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Poster Session: Bedform Morphology: Origins, Activity, Analogs, Properties
Tue, p.m., Zion Room

The Argentinean Puna as an Aeolian Mars Analog: Summary of Recent Results and Future Plans, N. T. Bridges, S. L. de Silva, M. G. Spagnuolo, J. R. Zimbelman [Abstract 3036], Poster Location: 5

Using Atmospheric Modeling to Pinpoint Ripple Migration Timing in Meridiani Planum During the Last 400 ky, H. Carson, L. K. Fenton, T. I. Michaels [Abstract 3053], Poster Location: 6

Thermophysical Characterization of Southern Hemisphere Dunes On Mars, R. H. Hoover, N. E. Putzig, L. K. Fenton, S. Courville [Abstract 3063], Poster Location: 9

A SHARAD’s Eye View of Martian Dunes, N. E. Putzig [Abstract 3054], Poster Location: 10

Poster Session: Data Management
Tue, p.m., Zion Room

Submitting Data to the PDS: Data Management Plans, Derived Data, and More, L. D. V. Neakrase, L. Huber, N. Chanover, R. Beebe, J. Johnson [Abstract 3015], Poster Location: 13

Poster Session: Grains Aloft and On the Ground
Tue, p.m., Zion Room

In Situ Sampling of Terrestrial Dust Devils and Implications for Mars, J. Raack, D. Reiss, M. R. Balme, K. Taj-Eddine, G. G. Ori [Abstract 3006], Poster Location: 17

Direct Measurement of Interparticle Adhesion of Titan Aerosol Analogs (‘Tholin’) Using Atomic Force Microscopy, X. Yu, S. M. Hörst, C. He, P. McGuiggan, N. T. Bridges [Abstract 3048], Poster Location: 22

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