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LabRoots, NASA Wants to Dispatch a Spacecraft to Explore Triton (April 17)

inSmart (Czech Republic), Nízkonákladový let kolem Tritonu má odhalit podpovrchový oceán i kryovulkanickou činnost (April 17)

Everyeye (Italy), La NASA Vuole Inviare su Tritone una Missione a Basso Costo (April 17)

Phys.org, NASA wants to send a low-cost mission to explore Neptune's moon Triton (April 17)

Science News, The delight of discovering an asteroid that spits (April 13)

Descopera (Romania), Urmele transformării planetei Venus pot fi ascunse la vedere. ''Sora geamănă a Pământului'' ar fi putut susţine viaţa (April 12)

talkRADIO with Paul Ross (UK), Radio interview with Dr. Allan Treiman about the LPSC haiku competition (4:00 - 4:30 time slot) (April 11)

MeteoWeb (Italy), Spazio, la sonda Beresheet è sempre più vicina alla Luna: manca pochissimo allo storico allunaggio, le prime FOTO sono pazzesche (April 11)

Descopera (Romania), Descoperire surprinzătoare cu privire la asteroizii din metal (April 10)

MeteoWeb (Italy), Spazio, fiato sospeso per la sonda israeliana Beresheet sulla Luna: iniziato il countdown per l’allunaggio (April 10)

Space.com, Fingerprints of Venus Transformation May Be Hidden in Plain Sight (April 10)

Brinkwire, Venus may have had a climate suitable for life BILLIONS of years ago (April 9)

Universe Today, Metal Asteroid Psyche Might Have Had Volcanoes of Molten Iron (April 9)

Space.com, Israeli Moon Lander Poised for Lunar Touchdown Thursday (April 9)

Puls Kosmosu (Poland), Wulkany żelaza mogły wybuchać na metalowych planetoidach (April 9)

ScienceDaily, Iron volcanoes may have erupted on metal asteroids (April 8)

Futura Sciences (France), La sonde Psyché pourrait découvrir des volcans de fer sur un astéroïde (April 8)

EngineerLive, Rocky surface on Bennu surprises scientists (April 8)

Space Review, Science, commerce, and the Moon (April 8)

Engineering.com, Cave Explorer Drone Could Search for Life on Mars (April 8)

Centauri Dreams, Hayabusa2 Impactor Deployment (April 8)

Leonard David's Inside Outer Space, Israel's Moon Lander: Momnet of Truth (Updated) (April 7)

Universities Space Research Association Newsroom, USRA's Louise Prockter featured in an article in The New York Times (April 5)

Digital Trends, No, it’s not a Michael Bay movie, but a spacecraft just bombed an asteroid (April 5)

BBC News Brazil, Por que uma sonda japonesa teria detonado explosivos em um asteroide (April 5)

News.bg (Bulgaria), Японска сонда "бомбардира" астероида Рюгу за проби (April 5)

BBC News Japan, 探査機「はやぶさ2」、小惑星でのクレーター作製に成功 世界初 (April 5)

Radio New Zealand, Explosive likely detonated on asteroid (April 5)

BBC News, Hayabusa-2: Japanese probe likely to have 'bombed' an asteroid (April 5)

Berks-Mont News, KU prof Dr. Erin Kraal wins first in Lunar and Planetary Science 'Haiku' Contest (April 4)

Twittersmash (Germany), Jupiter Moon Europa versteckt außerirdisches Leben unter Eis? Satellit ist das nächste Ziel der NASA (April 4)

SpacePolicyOnline.com, New Hayabusa2 Impact Crater Event, Apr 4, 2019, Asteroid Ryugu, 10:36 pm ET (April 3)

Planetary Radio (Planetary Society), Ice Worlds, A Moon Landing and Blasting an Asteroid (April 3)

NewKerala.com (India), NASA Mission Reveals Asteroid Has Big Surprises (April 3)

