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Lunar and Planetary Science Conference
The Woodlands, Texas
March 19-23, 2018

LPSC In the News

Nagaland Post (India), Scientists have a wild plan to throw salt into the atmosphere (April 13)

Futura Sciences (France), Vénus connaît-elle une tectonique des plaques? (April 11)

Informare x Resistere (Italy), Spargere sale in troposfera: la proposta del Planetary Science Institute (April 11)

Planetary Society, #LPSC2018: What the Moon's craters tell us about Earth's past climate (April 8)

Spaceflight Now, Saturn’s clouds run deep, rings may rain organics (April 6)

Consumerismo (Italy), Cambiamento Climatico, un piano B: buttare sale nell’atmosfera (April 6)

Echo of Moscow (Russia), Магнитное поле Марса могло быть уничтожено водой (April 6)

Nedd.cz (Czech Republic), Na povrchu Venuše se zřejmě pohybují 'kontinenty'. Je dvojčetem Země? (April 5)

Planetary Society, AI, Space, and Humanity’s Future—A Conversation with David Brin (April 4)

Arizona State University Center for Meteorite Studies, CMS at Lunar & Planetary Science Conference (April 4)

Spektrum.de (Germany), Ein mysteriöser Asteroid und planetarer Sonnenbrand: LPSC 2018, eine Nachbetrachtung (April 3)

Cosmos, Venus may have hosted life, researchers say (April 3)

Republika.co.id (Indonesia), Medan Magnetik Mars Rusak karena Air (April 2)

Focus (Italy), Una camera sterile della Nasa è contaminata da funghi (April 2)

Planetary Society, #LPSC2018: Understanding early Mars through fluvial features (April 2)

Sumedang Media (Indonesia), Ilmuwan Usulkan Tabur Garam di Atmosfer (March 31)

Planetary Society, #LPSC2018: Groovy Galilean satellites (March 30)

The Wire (India), What Tectonics on Venus Can Tells Us About How It Was Formed (March 30)

ZME Science, Water may, ironically, be the root of Mars’ dreariness — it could have sabotaged its magnetic field (March 30)

Science, Meteorite divide points to solar system chaos (March 30)

Interesting Engineering, Apollo 17 Astronauts Urge for Missions to Moon Before Starting Mars Exploration (March 29)

Space.com, NASA's Next Mars Lander Will Look Deep to Understand the Red Planet — and Earth (March 29)

Planetary Society, #LPSC2018: Fungi in the lab, hot springs frozen cold, and exploding lakes (March 29)

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Linda Spilker: Cassini's Amazing Discoveries (March 29)

Geek.com, Throwing Salt Into the Atmosphere Might Help With Climate Change (March 29)

Planetary Society, #LPSC2018: Collaborative notes from conference sessions (March 28)

Houston Chronicle, NASA’s golden age? We’re in it (March 28)

Newsweek, Experiment Confirms Earth Is Habitable, but Not As Nice As It Was in the 90's (March 28)

National Geographic Indonesia, Atasi Iklim Panas dengan Tabur Garam Di Atmosfer, Bagaimana Bisa? (March 28)

Scientias (Netherlands), Ruimtesonde OSIRIS-Rex ontdekt dat er leven is...op aarde (March 28)

Science, Surprising meteorite discovery points to early solar system chaos (March 28)

derStandard.de (Germany), Reinraum der NASA mit Schimmelpilz kontaminiert (March 28)

ANSA Scienza & Tecnica (Italy), La Terra vista dallo spazio diventa una 'palestra' per la caccia a Ett (March 28)

Kompas.com (Indonesia), Peneliti Berencana Menaburkan Garam ke Atmosfer, Untuk Apa? (March 28)

GenomeWeb, The Genome Sequencer as an Alien Life Form Detector (March 27)

Space.com, 'Mars Ain't Gonna Be Easy': What Apollo 17 Leaders Are Saying About Future Space Exploration (March 27)

News @ Wesleyan (Wesleyan University), Alumni, Faculty, Graduate Students Make Presentations at Planetary Science Conference (March 27)

Live Science, These Scientists Have a Wild Plan to Throw Salt into the Atmosphere. Here's Why. (March 27)

Science Alert, If Earth Were an Alien Planet, It Would Be Classed Habitable - But Getting Worse (March 27)

Atlas Obscura, Found: Fungus in NASA’s Clean Rooms (March 27)

Brinkwire, We May Finally Know What Kind of Place That Interstellar Asteroid Came From (March 27)

Planetary Society, #LPSC2018: An Apollo 17 session with moonwalker Jack Schmitt (March 27)

Knowridge Science Report (Australia), Did enormous volcanoes lead to oceans on Mars (March 27)

IFLScience, Astronomers "Discovered" Life On Earth In An Important Test For Finding Habitable Worlds (March 27)

Scinexx.de (Germany), Pilzbefall im NASA-Reinraum (March 27)

Smithsonian Magazine, NASA Clean Room Storing Meteorite Samples Is Contaminated With Fungi (March 27)

Science News, Water may have killed Mars’ magnetic field (March 27)

The Tartan (Carnegie Mellon University), SciTech Briefs (March 26)

Planetary Society, #LPSC2018: Mars mass wasting in the laboratory (March 26)

Infosurhoy (Latin America and the Caribbean), We May Finally Know What Kind of Place That Interstellar Asteroid Came From (March 26)

Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI), Video: 49th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (March 26)

Science News, This spinning moon shows where debris from giant impacts fell (March 26)

IFLScience, NASA Has A Dirty Little Secret (Literally) (March 26)

The Daily Galaxy, "Channeling Carl Sagan" --Asteroid-Bound Spacecraft Finds Earth Teeming With Life and Scary Climate Change (March 26)

Science, Asteroid-bound spacecraft finds signs of life—on Earth (March 26)

The Register (UK), NASA fungus problem puts theory of 'Martian mushrooms' on toast (March 26)

Cosmos, Pluto’s mountains may have slid along a kilometre a day (March 26)

Brinkwire, Scientists have a plan to cool the Earth with a sprinkle of salt (March 26)

The Economist, An astronomers’ meeting turns into a haiku competition (March 24)

Newsweek, NASA'S Search for Alien Life May Have a Fungus Problem (March 24)

Universe Today, That Interstellar Asteroid 'Oumuamua Probably Came from a Binary Star System (March 24)

Lake County News (Lakeport, CA), Space News: Mars’ oceans formed early, possibly aided by massive volcanic eruptions (March 24)

Universe Today, Volcanoes on Mars Helped Form its Early Oceans (March 23)

Science News, Venus may be home to a new kind of tectonics (March 23)

Air & Space Smithsonian, Next-Generation Life Detectors Are On the Way (March 23)

Eos Earth and Space Science News, Homemade “Spatter Bombs” Can Reveal Volcanic Secrets (March 23)

Science, NASA ‘clean’ room is contaminated with fungus (March 23)

Science, Want to discover truly alien life? Pack a genome sequencer (March 23)

Inhabitat, Scientists have a plan to cool the Earth with a sprinkle of salt (March 22)

The Economist, Saturn’s rings and several of its moons may be recent creations (March 22)

Mice Times (Asia), The United States decided the issue of plutonium-238 (March 22)

Arizona Public Media, Scientists Want to Know: Can Table Salt Slow Global Warming? (March 21)

Planetary Society, #LPSC2018: Titan Is Terrific! (March 21)

Cosmos, Earth microbes could contaminate space samples, researchers say (March 21)

Space.com, Take an Amazing Solar System Tour with This Mobile Augmented-Reality App (March 21)

Space.com, Saturn Moon Quadcopter, or Comet-Sample Return? Only 1 NASA Mission Will Be Picked (March 21)

Leonard David's Inside Outer Space, Livestream Event: 45th Anniversary of Apollo 17 Panel (March 21)

SpaceRef, Table Salt May Offer Geo-Engineering Option for Climate Change (March 21)

Science, A dusting of salt could cool the planet (March 21)

Science News for Students, Here's why Venus is so Unwelcoming? (March 20)

Leonard David's Inside Outer Space, China Moon Plans Detailed (March 20)

Science News, 5 things we’ve learned about Saturn since Cassini died (March 20)

Space News, NASA to allow nuclear power systems for next Discovery mission (March 20)

Futurity, Did enormous volcanoes lead to oceans on Mars? (March 19)

SpacePolicyOnline.com, Today's Tidbits: March 19, 2018 (March 19)

The Daily Galaxy, Mars' Ancient Oceans Linked to Rise of Volcanoes in the Solar System (March 19)

Eos Earth and Space Science News, Lunar and Planetary Science Inspires Out-of-This-World Poetry (March 19)

Bild (Germany), Was findet die Nasa in versiegelten Mond-Boxen? (March 19)

Berkeley News, Mars’ oceans formed early, possibly aided by massive volcanic eruptions (March 19)

SpacePolicyOnline.com, What's Happening in Space Policy March 18-23, 2018 (March 18)

Planetary Society, Moon Monday: Looking back at the Moon from Apollo 17 (March 18)

Environment Guru, Debunking an Urban Legend of Asteroidal Proportions (March 16)

Planetary Society, #LPSC2018: A full week of planetary science (March 15)

Earth & Solar System, Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 2018 (March 14)

Ernstson Claudin Impact Structures, Lunar & Planetary Science Conference Poster Presentations on newly suggested meteorite impact sites (March 8)

Women in Planetary Science, Announcing the 10th Annual Susan Niebur WiPS Networking Event – LPSC 2018 (March 6)

The Daily Galaxy, What's Inside NASA's Sealed Apollo-Mission Moon Boxes? -- "May Solve NASA's Biggest Mysteries" (March 6)

Scientific American, Should We Open Some Sealed Moon Samples? (March 5)

Outer Places, Opening Sealed Apollo Moon Samples May Solve NASA's Biggest Mysteries (March 5)

Space.com, Should We Open Some Sealed Apollo Moon Samples? (March 5)

Smith College, Smith College People News (February 27)

lato 103.3 fm (Greece), Ο Έλληνας που γύρισε με γεμάτα χέρια από την Ανταρκτική -Στην αποστολή της NASA βρήκε 263 μετεωρίτες (February 20)

Planetary Society, Maintaining the health of an aging Mars orbiter (February 14)

Science News, What will it take to go to Venus? (February 13)

Kathimerini (Greece), Γιάννης Μπαζιώτης: Στην Ανταρκτική με τη NASA (February 10)

NASA, Approval to Exceed GSA Lodging for LPSC 2018 (November 9)