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Poster Session I: OSIRIS-REx at Asteroid Bennu
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Microbial Ecology of the OSIRIS-ReX Assembly Test and Launch Environment, A. B. Regberg, C. L. Castro, H. C. Connolly Jr., R. E. Davis, J. P. Dworkin, D. S. Lauretta, S. R. Messenger, F. M. McCubbin, K. Righter, S. E. Stahl, S. L. Wallace [Abstract 1113], Poster Location: 2

Comparing the RADAR Shape Model of (101955) Bennu with Ground Truth from OSIRIS-REx, M. C. Nolan, M. M. Al Asad, O. S. Barnouin, L. A. M. Benner, M. G. Daly, C. Drouet d'Aubigny, R. W. Gaskell, J. D. Giorgini, C. W. Hergenrother, E. S. Howell, C. Magri, J. L. Margot, E. Palmer, M. Pajola, M. E. Perry, B. Rizk, J. R. Weirich, D. S. Lauretta, OSIRIS-REx Team [Abstract 2162], Poster Location: 8

Poster Session I: Special Session: Hayabusa2 Unveiling Asteroid Ryugu
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Gaussian Deconvolution of the 2.7-Micron Band of Hayabusa2/NIRS3 Spectrum of Asteroid Ryugu — Possibly a Heavily Space-Weathered CM Chondrite Body, T. Hiroi, R. E. Milliken, K. M. Robertson, H. Kaiden, K. Misawa, H. Tanaka, S. Sasaki, M. Matsuoka, T. Nakamura, K. Kitazato, T. Iwata, M. Abe, M. Ohtake, S. Matsuura, T. Arai, Y. Nakauchi, H. Senshu, N. Hirata, C. Pilorget, R. Brunetto, F. Poulet, L. Riu, D. Takir, D. L. Domingue, F. Vilas, M. A. Barucci, D. Perna, E. Palomba, A. Galiano, T. Osawa, M. Komatsu, A. Nakato, T. Arai, N. Takato, T. Matsunaga, S. Nakazawa, S. Tanaka, M. Yoshikawa, S. Watanabe, Y. Tsuda [Abstract 1129], Poster Location: 50

Poster Session I: Chondrites: Whole Rocks
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

NanoSIMS Analysis of Siderophile Elements in Metallic Phases of Chondrites, L. Qin, L. Xu, J. Zhang, J. Hao, Y. Lin, Y. Zou [Abstract 2696], Poster Location: 55

Revisiting the CY (Yamato) Carbonaceous Chondrite Group, A. J. King, S. S. Russell [Abstract 1386], Poster Location: 64

Mineralogy, Petrology, and Oxygen Isotopic Composition of Northwest Africa (NWA) 12379, a New Metal-Rich Chondrite with Affinity to Ordinary Chondrites, C. A. Jansen, F. E. Brenker, A. N. Krot, J. Zipfel, A. Pack, L. Labenne, M. Bizzarro, M. Schiller [Abstract 2741], Poster Location: 68

Comparing Chondrites and Conglomerates, R. K. Herd [Abstract 3093], Poster Location: 72

Poster Session I: Chondrites: Alteration Processes
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Abundant Water in Ordinary Chondrites: Evidence from a Clast with Unique Alteration Assemblage in the Northwest Africa (NWA) 12380 (L3) Chondrite, M. L. Hutson, A. M. Ruzicka, S. Tutorow [Abstract 1764], Poster Location: 77

An Application of REE-in-Two-Pyroxene Thermometry to H Chondrites: Evidence for Early Fragmentation — Reassembly of the H Chondrite Parent Body, M. P. Lucas, N. Dygert, A. D. Patchen, N. R. Miller, H. Y. McSween [Abstract 2495], Poster Location: 79

Moonmilk in the Carbonaceous Chondrites, M. R. Lee, B. E. Cohen, A. J. King, R. C. Greenwood, J. Gibson [Abstract 1367], Poster Location: 80

Evolution of Fluid Composition Inferred from Calcite in the Yamato 791198 CM Chondrite, W. Fujiya, Y. Aoki, T. Ushikubo, K. Hashizume [Abstract 1725], Poster Location: 81

53Mn-53Cr Radiometric Dating of Secondary Carbonates in a Hydrated Antarctic Micrometeorite, R. C. Ogliore, N. Liu, E. Dobrica, P. H. Donohue, C. E. Jilly-Rehak, J. Duprat, C. Engrand, A. J. Brearley [Abstract 2778], Poster Location: 82

Quantifying the Intensity of Post-Hydration Heating of CM Carbonaceous Chondrites Using Carbonates, M. R. Lee, B. E. Cohen, A. Boyce [Abstract 1540], Poster Location: 83

Poster Session I: Special Session: New Horizons at KBO 2014 MU69 (Ultima Thule)
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Theoretical Underpinnings on Aeolian Transport on 2014 MU69 "Ultima Thule", K. D. Runyon, M. E. Banks, D. Britt, M. R. El-Maarry, H. Weaver, J. Spencer, C. Olkin, J. Parker, A. Verbiscer, S. A. Stern [Abstract 1670], Poster Location: 105

Poster Session I: Kuiper Belt Objects: From Eris to Ultima Thule
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Collisional Terminology For Cold Classical KBOs, N. R. Izenberg, P. K. Byrne, F. J. Calef III, D. A. Rothery, D. Pegg, C. Ahrens [Abstract 1248], Poster Location: 111

Elastic Flexure Around Sputnik Planitia, Pluto, and Evidence for a Very High Heat Flux, A. C. Mills, L. G. J. Montési [Abstract 1995], Poster Location: 115

Poster Session I: Going Inside with InSight: Seismology
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

The Very Broad Band Sensor of SEIS/InSight: Validation from Cruise to Mars Ground, S. de Raucourt, P. Lognonne, O. Robert, T. Gabsi, T. Nebut, S. Tillier, M. Parise, R. Llorca, I. Savin, N. Verdier, E. Beucler, M. Drilleau, C. Perrin, T. Kawamura, R. Garcia, N. Murdoch, D. Mimoun, L. Fayon, K. Hurst, R. Wiemer, D. Mance, J. Ten Pierick, J. Mac Clean, T. Pike, P. Zweifel, M. Bierwirth [Abstract 2256], Poster Location: 123

Investigating the Relationship Between Seismic Efficiency and Seismic Moment and Impactor Properties on Mars, N. Wójcicka, G. S. Collins, I. Bastow, K. Miljkovic, N. A. Teanby, P. Lognonné, F. Karakostas, InSight Team [Abstract 2633], Poster Location: 138

Poster Session I: Going Inside with InSight: Landing Site
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Meteoroid Fragmentation in the Martian Atmosphere and the Formation of Crater Clusters, E. L. Newland, G. S. Collins, S. McMullan, I. J. Daubar, N. A. Teanby, K. Miljković [Abstract 2569], Poster Location: 157

Production of the InSight Workspace Mosaics, R. G. Deen, F. Ayoub, H. E. Abarca, N. A. Ruoff, J. N. Maki [Abstract 2151], Poster Location: 166

Poster Session I: Habitability: To Explore Strange New Worlds
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Habitability of Bodies of Water on Ancient Mars: Attenuation of UV Radiation from Aqueous Solutions of Minerals Found on Mars, P. J. Godin, H. Stone, R. Bahrami, A. C. Schuerger, J. E. Moores [Abstract 2525], Poster Location: 179

Heat Storage of Cryogenic Fluids of Ocean Worlds, V. Muñoz-Iglesias, O. Prieto-Ballesteros [Abstract 2301], Poster Location: 181

A Power Driven Model for Predicting Microbial Growth in Poorly Characterised Environments, P. M. Higgins, C. S. Cockell [Abstract 1687], Poster Location: 183

Poster Session I: Atmospheres of the Solar System
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

A Possible Solution of the Early Mars Problem: Experimentally Verified Collision-Induced Absorption Cross-Sections of CO2-H2 and CO2-CH4 Complexes, P. J. Godin, C. Campbell, T. G. Nguyen, T. Wizenberg, K. Strong, J. E. Moores [Abstract 2535], Poster Location: 210

Seasonal Variations of the Hadley Cell and Differential Hemispheric Methane Release Could Drive the Seasonal Methane Cycle on Mars, J. Pla-Garcia, S. C. R. Rafkin, C. R. Webster, P. R. Mahaffy, O. Karatekin, E. Gloesener, J. E. Moores [Abstract 2298], Poster Location: 213

Convective Vortex and Dust Devil Predictions in Gale Crater, Mars Using a Thermodynamic Theory and Comparison With Observations., C. E. Newman, M. I. Richardson, M. Lemmon, H. Kahanpää [Abstract 2312], Poster Location: 214

The Mars Methane Plume of 2003 was Caused by a Meteor Storm from Comet C/2007 H2 Skiff, M. Fries, I. L. ten Kate, P. Conrad [Abstract 1050], Poster Location: 221

