2014 Human Research Program Investigators' Workshop (HRP 2014)


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The 2014 NASA Human Research Program Investigators’ Workshop (HRP 2014) is the annual meeting for NASA- and NSBRI-funded investigators. The meeting will be held Wednesday, February 12, and Thursday, February 13, 2014, at the Moody Gardens Hotel and Convention Center in Galveston, Texas.

The workshop’s goal is to provide an informal, collegial atmosphere for cross-disciplinary interaction. The theme of the workshop is “Challenges and Opportunities:  Maximizing Human Space Flight Research.” Scientific sessions featuring presentations by principal investigators will be organized according to NASA Human Research Program elements (Behavioral Health and Performance, Exploration Medical Capability, Human Health Countermeasures, Space Human Factors and Habitability, and Space Radiation). Specific topics covered at the workshop include the role of the individual investigator in HRP’s risk-management structure, and statistical approaches to experiments with small numbers of subjects.  In order to encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration, this year’s meeting will be preceded by the annual gathering of the Behavioral Health and Performance Element Working Group (Tuesday, February 11) as well as the annual Space Radiation Investigators’ Workshop (Tuesday through Thursday, February 11–13).

The workshop program will be made available on this website at the end of December. To help you prepare your oral presentation or poster accordingly, please remember to check the program after it is posted to view your assigned presentation type.

Overview of Schedule

Tuesday, February 11: Behavior and Performance Working Group and Day 1 of Space Radiation Investigators’ Workshop
Wednesday, February 12: HRP Investigators’ Workshop and Day 2 of Space Radiation Investigators’ Workshop
Thursday, February 13: HRP Investigators’ Workshop and Day 3 of Space Radiation Investigators’ Workshop

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