisberg, D. S. Ebel [Abstract 2795], Poster Location: 343

A Petrologic Study of Metal-Rich Nodules in Anomalous EL3 Meteorite Northwest Africa (NWA) 8785, M. A. Rindlisbacher, M. K. Weisberg, D. S. Ebel, S. P. Alpert [Abstract 1702], Poster Location: 344

Mean Atomic Weight and Thermophysical Properties of Çanakkale Meteorite, M. Szurgot, R. A. Wach, O. Unsalan, C. Altunayar-Unsalan [Abstract 1287], Poster Location: 350

Postshock Annealing in H4 Chondrites: Implications for the Impact History of the Parent Body, S. P. Goudy, M. Telus, B. Chapman [Abstract 1332], Poster Location: 352

Sierra Gorda 013: Unusual CBa-Like Metal-Rich Chondrite, M. A. Ivanova, Sh. Yang, M. Humayun, C. A. Lorenz, I. A. Franchi [Abstract 1116], Poster Location: 354

Heat Diffusion in Shocked Chondrites: Towards a Better Understanding of Shock Melting Features, J. Moreau, S. Schwinger [Abstract 1183], Poster Location: 357

Focused Ion Beam Sectioning Effects on Ti, Cr, and V Valences in Chondritic Olivines and Pyroxenes, S. R. Sutton, A. Lanzirotti, M. Newville, A. J. Brearley, E. Dobrica, O. Tschauner [Abstract 1573], Poster Location: 362

60 Years in a Capsule: The Bruderheim Meteorite as a Means to Advance the Curation of Meteorites and Sample Return Material, P. J. A. Hill, C. D. K. Herd, L. D. Tunney [Abstract 2139], Poster Location: 366

Poster Session II: Asteroids and Meteorites: From Composition to Taxonomy
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Visible Near-Infrared (0.7–2.45 μm) Spectral Distinctions of D-Type Asteroids in Differing Heliocentric Regions, G. M. Gartrelle, P. S. Hardersen, M. R. M. Izawa, M. C. Nowinski [Abstract 1872], Poster Location: 373

Using Thermal Infrared Spectra of Meteorites to Investigate Asteroid Composition and Evolution, H. C. Bates, K. L. Donaldson Hanna, A. J. King, N. E. Bowles, L. F. Lim, J. P. Emery, S. S. Russell [Abstract 1405], Poster Location: 379

In Situ Characterization of Elemental Compositions for Small Bodies Throughout the Solar System, M. J. Schaible, R. E. Johnson, M. Sarantos, M. R. Collier [Abstract 3065], Poster Location: 384

Poster Session II: Asteroids, Meteorites, Meteoroids, and Meteors
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Development of Small Profile Doppler Radar for Planetary Radar Analog Studies, G. A. Muñiz-Negrón, E. G. Rivera-Valentín, R. H. Medina-Sánchez [Abstract 1585], Poster Location: 390

Shape Modeling of Potentially Hazardous Asteroid 2015 DP155 from Radar and Lightcurve Observations, D. W. Repp, S. E. Marshall, A. K. Virkki, F. C. F. Venditti, L. F. Zambrano-Marin, L. Dover, A. Rożek, S. C. Lowry, D. Bamberger, G. Wells, S. P. Naidu, L. A. M. Benner, M. Brozović, E. Franco, R. A. McGlasson, B. Presler-Marshall [Abstract 2897], Poster Location: 391

Elastic Properties of Iron Meteorites, N. Dyaur, R. R. Stewart, M. Cassidy [Abstract 3063], Poster Location: 397

2019 Taurid Bolides Imaged in the Framework of the Spanish Fireball Network, E. Peña-Asensio, J. M. Trigo-Rodríguez, E. Blanch, J. Izquierdo, M. R. Lee, P. Pujols, J. Ribas, A. Pichaco, M. J. Palomeque, J. Real, L. Orduña, M. Mérida, J. A. de los Reyes, S. Pastor, J. Zamorano, E. Mas, D. Altadill [Abstract 2742], Poster Location: 401

