Press Coverage

Mental Floss, The Fireball that Killed the Dinosaurs Could Help Us Find Life on Other Planets (April 20), Europa: Our best shot at finding alien life? (April 16)

Christian Science Monitor, Beyond the Blue Marble: NASA Earth science informs study of other worlds too (April 13), Asteroids Are Bad at Making Waves (April 13)

Eos, Earth & Space Science News, Why It's Time for a New Mission to Venus (April 12)

News Heads (India), Scientists discovered crater linked to tsunamis (April 11)

Mental Floss, How Will the Europa Lander Search for Life? (April 10)

The Hindu (India), For the love of Pluto (April 6)

Planetary Society, China's lunar sample return mission will pave way for future ambitions (April 6)

Roomie (Japan), 原始時代より劣悪な環境? 憧れの「月への移住」は実際しんどいらしい (April 5)

Daily Texan, Scientists must not acquiesce to demands from Pluto zealots (April 5)

WDEF (Chattanooga, Tennessee), Dwarf planet Ceres' mysterious vanishing ice volcanoes (April 5)

Flyer group, Pluto is too a planet, scientists argue - and it has lots of friends (April 5)

Fox News, 'Mars Base Camp': Lockheed fleshes out red planet space station plan (April 5)

Daily Mail, Orbiting 'Mars base camp' planned for 2028 will carry six crew members and use virtual reality and artificial intelligence to search for alien life (April 5)

Europa Press, Mars Base Camp, la inmersión humana virtual en Marte (April 4)

Tribuna Salamanca (Spain), Mars Base Camp, la inmersión humana virtual en Marte (April 4)

Space Reporter, Lockheed Martin unveils plan for space station to orbit Mars (April 4)

Planetary Society, Mars Exploration Rovers Update: Opportunity Dodges Dust Storms, Makes Tracks to Perseverance Valley (April 4)

Register-Herald (Beckley, West Virginia), Pluto is, too, a planet, scientists argue -- and it has lots of friends (April 3)

Hindustan Times (India), Pluto's planetary status: Is the classification system outdated? (April 3), 'Mars Base Camp': Lockheed Fleshes Out Red Planet Space Station Plan (April 3)

Astronomy Magazine, How meteorites built up Iapetus' mountain ridge (April 3)

Space Review, Attempting a landing there: the case for a Europa lander (April 3)

Science Vibe, Life Bounced Back 'Unbelievably Fast' After Dinosaurs Mass Extinction (April 3)

Madera Tribune, Astronomers should apologize for abusing Pluto (April 2)

SciencePost (France), Après l’extinction des dinosaures, la vie est réapparue très rapidement (April 1)

Le Scienze (Italy), Se l'Australia è un continente, perché Plutone non è un pianeta? (April 1)

DOGO News, Scientists Propose Re-Defining Planets To Include Pluto And Over 100 Celestial Bodies (March 31)

Scientific American, Red Planet versus Dead Planet: Scientists Debate Next Destination for Astronauts in Space (March 30)

Eos, Earth & Space Science News, Iapetus's Ridge: The Result of Many Small Impacts? (March 30)

SciencePost (France), De gigantesques tsunamis sur Mars il y a des milliards d'années (March 30)

Blasting News, Scientists debate go directly to Mars or return to the moon first (March 30)

Daily Galaxy, Intriguing Mystery of Saturn's Ocean Moon — "Were Enceladus's Towering Geysers at South Pole Caused by a Massive Ancient Impact" (March 30)

Scientific American, Life Bounced Back Fast After Dino-Killing Impact (March 29)

Scientific American, Ringo Is a Beatle, Hawaii Is a State — Why Isn't Pluto a Planet? (March 29)

Daily Galaxy, The Chicxulub "Dinosaur-Killer" Asteroid Impact — "Life Rebounded Quickly Creating New Niches" (March 29), Le mystère des écoulements sombres équatoriaux de Mars s'éclaircit! (March 29)

