October 7, 2015
Last day to apply to register

October 9, 2015
Last day to book hotels at the group rate


First Landing Site/Exploration Zone Workshop for Human Missions to the Surface of Mars

Workshop Logistics

The workshop will be held at the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston, Texas. While there will be no registration fee, registration will be mandatory for attendance. Due to space limitation, while it is hoped to allow everyone who wishes to attend, it might be necessary to limit attendance to people who submit proposals for EZs and/or science/resource ROIs.

NASA employees and contractors should note that this workshop is classified as a conference and therefore NASA Conference Tracking (NCTS) rules apply. This conference’s number is NCTS# 23273-16 .

Input from the science and human spaceflight communities are critical to identification of optimal landing sites for future human missions to the surface of Mars. We look forward to your involvement in these activities!