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Heliophysics Division Organizers

Jared Leisner
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Science Organizing Committee

In preparation for and as input to the workshop, NASA will support community members in forming a Science Organizing Committee (SOC) to:

  1. Organize community white papers into a strategic science web that identifies science dependencies and flow of science investigations.
  2. Organize workshop sessions.
  3. Serve as editors for the workshop’s proceedings document.

Applications are welcome from any heliophysics community member. Applicants should be aware that a reasonable time commitment will be needed from summer 2020 through spring 2021. Ideally, the SOC will be a diverse group of researchers able to identify the intra- and inter-disciplinary connections of investigations that advance and expand the field of heliophysics.

Application Instructions:

E-mail Jared Leisner ( with the subject line “Heliophysics 2050 SOC” and include:

  1. A statement of interest, including any vision for the Workshop and Decadal Survey preparation and summarizing relevant expertise. Limit of two pages.
  2. A CV documenting 1) the breadth and depth of scientific and/or technical expertise, 2) any relevant organizing experience, and 3) any experience with multi-/interdisciplinary scientific endeavors.
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