Child Care Discussion Forum

Conference participants looking to connect with other parents for the purpose of exchanging information about childcare providers, tips, etc., can post a notice on the bulletin board using the link below.

For privacy and security reasons, the bulletin board is located within the USRA Meeting Portal, so users must log into the Portal in order to view the available listings or post a message.

Users may privately contact the authors of posts by clicking on the name that appears to the left of a post.

Individuals can remove their own postings by clicking on the “Disable” link that appears next to the text of their post.

USRA/LPI is providing this board as a forum for those with child care needs during LPSC to exchange information. USRA/LPI does not take any responsibility whatsoever for the discussions and agreements made through this board.

Child Care Forum Board

Note About Parent’s Room at Conference Venue — New

A private parent’s room is available at The Woodlands Waterway Marriott for nursing mothers and parents who need a quiet place for their young children. For the location of the room, please see a member of the USRA/LPI staff at the registration desk.