Spaceflight Now, InSight scientists not sure stalled Mars heat probe can be recovered (April 3)

Science News, Metal asteroids may have once had iron-spewing volcanoes (April 3)

Paterson Weekly, The Smallest, Farthest Worlds Ever Explored By NASA are Really Unusual (April 3)

VTM (Czech Republic), Po životě na Marsu by mohly pátrat speciální drony (April 3)

Scientific American, “Toffee Planets” Hint at Earth’s Cosmic Rarity (April 3)

International Business Times, Jupiter Moon Europa Hiding Alien Life Under Ice? Satellite Is NASA's Next Target (April 3)

Daily Mail, Venus had vast oceans of liquid water billions of years ago until the sun's gravity forced the planet to almost stop spinning and formed a toxic atmosphere of greenhouse gases (April 1)

Physics, Seeing into the Moon’s Dark Patches (April 1)

New Scientist, Curiosity is entering what may be the best area to find life on Mars (April 1)

Space.com, Life on Jupiter's Moon Europa? Lander Design Team Hopes to Be the Ones to Find It (April 1)

Space News, Mars 2020 instrument survives termination review (March 31)

EarthSky, Grab a bit of asteroid Bennu? Turns out, it’s tougher than expected (March 31)

Space.com, Next Stop, Triton? Here's Two Wild Ideas to Explore Neptune's Weirdest Moon (March 31)

Industry News USA, Chandrayaan 2, Beresheet To Carry NASA’s Laser Instruments To Moon (March 30)

Astronomy, The case for Trident: NASA’s shrinking window for a mission to Triton (March 29)

Digital Trends, NASA scientists want to send a cave-diving rover to the moon (March 29)

EarthSky, NASA proposes mission to Neptune moon Triton (March 28)

Spektrum SciLogs (Germany), Es hagelt Akronyme: LPSC 50, Microsymposium 60 & SWT 18 – eine Nachbetrachtung (March 28)

North Texas e-News, NASA mission reveals asteroid has big surprises (March 28)

Vozpópuli (Spain), La NASA se plantea enviar un rover para explorar las cuevas de la Luna (March 28)

Le Scienze (Italy), Un nuovo sguardo alle rocce lunari dell'Apollo 17 (March 28)

We Martians, We Martians Podcast Episode 56 – LPSC 2019 (The Legacy of Apollo) (March 27)

Planetary Radio (Planetary Society), Dunes, Walnut Shells, Alien Impostors and Other Worlds: A Visit with Sarah Hörst (March 27)

News @ Wesleyan, Wesleyan University, Students, Faculty, Alumni Present Research at 50th Annual Planetary Science Conference (March 27)

New Scientist, Spacecraft reveal the mysteries of the solar system's space rocks (March 27)

Science News, Kuiper Belt dust may be in our atmosphere (and NASA labs) right now (March 27)

Space.com, Toast Japan's Hayabusa2 Mission with These Ryugu-Themed Drinks (March 27)

The Times (England), Haiku helps Martian expert save space (March 27)

American Institute of Physics, FY20 Budget Request: NASA (March 26)

Smithsonian, NASA Considers a Rover Mission to Go Cave Diving on the Moon (March 26)

Space News, Mixed reactions to accelerated moon plan (March 26)

Descopera (Romania), Noua misiune a NASA pe o lume îndepărtată poate duce la descoperirea vieţii extraterestre (March 26)

The Wall Street Journal, Haikus About Space/Make Science Less Tedious/So Hope Scientists (March 26)

Swarajya (India), NASA To Piggyback On Chandrayaan 2 To Put Its Laser Retroreflector Arrays On Moon, So Distance Can Be Measured (March 26)

VTM (Czech Republic), NASA navrhla misi k největšímu Neptunově měsíci Tritonu (March 26)

New Scientist (The Netherlands), Planetoïde Ryugu is zo droog dat we moeten heroverwegen waar het water op aarde vandaankomt (March 26)