Poster Session I: 50 Years of Apollo Legacy: From Origin to Exploration
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Beyond Perfect Merging: Machine Learning Applied to Simulations of Giant Impacts, S. Cambioni, E. Asphaug, A. Emsenhuber, T. S. J. Gabriel, R. Furfaro, S. R. Schwartz [Abstract 1518], Poster Location: 225

Developing an Integrated Thermochemical Code for Modeling Lunar Magma Ocean Evolution, V. Perera, S. Schwinger, P. D. Asimow, A. P. Jackson, C. R. Neal [Abstract 2846], Poster Location: 231

Morphological Classification of Complex Eratosthenian Craters, C. Rojas, P. Mahanti, M. S. Robinson [Abstract 2499], Poster Location: 242

Poster Session I: Lunar Remote Sensing I: New Exploration
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Lunar Landing Site Localization, Trajectory Inversion, and DTM Update from CHANG’E-3 Descent Images, R. Binet, M. Grizonnet, A. Torres, J-C. Malapert, F. Jocteur-Moronzier [Abstract 2433], Poster Location: 246

Poster Session I: Lunar Basins, Impacts, and Ejecta
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Thermal and Chemical Consequences of Large Impacts on the Lunar Interior, M. J. Jones, A. J. Evans [Abstract 2180], Poster Location: 255

Testing the Antipodal Ejecta Magnetization Hypothesis: Clustered Magnetization Directions of the Lunar Gerasimovich Magnetic Anomalies, R. E. Maxwell, I. Garrick-Bethell [Abstract 2102], Poster Location: 259

Testing the Antipodal Ejecta Magnetization Hypothesis: A Closer Look at the Geologic Setting of the Lunar Gerasimovich Magnetic Anomalies, M. R. Kelley, I. Garrick-Bethell [Abstract 2071], Poster Location: 260

Survival of Terrestrial Material Impacting the Lunar Surface, S. H. Halim, I. A. Crawford, G. S. Collins, K. Joy [Abstract 1816], Poster Location: 263

Geologic Study of Unusually Deep Simple Craters in the Lunar Simple-to-Complex Transition, M. Chandnani, R. R. Herrick, G. Y. Kramer [Abstract 2119], Poster Location: 269

Characterizing Lunar Impact-Related Features, Emplacement, and Degradation Processes — Impact Melts at Copernicus Crater, M. A. Matiella Novak, G. W. Patterson, B. T. Greenhagen, C. Neish, R. Smith [Abstract 3203], Poster Location: 275

Poster Session I: Lunar Impacts and Regolith Processes
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

The Effect of Terrain Properties on Crater Model Age Determination, M. R. Kirchoff, S. Marchi [Abstract 2705], Poster Location: 280

Lithological Discrimination of Reiner Gamma Using Remote Sensing Techniques, A. Ahmad, A. M. Nair [Abstract 1957], Poster Location: 291

Lunar Polar Crater Exploration: Electrical Grounding in an Electron Cloud, D. J. Rhodes, W. M. Farrell [Abstract 2449], Poster Location: 292

Modeling Near-Surface Temperature Gradients and Thermal Emission from the Lunar Regolith, P. Prem, B. T. Greenhagen, C. N. Yasanayake, K. L. Donaldson Hanna [Abstract 2425], Poster Location: 294

Analytic Model for the Equilibrium Temperature Distribution of a Sunlit Gaussian Airless Surface, L. Rubanenko, N. Schorghofer, D. A. Paige [Abstract 3014], Poster Location: 295

Lunar Soil Sample 74221,2 — A Study of Unusual Fines, M. R. Martinez, D. C. Barker, J. K. Meen [Abstract 1117], Poster Location: 304

Poster Session I: Lunar Volatiles: From Surface to Exosphere
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Exospheric Potassium: Laboratory Measurements of Temperature-Dependent Depletion Cross-Sections for Potassium Absorbed on Ilmenite, C. Bu, C. A. Dukes [Abstract 3274], Poster Location: 308

LRO-LAMP Observations of Lunar Exospheric Helium, C. Grava, D. M. Hurley, K. D. Retherford, G. R. Gladstone, T. K. Greathouse, K. E. Mandt [Abstract 1882], Poster Location: 310

The Moon is a Harsh Chromatogram: The Most Strategic Knowledge Gap (SKG) at the Lunar Surface, E. Patrick, R. Blase, M. Libardoni [Abstract 2766], Poster Location: 314

The Unique Physical Characteristics of Simulated Lunar Ice, V. G. Roux, M. C. Roth, E. L. Roux, N. S. McCafferty [Abstract 2141], Poster Location: 324

Poster Session I: Mercury: Magnetism, Magma, and More
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

The Mercury Radiometer and Thermal Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (MERTIS) Onboard Bepi Colombo: First Inflight Calibration Results, M. D'Amore, J. Helbert, A. Maturilli, I. Varatharajan, B. Ulmer, R. Berlin, G. Peter, I. Walter, H. Hiesinger [Abstract 1809], Poster Location: 348

Poster Session I: Impacts: Target Earth II
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Impact Earth — New Insights into the Terrestrial Impact Record and Cratering Processes, G. R. Osinski, R. A. F. Grieve, P. Hill, J. Newman, P. Patel, G. Tolometti [Abstract 2472], Poster Location: 351

The Mechanical Behaviour and Failure Modes of Suevite, M. J. Heap, P. K. Byrne, H. A. Gilg, T. Reuschlé [Abstract 1375], Poster Location: 360

Poster Session I: Impacts: Candidate Structures and Deposits
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Organic Carbon from the Hiawatha Impact Crater, North-West Greenland, A. A. Garde, S. Funder, C. Guvad, K. H. Kjær, N. K. Larsen, J. Dahl-Møller, G. Nehrke, H. Sanei, A. S. Søndergaard, C. Weikusat [Abstract 1381], Poster Location: 379

Disputed, Forgotten, Revitalized: Alemonite — an Enigmatic Impact Breccia Probably Linked to the Ries Crater (Germany) Impact Event, K. Ernstson, M. Molnár, M. Hiltl, K. Ventura [Abstract 1370], Poster Location: 382

Anatomy of Young Meteorite Craters in a Soft Target (Chiemgau Impact Strewn Field, SE Germany) from Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Measurements, J. Poßekel, K. Ernstson [Abstract 1204], Poster Location: 383

Trigonal and Cubic Fe2Si Polymorphs (Hapkeite) in the Eight Kilograms Find of Natural Iron Silicide from Grabenstätt (Chiemgau, Southeast Germany), F. Bauer, M. Hiltl, M. A. Rappenglück, K. Ernstson [Abstract 1520], Poster Location: 384

Metallic Artifact Remnants in a Shock-Metamorphosed Impact Breccia: An Extended View of the Archeological Excavation at Stöttham (Chiemgau, SE-Germany), B. Rappenglück, M. Hiltl, K. Ernstson [Abstract 1334], Poster Location: 385

Kaş (Turkey/Greece) and Rubielos de la Cérida (Spain) Meteorite Impact Structures: Comparative Insights into Prominent Sedimentary Carbonate Targets, A. Ure, R. Westaway, D. R. Bridgland, F. Claudin, K. Ernstson [Abstract 1196], Poster Location: 386

Poster Session I: Ministry of Icy Moon Compositions
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Discrepancies Between the Modeled and Observed Water Ice Crystallinity of Europa's Leading Hemisphere, J. R. Berdis, N. J. Chanover, M. S. Gudipati, J. R. Murphy [Abstract 2043], Poster Location: 403

Poster Session I: The Cursed Ice
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Simulating Formation of Triton's Cantaloupe Terrain by Compositional Diapirs, S. O'Hara, A. J. Dombard [Abstract 2089], Poster Location: 425

Poster Session I: Planetary Tectonics and Structural Geology
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Brittle-Plastic Shear Zones on Valles Marineris Floor: Identification and Implications, D. Mège, J. Gurgurewicz, S. Douté, F. Schmidt, R. A. Schultz [Abstract 2064], Poster Location: 454

Poster Session I: Martian Sample Studies: Mostly Meteorites
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Askival: A Silicified Feldspathic Cumulate Sample in Gale Crater, J. C. Bridges, A. Cousin, V. Sautter, W. Rapin, S. P. Schwenzer, C. Bedford, V. Payre, O. Gasnault, O. Forni, P. Pinet, R. Wiens, A. Yingst [Abstract 2345], Poster Location: 461

Sm-Nd and Lu-Hf Isotopic Systematics of Shock-Melted Intermediate Olivine Gabbroic Shergottite Northwest Africa 11509, M. Righter, T. J. Lapen, A. J. Irving [Abstract 2940], Poster Location: 474

Trace Element and Pb Isotope Geochemistry of Tissint Impact Melt Glass and Sulfide Reveal No Contamination by Martian Soil, T. J. Lapen, S. E. Suarez, M. Righter, A. J. Irving, K. Righter [Abstract 2921], Poster Location: 475

Geologic Mapping of Candidate Source Craters for Martian Meteorites, J. S. Hamilton, C. D. K. Herd, E. L. Walton, L. L. Tornabene [Abstract 2985], Poster Location: 483

