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Final Announcement

Meeting Location and Date

The Cryovolcanism in the Solar System workshop will be held June 5–7, 2018, at the Lunar and Planetary Institute, Universities Space Research Association (USRA), 3600 Bay Area Blvd, Houston, Texas 77058.

Purpose and Scope

This workshop aims to advance our understanding of the processes that may lead to extrusive and intrusive volcanism on the icy satellites, KBOs, and hydrous asteroids in our solar system. Specifically, we seek to resolve how and under what conditions volcanism and magmatism occur on these worlds and verify the likely mechanisms responsible for putative volcanic features and magmatic constructs that have been imaged by spacecraft.

We invite abstracts which focus on the generation, migration, and eruption of cryovolcanic fluids on the icy satellites, KBOs, and hydrous asteroids in our solar system. We welcome contributions pertaining to: the rheology and composition of aqueous solutions and other low-temperature liquids that may serve as cryovolcanic fluids; mechanisms for the transport of cryovolcanic fluids from the interior to the surface; laboratory work on low-temperature solutions, slurries, and cryogenic liquids; theoretical modeling and analysis of candidate cryovolcanic features; and plausible terrestrial analogs.

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