Announcement: March 27, 2020

The 6th International Planetary Dunes Workshop has been postponed to mid-May 2021 (1 year). However, workshop organizers are moving forward with the Decadal Survey preparation discussions via a virtual meeting on May 12-13, 2020. The workshop offers an opportunity for remote science presentations (restricted to submitted abstracts) and discussion of planetary aeolian studies relevant white paper topics (note this is open to any in the planetary aeolian community). In preparation for the virtual workshop, science abstract submitters have a chance to request time to present to a virtual audience. The deadline to request a presentation is April 3, 2020. Please refer to this website for updated information regarding e-posters and virtual meeting details.

Workshop Location and Date

We are happy to announce the 6th International Planetary Dunes Workshop scheduled for May 12–15, 2020 at Adams State University, 210 Edgemont Blvd., Alamosa, Colorado.

Purpose and Scope

The purpose of this workshop is to provide a forum for discussion and exchange of new ideas and approaches to the investigation of aeolian processes that form and maintain dune fields on Earth, under water, and on other planetary bodies within the solar system.

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