The Week (India), Chandrayaan 2 will carry NASA's laser retroreflector to Moon (March 26)

New Delhi Times, ISRO’s Chandrayaan 2 to carry NASA’s laser instruments to Moon (March 26)

Zee News (India), ISRO's Chandrayaan 2 will carry NASA's laser instruments to Moon (March 26)

Cosmos, After 50 years, Apollo’s moon rocks still have much to give (March 26)

Medical Daily, NASA Targets Neptune Moon Triton In Search For Alien Life (March 25)

Universe Today, Asteroid Bennu has Already Thrown Material off into Space 11 Times Since OSIRIS-REx Arrived (March 25)

Daily Galaxy, “Secrets of the Early Solar System” –NASA Scientists to Probe Pristine Apollo 17 Moon Rocks (March 25)

Nature, Fresh look at Apollo Moon rocks reveals Solar System secrets (March 25)

Futurity, Grab a bit of asteroid Bennu? Not so fast (March 25)

Discover, Titan’s Slot Canyons of Ice Rival Those of Zion National Park (March 25)

Space Review, Cost challenges continue for NASA science missions (March 25)

Economic Times (India), Chandrayaan 2 to carry NASA science instrument (March 25)

Science Alert, NASA Has Proposed a Mission to Neptune's Moon Triton, And We're So Excited (March 25)

Space.com, NASA Needs Fresh Moon Rocks. This Sample-Return Mission Could Get Them (March 25)

Hindu Business Line (India), ‘Chandrayaan 2 will carry NASA’s laser instruments to Moon’ (March 25)

Live Science, 'Unseen' Meteor That Exploded Over Bering Sea Caught on Camera After All (March 25)

Space Coast Daily, NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Mission Reveals Asteroid ‘Bennu’ Rough Terrain, Other Surprises (March 25)

Space.com, How NASA Scrambled to Add Science Experiments to Israeli, Indian Moon Probes (March 24)

Live Science, Distant, Cold Space Rock Had 'Frankenstein' Beginnings (March 24)

ZAP (Portugal), A enigmática geologia do Ultima Thule está a fascinar os cientistas (March 24)

Aero-News Network, NASA Mission Reveals Asteroid Has Big Surprises (March 23)

Liberation (France), Le plus vieil œuf non pondu et les premières secousses de Mars (March 23)

Science Friday, The Results Are In From The Distant Asteroid Ryugu (March 22)

Futurism, NASA Proposes Mission to Neptune’s Largest Moon Triton (March 22)

BBC News, Planet Venus: Hopes rise of new mission to the hothouse world (March 22)

Sky & Telescope, Hayabusa 2 Finds Asteroid Ryugu Is Young, Dark & Dry (March 22)

SpaceRef, OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Studies Asteroid Bennu Up Close (March 22)

Coelum Astronomia (Italy), Ryugu, pubblicati su Science i primi risultati (March 22)

The Sun, Can You Sea It? NASA plots mission to explore Neptune’s moon Triton – solar system’s coldest object ‘may have ocean harbouring alien life’ (March 22)

Indian Express, Evidence of water, particle plumes discovered on asteroid Bennu: NASA (March 22)

Popular Science, Megapixels: Asteroid Bennu is ...exploding? (March 22)

The Conversation, Why dangerous asteroids heading to Earth are so hard to detect (March 22)

Leonard David's Inside Outer Space, Planetary Defense: Late Word on 2019 Meteor Blast (March 21)

Media INAF (Italy), Ryugu, pubblicati su Science i primi risultati (March 21)

Space.com, NASA May Send a Smallsat Mission to the Giant Asteroid Pallas (March 21)

Descopera (Romania), Fenomenul surprinzător de pe suprafaţa asteroidului Bennu. ''Clar nu ne-am aşteptat să vedem asta'' (March 21)

Scientific American, Huge Meteor Explosion a Wake-Up Call for Planetary Defense (March 21)

