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Poster Session I: Mercury: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Temperature Dependent Spectral Variation on the Surface of Mercury, E. A. Fisher, N. R. Izenberg, W. Feng [Abstract 1849], Poster Location: 16

BepiColombo — ESA’s Mission to Explore Mercury, J. Benkhoff [Abstract 2764], Poster Location: 36

The BepiColombo Spacecraft, Its Mission to Mercury and Its Thermal Verification, R. J. Wilson, M. Schelkle [Abstract 1058], Poster Location: 37

Poster Session I: Lunar Geophysics: GRAIL Results
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Determining the Structural Stability of Lunar Lava Tubes, D. M. Blair, L. Chappaz, R. Sood, C. Milbury, H. J. Melosh, K. C. Howell, A. M. Freed [Abstract 2174], Poster Location: 47

Poster Session I: Lunar Geophysics
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Exploring Lunar Sub-Surface Objects Using Surface Gravimetric Surveys, N. Urbancic, S. Stanley, R. Ghent, K. A. Carroll, D. Hatch, M. C. Williamson, W. B. Garry, M. Talwani [Abstract 1616], Poster Location: 54

Exploring Subsurface Lunar Voids Using Surface Gravimetry, K. A. Carroll, D. Hatch, R. Ghent, S. Stanley, N. Urbancic, M.-C. Williamson, W. B. Garry, M. Talwani [Abstract 1746], Poster Location: 55

Poster Session I: Results from the Chang'e Missions
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

The Characteristics and Its Implications of In Situ Detection Data from Alpha Particle X-Ray Spectrometer in CE-3 Mission, G. L. Zhang, C. L. Li, Q. Zhou, M. J. Yao, X. H. Fu [Abstract 1019], Poster Location: 64

Poster Session I: How Young Is Young?
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

A Landscape Evolution Perspective on How Young is Young on the Lunar Surface, C. I. Fassett, B. J. Thomson [Abstract 1120], Poster Location: 69

An Open Source Alternative for Crater Counting Using QGIS and the CircleCraters Plugin, S. E. Braden [Abstract 1816], Poster Location: 72

Poster Session I: Lunar Volatiles
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Understanding the Chlorine Isotopic Compositions of Apatites in Lunar Basalts, N. J. Potts, R. Tartese, I. A. Franchi, M. Anand [Abstract 2077], Poster Location: 83

Reactive Oxygen Species Generation by Lunar Simulants, J. Kaur, M. A. Schoonen, D. Rickman [Abstract 1142], Poster Location: 88

LRO-LAMP Observations of the Lunar Exospheric Helium Coordinated with LADEE, C. Grava, K. D. Retherford, P. D. Feldman, D. M. Hurley, G. R. Gladstone, T. K. Greathouse, J. C. Cook, A. S. Stern, D. E. Kaufmann, W. R. Pryor, J. S. Halekas [Abstract 2344], Poster Location: 91

Poster Session I: Mapping Terrestrial Impact Craters and Their Ejecta
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Backpack Personal Laser Scanning System for Grain-Scale Topographic Mapping, A. Kukko, H. Kaartinen, M. Zanetti [Abstract 2407], Poster Location: 122

Poster Session I: Impacts: Experiments
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

The Surface Structure of Shatter Cones in Experimental Impact Craters, J. Wilk, T. Kenkmann [Abstract 2637], Poster Location: 144

Localized Shock-Induced Melting of Sandstone at Low Impact Pressures (<17.5 GPa): An Experimental Study, M. Ebert, A. Yener, U. Mansfeld, A. Kowitz, R. T. Schmitt, F. Langenhorst, W. U. Reimold [Abstract 1851], Poster Location: 145

On the Role of Defects in the Dynamic Failure of an Ordinary Chondrite, J. D. Hogan, J. Kimberley, K. Hazeli, J. Plescia, K. T. Ramesh [Abstract 1481], Poster Location: 151

Poster Session I: Impacts: Numerical Modeling
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Ceres: Possible Records of Giant Impacts, B. A. Ivanov [Abstract 1077], Poster Location: 156

