Final Announcement — September 2014

Meeting Location and Date

The 2014 Annual Meeting of the Lunar Exploration Analysis Group will be held October 22–24, 2014, at the John Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory, Building 200, South Campus, Laurel, Maryland.

For information about the laboratory, directions, and nearby hotels, please visit the APL Visitor’s Guide.

Purpose and Scope

Data from the recent suite of robotic missions to the Moon and analysis of lunar samples has shown that the Moon has an incredibly dynamic volatile system that is just beginning to be understood.

The focus for this year's meeting is the topic of lunar volatiles — which species are present, their abundance on the surface and interior, their sources and formation processes, their mobility and temporary storage on the surface, and their ultimate fate (be it loss from the lunar environment or “permanent” sequestration in surface reservoirs). The presence of volatiles in and on the Moon has important implications for in situ resource utilization applications in support of extended human stays on the lunar surface and feed-forward to sending humans to Mars and beyond.

Another focus area will be the Global Exploration Roadmap (GER). The GER has identified a number of possible targets for human exploration missions — the Moon, Asteroids, cis-lunar space. In part, the objectives include the characterization and utilization of volatiles. An important aspect for the Roadmap, with respect to the Moon and asteroids, is the scientific objectives of such human missions and how these relate to volatiles.

Other topics of interest will be a discussion of future lunar robotic missions, be they government, international or private, their scientific potential and objectives, and how they can build towards a sustained lunar and solar system exploration program.

Meeting Format

The three day meeting will promote lunar community discourse through both invited and contributed oral presentations, poster presentations and discussion sessions. As in previous years, the sessions will be a blend of science, exploration, resource utilization, and commercial activities.

For more details, view the program and abstracts. Authors will not receive notification letters. Please check the author index to see where your presentation has been scheduled.

Information For Presenters

Oral Presentations —
A PC laptop, LCD projector, and speaker remote will be available for oral presentations during the scientific sessions. In order to facilitate a smooth transition between speakers, all speakers must load their presentations and test them in advance. To aid the preloading process, create a folder on your flash drive/CD called “LEAG 2014” and place your PowerPoint or PDF presentation in that folder. Please include your last name in the naming of your presentation file.

Hardware and Software Specifications —
The plenary room will be equipped with the following minimum hardware and software:

PC Hardware: PC Software:
Optiplex 990
3.4GHz 64-bit cpu
Operating System:  Windows 7
Memory:  4 GB Microsoft Office 2010 including PowerPoint
Video:  AMD Radeon HD 6350 Windows Media Player:  12 QuickTime Player:  7.7.5
Acrobat Reader:  11

Poster Presentations —

All posters will be available for viewing throughout the workshop. Posters will be attached to the wall in the meeting room using Velcro adhesive strips. These will be provided at the meeting.

Poster Setup: Wednesday, October 22, from 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Poster Removal: Friday, October 24, by 12:00 p.m.
Poster Size: 44" × 44" (110 cm × 110 cm)



There will be no registration fee for this meeting. All participants should register in advance, no later than Friday, October 10, 2014, to guarantee necessary meeting materials and seating.

To register:   ALL participants should use the secure electronic registration form.

All participants are required to sign in at the meeting as proof of verification of attendance.


For further information regarding the scientific content of the meeting contact:

Samuel Lawrence
E-mail:  [email protected]


Jeff Plescia
E-mail:  [email protected]

For further information regarding meeting details or announcements contact:

Ingrid Dudley
Meeting and Publication Services
Universities Space Research Association (USRA)
Phone:  281-244-2151
E-mail:  [email protected]


October 10, 2014 Deadline to register to guarantee seating and meeting material
October 22–24, 2014 Annual Meeting of the Lunar Exploration Analysis Group (LEAG) in Laurel, Maryland


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