Poster Session I: Mars Exploration Rover: Perseverance in Endeavour
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

MER Opportunity at Perseverance Valley: Evaluation of Multiple Working Hypotheses for Valley Formation, R. Sullivan, R. Arvidson, L. Crumpler, K. Herkenhoff, M. Hughes, M. Golombek, J. Grant, M. Lamb, D. Mittlefehldt, C. Schröder [Abstract 3244], Poster Location: 492

In Situ Mapping of the Structural and Stratigraphic Complexities of Endeavour Crater's Rim, L. S. Crumpler, R. E. Arvidson, D. W. Mittlefehldt, J. E. Grant, W. H. Farrand [Abstract 1179], Poster Location: 496

Poster Session I: MSL: Results Across Gale
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Identification of a High-Silica Layer in Gale Crater, Mars Using In Situ Active Neutron Spectroscopy, S. Czarnecki, C. Hardgrove, P. Gasda, W. Rapin, J. Frydenvang, T. S. J. Gabriel, M. Starr, M. Rice, M. Litvak, S. Nowicki, R. Wiens, L. Thompson, H. Newsom, F. Calef, H. Gengl [Abstract 2060], Poster Location: 504

Poster Session I: Martian Orbital Spectral Processing: Improving Results from CRISM and TES
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Application of Machine Learning to Identify Surface Minerals in CRISM Imagery, J. A. Caggiano, A. M. Sessa, J. J. Wray, C. S. Paty [Abstract 2564], Poster Location: 527

Poster Session I: Icy Mars Geomorphology
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Lava Loads Superimposed on Martian Glaciers: An Assessment of Ice-Flow Velocity Enhancements, J. L. Fastook, J. W. Head [Abstract 1345], Poster Location: 543

Poster Session I: Thing Fall Down Go Boom: Mars Downslope Motion
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Anomalous Recurring Slope Lineae on Mars, L. Lark, C. Huber, J. W. Head [Abstract 1716], Poster Location: 553

Poster Session I: Planetary Aeolian Processes
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Do Large Dunes on Mars Migrate? Ripple and Dune Movement in Coprates Chasma, Valles Marineris, S. J. Boazman, P. M. Grindrod, M. R. Balme, P. Vermeesch, J. M. Davis, T. R. Baird [Abstract 1533], Poster Location: 570

The Mars Global Digital Dune Database (MGD^3): Composition and Stability, L. K. Fenton, A. L. Gullikson, R. K. Hayward, H. Charles, T. N. Titus [Abstract 1115], Poster Location: 572

Automated Object-Based Identification of Dunes at Hargraves Crater, Mars, A. Emran, L. J. Marzen, D. T. King Jr. [Abstract 1157], Poster Location: 574

Investigating the Transition from Sand Ripples to Megaripples on Earth and Mars, J. R. Zimbelman, S. P. Scheidt, M. Foroutan, M. M. Baker [Abstract 1186], Poster Location: 576

First 2018 Results from Wind Profiles for Megaripples in the Puna of Argentina, J. R. Zimbelman, S. L. de Silva, M. G. Spagnuolo, K. D. Runyon [Abstract 1207], Poster Location: 577

Characterizing Anomalous Wind Eroded Terrain on Mars: The Olympus Maculae, C. E. Detelich, K. D. Runyon, K. D. Seelos [Abstract 1861], Poster Location: 580

Wind Flow Around Yardangs: Identifying Major Wind Directions from Flow Indicators in the Campo De Las Piedras Pomez, Argentina, J. Rabinovitch, L. Kerber, J. Radebaugh, J. M. Sevy, D. McDougall [Abstract 2250], Poster Location: 581

Lithologic Controls on Yardang Morphology from Field Observations of the Cerro Blanco Ignimbrites of Argentina, D. S. McDougall, J. Radebaugh, L. Kerber, E. H. Christiansen, J. M. Sevy, J. Rabinovitch [Abstract 3202], Poster Location: 582

Poster Session I: Education and Public Engagement: Models, Opportunities, and Products for Engaging Audiences
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

The Space Explorers Program at the Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration, P. P. Patel, G. R. Osinski, I. DeCoito [Abstract 2557], Poster Location: 585

Professional Development for Planetary Scientists, C. Shupla, S. Buxner, J. Grier, B. Aponte Hernandez, E. G. Rivera-Valentín, A. Shaner, A. Smith Hackler [Abstract 1847], Poster Location: 595

Twenty Years of The Moon Station: Toward the Next 20 Years, J. Terazono, S. Sakamoto, M. Yoshikawa, N. Wakabayashi, J. Watanabe, Moon Station Operation Team [Abstract 2168], Poster Location: 600

Mars on the Mall: Walking on Mars in the Nation’s Capital, J. R. Hill, P. R. Christensen [Abstract 2219], Poster Location: 602

Poster Session I: Mission and Instrument Concepts: Venus
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

DAS-Cubes-Independent Emitter/Receiver Cubesat Configuration for Planetary Atmospheric Measurements, C. Sands, A. Huang, E. Wilson, Y. Chan [Abstract 2599], Poster Location: 615

Atmospheric Windows to Image the Surface from Beneath the Cloud Deck on the Night Side of Venus, J. J. Knicely, R. R. Herrick [Abstract 1934], Poster Location: 616

New Power Technologies for Venus Low-Altitude and Surface Missions, R. V. Bugga, J.-P. Jones, M. T. Pauken, K. J. Billings, C. Ahn, B. Fultz, K. T. Nock, A. V. Shevade, D. Bhakta, E. Raub, J. A. Cutts [Abstract 1043], Poster Location: 618

Poster Session I: Mission Concepts: Moon
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

The Inner SOlar System CHRONology (ISOCHRON) Discovery Mission: Returning Samples of the Youngest Lunar Mare Basalts, D. S. Draper, R. L. Klima, S. J. Lawrence, B. W. Denevi [Abstract 1110], Poster Location: 626

Poster Session I: Instrument Concepts: Moon
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Redeployable Sensor Probe for In-situ Lunar Resource Mapping from Small Landers, P. Sobron, M. Fahey, M. Krainak, A. Misra, F. Rehnmark, A. Wang, A. Yu, K. Zacny, R. Zeigler [Abstract 2749], Poster Location: 642

KMAG: The Magnetometer of the Korea Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter (KPLO) Mission, J. Shin, H. Jin, H. Lee, S. Lee, S. Lee, M. Lee, B. Jeong, J.-K. Lee, D. Lee, D. Son, K.-H. Kim, I. Garrick-Bethell, E. Kim [Abstract 2276], Poster Location: 647

Submillimeter Solar Observation Lunar Volatiles Experiment (SSOLVE), T. A. Livengood, C. M. Anderson, Q. Bonds, D. C. Bradley, B. T. Bulcha, G. Chin, T. Hewagama, T. L. Jamison-Hooks, P. E. Racette [Abstract 1640], Poster Location: 652

Lunar Advanced Vacuum Apparatus (LAVA), E. Patrick, M. Necsoiu, D. Hooper [Abstract 2779], Poster Location: 654

Wide Range of Low Cost Day and Night Operational Lunar Surface Payloads Enabled by High Performance Thermal Components Based Packaging, P. E. Clark, D. Bugby, D. Hofmann [Abstract 1123], Poster Location: 655

Poster Session I: Advanced Curation
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

The Rise of Astromaterials Curation: NASA’s 50 Years of Preserving Pristine Samples from the Solar System, M. J. Calaway, J. H. Allton, F. M. McCubbin, R. A. Zeigler [Abstract 1690], Poster Location: 657

Selecting Cleanroom Construction Materials for the OSIRIS-REx and Hayabusa2 Curation Facility at NASA Johnson Space Center, M. J. Calaway, A. S. Burton, J. P. Dworkin, K. Righter, K. Nakamura-Messenger, F. M. McCubbin, R. A. Zeigler, L. F. Pace, D. S. Lauretta [Abstract 1448], Poster Location: 660

Contamination Control and Knowledge During Construction of New Curation Facilities at NASA Johnson Space Center, A. Hutzler, M. J. Calaway, A. Burton, R. A. Zeigler [Abstract 2900], Poster Location: 661

NASA Cosmic Dust Current Status and Future Directions, M. Fries, M. Rodriguez, K. McBride, R. Bastien, R. Zeigler, F. McCubbin [Abstract 1049], Poster Location: 663

Double Walled Isolator Technology for Mars Sample Return Facilities, J. M. C. Holt, J. C. Bridges, J. Vrublevskis, F. Gaubert [Abstract 2408], Poster Location: 665

Poster Session I: Mission and Instrument Concepts: Mars
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Planetary Analog Study at the Danakil Depression, Ethiopia, to Test the Visualization Software PRo3D for Mastcam-Z Instrument on Mars 2020, C. Koeberl, G. Paar, R. Barnes, S. Gupta, C. Traxler, T. Ortner [Abstract 2226], Poster Location: 672