Scaling Law of Impact Induced Shock Pressure in Planetary Mantle, J. Monteux, J. Arkani-Hamed [Abstract 1891], Poster Location: 163

Poster Session I: Mars Atmosphere: Volatile Exchange with the Surface
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Observations of Martian Water Vapor in MY26–30 by PFS/LW on Mars Express, A. Pankine [Abstract 1611], Poster Location: 169

Assimilating Martian Atmospheric Constituents Using a Global Circulation Model, S. R. Lewis, L. J. Steele, J. A. Holmes, M. R. Patel [Abstract 2390], Poster Location: 175

Poster Session I: Mars Geomorphology: Fluvial/Lactustrine Features
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Aqueous Deposits Related to Formation of Hale Crater in Southern Margaritifer Terra, Mars, J. A. Grant, S. A. Wilson [Abstract 2538], Poster Location: 188

Geologic Mapping and the Gradational History of Southern Margaritifer Terra on Mars, S. A. Wilson, J. A. Grant, D. L. Buczkowski, C. M. Weitz [Abstract 2492], Poster Location: 190

Preliminary Analyses of Martian-Terrestrial Analog Rivers to Examine the Influence of Sediment in Form-Discharge Relationships, R. E. Jacobsen, D. M. Burr [Abstract 1012], Poster Location: 201

Poster Session I: Mars Geomorphology: Gale Crater and Meridiani Planum
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Degradation of Endeavour Crater, Mars, J. A. Grant, L. S. Crumpler, T. J. Parker, M. P. Golombek, S. A. Wilson, D. W. Mittlefehldt [Abstract 2017], Poster Location: 213

Poster Session I: Mars Polar Processes
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Martian Icy Outliers and Climate History, J. Bapst, S. Byrne [Abstract 2772], Poster Location: 236

Poster Session I: Geochemistry and Petrology of Martian Meteorites
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Crysal Chemistry and Formation Mechanisms of the Potassic-Chloro-Hastingsite in MIL 03346 and Paired Stones, P. A. Giesting, J. Filiberto [Abstract 2396], Poster Location: 249

Igneous Petrology and Geochemistry of the Tissint Meteorite, J. B. Balta, M. E. Sanborn, A. Udry, M. Wadhwa, H. Y. McSween [Abstract 1267], Poster Location: 254

Accumulation of Meteoritic Nickel on Mars, C. I. Fassett, M. D. Dyar [Abstract 1875], Poster Location: 260

Evidence for Large, Anomalous Nuclear Explosions, on Mars in the Past, J. E. Brandenburg [Abstract 2660], Poster Location: 263

The NMS (New Mars Synthesis), Recent Data from Gale Crater and NWA 7034: Evidence for a Persistent Biologically Stabilized Greenhouse on Mars, J. E. Brandenburg [Abstract 2799], Poster Location: 264

Melt Inclusion Analysis of RBT 04262 with Relationship to Shergottites and Mars Surface Compositions, S. A. Potter, A. D. Brandon, A. H. Peslier [Abstract 2945], Poster Location: 266

Poster Session I: Environment Analogs (Including Terrestrial Operational Analogs)
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Exploring Self-Similarity in Hawaiian Lava Flows, E. I. Schaefer, S. P. Beard, Y. JeongAhn, X. Tan, C. W. Hamilton [Abstract 2972], Poster Location: 316

Poster Session I: Small Body Dynamics: Rock and Roll Forever
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Study on Resonant Orbits Around Elongated Celestial Bodies, X. Y. Zeng, B. D. Fang, J. F. Li, K. Zhai, H. X. Baoyin, Y. Yu [Abstract 1728], Poster Location: 362

Origin of Orbits of Secondaries in Discovered Trans-Neptunian Binaries, S. I. Ipatov [Abstract 1512], Poster Location: 363

Asteroid Cartography: Mapping Very Elongated Objects, P. J. Stooke [Abstract 1018], Poster Location: 372

Percentage of Ordinary Chondrite Mineralogies Among S-Complex and Q-Type Near-Earth Asteroids, T. H. Burbine, R. P. Binzel, B. J. Burt [Abstract 2700], Poster Location: 373