90.7 WMFE (Orlando, Florida), Mars Landing Sites & CubeSat Planetary Exploration (March 29)

Wesleyan University News @ Wesleyan, Faculty, Students, Alumni Attend the 48th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (March 29)

New York Post, Life came back ‘quickly’ after dinosaur-killing asteroid (March 29)

Gizmodo, A Wild New Hypothesis for How Saturn’s Moon Enceladus Got Its Geysers (March 28)

Science Times, Mars Experienced Tsunamis Three Billion Years Ago: Impact Crater Showed Proof Of Ocean (March 28)

Daily Mail, Devastating tsunamis formed on Mars billions of years ago following a massive asteroid impact (March 28)

Spaceflight Now, Juno orbiter races by Jupiter on fourth science pass (March 28)

Clarksville Online (Clarksville, Tennessee), NASA picks 10 studies for future CubeSat mission (March 28)

Union News (Russia), Учёные просят NASA сделать корабль для полёта на Уран (March 28) SciLogs (Germany), Unser Mann in Houston (II) Irgendwie mittendrin (March 28), After Dino-Killing Asteroid Impact, Life Re-Emerged Quickly (March 28)

Puls Kosmosu (Poland), Czy gejzery na Enceladusie to pozostałość po kosmicznej kolizji? (March 28)

University Herald, Martian Tsunamis Ground Zero Located; Ocean on Mars Argument Placed to Rest (March 28)

WeMartians Podcast, LPSC 2017 (March 28)

SETI Institute, Where in the Worlds has SETI Institute Been? March 20-26, 2017 (March 28)

1news (Brazil), Cratera no Golfo do México pode revelar as chaves sobre a origem da vida na Terra (March 28)

BBC Brazil, A cratera que pode esconder as chaves sobre a origem da vida na Terra (March 28)

Space Reporter, Impacting asteroid may have caused ancient tsunami on Mars (March 27)

Concord Register, Mars volcano died at the same time as the dinosaurs (March 27)

El Periódico (Spain), Un cráter de impacto en Marte se relaciona con un tsunami gigante (March 27)

Vox, The debate over Pluto will never die. Here’s the latest argument for why it’s a planet. (March 27)

Space News, Future of asteroid intercept mission depends on Congress (March 27)

Latin Post, Waters On Mars: Scientists Linked Impact Crater To Ancient Martian Tsunamis (March 27)

The Nation, Impact crater linked to Martian tsunami (March 27)

Discover24 (Russia), Ученые предлагают отправить к Урану космический аппарат (March 27)

Cosmos Magazine, Mars may have experienced a giant tsunami (March 27)

Spaceflight Now, Scientists say thinning atmosphere drove the drying and cooling of Mars (March 27)

Spaceflight Now, Juno orbiter races by Jupiter on fourth science pass (March 27)

UOL (Brazil), Cratera no México pode esconder as chaves sobre a origem da vida na Terra (March 27)

Science Times, Alien Life Could Be Possibly Found On Jupiter's Moon Europa (March 26)

eCanada Now, Impact crater Mars tsunamis theory (March 26)

Inland News Today, Impact crater linked to Martian tsunamis (March 26)

Pulse Headlines, Scientists think an asteroid might have caused Mars’ ancient tsunamis (March 26)

Tech Times, Impact Crater Linked To Powerful Tsunamis On Mars: Another Proof Of An Ancient Ocean? (March 26)

ExtremeTech, A rocket, a rover, and a moon: this week in space (March 25)

El Ideal Gallego (Spain), El rover Curiosity capta nubes en forma de onda de gravedad (March 25)

BBC Radio 4: Inside Science, Comet 67P images; Etna eruption; Brain navigation; Octopus intelligence (March 24)

Gizmodo, Trust Me, Living on the Moon Will Be Hell (March 24), Curiosity captures gravity wave shaped clouds on Mars (March 24)

Daily Mail, NASA prepares to send two probes to Jupiter's moon Europa in what may be 'our best chance to find alien life' (March 24)

BBC News, Europa: Our best shot at finding alien life? (March 24)

