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The 7th International Planetary Dunes Workshop
May 17–20, 2022
Alamosa, Colorado

The 7th International Planetary Dunes Workshop is scheduled to be held May 17–20, 2022, at the Adams State University, 210 Edgemont Blvd., Alamosa, Colorado, 81101.

The purpose of this workshop is to provide a forum for discussion and exchange of new ideas and approaches to the investigation of aeolian processes that form and maintain dune fields on Earth, underwater, and on other planetary bodies within the solar system.

The objectives of the proposed Planetary Dunes workshop, which follows on previous workshops with growing attendance over the past decade, include:

  • Bringing together terrestrial and planetary aeolian scientists from a range of specialties (e.g., remote sensing, field study, computer modeling, and laboratory experimentation)
  • Discussing and exploring the observations and theories of dunes and dune formation throughout the solar system
  • Creating a research synergy between terrestrial analog studies, remote sensing, computer simulations, and laboratory experiments
  • Exposing and expanding undergraduate and graduate students’ understanding of planetary aeolian processes
  • Determining high-priority science that can only be achieved with in situ measurements
  • Developing a Goals, Objectives, and Investigations document for the planetary aeolian community

The workshop will offer:

  • Welcome poster reception on the evening of day one
  • Oral presentations for two and a half days
  • Field trip to the Great Sand Dunes National Monument on day two

The workshop will end by noon on May 20 to allow participants greater flexibility in their weekend travel. While in-person participation is preferred, the organizers recognize that remote participation must be an option given the uncertainty associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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