In-Situ K-Ar Dating on Mars Based on UV-Laser Ablation Coupled with a LIBS-QMS System: Development, Calibration, and Application of the KArMars Instrument, F. Cattani, P.-Y. Gillot, X. Quidelleur, A. Hildenbrand, B. A. Cohen [Abstract 1311], Poster Location: 678

Results from the Ice and Climate Evolution Science Analysis Group (ICE-SAG), N. E. Putzig, S. Diniega, S. Byrne, W. M. Calvin, C. M. Dundas, L. K. Fenton, P. O. Hayne, D. M. Hollibaugh Baker, J. W. Holt, C. S. Hvidberg, M. A. Kahre, M. A. Mischna, G. A. Morgan, D. Z. Oehler, G. Portyankina, A. D. Rogers, H. G. Sizemore, I. B. Smith, A. Soto, L. K. Tamppari, T. N. Titus, C. R. Webster [Abstract 2035], Poster Location: 679

Strategies for Optimizing the Scientific Interactions with Returned Martian Samples for the International Scientific Community: Science in Containment, M. A. Meyer, E. Sefton-Nash, D. W. Beaty, M. M. Grady, T. Haltigin, D. Martin, B. Marty, S. Siljeström, E. K. Stansbery, M. Wadhwa, B. L. Carrier, A. D. Harrington, Y. Liu, D. S. Bass, R. L. Mattingly, F. Gaubert [Abstract 2560], Poster Location: 680

The Proposed Scientific Objectives of Mars Sample Return, D. W. Beaty, M. M. Grady, H. Y. McSween, E. Sefton-Nash, B. L. Carrier, iMOST Team [Abstract 2573], Poster Location: 681

Poster Session I: Mission and Instrument Concepts: Asteroids and Small Bodies
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

OCCATOR-Mission, A. M. P. Weert, S. J. Mulder, R. S. Verheij, M. T. Mineur [Abstract 1637], Poster Location: 686

Asteroid Prospection Explorer (APEX) CubeSat for Hera Mission, T. Kohout, J.-E. Wahlund, APEX Team [Abstract 2680], Poster Location: 688

Poster Session I: Mission and Instrument Concepts: Europa
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

A New Look at Europa's Photometry in Preparation of the JUICE Mission, I. Belgacem, F. Schmidt, G. Jonniaux [Abstract 1416], Poster Location: 699

The Europa Imaging System (EIS): High-Resolution, 3-D Insight into Europa’s Geology, Ice Shell, and Potential for Current Activity, E. P. Turtle, A. S. McEwen, G. C. Collins, I. J. Daubar, C. M. Ernst, L. Fletcher, C. J. Hansen, S. E. Hawkins, A. G. Hayes, D. Humm, T. A. Hurford, R. L. Kirk, N. Kutsop, A. C. Barr Mlinar, F. Nimmo, G. W. Patterson, C. B. Phillips, A. Pommerol, L. Prockter, L. C. Quick, E. L. Reynolds, K. A. Slack, J. M. Soderblom, S. Sutton, N. Thomas, M. Bland [Abstract 3065], Poster Location: 700

Spectral Anomaly Detection for the Mapping Imaging Spectrometer for Europa (MISE), K. L. Wagstaff, D. L. Blaney, S. Chakraborty, S. A. Chien, A. G. Davies, S. Diniega, G. Doran [Abstract 1604], Poster Location: 703

Poster Session I: Mission and Instrument Concepts: Outer Solar System
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Solar Electric Propulsion Missions to Saturn, Neptune, and Beyond, E. A. Bering III, M. Giambusso, M. Carter, J. P. Squire, F. R. Chang-Diaz [Abstract 1159], Poster Location: 720

Poster Session I: Mission and Instrument Concepts: Surface and Subsurface Exploration
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

The CPT (Charge, Parity, Time) Symmetry Breaking-Based Quantum Optical Telecommunicational Invention and Its Application to the Space and Planetary Sciences, F. Homor, A. Gucsik [Abstract 3211], Poster Location: 736

Planetary Sample Analysis Laboratory (SAL) at DLR, J. Helbert, A. Maturilli, J. P. De Vera [Abstract 1834], Poster Location: 738

The ExoMars-Like Field Trials (ExoFiT): PanCam Emulator Multispectral Observations, S. Motaghian, P. M. Grindrod, E. J. Allender, R. B. Stabbins, C. R. Cousins, M. R. Balme, M. D. Gunn, PanCam Team, ExoFiT Team [Abstract 1539], Poster Location: 741

A 2U SWIR-MIR Point Spectrometer for Smallsat and Landed Missions: Enabling Characterization of Solar System Volatiles, B. L. Ehlmann, J. Blacksberg, X. Chen, W. Johnson, M. Kenyon, C. Raymond [Abstract 2806], Poster Location: 742

Programmable Raman Sensing for In-Situ Planetary Exploration, P. Sobron, L. Barge, A. Davila, M. Fahey, M. Krainak, F. Rehnmark, A. Yu, K. Zacny [Abstract 2760], Poster Location: 752

Orbital Seismology by Laser Doppler Vibrometry, P. Sava, E. Asphaug [Abstract 1709], Poster Location: 754

Speckle Noise in Orbital Laser Doppler Vibrometry, S. W. Courville, P. Sava [Abstract 1720], Poster Location: 755

Poster Session I: Mission and Instrument Concepts: Human Exploration
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Questioning the Status Quo in Pursuit of Lowering Planetary Mission Costs, E. A. Frank [Abstract 2723], Poster Location: 760

Tycho — A Modern Astronaut Training Vehicle, J. R. Leland, S. Booth, J. M. Crowell, A. Deran, N. M. Estes, J. Hicks, K. Lanjewar, P. Mahanti, C. E. Miconi, M. S. Robinson, S. Saripalli, C. J. Skiba, R. V. Wagner [Abstract 2133], Poster Location: 763

Streamlining a Critical Path to Lunar Settlement, K. M. Hubbard, L. T. Elkins-Tanton, C. Hadfield [Abstract 1481], Poster Location: 769

A Sequence for Future Lunar Landings to Enhance Scientific Returns, J. Mehta, A. Kothandhapani, V. Vatsal, J. Head, U. Shah [Abstract 1843], Poster Location: 770

“Mission Control Software:” Cloud-Based Robotic Control and Communications Software for Distributed Operations of Commercial Lunar Missions and Payloads, M. Battler, M. Faragalli, E. Reid, K. Raimalwala, E. Smal, M. Vandermeulen, M. Aziz [Abstract 3266], Poster Location: 772

A Canadian Science Maturation Study for the Precursor to Human and Scientific Rover (PHASR) as Part of the HERACLES Mission Concept, G. R. Osinski, M. Bourassa, M. Cross, P. Hill, D. King, Z. Morse, E. Pilles, L. L. Tornabene, M. Zanetti [Abstract 2418], Poster Location: 776

Development of an Integrated Vision System for the Precursor to Human and Scientific Rover (PHASR) as a Potential Canadian Contribution to the Proposed HERACLES Mission, M. Bourassa, G. R. Osinski, M. Cross, P. Hill, D. King, Z. Morse, E. Pilles, G. Tolometti, L. L. Tornabene, M. Zanetti [Abstract 2062], Poster Location: 778

Martian Meteorology: Weather Forecasting EVA from an Analog Martian Habitat, D. K. Buckner, P. De Leon, F. N. U. Anamika, P. G. Henson [Abstract 3149], Poster Location: 785

Mochii Portable Spectroscopic Electron Microscope on ISS: Progress Toward Flight, C. S. Own, J. Martinez, T. DeRego, L. S. Own, G. Weppelman, K. T. Thomas-Keprta, Z. Rahman, D. R. Pettit [Abstract 3238], Poster Location: 788

Poster Session II: Venus, or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Second Planet
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Testing Crustal Plateau Formation Models for Venus Using Geological Mapping of Ishtar Terra Marginal Areas, H. C. J. Cheng, A. A. G. Webb, J. R. Michalski, W. B. Moore [Abstract 1332], Poster Location: 1

Volumes and Potential Origins of Crater Dark Floor Deposits on Venus, R. P. Perkins, M. S. Gilmore [Abstract 2032], Poster Location: 9

Experimental Study of the Alteration of Basalt on the Surface of Venus, H. Teffeteller, M. McCanta, D. Cherniak, A. Treiman, J. Filiberto, M. Rutherford, N. Johnson [Abstract 1858], Poster Location: 11

Simulating Venus with AVEC: The APL Venus Environment Chamber, M. Lessis, N. R. Izenberg, R. Osiander [Abstract 1084], Poster Location: 14

Lithospheric Flexure Modeling at Narina Tholi: Evidence for a Locally Thinned Lithosphere, M. B. Russell, C. L. Johnson [Abstract 2896], Poster Location: 19

Poster Session II: 50 Years of Apollo Legacy: Interior to Surface in All Its Glory
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Tidal Tomography to Probe the Moon's Mantle Structure Using Lunar Surface Gravimetry, H. C. P. Lau, K. A. Carroll [Abstract 3117], Poster Location: 30