First Newshawk, According to the Latest Study, Mars Volcano and Dinosaurs Died at the Same Time (March 24)

Animal Politico (Mexico), Chicxulub, el cráter bajo el Golfo de México que esconde las claves sobre el origen de la vida (March 24)

El Periódico (Spain), El rover Curiosity capta nubes en forma de onda de gravedad en Marte (March 24)

Chronicle Council, NASA has Chosen Cubesat from the Smallsat Studies Program (March 24)

Eos, Earth & Space Science News, Lunar Lava Tubes Could Offer Future Moon Explorers a Safe Haven (March 24)

CNET, The fight over Pluto is much bigger than one (dwarf) planet (March 24)

Gizmodo, Uranus Is a Wonderland and We Should Go There (March 24)

Suratkabar.ID (Indonesia), Kawah Chicxulub Diyakini Sebagai Titik Pertama Asal Muasal Makhluk Hidup di Bumi (March 24)

MSN News, Dinosaur crater's clue to origin of life (March 24)

Cosmos Magazine, Solving the mysteries of the dino-killing crater (March 24) News (Russia), В планеты могут записать до 110 небесных тел (March 23)

BBC News, Dinosaur crater's clue to origin of life (March 23)

Scientific American, Comet Landslide Caught in Action (March 23)

Science News, It’s time to redefine what qualifies as a planet, scientists propose (March 23)

eNews Park Forest (Park Forest, Illinois), Mars Volcano Arsia Mons, Earth’s Dinosaurs Went Extinct About the Same Time (March 23)

International Business Times, India Edition, NASA reveals new data about giant Martian volcano Arsia Mons, and it's staggering! (March 23), NASA selects CubeSat, SmallSat mission concept studies (March 23)

Post Observer, NASA ‘Smallsats’ Open Up New Planetary Frontier (March 23)

Space News, NASA hails planetary science funding while scientists worry about other cuts (March 23)

Tribun news (Indonesia), 10 Tahun Sejak Pluto Dihilangkan dari Daftar Planet, Inilah Usulan Terbaru Saat Ini (March 23)

Space Reporter, Falling haze particles are likely source of Pluto’s red regions (March 23)

Space Reporter, Cubesats could assist solar system exploration (March 23), (Dwarf) planet Pluto? Scientists examine the definition (March 23) (Russia), Марсоход Curiosity заснял марсианские «гравитационные» облака (March 23)

Astronomy Now, Rosetta’s comet shows scars from swing through inner solar system (March 23)

New York Times, How Comet 67P’s Face Changed During Its Trip Around the Sun (March 23)

NASA/JPL, NASA Selects CubeSat, SmallSat Mission Concept Studies (March 23)

Eos, Earth & Space Science News, Earth Science Budget Woes Cast a Shadow on Planetary Scientists (March 22)

Svět Hardware (Czech Republic), Vrátí se Pluto mezi planety? (March 22)

Gizmodo, The Word 'Planet' Is So Important And Such Garbage (March 22) (Indonesia), Proposal Baru Akan Pulihkan Status Pluto dan Angkat Bulan jadi Planet (March 22)

Irish Central, There is now a crater on Mercury named after Seamus Heaney (March 22)

Irish Post, Crater on Mercury named after Irish poet Seamus Heaney on World Poetry Day thanks to Belfast student (March 22)

Fortune, SpaceX and NASA Are Looking for Places to Land on Mars (March 22)

BBC News, NASA 'smallsats' open up new planetary frontier (March 22)

Scientific American, A NASA Spacecraft Might Bounce, Crunch or Sink on Europa (March 22)

Cosmos Magazine, NASA, ESA aim to ram asteroid (March 22)

Spaceflight Now, Rosetta’s comet shows scars from swing through inner solar system (March 22)

Science Alert, Rosetta Photographed Some Weird Changes on Comet 67P Before It Crash-Landed (March 22)

Science Magazine, Mars rover spots clouds shaped by gravity waves (March 22)