Poster Session I: Chondrites and Their Components I: Parent Body Alteration
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Analytical Constraints on the Formation and Evolution of Organic Material by Processes on Primitive Chondrite Parent Bodies, H. G. Changela, C. Le Guillou, A. J. Brearley [Abstract 2810], Poster Location: 433

Macro- and Microstructures in Ordinary Chondrites: Implications for Impact Deformation and Annealing Processes, A. Ruzicka, J. M. Friedrich, R. Hugo, M. Hutson [Abstract 1544], Poster Location: 444

Poster Session I: Pluto, Kuiper Belt Objects, and New Horizons: Casting Light on Dark Worlds
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

An Endogenous Source for Pluto’s Nitrogen (N2), K. N. Singer, S. A. Stern [Abstract 1192], Poster Location: 446

Poster Session I: Stardust Mission and Cosmic Dust
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Neon and Helium in the Surface of Stardust Cell C2028, R. L. Palma, R. O. Pepin, D. J. Schlutter, D. R. Frank, R. Bastien, M. Rodriguez [Abstract 2378], Poster Location: 456

Size Matters: Assessing Degree of Preservation of Interplanetary Dust and Micrometeorites, H. A. Ishii [Abstract 2541], Poster Location: 460

Poster Session I: Presolar Grains
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Nanodiamond Analysis Methods Compared for Consistency, J. B. Lewis, D. Isheim, C. Floss, T. L. Daulton, D. N. Seidman [Abstract 1480], Poster Location: 463

Isochrons and Al Contamination in Presolar Grains, E. Groopman, S. Amari, F. Gyngard, M. Jadhav, Y. Lin, Y. Xu, E. Zinner [Abstract 1559], Poster Location: 469

Continued SIMS Trace Element Study of Presolar Graphite Grains, M. Jadhav, K. Nagashima, G. R. Huss [Abstract 2882], Poster Location: 471

Poster Session I: Early Solar System Chronology
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Constraining the Thermal History of the Rumuruti Chondrite Parent Body: I-Xe Ages of Distinct Lithologies of NWA 753, S. A. Crowther, H. Busemann, A. Bischoff [Abstract 2197], Poster Location: 478

Poster Session I: Isotope Cosmochemistry: Origins of Isotope Heterogeneities
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

The Strontium, Barium, Neodymium, and Samarium Isotopic Compositions of Non-Allende CAIs, Q. R. Shollenberger, G. A. Brennecka, L. E. Borg [Abstract 2593], Poster Location: 495

The Search for Supernovae Fingerprints in the Early Solar System: No Signs of Live 126Sn in Allende CAIs, G. A. Brennecka, L. E. Borg, S. J. Romaniello, A. K. Souders, M. Wadhwa [Abstract 1813], Poster Location: 500

Testing Solar Proton Irradiation Models for 10Be: Correlation with 138La, D. S. Burnett, M.-C. Liu, J. M. Paque, K. D. McKeegan, J. R. Beckett [Abstract 1394], Poster Location: 508

Poster Session I: Exoplanet Toolkits
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Interior Structure and Habitability of Super-Europas and Super-Ganymedes, S. Vance, R. Barnes, J. M. Brown, O. Bollengier, C. Sotin, M. Choukroun [Abstract 2717], Poster Location: 519

Poster Session I: Exobiology: Prebiotic Chemistry to Extremophile Life
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

A Saturnian RNA World? First Steps Toward Evaluating the Stability of Life's Precursor Molecules in an Enceladus Ocean, C. L. Keele, M. L. Urquhart, S. M. Taylor [Abstract 2315], Poster Location: 522

Possible Prebiotic Organic Molecule Syntheses on Asteroids from Formaldehyde and Ammonia During Aqueous Activities, Y. Kebukawa, S. Oka, A. Tokumitsu, S. Tachibana, Y. Ishikawa, T. Kaneko, K. Kobayashi, G. D. Cody [Abstract 1300], Poster Location: 524