The Nation (Pakistan), Asteroid mission exploring a ‘rubble pile’ (March 21)

Futurism, NASA’s Working on a Drone to Hunt For Life in Martian Caves (March 21)

Spatial Source (Australia), Mapping on Mars with LiDAR-equipped space drones (March 21)

Sputnik (Afghanistan), ناسا نسبت فعالیت معمایی سیارک به مشکل نمونه گیری مواجه شده (March 21)

Silicon India, NASA probe makes new discoveries on asteroid Bennu (March 21)

Daily Excelsior (Jammu and Kashmir), Evidence of water, particle plumes discovered on asteroid Bennu: NASA (March 21)

NBC News, Meteor no one saw coming exploded over Earth with force of 10 atomic bombs (March 20)

Can-India News (Canada), NASA probe makes new discoveries on asteroid Bennu (March 20)

SYFY Wire, Holy Spitting Space Rocks: Asteroid Bennu is Active! (March 20)

Popular Mechanics, A Tale of Two Asteroids (March 20)

University of Stirling News (Scotland), Space mission involving Stirling scientists reports findings (March 20)

N + 1, Ultima Thule: astrónomos encuentran la sustancia orgánica metanol en el lejano objeto (March 20)

KIJK (The Netherlands), Meteoroïde ‘stiekempjes’ geëxplodeerd (March 20)

Science News, Ryugu is probably a chip off one of these two other asteroids (March 20)

Daily Galaxy, “A Huge Surprise” –NASA Unveils First-Ever Asteroid Plumes (March 20)

Nature, The week in science: 15–21 March 2019: Impenetrable ice, Mars rumbles and nuclear-fusion lab (March 20)

The Atlantic, The Mysterious, Exploding Asteroid (March 20)

Washington Post, The smallest and farthest worlds ever explored by NASA are really, really weird (March 20)

Space.com, Here's the Right Way to Nuke an Asteroid (Sorry, Bruce Willis) (March 20)

Space.com, NASA Wants to Put a Rover on the Moon by 2023 (March 20)

SpaceFlight Insider, Scientists Speculate About the Origins of Ultima Thule's Surface Features (March 20)

Drone Below, Drone Used to Map Lava Tubes in Preparation for Space Exploration (March 20)

Scienze Fanpage (Italy), Marte, microsismi rilevati per la prima volta: cosa sono e come nascono (March 20)

MeteoWeb (Italy), Astronomia, Missione New Horizons: tracciato l’identikit di Ultima Thule (March 20)

Le Figaro (France), Les astéroïdes Bennu et Ryugu, deux faux jumeaux intrigants (March 19)

Room: The Space Journal (Austria), New data from InSight shows a contrasting Mars (March 19)

New York Times, The Asteroid Was Shooting Rocks Into Space. ‘Were We Safe in Orbit?’ (March 19)

Planetary Society, OSIRIS-REx sees Bennu spewing stuff into space (March 19)

Ars Technica, At Bennu, NASA finds a mysterious, boulder-strewn asteroid (March 19)

New York Times, Neptune’s Moon Triton Is Destination of Proposed NASA Mission (March 19)

Nature, NASA cuts to Europa mission anger planetary scientists (March 19)

BBC News, Hayabusa-2: Asteroid mission exploring a 'rubble pile' (March 19)

Astronomy, Hayabusa2 results hint asteroid Ryugu was broken off larger space rock (March 19)

South China Morning Post, Meteor explosion above Bering Sea unleashed 10 times as much energy as atomic bomb that destroyed Hiroshima ... and no one saw it (March 19)

Astro Blogs (The Netherlands), Op 18 december explodeerde de één na grootste meteoroïde van de laatste 30 jaar in de atmosfeer (March 19)

Stuttgarter Nachrichten (Germany), Asteroid Ryugu ist porös wie Braunkohle (March 19)

Urania (Poland), Niespodziewane odkrycia na asteroidzie Bennu (March 19)

