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Meeting Planning Services

Program and Presenter Information

Detailed information about the agenda is available by viewing the program and abstracts. Authors are encouraged to view the author index for abstracts that have been accepted for presentation and where they have been scheduled. Authors should also review their names in these products and, if updates are needed, email them to [email protected].

Session Room Technology

The session room has audio and video capability. The computer will be connected to the projector and to Zoom, so presenters can use the computer to present. All attendees will be able to see presentations; however, since screens will be mirrored, the presenter's display with notes and upcoming slides will not be accessible. It will also be used as a presenter computer if needed. A spare laptop to use as a Presenter computer should also be available, but because screens will be mirrored, presenter notes will not be available.

Presenting from individual computers or laptops is not recommended and likely will not be possible due to the bandwidth limitations of the public Wi-Fi network. If there are any audio-visual issues, we do not plan on giving you your time back because we need to stick to the schedule due to virtual and international participation.

In-Person Presenters

Presentations are scheduled for 30 minutes each, including Q&A. Presenters should expect discussion and questions during their presentations, so it is recommended they prepare a presentation that will take 20–25 minutes but anticipate having content for up to 30 minutes if questions are few. If you are near the end of your presentation time and you are still talking, moderators might ask you to pause to ask the room and online participants if there are questions before you can resume.

While PowerPoint, Keynote, and PDF presentations should be supported, we strongly encourage you to use a PDF version to avoid any potential issues with fonts or slide rearrangements by moving between operating systems. Additionally, because the primary method of display will be through Zoom, we strongly discourage the inclusion of any movies or animations since they of often poorly rendered through streaming platforms.

Presentations should be emailed to [email protected] no later than 24 hours prior to presentation.

Conveners will download and test each file and confirm receipt via email. Members of the Organizing Committee will be available to assist presenters before the meeting begins each day and during breaks.

Remote Presenters

Remote presenters will share their screens and presentation files during the meeting. As a backup, presentation files should be sent to [email protected] no later than 4 hours prior to presentation. Conveners will download and test each file and confirm receipt via email.

Presenters will be invited to a Zoom test no later than August 4, 2023.

Note: All electronic submission forms are part of the Meeting Portal, which requires users to set up a personal profile to access our electronic forms (setting up a profile is quick and easy, requiring only a few minutes of your time).