Rarefaction Waves in Meteor Traces, B. E. Zhilyaev, A. F. Steklov, A. P. Vidmachenko, I. A. Verliuk [Abstract 1098], Poster Location: 402

Poster Session II: Next Generation Workforce Development
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Why is Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) So Difficult for Scientists?, J. A. Rathbun, S. Diniega, L. C. Quick, C. Richey [Abstract 1594], Poster Location: 422

Making Planetary Science More Inclusive: The Division of Planetary Sciences Professional Culture and Climate Subcommittee, R. N. Schindhelm, J. A. Rathbun, S. Diniega, S. M. Brooks, S. M. Horst, I. J. Daubar, J. Piatek, E. G. Rivera-Valentin, A. Soto, M. S. Tiscareno, C. Thomas [Abstract 1627], Poster Location: 423

18 Years of LPSC Attendance and Presentation Data: Who's Included?, N. E. B. Zellner, J. A. Rathbun, A. M. Seidel, N. L. Martindale [Abstract 1738], Poster Location: 424

Sharing Science with the Widest Audience: Making Scientific Conferences Accessible, J. L. Piatek, L. R. Ostrach [Abstract 2406], Poster Location: 425

Why and How to Write a Useful “Code of Conduct” for Planetary Conferences and Mission Teams, S. Diniega, J. Castillo-Rogez, I. Daubar, C. Elder, R. Pappalardo, C. Richey, J. Scully, M. Villarreal [Abstract 2482], Poster Location: 426

Poster Session II: Astrobiology: Prebiotic Chemistry
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Shock Synthesis of Complex Macroscale Structures in Impacting Mixture of Amino Acids and Nucleobases — Pathways Towards Complexity, V. S. Surendra, V. Jayaram, S. Karthik, S. Vijayan, V. Chandrasekaran, R. Thombre, T. Vijaya, B. N. Raja Sekhar, A. Bhardwaj, G. Jagadeesh, K. P. J. Reddy, N. J. Mason, B. Sivaraman [Abstract 1782], Poster Location: 443

Poster Session II: Astrobiology: Life Detection
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

A Sampling Site Selection Index for Martian Life Detection Missions, B. D. Wade, M. A. Velbel [Abstract 2726], Poster Location: 452

Organics Preservation in the Hyperarid Qaidam Basin, China: An Analog for Fluvio-Lacustrine Deposits in Gale Crater, Mars, S. E. Shaner, A. J. Williams, G. Zhuang [Abstract 2272], Poster Location: 470

Organic Records of Life on Mars: The Kinetics of Lipid Degradation in Circumneutral Iron-Rich Deposits, J. S. W. Tan, M. A. Sephton [Abstract 1908], Poster Location: 473

The Fate of Ancient Macromolecules on Mars: Artificial Maturation of Iron and Sulfur-Rich Mars Analogues, J. S. W. Tan, S. H. Royle, M. A. Sephton [Abstract 1912], Poster Location: 474

Laboratory Simulations of Enceladus Plume for Fly-By Mass Spectrometery Validation, A. Belousov, M. Miller, R. Continetti, S. Madzunkov, J. Simcic, D. Nikolic, M. Malaska, R. Hodyss, S. Waller, J. Lambert, A. Jaramillo-Botero, F. Maiwald, M. Cable [Abstract 1597], Poster Location: 476

In Situ Detection of Microbial and Non-Cellular Organic Matter Hotpots in Subsurface Glacial Ice: Field Testing at Summit Station, Greenland as an Analog to the Icy Crusts of the Ocean Worlds, M. J. Malaska, R. Bhartia, K. S. Manatt, J. C. Priscu, W. J. Abbey, B. Mellerowicz, J. Palmowski, G. L. Paulsen, K. Zacny, E. J. Eshelman, J. D'Andrilli [Abstract 2012], Poster Location: 479

