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Official LPSC Microbloggers New

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LPSC Microblogger Contact:
Julie Tygielski
Lunar and Planetary Institute
Phone:  281-486-2122
E-mail:  [email protected]

The LPSC Microblogger application deadline has passed

We are again inviting interested participants to apply to be one of our official conference microbloggers during the week of LPSC. A limited number of selected participants will be given password-protected access to a dedicated Wi-Fi network that will be available in the oral session rooms (Monday 8:00 a.m. through Friday noon). (Remember that the LPSC Wi-Fi network is deactivated in the oral sessions.)

Selected microbloggers will be expected to use their social media outlets to report on what’s going on during the conference. Send tweets, post on your Facebook page, post comments on your blog about anything and everything LPSC! 

NOTE:  All participants and microbloggers should be aware that livestreaming (audio and/or video) of presentations (e.g., using apps such as Periscope, Facebook Live, etc.) is STRICTLY prohibited.

We are looking for a good mix of participants to help provide extended social media coverage of the conference, and applications will be accepted from the working press, college students, scientists, retired professionals, etc.

Microblogger Rules and Responsibilities —

  • The hashtag #LPSC2017 must be used on postings
  • Microbloggers are expected to maintain professional courtesy in their postings associated with the meeting hashtag
  • The password provided is for the sole use of the selected participant, and must not be shared with friends and colleagues
  • Flash photography is not allowed during talks
  • Standard copyright and intellectual property right laws must be observed (i.e., do NOT capture an entire presentation on video and post it without the presenter’s explicit consent)
  • Selected participants must check in at the registration desk upon arrival at the conference to receive the network name and password, and must wear a ribbon attached to their badge that identifies them as one of the LPSC Microbloggers
  • Microbloggers are required to register for the conference; only credentialed members of the press are allowed to register as working press

USRA/LPI reserves the right to terminate access to anyone found to be in violation of the policies stated above.

Media Policies —

Blogging, tweeting, and discussing science online from LPSC does not violate our conference policies. Restrictions on photos and recording devices in technical session rooms and the absence of Wi-Fi in the oral sessions are in place to protect the intellectual property rights of the speakers and curtail activities that could be distracting to speakers during their presentations.

Media credentials entitle journalists and public information officers from space-science-related organizations to access all scientific sessions and the exhibition area, as well as events specifically for media representatives. Having access to USRA/LPI’s assistance in facilitating reporting does not imply “permission” to report or discuss subjects or not.

As a professional courtesy, USRA/LPI asks that members of the media discuss research of interest with the authors before publishing stories regarding their work, as a means of ensuring that authors’ works are accurately represented and cited. If a member of the press receives complimentary media registration to “report” on the meeting, adherence to this professional ethical standard is expected.

No presenters at the meeting may attend for free under the guise of being a member of the media. Complimentary media registrations are approved on a case-by-case basis, and those registering as members of the media should be expected to verify that they are not attending as a presenter.