Field Trip

A one-day field trip is planned in association with this conference. The concept is to spend the first 3/4 of the day underground in Carlsbad Caverns looking at life forms that have found refuge there. In the afternoon there will be a choice of several options, including a visit to 1) the Castile formation to view the geological expression of subsurface biological activity by sulfate reducing bacteria; 2) the Carlsbad core repository to view a core taken from the WIPP site; 3) examination of geophysical detection of subsurface brine pools in the Carlsbad area; and 4) participation in a STEM-related outreach activity. The caverns portion of the field trip will be run regardless of weather, but any surface outcrop work may be canceled (or replaced with something else) if the weather is uncooperative.

A more detailed field trip plan, including a list of items to pack, will be sent to conference registrants closer to the conference dates.


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