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Large Meteorite Impacts and Planetary Evolution VI

September 30–October 3, 2019
Brasília, Brazil



The process of impact cratering, its planetary effects, and environmental implications have been the subject of five previous Large Meteorite Impacts and Planetary Evolution (LMI) conferences that have taken place in Sudbury, Canada (1992 and 1997), Nördlingen, Germany (2003), on the Vredefort Dome in South Africa (2008), and again in Sudbury (2013).

In the past years major drilling projects, new field investigations of terrestrial impact structures, and important advances in understanding planetary impacts through experiments and space-borne projects have been achieved. These new outcomes range from the planetary to micro-scales and encompass a large range of scientific disciplines.

LMI VI will bring this important conference to a new continent. It will take place in South America, at the University of Brasília, in the fascinating capital of Brazil. LMI VI will provide a forum for discussion of pertinent advances in multidisciplinary research on planetary and terrestrial impact cratering, and the effects of this process on target rocks and minerals. Remote sensing, geophysical and numerical modeling, geological, mineralogical and geochemical, and astrobiological results and implications will be discussed.  In addition, the future of impact cratering research, in the broadest sense, will be mapped out.

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Science Organizing Committee

David Baratoux, Observatoire Midi-Pyrenées, Toulouse
Alvaro Crosta, Univeristy of Campinas
Natalia Hauser, University of Brasília
Wolf Uwe Reimold, University of Brasília
Kai Wünnemann, Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin
Elder Yokoyama, University of Brasília
Jeff Plescia, Johns Hopkins University



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