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Virtual Poster Session: Facilities and Informatics (Gather.town)
Mon, p.m.

Enabling Planetary Science by Preserving Artificially Implanted Genesis Collector Materials, J. Allton, C. Gonzalez, A. J. G. Jurewicz [Abstract 3007], Poster Location: 1

The Astrobiology Analytical Laboratory at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center: Analysis of Soluble Organic Compounds in Extraterrestrial Samples, J. E. Elsila, J. C. Aponte, D. P. Glavin, H. V. Graham, H. L. McLain, A. Mojarro, E. T. Parker, F. Seguin, D. N. Simkus, G. M. Weiss, J. P. Dworkin [Abstract 3001], Poster Location: 2

UCLA geochemistry and cosmochemistry facilities, P. Ni, E. A. Bell, E. D. Young, C. E. Manning, M. T. Harrison [Abstract 3002], Poster Location: 3

Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) for the Determination of Long-lived Cosmogenic Radionuclides in Stony Meteorites – Now Without Chemical Preparation, S. Merchel, O. Marchhart, M. Martschini, A. Wieser, R. Golser [Abstract 3004], Poster Location: 4

Planetary Science Enabling Facility: University of Texas High-Resolution X-Ray CT Facility (UTCT), R. D. Hanna, R. A. Ketcham, D. R. Edey [Abstract 3005], Poster Location: 5

Extraterrestrial Material Analysis at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, D. R. Dunlap, C. R. Hexel, B. T. Manard, A. N. Zirakparvar, B. W. Ticknor, M. C. Darnell, S. C. Metzger, M. L. Adkisson [Abstract 3008], Poster Location: 6

Genesis Solar Wind Sample Curation Facility, J. Allton, C. Gonzalez, C. Calva [Abstract 3009], Poster Location: 7

Meso-Raman Scanner for High Resolution Spectra of Unprocessed Samples, J. H. Hafner, K. R. Birkenfeld, C. R. Pacheco [Abstract 3010], Poster Location: 8

Facilities for Non-Invasive Chemical Characterization of Extraterrestrial Materials by Synchrotron X-ray Fluorescence Microprobes: Pink-Beam CT and Tender-Energy Microspectroscopy, P. Northrup, R. Tappero [Abstract 3011], Poster Location: 9

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