September 16, 2015
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September 21–26, 2015
Workshop on Bridging the Gap III


Bridging the Gap III

Meeting Format

Sessions will commence on Monday, September 21, and end on Wednesday afternoon, September 23. Sessions will begin with keynote talks, to be followed by contributed talks. Poster contributions are welcome as well. There will be no parallel sessions, and the main focus will be on interdisciplinary discussions.

Keynote speakers:

  Jay Melosh:  Peak Ring Craters and Multiring Basins
  Peter Schultz: Scaling Laboratory Experiments to Natural Planetary Experiments
  Richard Grieve:  The Suevite Conundrum:   A General Perspective
  Dieter Stöffler: The Suevite Conundrum:   New Concepts for the Ries Crater — A Retake
  Falko Langenhorst: The Suevite Conundrum:   New Concepts for the Ries Crater — A Retake
  John Spray:  The Difficulties of Studying Planetary Versus Terrestrial Craters

Talks are scheduled in the Pathology and Anatomy Lecture Hall of Building 25 on the Natural Science Campus.

The poster session will be held Tuesday, September 22 from 17:30 to 21:00 in the Geology Department, Building 13. Laboratories and facilities of the Geology department can be visited during the poster session.

Special Session Format: “Modeling Field Trip”

As a new concept, a two hour session will be devoted to giving “nonmodelers” a more detailed understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of numerical models and their scientific interpretation. Precalculated numerical models (iSALE) will be presented at several different stations; “pilots” will show nonmodelers simulations focused on specific aspects of the cratering process. In an interactive process between pilots and nonmodelers, the groups can look into various details of the simulations and discuss their scientific importance. The modeling session will be held on Wednesday morning, September 23, in the Geology Department, Building 13.

Scientific Tours of the EMI Facilities

Guided tours of the Light-Gas-accelerator facilities of the Fraunhofer Ernst-Mach-Institute in Freiburg will be held on Monday evening, September 21, from 18:30 to 21:00. The facilities are within short walking distance of the conference venue. Interested participants can sign up for a tour via the registration page.

Post-conference Field Trip

A three-day field trip to the Ries and Steinheim craters will be offered September 24–26.

Leaders:  Thomas Kenkmann (University of Freiburg), Gisela Poesges (Rieskrater Museum, Nördlingen)
Cost:  €260.00 (includes hotel, breakfast, lunches, transportation, and guide materials)
Departs:  Thursday, September 24, Geology Department, Albertstraße 23b, 8:30 a.m.
Returns:  Saturday, September 26, Geology Department, Albertstraße 23b, 18:30 a.m.
Maximum:  45 participants
Note: Registration for the field trip is now closed.

The Ries and Steinheim craters in Southern Germany belong to the most well-preserved impact structures on Earth. The discovery of these craters marked the onset of modern impact crater research. While both craters have been investigated by numerous researchers, there are still a number of fundamental questions to be solved.

The excursion to the Ries and Steinheim craters will provide a balanced and state of the art introduction to their geology, and formation scenarios will be discussed.

During the excursion both closed and active quarries will be visited. Hiking boots and rainproof outdoor clothing are strongly recommended. The trip involves short walks and moderate hiking on the third day (~5 km).


Thursday, September 24
8:30–13:30 Departure/Bus travel to the Ries crater
13:30–18:00 Outcrops within the SW megablock zone
Friday, September 25
8:30–12:30 Outcrops within the W megablock zone and crystalline ring
12:30–13:45 Lunch
13:45–18:30 Outcrops of the NE and E crater rim area and the continuous ejecta blanket E of the crater
Saturday, September 26
9:00–10:00 Visit of the Rieskratermuseum, Nördlingen
10:00–10:45 Bus travel to Steinheim
10:45–14:00 Hike along the southern crater rim and crossing to the central uplift
14:00–18:30 Bus Travel to Freiburg