Next Generation Deep UV (NGDUV) Lasers for Astrobiology Lander Instruments, W. F. Hug, R. D. Reid [Abstract 2553], Poster Location: 480

Characterising the Transfer of Biomarkers Within the Phobos-Mars System, Z. S. Morland, V. K. Pearson, M. R. Patel, S. F. Green, N. K. Ramkissoon, C. L. Spencer-Jones [Abstract 1096], Poster Location: 483

Poster Session II: Astrobiology: Habitability
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Isotopic Studies for Organic Molecules of Interest in Astrobiology by LIBS. Elucidating the Origin of Molecular Emissions in Laser-Induced Plasmas in the Martian Environment, T. Delgado, L. García, L. M. Cabalín, J. J. Laserna [Abstract 1891], Poster Location: 494

Development of Oxia Planum Simulant Relevant to the ExoMars Mission, A. Dugdale, N. K. Ramkissoon, P. Fawdon, S. M. R. Turner, S. P. Schwenzer, K. Olsson-Francis, V. K. Pearson [Abstract 2590], Poster Location: 495

Poster Session II: Impacts: Petrologic Studies of Terrestrial Impact Craters and Ejecta
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

PGE Content of Impact Melt and Sulfides in the Peak Ring of the Chicxulub Crater; Evidence for PGE Mobilization/Fractionation, D. Burney, C. R. Neal, D. A. Kring [Abstract 2662], Poster Location: 507

Constraining the Shock Conditions Experienced by Haughton Crystalline Basement Rocks: A Combined Raman Spectroscopy and Electron Backscatter Diffraction Study of Anomaly Hill Zircons, H. A. M. Jurak, E. L. Walton, N. E. Timms, G. R. Osinski [Abstract 2655], Poster Location: 515

Rhodium — A Long Ignored Element in Cosmo- and Geochemistry, G. Schmidt [Abstract 1023], Poster Location: 520

Evidence for a Holocene Impact Event in the Pardubice-Kunětická Region (Czech Republic) Strengthened, M. Molnár, P. Švanda, P. Janíček, K. Ventura, K. Ernstson [Abstract 1229], Poster Location: 522

Near-Ground Airburst Cratering: Petrographic and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Evidence for a Possibly Enlarged Chiemgau Impact Event (Bavaria, SE-Germany), K. Ernstson, J. Poßekel, M. A. Rappenglück [Abstract 1231], Poster Location: 523

Investigation of the Relation Between Meteorite Impact and Magnetic Reversal, H. Ucar, G. Kletetschka, B. Chen [Abstract 1403], Poster Location: 524

Poster Session II: Impacts: Advances in Observational Techniques
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

The Effect of Pre-Impact Topography on Ray Production for Lunar Copernican Craters, K. S. Martin-Wells, J. Partee [Abstract 2304], Poster Location: 538

Poster Session II: Impacts: Geophysical Studies of Terrestrial Craters
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Electrical Resistivity Survey of a Possible Impact Structure, Brushy Creek Feature, St. Helena Parish, LA, D. R. Hood, M. Horn, S. Karunatillake, C. Matherne, A. Webb, A. Sivils, Brushy Creek Exploration Team [Abstract 2215], Poster Location: 562

A Gravity Anomaly in the Ries Impact Crater Ejecta Blanket: Secondary or Primary Cratering?, K. Ernstson [Abstract 1227], Poster Location: 563

Seismic Investigation of a Meteoroid Airburst in Greenland, as a Terrestrial Analog for Icy Regions with an Atmosphere in the Solar System, F. Karakostas, N. Schmerr, S. H. Bailey, D. DellaGiustina, N. Habib, V. Bray, E. Pettit, P. Dahl, T. Quinn, A. G. Marusiak, B. Avenson, N. Wagner, J. I. Brodbeck [Abstract 2120], Poster Location: 570