Lunar Wreaths — Unusual, Apparently Young, Mare Landforms, P. J. Stooke [Abstract 1009], Poster Location: 37

Poster Session II: Lunar Remote Sensing II: Techniques and Advances
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

3D Modeling of Lunar Pit Walls from Stereo Images, R. V. Wagner, M. S. Robinson [Abstract 2138], Poster Location: 58

Effect of Induced Seismicity of Indirect Meteorite Impacts on the Stability of Lunar Lava Tubes, A. Modiriasari, A. Boener, A. K. Theinat, A. Bobet, H. J. Melosh, S. J. Dyke, J. Ramirez, A. Maghareh, D. Gomez [Abstract 2862], Poster Location: 59

Advancing to Lunar Lava Tube Sensing: A New Radar Perspective of Philolaus Skylight Candidates, S. Shukla, S. Kumar, V. A. Tolpekin [Abstract 2283], Poster Location: 62

Poster Session II: Lunar Crust: From Micro to Macro Scale
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Mineralogy and Petrography of Lunar Feldspathic Breccia Northwest Africa 11460, H. J. Cao, Z. C. Ling, J. Chen, X. H. Fu [Abstract 2359], Poster Location: 77

Poster Session II: Lunar Basalts: From Micro to Macro Scale
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Visualization of Fused Structure from Motion and Micro X-Ray Computed Tomography Data Sets for Novel 3D Virtual Astromaterials Samples Collection of NASA's Apollo Lunar and Meteorite Samples, K. R. Beaulieu, E. H. Blumenfeld, A. B. Thomas, D. A. Liddle, E. R. Oshel, C. A. Evans, R. A. Zeigler, K. Righter, R. D. Hanna, R. A. Ketcham [Abstract 2877], Poster Location: 83

Northwest Africa 10985: A New Lunar Gabbro?, J. Chen, B. L. Jolliff, R. L. Korotev, K. Wang, A. Wang, P. K. Carpenter, H. Chen, Z. Ling [Abstract 2463], Poster Location: 91

Quantitative EPMA Compositional Mapping of Lunar Mare Basalt Breccia Northwest Africa 12384, P. K. Carpenter, B. L. Jolliff, R. L. Korotev, J. H. Tepper, A. J. Irving, T. M. Hahn Jr. [Abstract 2148], Poster Location: 94

Petrology and Bulk Composition of Lunar Mare Basalt Breccia Northwest Africa 12384, P. K. Carpenter, B. L. Jolliff, R. L. Korotev, J. H. Tepper, A. J. Irving, L. Labenne [Abstract 2125], Poster Location: 95

Implications for Lunar History from Ancient Basalts of the Secondary Crust, L. E. Nyquist, C.-Y. Shih, J. Park, G. F. Herzog [Abstract 1086], Poster Location: 97

Element Partitioning Between Olivine and Melt Inclusions in Lunar Samples, S. Chen, P. Ni, Y. Zhang, J. Gagnon [Abstract 3025], Poster Location: 102

Poster Session II: Advancements in Analytical and Experimental Methods
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

New Synthetic Carbonates for Investigation of Manganese-Chromium Chronology by Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry, P. H. Donohue, G. R. Huss, K. Nagashima [Abstract 1959], Poster Location: 108

Polished Sample Preparation Without Epoxy, R. S. Harrington, K. Righter [Abstract 1075], Poster Location: 121

Concept for an Experimental Study of Dust Rim Formation on Chondrules, J. Schmidt, A. Carballido, L. S. Matthews, R. Laufer, G. Herdrich, T. W. Hyde [Abstract 1910], Poster Location: 126

Developing a QCM for Measuring Dust in the Lunar Environment, D. Hooper, S. Ximenes, A. Palat, R. Battaglia, M. Mauro, E. Patrick, M. Necsoiu, H. Shin, B. Gorin, A. Dove [Abstract 2671], Poster Location: 127

Poster Session II: Presolar, Interplanetary, and Cometary Dust
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

In Situ Coordinated Analysis of Carbonaceous Chondrite Organic Matter, N. D. Nevill, S. J. Clemett, S. Messenger, K. L. Thomas-Keprta, P. A. Bland, N. E. Timms, L. V. Forman [Abstract 2307], Poster Location: 135

Coordinated TEM and NanoSIMS Oxygen Isotope Analysis of Interplanetary Dust Particles Prepared by Focused Ion Beam, C. E. Jilly-Rehak, Z. Gainsforth, A. L. Butterworth, S. Hsiao, K. Naito, H. Shang, J. S. Rehak, A. J. Westphal [Abstract 2649], Poster Location: 144

Pristine GEMS, Altered GEMS, and GEMS-Like Material, H. A. Ishii, K. K. Ohtaki, J. P. Bradley, D. J. Joswiak, D. E. Brownlee, K. C. Bustillo [Abstract 2058], Poster Location: 145

Poster Session II: Genesis
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

SW Mg from Genesis; New Method of Data Reduction and Implications, A. J. G. Jurewicz, C. Olinger, D. S. Burnett, K. D. Rieck, D. S. Woolum [Abstract 2353], Poster Location: 149

Genesis Solar Wind Aluminum Abundance: Creating an Aluminum Standard for SIMS Analyses, A. E. Hofmann, J. M. Paque, D. S. Burnett, Y. Guan, A. J. G. Jurewicz, C. Ma, G. R. Rossman [Abstract 1337], Poster Location: 151

Elemental Abundances of Noble Gases in Solar Wind Regimes Collected by Genesis, N. Vogel, V. S. Heber, P. Bochsler, D. S. Burnett, C. Maden, R. Wieler [Abstract 1232], Poster Location: 153

Updated Status of the Genesis Mo-Pt Foils for Solar Wind Radionuclide Analysis, K. C. Welten, A. J. Bixler, K. Nishiizumi, M. W. Caffee, D. S. Burnett [Abstract 2718], Poster Location: 155

Understanding Features from the Genesis Capsule Earth Impact, Y. S. Goreva, D. S. Woolum, J. M. Paque, D. S. Burnett [Abstract 2399], Poster Location: 158

Poster Session II: Protoplanetary Disk Evolution and Chronology
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Iodine-Xenon Systematics of Large Igneous Inclusions in Ordinary Chondrite Meteorites, S. A. Crowther, J. D. Gilmour, A. M. Ruzicka [Abstract 2629], Poster Location: 161

Poster Session II: Chondrites: Refractory Components
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Whence CAIs? From Beyond Jupiter, from the Young Sun, or from a Sibling Star?, I. S. Sanders, E. R. D. Scott [Abstract 2980], Poster Location: 180

Granular Mechanics Simulations of Collisions of Dust-Covered Chondrules, Ph. M. J. Umstätter, N. Gunkelmann, C. P. Dullemond, H. M. Urbassek [Abstract 1395], Poster Location: 181

Oxygen Isotope Systematics in a Compound Amoeboid Olivine Aggregate — Chondrule Object from Acfer 094 Meteorite: Implications to O-Isotope Exchange Between Melt and Gas During Chondrule Formation, K. Nagashima, G. Libourel, A. N. Krot [Abstract 2167], Poster Location: 188

Poster Session II: Space Weathering: From Samples to Spectra and Everything in Between
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Nanoprobe XANES Analysis of Space Wweathered Itokawa Grains, L. J. Hicks, J. C. Bridges, T. Noguchi, T. Ireland, A. Miyake, J. D. Piercy, A. Hogan [Abstract 1805], Poster Location: 192

LRO LAMP Far Ultraviolet Investigation of Cold Spots on the Moon and Implications for Space Weathering Rates on Airless Bodies, E. Jhoti, Y. Liu, T. M. Powell, K. D. Retherford, T. K. Greathouse, K. E. Mandt, J. L. Bandfield, J.-P. Williams, J. T. S. Cahill, A. R. Hendrix, D. M. Hurley, U. Raut, G. R. Gladstone, C. Grava, A. F. Egan [Abstract 2858], Poster Location: 199

Statistical Analysis of Lunar Swirls' Spectral Parameters Relevant to Space Weathering, K. Chrbolková, J. Ďurech, T. Kohout [Abstract 1034], Poster Location: 200

Space-Weathering Spectra Explained with Light Scattering Simulations, A. Penttilä, T. Väisänen, J. Markkanen, J. Martikainen, J. Escobar-Cerezo, T. Kohout, G. Videen, K. Muinonen [Abstract 2287], Poster Location: 203

Bi-Directional Reflectance Measurement of Pulse-Laser Irradiated Airless Body Analog Materials, T. Jiang, H. Zhang, Y. Yang, P. Ma, X. Hu, Y. Sun [Abstract 2719], Poster Location: 205

Poster Session II: Small Bodies: Physical Characterization and Dynamics
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Constraining the Thermal Properties of Airless Bodies Using Machine Learning, S. Cambioni, M. Delbo, A. J. Ryan, R. Furfaro, E. Asphaug [Abstract 1284], Poster Location: 211

Scaling in Cohesive Self-Gravitating Aggregates, P. Sánchez, E. Azéma, D. J. Scheeres [Abstract 2262], Poster Location: 217