Radio Canada International, Some scientists seek to revive Pluto’s status as a planet (March 22)

MeteoWeb, Vulcanismo marziano: lava e crateri, il vulcano Arsia Mons sotto osservazione (March 21), Why a NASA spacecraft could bounce, crunch or sink on icy Europa (March 21)

Cosmos Magazine, Rosetta makes startling ice discovery on comet (March 21)

Science Daily, Mars volcano, Earth's dinosaurs went extinct about the same time (March 21)

Astronomy Magazine, Is it time to restore Pluto’s planetary status? (March 21)

CBS News, This Mars volcano died at the same time as the dinosaurs (March 21)

Houston Chronicle, NASA has upbeat message: Takeaways from Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (March 21), Planet Count May Reach 110 (March 21)

BBC News, Rosetta saw cliffs collapse on comet (March 21)

Washington Post, A new definition would add 102 planets to our solar system — including Pluto (March 21)

USA Today, New definition of planet would make Pluto, 100 celestial bodies into planets (March 21), Collapsing Cliff Caused Comet 67P's Brilliant Outburst (March 21)

Lab Manager, Scientists Make the Case to Restore Pluto's Planet Status (March 20)

Astroblogs (The Netherlands), Is Pluto straks toch weer een planeet? (March 20)

The Daily Caller, Astronomers May Soon Restore Pluto To Planet Status (March 20), Neil deGrasse Tyson Rejects Pluto Planethood Proposal on 'Colbert' (March 20)

Jet Propulsion Laboratory News, Mars Volcano, Earth’s Dinosaurs Went Extinct About the Same Time (March 20)

New York Post, Scientists ‘discover’ more than 100 planets in our solar system (March 20)

SETI Institute, SETI Institute at the 48th LPSC (March 20), What's Happening in Space Policy March 19-24, 2017 (March 19)

Portland Press Herald, (Portland, ME), ‘Pluto-huggers’ root for planet status (March 18)

BGR Media, Scientist says there are over 100 planets in our solar system (March 18)

The Daily Galaxy, NASA Astronomers: "Pluto is a Planet, So is Jupiter's 'Ocean' Moon Europa" (March 18)

The Post and Courier (Charleston, SC), Charleston rocket scientist's photos help scientists make discoveries. His subject? Outer space (March 18)

The Hub, Johns Hopkins University, Scientists make the case to restore Pluto's planet status (March 16)

AGU Blog: The Martian Chronicles, Sol 1638: Busy Day for MAHLI (March 15)

Carnegie Institution Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, DTM Staff Scientists and Postdocs to Attend the 48th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in The Woodlands, Texas (March 15)

Earth & Solar System, Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 2017 (March 14) SciLogs (Germany), Viel Mars und Mond: noch mehr Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in Houston (II) (March 13)

PR Newswire, NASA Scientists to Discuss Findings on Mars, Pluto at Houston-area Conference (March 13)

Women in Planetary Science, LPSC Women in Planetary Science Annual Susan Niebur Networking Event 2017 (March 12)

Universe Today, Exploring Titan with Aerial Platforms (March 11)

News Ledge, NASA’s Mission to Europa Will Live Up to its Moniker (March 10)

Il Sole 24 Ore (Italy), Una boa extraterrestre per esplorare i mari di metano su Titano (March 9)

Universe Today, Exploring Titan with Balloons and Landers (March 7), NASA's plans to explore Europa and other "ocean worlds" (March 6), Space Calendar 2017: Launches, Sky Events & More (March 6)

Planetary Society, Mars Explorations Rovers Update: Opportunity Reaches Top of Endeavor Rim, Wraps Cape Tribulation (March 3)

ExtremeTech, SpaceX, NASA, and the Northern Lights: this week in space (March 3)

Wired, Pluto’s Defenders Prepare to Fight for Its Planethood (Again) (March 2)

Chatelaine, Meet the Canadian who discovered a massive ice sheet on Mars (March 1)

KNAU Arizona Public Radio, Scientists Renew Debate over Pluto's Planet Status (March 1)