Poster Session II: CanMoon 2019: Lunar Sample Return Analogue Mission
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Rover Command Sequencing and Instrument Utilization During the CanMoon Analogue Mission, C. N. Andres, K. Ratcliffe, J. D. Newman, G. R. Osinski, E. A. Cloutis, C. L. Marion, E. Pilles [Abstract 2584], Poster Location: 579

Poster Session II: Large-Scale Terrestrial Analog Studies: SAND-E and HI-SEAS
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

EuroMoonMars IMA at HI-SEAS Campaigns in 2019: An Overview of the Analog Missions, Upgrades to the Mission Operations, and Protocols, M. Musilova, B. Foing, A. Beniest, H. Rogers [Abstract 2893], Poster Location: 589

Emmihs-2, the Second Euromoonmars IMA Hi-Seas 2019 Campaign: Simulated Moonbase Outlook and Outcomes — An Engineering Perspective, A. P. C. P. Nunes, M. Musilova, A. Cox, J. Agelini, B. Foing [Abstract 2405], Poster Location: 590

Testing Rover Cooperation Concepts in Moon Analog Site, R. S. Heemskerk, K. Edison, S. Atya, C. J. M. Heemskerk, M. V. Heemskerk, B. Foing [Abstract 3035], Poster Location: 593

Poster Session II: Analogs: Igneous and Volcanic Processes and Their Secondary Products
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Magnetic Signatures of Terrestrial Lava Tubes as Analogs for Lunar Prospecting of Subsurface Features, E. Bell Jr., N. Schmerr, K. Young, J. Bleacher, S. Esmaeili, W. B. Garry, S. Jazayeri, S. Kruse, R. Porter, J. Richardson, P. Whelley [Abstract 2294], Poster Location: 597

Spectral Anisothermality: A Two-Look Approach to Thermal Infrared Data Analysis of Planetary Basaltic Surfaces, B. M. McKeeby, M. S. Ramsey [Abstract 2089], Poster Location: 600

Poster Session II: Analogs: Spectral and Mineralogical Investigations of Mars Secondary Materials
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Principle Component Analysis Applied to Reflectance Spectra of Minerals Subjected to Environment Similar to Martian Surface, J. S. Makarewicz, H. D. Makarewicz [Abstract 1646], Poster Location: 612

Phase Boundaries Among Three Hydrous Fe3+ Sulfates, E. B. Shi, A. Wang [Abstract 2906], Poster Location: 617

A Molecular View of Near Surface Brines on Mars Through Mid-Infrared Spectra of Martian Analogs Mixed with Cl Salts, M. Yesilbas, J. L. Bishop [Abstract 2788], Poster Location: 635

Raman Spectral Analysis of Mars-Analogue Brines at Low Temperatures, D. P. Mason, M. E. Elwood Madden [Abstract 1604], Poster Location: 636

Poster Session II: Analogs: Planetary Simulants and Other Materials
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Far-Ultraviolet Photometric Response of Sieved JSC-1A Lunar Soil Simulant, C. J. Gimar, U. Raut, K. D. Retherford, M. J. Poston, J. M. Friday, J. T. Grimes [Abstract 2806], Poster Location: 640

Microscopy of Mars Global Simulant MGS-1, M. A. Velbel, B. D. Wade, M. B. Widener, D. A. Wakefield, B. S. Sollenberger, X. Shan, R. Raghunath, E. E. McLaren, C. E. MacNee, D. A. Leen, A. R. Dubinski, T. L. Dalrymple, M. Collins, D. E. Abbott [Abstract 2749], Poster Location: 645

Poster Session II: Earth Analog Studies of Planetary Systems
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Ice-Rift Seismicity in Antarctica: An Analog for Understanding Tidally Generated Seismic Activity on Enceladus and Europa, K. G. Olsen, T. A. Hurford, N. C. Schmerr, K. M. Brunt [Abstract 2705], Poster Location: 652

Geysir Geothermal Field, Iceland: Revisiting Silica-Rich Deposits Near Home Plate, Gusev Crater, Mars, J. C. Ludyan, L. J. McHenry, T. Grundl [Abstract 2915], Poster Location: 658