Poster Session I: Geodynamics: The Force Awakens
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Slope Stability Analysis of Scarps on Io’s Surface: Implications for Upper Lithospheric Composition, T. J. Slezak, A. G. Davies, L. P. Keszthelyi, C. Okubo, D. A. Williams [Abstract 2528], Poster Location: 544

The Necessary Magnetization Distribution to Explain the Observed Martian Magnetic Field, A. Morschhauser, F. Vervelidou, V. Lesur, M. Grott [Abstract 2478], Poster Location: 550

Efficiency of Ductile Shear Zone Localization by Grain Size Reduction on Earth, Venus, and Mars, L. G. J. Montesi, F. Gueydan, J. Précigout [Abstract 2439], Poster Location: 558

Poster Session I: Advanced Curation
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Comprehensive Non-Destructive Conservation Documentation of Lunar Samples Using High-Resolution 3D Reconstructions and X-Ray CT Data, E. H. Blumenfeld, C. A. Evans, E. R. Oshel, D. A. Liddle, K. Beaulieu, R. A. Zeigler, R. D. Hanna, R. A. Ketcham [Abstract 2740], Poster Location: 571

Poster Session I: Planetary Mission Concepts: Lunar Missions
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

CubeSat Deployables on the Lunar Surface?, P. E. Clark, J. Didion, R. Cox, N. Ghafoor [Abstract 1109], Poster Location: 577

Lunar Flashlight: Mapping Lunar Surface Volatiles Using a Cubesat, B. A. Cohen, P. O. Hayne, C. G. Paine, D. A. Paige, B. T. Greenhagen [Abstract 2020], Poster Location: 578

International Strategy for the Exploration of Lunar Polar Volatiles, J. E. Gruener, N. H. Suzuki, J. D. Carpenter [Abstract 2618], Poster Location: 582

Moon Surface Exploration in Japan, T. Hashimoto, T. Hoshino, S. Tanaka, H. Otake, H. Morimoto, M. Otsuki, S. Wakabayashi, K. Masuda [Abstract 2011], Poster Location: 583

Selection of Landing Sites for Future Lunar Missions with Multi-Objective Optimization, M. Nishiyama, H. Otake, T. Hoshino, T. Hashimoto, T. Watanabe, T. Tatsukawa, A. Oyama [Abstract 1368], Poster Location: 586

Poster Session I: Planetary Mission Concepts: Mars Missions
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Application of the Fleet of Micro Sized Space-Motherships (MSSM) with Nano, Pico Space Devices and Robots (NPSDR) for Life Signal Search on DDS Sites Using Global Digital Dune Database of Mars, P. G. Vizi, Sz. Bérczi, I. Horváth, A. F. Horváth, J. Cs. Vizi [Abstract 2788], Poster Location: 595

Icebreaker Drill Cuttings Size Analysis from Mars Analog Icy-Soils, D. Bergman, K. Zacny, A. Davé, G. Paulsen, B. J. Glass [Abstract 1228], Poster Location: 601

Poster Session I: Planetary Mission Concepts: Mars Landing Sites
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Radar Statistical Reconnaissance of the 2016 InSight Landing Sites, C. Grima, D. D. Blankenship [Abstract 1238], Poster Location: 609

Poster Session I: Planetary Mission Concepts: Venus, Io, Europa, Enceladus, and Titan
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

A Geophysical Mission to Venus: Result of the Alpbach Summer School 2014, R.-J. Koopmans, A. Losiak, A. Bialek, A. Donohoe, M. Fernandez Jimenez, B. Frasl, A. Gurciullo, A. M. Kleinschneider, T. Mannel, I. Munoz Elorza, D. Nilsson, M. Oliveira, P. M. Soerensen-Clark, R. Timoney, I. van Zelst [Abstract 1348], Poster Location: 624

Poster Session I: Education and Public Outreach: Expanding Our Reach Through Collaborative Programs and Lessons Learned
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Lessons from a Train-the-Trainer Professional Development Program, C. Shupla, A. Gladney, S. Shipp, J. Truxillo, H. Dalton, K. LaConte [Abstract 1940], Poster Location: 634

