Large Image Showcase

The successes of planetary missions in recent years, combined with advancements in instruments and technology, have resulted in some of the most stunning imagery we’ve ever seen. In recent years, some of this imagery has been on display at LPSC in the form of large images along the walls of the exhibit hall, but the space has been allotted in a random fashion with requests often being received at the last minute. This not only makes it difficult to manage, but the distribution of this space has sometimes been perceived as giving an unfair advantage to those who have thought to ask the right person at the right time.

In an effort to provide a more equitable distribution of space for these large images, we are providing an application form for requests for space in the large image showcase.

Please be aware that there is a limited amount of space available for these images. All requests will be reviewed by the executive committee. Space for large images will be allotted based on the number of requests, the importance of the content, and the number of boards available.

If an overwhelming number of requests are received, space may be assigned for a limited time period that corresponds to the regular poster displays (i.e., Sunday night through Tuesday night, or Wednesday morning through Thursday night). All decisions of the review committee are final.

Each poster board is 96” wide (243 cm) by 48” high (121 cm), and up to three boards may be requested. Note that requests are for one side of a board and may be for one poster session timeframe only, depending upon the number of requests received.

Notification of selections will be sent out no earlier than mid-February.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to

Submit a request for the large image showcase

The deadline to request space in the large image showcase is January 18, 2019.