Planet Formation: Insights from Asteroids, Comets, and Meteorites, E. R. D. Scott, I. S. Sanders, A. N. Krot [Abstract 1510], Poster Location: 220

Probabilities of Collisions of Bodies from the Feeding Zone of the Terrestrial Planets with the Planets, the Moon, and Their Embryos, S. I. Ipatov [Abstract 2289], Poster Location: 221

Migration of Planetesimals to the Earth and the Moon from Different Distances from the Sun, S. I. Ipatov [Abstract 2594], Poster Location: 222

Comparing Small Main Belt Binary Asteroids of the Inner and Intermediate Zones Using Doublet Craters on Vesta and Ceres, P. F. Wren, R. A. Fevig [Abstract 3095], Poster Location: 224

Tripples of Lunar Craters Formed by Encounters of Satellite System of Near Earth Object with the Moon, E. A. Feoktistova, S. I. Ipatov, V. V. Svetsov [Abstract 1946], Poster Location: 225

Poster Session II: Small Bodies: Spectral Characterization and Laboratory Experiments
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Is the (20) Massalia Family the Source of the L-Chondrites?, M. J. Gaffey, S. K. Fieber-Beyer [Abstract 1441], Poster Location: 229

"It's Only a Matter of Perspective": Bidirectional Reflectance Spectroscopy of Small Bodies and Meteorites, S. Potin, P. Beck, B. Schmitt [Abstract 1782], Poster Location: 239

Irreversible Metamorphism of Warm C-Type Near-Earth Asteroids Investigated with Carbonaceous Chondrites, S. Potin, P. Beck, P. Vernazza, B. Schmitt [Abstract 1780], Poster Location: 243

Are There Large, Never-Lithified Asteroids?, A. S. Rivkin, A. M. Stickle [Abstract 3015], Poster Location: 245

Applying the Bus-DeMeo Asteroid Taxonomy to Meteorite Spectra, T. H. Burbine, S. M. Wallace, M. D. Dyar [Abstract 1655], Poster Location: 246

Poster Session II: Small Bodies: Missions and Comets
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Phobos Regolith Simulant for MMX Mission: Spectral Measurement for Remote Target Identification and Deconvolution System Training, M. D'Amore, A. Maturilli, H. Miyamoto, T. Niihara, M. Grott, J. Knollenberg, J. Helbert, N. Sakatani, K. Ogawa [Abstract 2383], Poster Location: 251

Efficient Searches for Galactic Stream Interstellar Asteroids, T. M. Eubanks [Abstract 3262], Poster Location: 252

Numerical Modelling of the DART Impact and the Importance of the Hera Mission, S. D. Raducan, T. M. Davison, G. S. Collins [Abstract 1799], Poster Location: 255

Rotational and Surface Properties of NEA 3200 Phaethon, M.-J. Kim, H.-J. Lee, D.-H. Kim, F. Yoshida, S.-M. Lee, P. Bartczak, G. Dudzinski, J. Park, Y.-J. Choi, H.-K. Moon, C.-H. Kim, H.-S. Yim, J. Choi, E.-J. Choi, J.-N. Yoon, A. Serebryanskiy, M. Krugov, I. Reva, K. E. Ergashev, O. Burkhonov, S. A. Ehgamberdiev, Y. Turayev, Z.-Y. Lin, T. Arai, K. Ohtsuka, T. Ito, S. Urakawa, M. Ishiguro, B.-C. Lee, D.-G. Roh, H. Seo [Abstract 1497], Poster Location: 257

Are B-Type Asteroids Dormant Comets?, J. A. Nuth III, N. M. Johnson, N. Abreu [Abstract 3059], Poster Location: 258

Prediction of Cometary Solar Wind Charge Exchange Spectra in Extreme-Ultraviolet Waveband for Satellite Design, Z. X. Xing, Z. Y. Li, M. Su [Abstract 2702], Poster Location: 259

Progress 2019: Constant-Scale Natural Boundary Mapping to Depict Material Transport on Comet 67P/C-G, C. S. Clark, P. E. Clark [Abstract 2936], Poster Location: 266

Poster Session II: Ceres and Vesta
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Thermal Rotational Lightcurve of (1) Ceres at 1.2 mm Wavelength and Search for HCN with ALMA, J.-Y. Li, A. Moullet, T. N. Titus, M. V. Sykes, H. H. Hsieh [Abstract 2939], Poster Location: 277

Discrete Element Simulations of Test Scenarios for Studying Landslides on Asteroids, M. Sachse, D. Kappel, D. Haack, K. Otto [Abstract 2497], Poster Location: 278

Poster Session II: Differentiated Meteorites: Howardites, Eucrites, Diogenites
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Investigation of the Source of Vesicles in the Eucritic Fusion Crust, A. Nicolau-Kuklińska, A. Łosiak [Abstract 2145], Poster Location: 286

Apatite Microstructures and Its Volatile Composition in Eucrites, T. J. Barrett, A. Cernok, G. Degli-Alessandrini, M. Anand, I. A. Franchi, J. Darling [Abstract 1689], Poster Location: 288

Poster Session II: Differentiated Meteorites: Ureilites, Aubrites, Angrites, Brachinites, Unique, and Unknown
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Almahata Sitta Magnetic Susceptibility Database — Update of the Enstatite Chondritic Lithologies, V. H. Hoffmann, K. Wimmer, R. Hochleitner, M. Kaliwoda, M. Funaki, M. Torii, S. Decker [Abstract 2839], Poster Location: 303

Poster Session II: Differentiation of Planets and Asteroids: From Cores to Late Veneers
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Chromium Stable Isotopic Insights into the Origin of the Volatile Element Depletion of Vesta, K. Zhu, P. Sossi, S. Julien, F. Moynier [Abstract 1523], Poster Location: 312

The Effect of Bulk Composition on the Behavior of Sulfur During Core Formation, H. L. Bercovici, L. T. Elkins-Tanton, L. Schaefer [Abstract 1366], Poster Location: 315

Widmanstätten Pattern Growth in Impacted, Mantle-Stripped Iron Meteorites, R. J. Lyons, F. J. Ciesla, N. Dauphas [Abstract 2464], Poster Location: 322

From a Camel to the Smithsonian: Tracing the Origin of Qarabawi's Charm, R. G. Mayne, C. M. Corrigan, T. J. McCoy, J. M. D. Day, T. Rose [Abstract 2404], Poster Location: 325

Poster Session II: Impacts: From Planetary Formation to Modern Experiments
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Evection Resonance in the Earth-Moon System, R. Rufu, R. M. Canup [Abstract 2010], Poster Location: 330

The Numerical Road to Determination of Fracture Role on Impacts as Seismic Sources: Finite-Discrete Modeling of Impacts, E. Rougier, Z. Lei, B. Euser, S. Kedar, E. E. Knight, C. S. Larmat [Abstract 3075], Poster Location: 338

Poster Session II: Impacts: Shock Metamorphism and Geochronology
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Creating Calibration Curves to Determine Shock Pressure in Clinopyroxene, L. E. Jenkins, R. L. Flemming, M. Burchell, K. Harriss, A. H. Peslier, R. G. Christoffersen, J. Fritz, C. Meyer [Abstract 1974], Poster Location: 353

2-D Heat Diffusion in Numerically Shocked Ordinary Chondrites, J. Moreau, S. Schwinger [Abstract 1025], Poster Location: 372

Shock-Darkening in Ordinary Chondrites: Mesoscale Modeling of the Shock Process and Comparison with Shock-Recovery Experiments, J. Moreau, T. Kohout, K. Wünnemann [Abstract 1024], Poster Location: 373

Spherical Shock Experiments with Chelyabinsk Meteorite: Reflectance Spectra Changes with Increasing Shock, T. Kohout, E. V. Petrova, G. A. Yakovlev, V. I. Grokhovsky, A. Penttilä, A. M aturilli [Abstract 2704], Poster Location: 374

Poster Session II: Impacts: Mars and Beyond
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Mars in the Aftermath of Colossal Impact, J. M. Y. Woo, H. Genda, R. Brasser, S. J. Mojzsis [Abstract 1067], Poster Location: 379

Electrical Conductivity and Seismic Velocity of the Martian Mantle: Signatures of Large Meteorite Impacts, T. Ruedas, D. Breuer [Abstract 2335], Poster Location: 380

Initial Survey of Well-Preserved Martian Craters in the Southern Hemisphere in the Simple-to-Complex Transition, R. R. Herrick [Abstract 2954], Poster Location: 385

Preservation of Thermophysical Ejecta Facies in Martian Craters Near the Transition Diameter, J. L. Piatek, L. L. Tornabene, T. Glanovsky, I. Murphy, N. G. Barlow, G. R. Osinski, S. J. Robbins [Abstract 2993], Poster Location: 393

Poster Session II: Mars from Orbit: Spectroscopy and Landing Sites
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Use of MRO/CRISM Hyperspectral Imaging Data for Mapping the Mineralogy of Jezero Crater, J. R. Christian, R. E. Arvidson [Abstract 3061], Poster Location: 409