The Importance of Partnerships and Data Collection in Long Term Programs for Pre-Service and In-Service Science and Mathematics Teachers, M. L. Urquhart [Abstract 2085], Poster Location: 635

Poster Session I: Education and Public Outreach: Public Outreach Events
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

The 9 May 2016 Mercury Transit — A Timely Opportunity for Outreach, D. A. Rothery [Abstract 1327], Poster Location: 639

Keeping Up with Space Science in 2014 and 2015 at the Museum of Science, Boston, E. R. O'Dea [Abstract 2042], Poster Location: 642

Public Outreach of Hayabusa2 Mission, M. Yoshikawa, S. Hosoda, H. Sawada, N. Ogawa, Y. Tsuda, A. Kishi, H. Asakura, Hayabusa2 Public Outreach Team [Abstract 1644], Poster Location: 643

Poster Session I: Education and Public Outreach: Engaging Audiences Through Techniques, Tools, and Activities
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Literary Production in Science Fiction Like a Tool for Teaching Planetary Sciences in Colombia, J. A. Torres, F. Saavedra, D. Tovar [Abstract 2461], Poster Location: 648

Planetary Map Series for Children, H. Hargitai, M. Gede, J. Zimbelman, Cs. Kőszeghy, D. Sirály, L. Marinangeli, T. Barata, I. López, A. Szakács, K. Dębniak, T. Feuillet [Abstract 2257], Poster Location: 649

Poster Session I: Education and Public Outreach: Student Instruments, Experiments, and Experiences
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Simulated Mars Rover Model Competition 2013–2014, A. Sipos, P. G. Vizi [Abstract 2602], Poster Location: 660

Arecibo Observatory Space Academy: Inspiring the next Generation of Scientists from Puerto Rico, L. A. Rodriguez-Ford, L. F. Zambrano-Marin, B. M. Petty, E. S. Howell, M. C. Nolan [Abstract 2783], Poster Location: 662

Poster Session I: Education and Public Outreach: Tools and Practices for Scientists and Engineers
Tue, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Presentations Through the NASA SMD Scientist Speakers Bureau, C. Shupla, S. Buxner, J. Grier, S. Shipp, B. Meinke, N. Gross, R. Low [Abstract 1974], Poster Location: 667

Poster Session II: Informatics: Databases and Computational Tools
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Advances in "SPICE" Supporting Planetary Science, C. H. Acton Jr., N. J. Bachman, B. V. Semenov, E. D. Wright [Abstract 1037], Poster Location: 3

Light Time and Stellar Aberration Corrections in ISIS, Status and Looking Ahead, C. E. Isbell, K. J. Becker, L. Kestay, S. Sides, R. L. Kirk, B. A. Archinal, J. A. Anderson [Abstract 2719], Poster Location: 6

Poster Session II: Planetary Cartography
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

An Integrated Photogrammetric Control Environment for Planetary Cartography, K. L. Edmundson, J. C. Backer, J. M. Barrett, K. J. Becker, T. L. Becker, D. A. Cook, S. Lambright, J. R. Laura, E. M. Lee, K. A. Oyama, S. C. Sides, T. L. Sucharski, L. A. Weller [Abstract 1454], Poster Location: 22

Photogrammetric Control and Mosaicking of Apollo 15 Panoramic Camera Images, K. L. Edmundson, J. A. Anderson, B. A. Archinal, T. L. Becker, A. V. Nefian, M. S. Robinson, O. H. Thomas [Abstract 1350], Poster Location: 23

Status of Geodetically Controlled High-Resolution LROC Polar Mosaics, B. A. Archinal, E. Lee, L. Weller, J. Richie, K. Edmundson, M. Robinson, E. Speyerer, A. Boyd, E. Bowman-Cisneros, R. Wagner, A. Nefian [Abstract 1571], Poster Location: 24

New Mosaicked Data Products from the LROC Team, R. V. Wagner, E. J. Speyerer, M. S. Robinson, LROC Team [Abstract 1473], Poster Location: 31

Poster Session II: Lunar Surface Properties and Processes from a Distance
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Brightness Temperature Over Carter Tycho: Observation and Simulation, G. P. Hu, Y. C. Zheng, A. A. Xu, Z. S. Tang [Abstract 1302], Poster Location: 40

