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50th LPSC Haiku Contest!!!

All LPSC Abstract Summaries in haiku format have been automatically entered in the contest. A panel of skilled and literate judges will select the top five haikus accompanying accepted abstracts (oral, poster, and print only). These top five poets will receive awards, to be presented at the poster session on Thursday evening at 6:30 p.m. in front of the LPI booth.

All Abstract Summaries in haiku format are eligible, except those submitted by the judges.

LPSC 2019 Haiku Awards

Honorable Mention, not Haiku
Mars is red
Neptune is blue
Tissintite is cool
I can't write a haiku.
Ms. Jo Melinda Rucks
Abstract #2691, "The Behavior of Calcium-Rich Plagioclase Under Impact Relevent Conditions and Implications for Impact Studies", M. J. Rucks, T. D. Glotch, M. L. Whitaker, T. G. Sharp, C. Fudge, D. Lindsley, T. Catalano, H. Nekvasil

Honorable Mention II Haiku
First rock from the Sun
Dense, reduced, volatile rich
Magnetic, shrinking.
Prof. C Sean Solomon
Abstract #1277, "First Rock from the Sun: 50 Years of Mercury Exploration", S. C. Solomon, L. R. Nittler, B. J. Anderson, P. K. Byrne

Honorable Mention I Haiku
Charming, who are you?
Science gives fairytale end
Probably Wabar.
Dr. G Rhiannon Mayne
Abstract #2404, "From a Camel to the Smithsonian: Tracing the Origin of Qarabawi's Charm", R. G. Mayne, C. M. Corrigan, T. J. McCoy, J. M. D. Day, T. Rose

4th Prize Haiku
Government shutdown
prompts placeholder abstract
Lorem ipsum dolor.
Dr. Benjamin Aaron Regberg
Abstract #1113, "Microbial Ecoloyg of the OSIRIS-ReX Assembly Test and Launch Environment", A. B. Regberg, C. L. Castro,
H. C. Connolly Jr., R. E. Davis, J. P. Dworkin, D. S. Lauretta, S. R. Messenger, F. M. McCubbin, K. Righter, S. E. Stahl, S. L. Wallace

3rd Prize Haiku
Did the lobes grow by blorping
Then join by a flomp?
Dr. R. Noam Izenberg
Abstract #1248, "Collisional Terminology For Cold Classical KBOs", N. R. Izenberg, P. K. Byrne, F. J. Calef III, D. A. Rothery, D. Pegg, C. Ahrens

2nd Prize Haiku
Apollo brought us
History in their gloved hands
Tiny rocky clocks.
Dr. A Barbara Cohen
Abstract #1112, "A Glint of Light on Broken Glass: Solar System Bombardment from Apollo Samples", B. A. Cohen

1st Prize Haiku
Sudden wall collapse
Petals of debris lay down
Valley feels deformed.
Dr. R Erin Kraal
Abstract #2511, "Geomorphic Mapping of Landslides in Aram Valley, Mars", B. C. McCardle, E. R. Kraa