De Morgen (Belgium), De verste ruimterots die we ooit met een sonde bezochten, blijkt nóg vreemder dan we al dachten (March 19)

ABC News (Australia), First close look at asteroids Ryugu and Bennu sends planetary scientists into a spin (March 19)

Cosmos, Ultima Thule latest: an ancient red worldlet, dancing lobe to lobe (March 19)

Gizmodo, The Hayabusa2 Mission to Asteroid Ryugu Just Dropped Its First Scientific Results (March 19)

New Scientist, Asteroid Bennu is spewing out dust and rocks to create its own moons (March 19)

Space.com, Water on Asteroid Bennu Could Mean 'Pay Dirt' for Space Miners (March 19)

Forbes, NASA's InSight Lander Can Hear A Symphony Of Hum-Like Noises On Mars (March 19)

Nature, Asteroid’s bumpiness threatens US plan to return a sample to Earth (March 19)

New Scientist, Asteroid Ryugu is so dry we may have to rethink how Earth got water (March 19)

Science News, Surprising astronomers, Bennu spits plumes of dust into space (March 19)

NASA.gov, NASA Mission Reveals Asteroid Has Big Surprises (March 19)

Astronomy Now, Ultima Thule answers – and raises – questions about early solar system (March 19)

SETI Institute, Drone Maps Icy Lava Tube in Iceland in Preparation for Cave Exploration on the Moon and Mars (March 19)

Los Angeles Times, Weirdly shaped, very dark: Ultima Thule is revealing the outer solar system’s secrets (March 19)

Space News, NASA dealing with cost growth on planetary science flagship missions (March 19)

Sky & Telescope, New Results Probe the Origin of “Ultimate Thule” (March 19)

Space.com, 1st Scientist on the Moon Says NASA Lacks Urgency for Lunar Landing (March 19)

Space News, Engineers still studying problem with InSight heat flow probe (March 19)

Daily Mail, The hunt for 'iron volcanoes' on a metal world: NASA mission targets space rock the size of Massachusetts thought to be the core of a dead planet (March 19)

Индикатор (Russia), Ученые зафиксировали взрыв крупного метеорита над Беринговым морем (March 19)

De Volkskrant (The Netherlands), Verre ‘sneeuwpop’ beter in kaart gebracht (March 19)

ВЕСТИ.Наука (Russia), Органика и странные кратеры: новые результаты исследования Ультима Туле (March 19)

Heise Online (Germany), NASA: Gewaltige Explosion eines Meteors zu Weihnachten über Beringsee (March 19)

Puls Kosmosu (Poland), Zespół misji New Horizons odkrywa nowe tajemnice Ultima Thule (March 19)

Science, Surface trembling detected on Mars for the first time (March 18)

Space.com, Queen Guitarist Brian May Scores Ultima Thule Flyby Time-Lapse Video (March 18)

Astronomy, What are tholins? The mysterious substance that turned Ultima Thule red (March 18)

Discover, What Are Tholins? The Mysterious Substance That Turned Ultima Thule Red (March 18)

NASA.gov, A Prehistoric Puzzle in the Kuiper Belt (March 18)

New York Times, How Ultima Thule Is Like a Sticky, Pull-Apart Pastry (March 18)

Science News, Ultima Thule may be a frankenworld (March 18)

Science, Cost of Mars 2020 mission may rise by up to 15% (March 18)

Science, Minitremors detected on Mars for first time (March 18)

Science, The space ‘snowman’ at the edge of our solar system is actually two lumpy pancakes (March 18)

Popular Mechanics, A Meteor Hit Earth With the Force of a Nuclear Bomb and We Hardly Even Noticed (March 18)

Live Science, Sneaky Meteor Evades Earthling Detection, Explodes with Force of 10 Atomic Bombs (March 18)

BBC News, Psyche: Metal world mission targets 'iron volcanoes' (March 18)

NASA.gov, A Prehistoric Puzzle in the Kuiper Belt (March 18)