Poster Session II: Lunar Meteorites: The Moon Keeps on Giving
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Petrogenesis of Lunar Poikilitic Impact Melt Meteorite Oued Awlitis 001, A. Wittmann, R. L. Korotev, B. L. Jolliff, A. J. Irving [Abstract 1141], Poster Location: 88

Poster Session II: Lunar Samples, Petrology, and Geochemistry: Little Slices of Truth and Beyond
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Do REE and Ti in Lunar Zircons Reflect Temperature and Oxygen Fugacity of Lunar Magmas?, M. G. Grange, A. A. Nemchin, M. J. Whitehouse, R. E. Merle [Abstract 1910], Poster Location: 95

Parent Magma Compositions of Lunar Highlands Mg-Suite Rocks: A Melt Inclusion Perspective, Y. Sonzogni, A. H. Treiman [Abstract 2671], Poster Location: 96

Electron-Probe Microanalysis of Fe Spherules in Lunar Agglutinate 76503,7020, P. K. Carpenter, B. L. Jolliff [Abstract 2747], Poster Location: 99

Poster Session II: The Moon in the Laboratory
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

A New Look at Lunar Regolith Particle with Light, Scanning Electron and X-Ray Ultra Microscopy, C. Kiely, G. Greenberg, C. J. Kiely [Abstract 1567], Poster Location: 107

Poster Session II: Planetary Volcanism: If You Can't Stand the Heat, Get Out of the Mantle
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

The Shapes of Scoria Cones on Mars: Detailed Investigation of Their Morphometry Based on HiRISE and CTX DTMs, P. Brož, O. Čadek, E. Hauber, A. P. Rossi [Abstract 1753], Poster Location: 145

Pyroclastic Volcanism Within Lunar Floor-Fractured Craters, R. J. Thomas, D. A. Rothery, S. J. Conway, M. Anand [Abstract 1354], Poster Location: 146

Poster Session II: Near Earth and Potentially Hazardous Objects: Best Seen and Not Heard
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

The Asteroid 2002 CE26, A. Q. Vodniza, M. R. Pereira [Abstract 1231], Poster Location: 174

Poster Session II: Crater Counting Throughout the Solar System
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Datation of Multiple-Layer Ejecta Crater on Mars, A. Lagain, S. Bouley, F. Costard [Abstract 1920], Poster Location: 183

Poster Session II: Properties of Impact Craters on Mars and Titan
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

The Effects of Low Thermal Conductivity Sand on the Relaxation of Titan's Impact Craters, L. R. Schurmeier, A. J. Dombard [Abstract 2913], Poster Location: 186

A Search for Impactor Effects on Martian Crater Morphologies at the Simple-Complex Transition Diameter, R. R. Herrick, B. M. Hynek [Abstract 1661], Poster Location: 194

Poster Session II: Aeolian Processes
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Megaripples and Their Sedimentary Deposits on Earth and Mars, R. Sullivan, J. Zimbelman [Abstract 2762], Poster Location: 223

Geospatial Classification of Transverse Aeolian Ridges on Mars, E. K. Ebinger, J. R. Zimbelman [Abstract 1137], Poster Location: 226

Surface Slope Effects for Ripple Orientations on Sand Dunes in Lopez Crater, Terra Tyrrhena Region, Mars, J. R. Zimbelman, M. B. Johnson [Abstract 1478], Poster Location: 228

Poster Session II: Outer Planetary Bodies: Titan
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Freezing of Methanol-Water Mixtures at High Pressure with Applications to Titan, A. J. Dougherty, D. K. Morris [Abstract 1894], Poster Location: 237

Experimental Study of Nitrogen Dissolution in Methane-Ethane Mixtures Under Titan Surface Conditions, V. F. Chevrier, A. Luspay-Kuti, S. Singh [Abstract 2763], Poster Location: 238

Poster Session II: Outer Planetary Bodies: From the Depths to the Rings
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Inverse Theory for Planning Gravity Investigations of Icy Moons, S. Vance, J. H. Roberts, A. Ganse [Abstract 2751], Poster Location: 253