Mars Hyperspectral Data Processing in the Jezero Crater and NE Syrtis Region: Implications for Mineralogical Analysis, K. R. Frizzell, F. P. Seelos, M. S. Rice [Abstract 2204], Poster Location: 410

Small Scale Topographical Characterization of Jezero Crater Region, Mars, S. Douté, S. Conway, M. Massé [Abstract 2528], Poster Location: 413

Detecting Hydrated Minerals in Libya Montes, Mars Using MRO CRISM Hyperspectral Data, C. Kumar, S. Chatterjee, T. Oommen, W. H. Farrand [Abstract 2716], Poster Location: 417

Fracture Mapping and CaSSIS Imaging of the ExoMars 2020 Landing Site Oxia Planum: Characterising Clay-Rich Sediments, A. Parkes Bowen, J. C. Bridges, J. Page, M. R. El-Maarry, N. Thomas, G. Cremonese, L. Tornabene, M. Pajola [Abstract 1952], Poster Location: 423

Poster Session II: Mars from Orbit: Non-Spectral Instruments and Methods
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Colour and Stereo Surface Imaging System (CaSSIS) on the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO): Potential Colour Data Products and Their Use for Scientific Investigations, L. L. Tornabene, N. Thomas, G. Cremonese, M. Almeida, S. Douté, P. Grindrod, R. Heyd, A. Luchetti, A. McEwen, M. Pajola, J. Perry, E. Pilles, A. Pommerol, M. Read, F. Seelos, J. Wray, CaSSIS Science and Operations Teams [Abstract 2678], Poster Location: 431

Fully Controlled 6 Meters/Pixel Mosaic of Mars' South Pole and Equator from Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Context Camera, S. J. Robbins, R. H. Hoover, M. R. Kirchoff [Abstract 1678], Poster Location: 434

Verification of Automatically Measured Boulder Populations in HiRISE Images, D. R. Hood, S. Karunatillake, C. I. Fassett, S. F. Sholes [Abstract 1893], Poster Location: 438

Poster Session II: MSL: Vera Rubin Ridge Results
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Measurement of Boron in Gale Crater Near Vera Rubin Ridge, D. Das, P. J. Gasda, R. C. Wiens, R. J. Leveille, K. Berlo [Abstract 2437], Poster Location: 458

Poster Session II: Martian Laboratory Results: Formation, Alteration, and Detection of Minerals
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Exploring the Formation of Emitting Species in Laser-Induced Plasmas from Organic and C-Containing In-Organic Compounds Under Simulated Martian Atmosphere, J. J. Laserna, L. M. Cabalin, T. Delgado, L. Garcia [Abstract 2590], Poster Location: 485

Poster Session II: Mars Geomorphology
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Geomorphic Processes and Origin of Cusus Valles on Mars, S. Anbazhagan, M. Chinnamuthu [Abstract 1023], Poster Location: 495

Fluvial Activity in Northeast Syrtis Major and Its Relationship to Glacial Processes in the Hesperian, C. M. Matherne, J. R. Skok, J. F. Mustard, S. Karunatillake [Abstract 1922], Poster Location: 499

Hydrological History of a Complex Lake and Valley System in Western Arabia Terra, Mars, Z. I. Dickeson, P. M. Grindrod, I. Crawford, M. R. Balme, S. Gupta, J. L. Davis [Abstract 1559], Poster Location: 500

Relative Role of Groundwater Versus Surface Water in the Gale Crater Region, V. A. Roseborough, M. C. Palucis [Abstract 3051], Poster Location: 501

First Detection of Subsurface Reflectors in Coprates Chasma, Mars, R. N. Noguchi, K. I. Ishiyama, A. K. Kumamoto, T. U. Usui, C. U. Uemura [Abstract 2333], Poster Location: 519

Poster Session II: Planetary Polar Processes and Cryospheres
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Mars Subsurface Water Ice Mapping (SWIM): Radar Subsurface Reflectors, A. M. Bramson, E. I. Petersen, Z. M. Bain, N. E. Putzig, G. A. Morgan, M. Mastrogiuseppe, M. R. Perry, I. B. Smith, H. G. Sizemore, D. M. H. Baker, R. H. Hoover, B. A. Campbell [Abstract 2069], Poster Location: 520

Mars Subsurface Water Ice Mapping (SWIM): Geomorphic Mapping, N. E. Putzig, D. M. Hollibaugh Baker, G. A. Morgan, Z. M. Bain, A. M. Bramson, R. H. Hoover, M. Mastrogiuseppe, M. R. Perry, E. I. Petersen, H. G. Sizemore, I. B. Smith, B. A. Campbell [Abstract 2087], Poster Location: 521

Mars Subsurface Water Ice Mapping (SWIM): Radar Surface Reflectivity, Z. B. Bain, G. A. Morgan, N. E. Putzig, B. A. Campbell, A. M. Bramson, E. I. Petersen, M. Mastrogiuseppe, M. R. Perry, D. M. Hollibaugh Baker, I. B. Smith, R. H. Hoover, H. G. Sizemore [Abstract 2726], Poster Location: 522

Mars Subsurface Water Ice Mapping (SWIM): The SWIM Equation and Project Infrastructure, M. R. Perry, Z. M. Bain, N. E. Putzig, G. A. Morgan, A. M. Bramson, E. I. Petersen, M. Mastrogiuseppe, D. M. H. Baker, R. H. Hoover, H. G. Sizemore, I. B. Smith, B. A. Campbell [Abstract 3083], Poster Location: 523

Mars Subsurface Water Ice Mapping (SWIM): Thermal Analysis, R. H. Hoover, H. G. Sizemore, Z. Bain, N. E. Putzig, G. A. Morgan, M. R. Perry, M. Mastrogiuseppe, D. M. H. Baker, A. M. Bramson, E. Petersen, I. B. Smith, B. A. Campbell [Abstract 1679], Poster Location: 524

Characterization of Mars' Polar Caps Over 8 Martian Years: New and Extended Analysis of Mars Odyssey Neutron Spectrometer Data, K. E. Mesick, E. R. Mullin, S. T. West, W. C. Feldman [Abstract 2750], Poster Location: 539

A Quantitative Analysis of Sorted Patterned Ground Within the Haughton Impact Structure, Devon Island, with Implications to Mars, C. N. Andres, E. Godin, G. R. Osinski, M. Zanetti, A. Kukko [Abstract 2103], Poster Location: 542

Poster Session II: Mars Volcanology
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Interactions Between Athabasca Valles Flood Lavas and the Medusae Fossae Formation: Implications for Lava Emplacement Mechanisms and the Triggering of Steam Explosions, K. Stacey, L. Kerber, C. W. Hamilton [Abstract 3160], Poster Location: 559

Poster Session II: Planetary Volcanism: A Song of Fire and Ice
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Rheological Investigation of Cryovolcanic Slurries: Viscosity of Chloride Brines, A. A. Morrison, A. G. Whittington, F. Zhong, K. L. Mitchell, E. M. Carey [Abstract 1923], Poster Location: 563

Using Structure from Motion and High-Resolution Digital Elevation Models to Investigate the Relationships Between Emplacement History and Lava Surface Roughness: Mauna Ulu (Hi), Amboy (Ca), and Tharsis, D. H. James, S. W. Anderson [Abstract 2114], Poster Location: 569

Parasitic cones in the Tharsis volcanic province on Mars: Implications for its recent magmatic plumbing system, B. Pieterek, J. Ciazela, D. Mège, P.-A. Tesson, M. Ciazela, J. Gurgurewicz, A. Lagain, A. Muszyński [Abstract 1369], Poster Location: 583

Identification of Altered Silicate Minerals on Arsia, Pavonis, and Ascraeus Mons of Tharsis Volcanic Provinces of Mars, R. R. Patel, A. M. Nair, R. Nagori, A. S. Arya [Abstract 1851], Poster Location: 584

Io's Loki Volcano: An Explanation of Its Tricky Behavior and Prediction for the Next Eruption, J. A. Rathbun, J. R. Spencer [Abstract 2402], Poster Location: 587

Poster Session II: Mars Analogs: Volcanic and Hydrothermal Processes
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Hydrous Alteration of Lava Flows on Mauna Loa (Hawaii) Compared to Mars Volcanic Soils, A. M. P. Weert, B. H. Foing, H. Rogers, M. Musilova, Y. Gonzalez [Abstract 1633], Poster Location: 596

The MEV (Muography of Etna Volcano) Porject and Its Future Applications to the Earth and Mars, D. Lo Presti, G. Gallo, D. L. Bonanno, G. Bonanno, D. G. Bongiovanni, D. Carbone, C. Ferlito, J. Immè, P. La Rocca, F. Longhitano, A. Messina, S. Reito, G. Russo, L. Zuccarello, G. Leone, M. Barbieri, G. Romeo, S. Garozzo, S. Riggi [Abstract 1884], Poster Location: 602

Poster Session II: Mars Analogs: Sedimentary Processes
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

