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Meeting Location and Dates

We are happy to announce the Exoplanets in Our Backyard 2 workshop scheduled for November 2–4, 2022, in Pasadena, California, with virtual participation available.

Purpose and Scope

The goal of the workshop is to examine and discuss exoplanet-solar system synergies on planetary properties, formation, evolution, and habitability. Topics include comparative planetology on worlds near and far; solar system studies as a baseline for studies of extrasolar planetary properties and evolution; and lessons learned on planetary statistics, demographics, and system architectures from extrasolar planetary systems. This workshop aims to foster and build new collaborations among scientists in the solar system and exoplanet communities and help guide the direction of future exploration and observations of worlds in the solar system and beyond.

Code of Conduct

The LPI is committed to providing a harassment-free experience for participants regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, religion, or other protected status. While attending the meeting or any related ancillary or social events, participants should not engage in harassment in any form. All participants are expected to behave according to professional standards and in accordance with their employers’ policies on appropriate workplace behavior.

To report issues or concerns, contact LPI management at USRA-LPI Meetings Code of Conduct.

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