Iran Daily, NASA: Huge meteor exploded in Earth's atmosphere in December (March 18)

The Guardian, Meteor blast over Bering Sea was 10 times size of Hiroshima (March 18)

Yahoo News UK, A huge meteor exploded over Earth in December and no one noticed, says NASA (March 18)

HLN (Belgium), NASA onthult: in december ontplofte metersgrote meteoriet boven Beringzee (March 18)

Daily Mail, A 1,500 TON meteor exploded over Earth with 10 times the energy released by the Hiroshima atomic bomb last year - and scientists have only just spotted it (March 18)

BBC News, US detects huge meteor explosion (March 18)

Spacepolicyonline.com, What's Happening in Space Policy March 17-23, 2019 (March 17)

Leonard David's Inside Outer Space, Moon Exploration: Science Sleuthing via Printer-sized Lunar Rover (March 16)

PR Newswire, NASA to Discuss Lunar and Planetary Science at Houston-area Conference (March 15)

Woodlands Online, Planetary scientists from around the world to share latest research (March 14)

Houston Matters News 88.7, Conference Studies Pluto And the Bodies Beyond the Planets (March 14)

collectSPACE, NASA to break seal on Apollo moon rock samples for scientific study (March 12)

Ny Teknik (Sweden), Projektet kartlägger Mars gömda vatten (March 11)

Sci-News, Planetary Researchers Map Potential Sources of Martian Water (March 7)

Yahoo Japan, はやぶさ2の現状と今後の運用 JAXA会見(全文4)3回目の着陸は時間的に難しい (March 6)

Women in Planetary Science, Announcing the 11th Annual Susan Niebur WiPS Networking Event – LPSC 2019 (February 26)

Brown University: News from Brown, Brown students team with space exploration company on Moon mission planning (February 25)

Planetary Society, InSight update, sols 43-83: Instrument placement complete (February 20)

Il Mattino (Italy), Lo show della super Luna nella notte più luminosa dell'anno (February 18)

Der Standard (Austria), Berechnungen zeigen: Raumstation in ausgehöhltem Asteroiden wäre realistisch (February 17)

Spektrum SciLogs (Germany), Von Flomp Sticking, Raumgeschwadern und Eisenvulkanismus: Vorschau auf die 50te LPSC in Houston (February 13)

The ORF (Austria), Wie man eine Raumstation in einen Asteroiden einbaut (February 12)

Planetary Society, Curiosity Update, Sols 2257-2312: Drilling at Rock Hall and Arrival at the Valley of Clay (February 6)

Red Planet Report, Curiosity report, Sols 2257-2312, by Emily Lakdawalla, The Planetary Society (February 6)

Leonard David's Inside Outer Space, China Prepares for Robotic Moon Sample Return (January 30)

Cosmos, Craters, bulgy mounds and a collar (January 28)

Centauri Dreams, What’s Next for New Horizons? (January 23)

The Albion Pleiad, Albion College, Professor Nicole Zellner Continues Lunar Glass Research with Harvard and Rutgers (January 23)

Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory: New Horizons, The PI's Perspective: We Did It — The Bullseye Flyby of Ultima Thule! (January 17)

Spaceflight Insider, Animation Shows Ultima Thule Rotating as New Horizons Approached (January 17)

Science News, Preliminary Results Published From New Horizons Flyby of MU69 'Ultima Thule' (January 12)

Planetary Society, InSight Update, sols 25-42: Seismometer sensors working! (January 9)

SpaceRef, Overview of initial results from the reconnaissance flyby of a Kuiper Belt planetesimal: 2014 MU69 (January 9)

Viewpoint (Japan), アポロ11号が半世紀前に始めた固体惑星物質科学の救世主はやぶさ (January 6)

SpaceRef, 2019 Pierazzo International Student Travel Award Winners Announced (January 3)

Sky & Telescope, New Horizons: Ultima Thule is Dead Ahead (December 26)