A Simulated Rover Exploration of a Mars Analogue Site: Gypsumville/Lake St. Martin, Manitoba, Canada, E. Cloutis, J. Stromberg, D. Applin, S. Connell, K. Kubanek, J. Kuik, A. Lechowicz, A. Parkinson, M. Ramirez, N. Turenne, J. Cieszecki, M. Germinario, R. Kum, R. Parson, R. Walker, E. Wiens, J. Wiens, S. Mertzman [Abstract 1426], Poster Location: 604

Breached Craters on Mars: Terrestrial Analog of Downstream Erosion, R. A. De Hon [Abstract 1116], Poster Location: 616

Poster Session II: Mars Analogs: Visible/Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Reflectance Spectroscopy of Mars Astrobiology- and Habitability-Relevant Minerals Exposed to Mars-Like Surface Conditions, N. N. Turenne, E. A. Cloutis, D. M. Applin [Abstract 2097], Poster Location: 623

Reflectance Spectral Properties of Relevant Minerals Exposed to Mars-Like Surface Conditions, S. A. Connell, E. A. Cloutis, J. T. Poitras, D. M. Applin, D. A. Dixon [Abstract 2583], Poster Location: 624

Strategies for Detecting Chlorine Salts in Visible/Near-Infrared Spectra at Mars, R. Carmack, J. Hanley, B. Horgan [Abstract 1701], Poster Location: 629

Laboratory Spectroscopic Studies of K-H3O-Na Jarosite Solid Solutions Relevant to Mars, C. Q. Liu, Z. C. Ling [Abstract 2295], Poster Location: 634

Poster Session II: Planetary Simulants
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Making Amorphous Silicate and Carbonaceous Dust Analogs Available to the Cosmochemistry Community, J. A. Nuth III, N. M. Johnson, F. T. Ferguson [Abstract 1141], Poster Location: 647

Chemical and Textural Characterisation of Two Phobos Regolith Simulants, Z. S. Morland, V. K. Pearson, M. R. Patel, S. F. Green [Abstract 1274], Poster Location: 649

Poster Session II: Geologic Mapping Through the Solar System
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

The First Geological Map of the Hokusai Quadrangle (H05) of Mercury, J. Wright, D. A. Rothery, M. R. Balme, S. J. Conway [Abstract 1372], Poster Location: 657

Geologic Mapping of V11-Shimti Tessera and V-12 Vellamo Planitia, Venus, J. C. Aubele [Abstract 2578], Poster Location: 660

Titan's Global Map Combining VIMS and ISS Mosaics, B. Seignovert, S. Le Mouélic, R. H. Brown, E. Karkoschka, V. Pasek, C. Sotin, E. P. Turtle [Abstract 1423], Poster Location: 672

Poster Session II: Visualizing Worlds: Planetary Spatial Data and Infrastructure
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Observation Geometry for Planetary Science, C. Acton, N. Bachman, M. Liukis, B. Semenov, F. Thomson, E. Wright [Abstract 1028], Poster Location: 678

PDS Geosciences Node’s Orbital Data Explorer and the Latest Update for PDS4, J. Wang, D. Scholes, R. E. Arvidson, S. Slavney, E. A. Guinness, L. E. Arvidson, F. Zhou, D. V. Politte, S. VanBommel [Abstract 1918], Poster Location: 683

Planetary Geoscience Ontology Testbed: Using Semantic Technology to Enhance the Discovery of Geologic Maps, M. A. Hunter, J. A. Skinner, C. M. Fortezzo, C. Okubo [Abstract 1107], Poster Location: 685

Plutopy: An Open-Source Community for Learning Reproducible Planetary Science, C. J. Tai Udovicic, A. L. Boivin [Abstract 3218], Poster Location: 688

Poster Session II: Visualizing Worlds: Moon and Asteroids Spatial Data
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Lunar Surface Image Restoration Using U-Net Based Deep Neural Networks, H. Roy, S. Chaudhury, T. Yamasaki, D. M. DeLatte, M. Ohtake, T. Hashimoto [Abstract 2656], Poster Location: 695

3D Virtual Astromaterials Samples Collection of NASA’s Apollo Lunar and Antarctic Meteorite Samples to Be an Online Database to Serve Researchers and the Public, E. H. Blumenfeld, K. R. Beaulieu, A. B. Thomas, C. A. Evans, R. A. Zeigler, E. R. Oshel, D. A. Liddle, K. Righter, R. D. Hanna, R. A. Ketcham [Abstract 3056], Poster Location: 698

Poster Session II: Visualizing Worlds: Mars Spatial Data and Infrastructure
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Make Planetary Images Searchable: Content-Based Search for PDS and On-Board Datasets, M. Ono, B. Rothrock, C. Mattmann, T. Islam, A. Didier, V. Z. Sun, D. Qiu, P. Ramirez, K. Grimes, G. Hedrick [Abstract 2552], Poster Location: 708

Science Operations with the InSight WebGIS, F. J. Calef III, T. Soliman, H. E. Abarca, R. G. Deen, N. Ruoff, N. Williams, L. Berger, H. Lethcoe, R. Hausmann [Abstract 1977], Poster Location: 715

Change Detection in Repeat Imagery Using Principle Component Analysis, R. A. Parsons, H. Miyamoto [Abstract 2381], Poster Location: 718

The Multi-Temporal Database (MUTED): New Features to Study Dynamic Mars, T. Heyer, H. Hiesinger, D. Reiss, J. Raack, R. Jaumann [Abstract 1001], Poster Location: 719

Predicting a Gypsum-Dolomite Mixture Spectrum with a Spectrum Mixture Model Based on Principle Component Analysis, J. S. Makarewicz, H. D. Makarewicz [Abstract 2400], Poster Location: 720

Pipeline for Retrieval of Surface Temperatures and Single Scattering Albedos, D. V. Politte, R. E. Arvidson, J. A. O'Sullivan, L. He [Abstract 2690], Poster Location: 721

When and Where? Prioritizing Temperature Measurements for Thermophysical Analysis, J. Bapst, S. Piqueux, C. S. Edwards, R. L. Fergason [Abstract 1902], Poster Location: 722

Poster Session II: Biosignatures: To Seek Out New Life
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Searching for Extant Life on Mars: What's Next?, B. L. Carrier, D. W. Beaty, M. A. Meyer, C. Bakermans, P. Boston, T. Kieft, R. Leveille, R. Mackelprang, T. C. Onstott, R. C. Quinn, A. Schuerger, M. Voytek [Abstract 2539], Poster Location: 733

Variability of Enceladus' Plumes Reflectance as a Function of the Potential Occurence of Microbes, N. E. Zalewska, J. P. Kotlarz, K. Kubiak [Abstract 2759], Poster Location: 739

Poster Session II: Astrobiology Missions and Instrumentation: Boldly Going Where No Spectrometer has Gone Before!
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Protocol for Biosignature Identification in Wet Aeolian Deposits, Using Micro-XRF Analyses that Simulate the PIXL Instrument Onboard the Mars 2020 Rover, M. Nachon, R. C. Ewing, M. M. Tice, K. Cheffer, M. Coker [Abstract 1485], Poster Location: 747

Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) Analysis of Organic-Bearing Mars Analogue Samples, J. C. Kuik, E. A. Cloutis, V. Latendresse, R. V. Kruzelecky [Abstract 2701], Poster Location: 749

Poster Session II: Workforce Development, Diversity, and Inclusion
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Increasing Student Enrollment and Retention in STEAM Careers Centered in Planetary Science by Incorporating NASA’s SOLVE Programs in College Level Service Learning and Internship Programs, J. G. O. Olgin [Abstract 2054], Poster Location: 773

Planetology Related Aspects in University Education of Geography and Environment, Cs. Patkos, J. Mika, A. Gucsik, T. Juhasz, E. Homoki, M. Polgari, Z. Utasi, I. Pajtok-Tari [Abstract 3261], Poster Location: 774

Team Dynamics During a Four-Day Effort to Map Bennu’s Surface: A Collaborative Effort, J. L. Molaro, K. Walsh, E. Jawin, R.-L. Ballouz, M. Pajola, S. Schwartz, J. P. Dworkin, H. C. Connelly, D. S. Lauretta [Abstract 1591], Poster Location: 778

Promoting Accessibility in Geoscience Education: What Practices from Planetary Science Can We Apply?, J. L. Piatek, G. Gosselin [Abstract 3006], Poster Location: 781

Making Planetary Science More Inclusive: An Introduction to the Work of the American Astronomical Society's Division of Planetary Sciences Professional Culture and Climate Subcommittee (PCCS), R. N. Schindhelm, J. A. Rathbun, S. Diniega, S. M. Brooks, S. M. Hörst, K. E. Mandt, J. Piatek, E. G. Rivera-Valentin, A. Soto, M. S. Tiscareno, C. Thomas [Abstract 2849], Poster Location: 782

Diversity in Student Space Activities in the United Kingdom, A. C. O'Brien, A. R. Damale, L. J. Lappin, R. J. Garner, J. N. Dudley [Abstract 2380], Poster Location: 783

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