Seeker, Behind the Push to Get Pluto Its Planetary Groove Back (February 28)

La Republicca (Italy), "Chiamateli pianeti", la battaglia per definire Plutone e Luna (February 28)


La Stampa (Italy), Plutone punta a tornare pianeta (February 27)

Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata (ANSA) (Italy), Plutone alla riscossa, punta a tornare un pianeta (February 25)

Газета.Гu (Russia), Фонтаны на Энцеладе разглядел еще «Вояджер» (February 24)

Express Tribune, Pluto with 110 other objects can be added to solar system again (February 24)

The Space Reporter, New planet definition proposal would include Pluto, dwarf planets, and spherical moons (February 23)

Patheos, Pluto might get promoted back to “planet” (February 23)

Gizmodo, An Exciting Discovery May Be Lurking In This Voyager Photo Of Saturn (February 23)

Scientific American, Could Pluto Regain Its Planethood? (February 23) (Raleigh, NC), Definition of a planet, and whether Pluto counts, is still in flux (February 23), Will Pluto Get Its Planethood Back? (February 22)

The Marshalltown, Pluto may become a planet again thanks to NASA scientists (February 22)

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Science Times, NASA Latest Announcement: Pluto Might Become The Planetary Member Of Solar System Again (February 22)

Nature, Pluto could be staging a comeback — and it’s not alone (February 22) (Indonesia), Ilmuwan NASA Ingin Kembalikan Status Pluto sebagai Planet (February 21)

Pulse Headlines, Pluto may become a planet once again (February 21)

The Christian Science Monitor, Why scientists want to revise the definition of 'planet' (February 21)

Universe Today, Sad About Pluto? How About 110 Planets in the Solar System Instead? (February 21)

Popular Science, Pluto might be a planet again. Let’s talk about why this matters (February 21)

РИА Новости (Russia), Команда New Horizons предлагает вернуть Плутону статус планеты (February 21)

Diário de Notícias (Portugal), Grupo de cientistas da Nasa quer que Plutão volte a ser um planeta (February 21)

Inverse, Making Pluto a Planet Could Give the Solar System a Whopping 110 Planets (February 21)

IFLScience, Why the Man Behind the New Horizons Mission Wants Pluto to be a Planet Again (February 21) (Paraíba, Brazil), Cientistas propõem nova definição de planeta que inclui Plutão (February 20)

Engadget, New Horizons scientists want to redefine what planets are (February 20)

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ExtremeTech, This week in space: Pluto, Europa, and 96 nanosats (February 17)

Spaceflight Insider, New Horizons posters, studies, to be presented at Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (February 14)

Portal to the Universe, New Horizons posters, studies, to be presented at Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (February 14), Space Calendar 2017: Launches, Sky Events & More (February 14)

Red Orbit, NASA wants to send a life-detecting mission to Europa (February 13)

Telegiz, NASA to Search for Life on Jupiter's Moon Europa in 2024 (February 12)

Gazeta Wyborcza (Electoral Newspaper), NASA chce podbić Europe i znaleźć tam obce życie. To bedzie wyprawa stulecia (February 12)

Nauka w Polsce (Science in Poland), NASA rozważa lądowanie na księżycu Jowisza (February 11)

Space Daily, NASA receives science report on Europa lander concept (February 10), La NASA busca vida extraterrestre en la Luna Europa (February 10)

New Atlas, Is there life on Europa? NASA has a plan to find out (February 9)

Europa Press, La NASA desvela cómo será su misión a la superficie de la luna Europa (February 9)

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Leonard David’s Inside Outer Space, Mars Mystery: New Research on Recurring Slope Lineae (January 29)

The Woodlands Convention and Visitors Bureau, Planetary Scientists Converge in The Woodlands for the 48th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (LPSC) (January 18)

Wesleyan University News @ Wesleyan, Four Students Awarded NASA Connecticut Space Grants (December 14)

NASA Science Mission Directorate, Submit Your Abstracts to the 2017 Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (December 6)