Roommate Search Form

Conference participants looking for a roommate to share housing expenses can post a notice on the LPSC bulletin board using the link below.

For privacy and security reasons, the bulletin board has been moved into the USRA Meeting Portal, so users will need to log into the Portal in order to view the available listings or post a message.

Before submitting a posting, attendees should check the board to see if there are any current postings that match their specifications. To contact the poster, simply click on their name to the left of the listing.

Individuals can edit or remove their own postings by clicking on the “Edit” button and then resubmitting the modified post. (To remove a posting, simply delete the text and then resubmit.)

USRA/LPI is not responsible for the content of these postings, matching up roommates, or mediating disputes that arise from such arrangements, and reserves the right to remove postings that are deemed inappropriate.

LPSC 2015 Bulletin Board