Lacustrine Carbonates, Basaltic Tuff, and Putative Biogenic Alteration: Upsal Hogback, NV, as a Possible Analogue for Jezero Crater, J. T. Pentesco, M. E. Schmidt [Abstract 2493], Poster Location: 659

Martian Analog Dust Devil Studies in Nevada — Finding the Atmospheric Link, S. Metzger, L. Fenton, S. Scheidt, T. Michaels, T. Dorn, B. Cole, O. Sprau, L. Neakrase [Abstract 2350], Poster Location: 665

Details in the Devils: Preliminary Results of a Field Investigation of Planetary Boundary Layer Turbulence and Dust Devil Generation, L. K. Fenton, S. Metzger, T. I. Michaels, S. P. Scheidt, T. C. Dorn, B. Cole, O. Sprau, L. D. V. Neakrase [Abstract 2567], Poster Location: 666

Rare Earth Element Abundances and Chemical Alteration in Microenvironments of the McMurdo Dry Valleys, A. Foerder, P. Englert, J. L. Bishop, C. Koeberl, E. K. Gibson [Abstract 2298], Poster Location: 668

Poster Session II: Terrestrial Analog Studies of Planetary Tools, Technology, and Techniques (T^3)
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Radioelement Geochemistry with Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy: Analog Studies, T. H. Prettyman, D. T. Vaniman, N. Yamashita, A. R. Hendrix [Abstract 2570], Poster Location: 675

Investigation of Dike-Related Topography at Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve, Idaho, Using Unpiloted Aerial Vehicles, M. B. Callihan, C. Klimczak, C. A. Owens, R. C. Lowe III, P. K. Byrne [Abstract 1501], Poster Location: 685

Poster Session II: RAMAN Spectroscopy
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Monolithic Spatial Heterodyne Raman Spectrometer: Preliminary Characterization Results, A. M. Waldron, A. N. Allen, A. Colon, J. C. Carter, S. M. Angel [Abstract 1137], Poster Location: 696

Laser-Based Non-Destructive Analyses of the Tagish Lake Meteorite in a Controlled Environment for Future Studies of Asteroid Return Samples, E. A. Lymer, M. G. Daly, K. T. Tait, J. Freemantle, E. A. Lalla [Abstract 2151], Poster Location: 699

Poster Session II: UV-VIS-IR Instruments
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Flight Readiness of Mochii ISS-NL Portable Spectroscopic Electron Microscope, C. S. Own, J. Martinez, T. D. DeRego, L. S. Own, Z. Morales, K. Thomas-Keprta, Z. Rahman, S. Clemett, T. Graff, D. R. Pettit, M. Reagan [Abstract 2996], Poster Location: 702

Construction of a Goniometer Instrument for Imaging Polarization and Photometric Studies of Planetary Regolith Analogs, D. T. Blewett, G. Basic, A. A. Knuth, J. Newhook, B. W. Denevi, P. Prem, H. Sato [Abstract 1322], Poster Location: 703

The Heimdall Camera System: Turning Eyes on the Moon, R. A. Yingst, B. A. Cohen, W. B. Garry, M. E. Minitti, M. A. Ravine, R. N. Watkins, K. E. Young [Abstract 1439], Poster Location: 707

An Ultraviolet Micromirror Imaging Spectrograph Concept Study, R. N. Schindhelm, A. R. Hendrix, B. Fleming, D. Vorobiev [Abstract 1620], Poster Location: 713

Portable Flow Inferencing Device Using Fourier Ptychographic Microscopy and Deep Learning for Detection of Biosignatures, S. Aslam, D. Bower, J. Eigenbrode, N. Gorius, T. Hewagama, L. Miko, G. Nehmetallah, T. Nguyen [Abstract 1154], Poster Location: 715