Comparison of Tidal Dissipation Models to Global Distribution of Active Ionian Volcanoes from Galileo PPR and New Horizons LEISA, J. A. Rathbun, J. R. Spencer [Abstract 1546], Poster Location: 255

Craters of the Saturnian Satellite System: II. Mimas and Rhea, S. J. Robbins, E. B. Bierhaus, L. H. Dones [Abstract 1654], Poster Location: 261

Ganymede's Surface Investigation in Support of the Radar for Icy Moon Exploration (RIME) Instrument, A. Cofano, G. Komatsu, A. Pizzi, A. Di Domenica, L. Bruzzone, G. Mitri, R. Orosei [Abstract 1382], Poster Location: 265

Structural Analysis of Very High-Resolution Galileo Images of Europa: Implications for Surface Evolution, E. J. Leonard, A. Yin, R. T. Pappalardo, D. A. Patthoff, P. Schenk, L. M. Prockter [Abstract 2429], Poster Location: 267

Mapping and Graphic Stress Analysis for Icy Satellites Using Constant-Scale Natural Boundary Methods, C. S. Clark, P. E. Clark [Abstract 1389], Poster Location: 269

Poster Session II: Instruments and Payload Concepts: Drilling and Sampling
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Icebreaker-3 Mars-Analog Sample Acquisition Tests, B. Glass, B. Mellerowicz, A. Davis, K. Zacny, C. McKay, A. Dave, P. Lee [Abstract 1669], Poster Location: 280

Poster Session II: Instruments and Payload Concepts: Dust and Radiation
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Using Dust from Asteroids as Regolith Microsamples, B. A. Cohen, N. L. Chabot, R. L. Klima, C. M. Ernst, A. S. Rivkin, F. Postberg, Z. Sternovsky [Abstract 1991], Poster Location: 292

Poster Session II: Instruments and Payload Concepts: Cameras and Imagery
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Hayabusa and Dawn Image Control from Generation of Digital Elevation Models for Mapping and Analysis, K. J. Becker, R. W. Gaskell, L. LeCorre, V. Reddy [Abstract 2955], Poster Location: 303

Poster Session II: Instruments and Payload Concepts: Raman Spectroscopy
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Standoff Time-Resolved Fast Fluorescence of Organics and Amino Acids, G. Berlanga, T. E. Acosta-Maeda, A. K. Misra, S. K. Sharma, L. P. Flynn [Abstract 2613], Poster Location: 320

Poster Session II: Instruments and Payload Concepts: Spectroscopy
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Measuring Bulk Carbon, Hydrogen, and Sulfur from Orbit: Modeling Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy of Carbonaceous Asteroids, L. F. Lim, R. D. Starr, L. G. Evans, A. M. Parsons, M. E. Zolensky, W. V. Boynton [Abstract 1681], Poster Location: 328

Lunar and Planetary Surface Water Distribution Systematics via Deep Space CubeSat Orbiter with Compact Broadband IR Instrument, P. E. Clark, N. Petro, D. Reuter, R. MacDowall, A. Mandell, D. Patel, S. Banks, W. Farrell, B. Malphrus, R. Cox [Abstract 1108], Poster Location: 338

Poster Session II: Instruments and Payload Concepts: For Planetary Science
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Determining Water Ice Content of Martian Regolith by Nonlinear Spectral Mixture Modeling, S. Gyalay Jr., E. Z. Noe Dobrea [Abstract 2170], Poster Location: 343

Assembly and Installation Concept for a Complex Planetary Surface Habitat and Industrial Module, T. P. Varga, I. Szilágyi, K. R. Varga, Sz. Bérczi [Abstract 1357], Poster Location: 347

The Space Launch System and Missions to the Outer Solar System, K. Klaus [Abstract 2346], Poster Location: 359

Poster Session II: Ancient Martian Climate and Atmosphere
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

A Study of Martian Mid-Latitude Ice Using Observations and Modeling of Terraced Craters, A. M. Bramson, S. Byrne, S. Sutton, N. E. Putzig, E. Martellato, G. Cremonese, J. J. Plaut, J. W. Holt [Abstract 1565], Poster Location: 394

