Workshop Format

This workshop intends to take a systems science approach of bringing a diverse range of interests together to foster interdisciplinary collaborations that will drive exoplanet science towards understanding and finding habitable worlds.

We will have plenary talks in the mornings to highlight the progress that our respective fields have made towards the goal of understanding and finding habitable worlds, and identifying the challenges we face. We will include a combination of review talks and topical talks selected competitively from abstracts.

These will be followed by breakout sessions in the afternoon for discussion, including some splinter sessions to draft plans on how to move our field forward. Ideas for breakout sessions are included in the Call for Abstracts tab of this website and ideas from the community are also welcome. The choice of breakout sessions will be driven by the proposals received. Teaming up to propose breakout sessions is encouraged.

We will facilitate plenty of time for discussion, networking, and poster sessions to ensure you have the time and freedom to engage with your peers, and even “shop around” between breakout sessions and splinter sessions.

On the last day, we look forward to hearing reports from the breakout sessions and splinter groups to discuss their findings

Tentative Schedule

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Tenative schedule