Poster Session II: Advanced Instrument Techniques
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Active Neutron and Gamma-Ray Measurements of Icy Planetary Surfaces, L. E. Heffern, A. M. Parsons, C. J. Hardgrove, R. D. Starr, E. B. Johnson, G. Stoddard, R. Blakeley, H. Barnaby, T. Prettyman [Abstract 2875], Poster Location: 717

Design of a Direct-Detection Wind and Aerosol Lidar for Mars Orbit, D. R. Cremons, J. B. Abshire, X. Sun, S. D. Guzewich, G. Allan, H. Riris, A. Yu, F. Hovis [Abstract 1204], Poster Location: 723

Low Noise Electronic Readout for an Ice Giants Net Flux Radiometer Focal Plane Assembly, D. Tran, G. T. Quilligan, N. Gorius, G. Nehmetallah, S. Aslam [Abstract 1233], Poster Location: 733

Characterization of Lunar Regolith via Passive Remote Sensing in Microwave Spectrum from 1 to 10 GHz, M. Aksoy, I. Walter, D. M. Hollibaugh Baker, J. R. Piepmeier [Abstract 1525], Poster Location: 734

A Laser Nephelometer for Detection of In-Situ Particles from Planetary Atmosphere, V. Jha, A. Colaprete, A. Cook, B. White, E. Bendek, E. Hyde, M. P. Garrett [Abstract 2999], Poster Location: 738

Poster Session II: Lunar Environment Studies and ISRU
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Future Earth-Moon Transport Methodology with Reusable Spacecrafts Using Lunar Material as Its Fuel, B. K. Kars [Abstract 2837], Poster Location: 747

AMARIS: Mitigating Dust Accumulation Using Electrostatic Forces and a Lithium Ion Nanofoil Shield with Applications to Lunar Missions, V. K. Cross, C. K. Cross, K. L. Simmons [Abstract 1952], Poster Location: 752

Poster Session II: Walking Amongst the People: Public Engagement Examples and Resources
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

Connecting Planetary Scientists with the Public, C. Shupla, E. Klein, M. A. Matiella Novak, E. G. Rivera-Valentin, A. Shaner, S. Webb [Abstract 3020], Poster Location: 766

TREX Scientists Leading Public Engagement, S. R. Buxner, A. R. Hendrix, J. A. Grier, J. Molaro, D. L. Domingue, M. Lane, M. Banks, E. Z. Noe Dobrea, R. N. Watkins, T. H. Prettyman, S. Wright, C. Wood, L. C. Quick, L. Lebofsky, P. L. Gay [Abstract 2773], Poster Location: 767

The Cosmic Cast: Communicating Planetary Sciences to General Audiences, J. F. Pernet-Fisher, T. A. Harvey, M. Lo, E. Carter, R. Bahia [Abstract 1378], Poster Location: 770

Engaging the Public with Apollo Anniversaries, S. L. Tiedeken, M. L. Wasser, A. J. Jones, N. L. Whelley [Abstract 1097], Poster Location: 771

Apollo Memorial Year for the Planetary Science Education — Real and VR Exhibition, P. G. Vizi, Sz. Bérczi [Abstract 2916], Poster Location: 773

European Rover Challenge (ERC) — An Annual International Robotics Competition in Poland, A. Karahan, R. Lubanski, L. Wilczynski, A. Losiak [Abstract 2188], Poster Location: 781

Simulated Mars Rover Model Competition — Evolution and Success, P. G. Vizi, A. Sipos [Abstract 1924], Poster Location: 782

Poster Session II: Engaging Diverse Audiences Through STEAM
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Hall

The Art of Planetary Science 2020: Planetary Science and Science Fiction, A. M. McGraw, L. Brock, A. Stadermann, Z. Brown, T. Meng, S. Thibodeaux-Yost [Abstract 2674], Poster Location: 785

STAR Academy: Space and Planetary Sciences for High School Students at the Arecibo Observatory, B. Rivera, S. Santiago, A. Virkki [Abstract 1085], Poster Location: 787

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