Poster Session II: Alteration on Mars: The View from Orbit
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

First Supergene Enrichment Zone Discovered in Shalbatana Valley: Constrains on Martian Early Atmosphere, I. C. Popa, F. G. Carrozzo, G. DiAchille, S. Silvestro, F. Esposito, V. Mennella [Abstract 2653], Poster Location: 422

Poster Session II: Mars Rover and Lander Observations: Geochemistry, Mineralogy, and Data Processing
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Late-Amazonian Chemical Weathering Rate for Meridiani Planum, Mars, Derived from Candidate Stony Meteorite Finds, C. Schröder, P. A. Bland, M. P. Golombek, J. W. Ashley, Athena Science Team [Abstract 2354], Poster Location: 427

Burial History of the Yellowknife Bay Formation: Insight from Fracture Morphology and Mechanics, T. E. Caswell, R. E. Milliken [Abstract 1889], Poster Location: 443

Discovering Chemical Structure in ChemCam Targets Using Gaussian Graphical Models: Compositional Trends with Depth, D. A. Oyen, N. L. Lanza [Abstract 2940], Poster Location: 455

Poster Session II: Mars Geomorphology: Mapping
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Stratigraphy of Olivine-Carbonate-Bearing Units Forming Mesas and Linear Features in Northeast Syrtis Major: Implications for Emplacement, M. S. Bramble, J. F. Mustard [Abstract 2090], Poster Location: 468

Poster Session II: Mars Geomorphology: Recurring Slope Lineae, Slope Streaks, and Gullies
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Recurring Slope Lineae and the Presence of Chlorides in the Southern Hemisphere of Mars, J. L. Mitchell, P. R. Christensen [Abstract 1624], Poster Location: 483

Poster Session II: Chelyabinsk: A Worthy Fall
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Snow Compaction During the Chelyabinsk Meteorite Fall, R. Luther, A. Lukashin, N. Artemieva, V. Shuvalov, K. Wünnemann [Abstract 1724], Poster Location: 524

Poster Session II: Chondrites: Making and Breaking Parent Bodies
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Major-Element Geochemistry of Large, Igneous-Textured Inclusions in Ordinary Chondrites, K. Armstrong, A. M. Ruzicka [Abstract 1572], Poster Location: 539

Poster Session II: Chondrites and Their Components III: Other
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Primary Nebular Sulfides in CR and CM Chondrites: Formation by Sulfidization and Crystallization, S. A. Singerling, A. J. Brearley [Abstract 1059], Poster Location: 574

Poster Session II: Differentiated Meteorites and Bodies: Primitive, Ungrouped, and Anomalous Achondrites
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

NWA 8614: The Least Heated Winonaite?, K. R. Farley, A. M. Ruzicka, K. Armstrong [Abstract 1821], Poster Location: 601

Nitrogen and Noble Gases in a Diamond-Bearing Pebble from SW Egypt, G. Avice, B. Marty, M. M. M. Meier, R. Wieler, L. Zimmermann, M. A. G. Andreoli, J. D. Kramers [Abstract 1312], Poster Location: 602

Poster Session II: Differentiated Meteorites and Bodies: Howardites-Eucrites-Diogenites
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

NWA 7188 Eucrite: Petrology, Chemical Compositions and Evolution History, S. Che, Q. He, L. Xiao [Abstract 1084], Poster Location: 618

Poster Session II: Ionospheres and Isotopes
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

Bright and Sudden Nitrogen Emission in the Atmosphere of Titan, While the Satellite was in the Magnetosheath During T-32, E. M. Royer, L. W. Esposito, J. E. Wahlund, R. J. Wilson [Abstract 2573], Poster Location: 644

Poster Session II: Origins of the Solar System: Disk Evolution and Accretion
Thu, p.m., Town Center Exhibit Area

The Role of Collisions of Rarefied Condensations in Formation of Embryos of the Earth and the Moon, S. I. Ipatov [Abstract 1355], Poster Location: 664

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