Planetary Sciences Community Meetings Calendar

Organized by LPI/USRA

September 2021
6-17 Sub-Saharan Africa Astronomy Summer School - POSTPONED, Entebbe, Uganda 
9 Lunar Surface Science Workshop , Virtual Session 11: Lunar Science Accomplished with a Robotic Arm 
9 LPI Seminar: Characterization of spatially resolved organic phases in martian meteorites and on Mars (Sandra Siljestrom, Research Institutes of Sweden), Virtual 
13-24 Europlanet Science Congress 2021, Virtual 
14-17 NASA Astrobiology Graduate ConfereN/Ce (AbGradCon), Virtual 
20 TP4: Impact Processes in the Solar System, Virtual 
20-24 Spatially Resolved Spectroscopy with Extremely Large Telescopes, Oxford, UK 
23 LPI Seminar: (Joseph O'Rourke, Arizona State University), Virtual 
30 LPI Seminar: (Mark Fox-Powell, The Open University), Virtual 


October 2021
3-8 53rd Meeting of the AAS Division for Planetary Sciences, Virtual 
4-29 Gaps, Rings, Spirals, and Vortices: Structure Formation in Planet-Forming Disks, Munich, Germany 
6-8 Space Tech Expo USA, Long Beach, California 
10-13 Geological Society of America, Portland, Oregon 
11-15 PLATO Mission Conference 2021: Exploring Exoplanets in the Habitable Zone of Solar-Like Stars, Virtual 
18-20 Habitats Beyond Earth, Virtual 
18-21 Which Observatories for PCMI?, Paris, France 
25-28 Brines Across the Solar System: Modern Brines , Virtual 


November 2021
8-9 Astromaterials Data Management in the Era of Sample-Return Missions Community Workshop , Tucson, Arizona/Virtual 
8-10 19th Meeting of the Venus Exploration Analysis Group (VEXAG) , Laurel, Maryland/Virtual 
15-18 Hayabusa 2021: 8th Symposium of Solar System Materials, Virtual 
18 Lunar Surface Science Workshop , Virtual Session 12: Landing Sites and Capabilities for Future CLPS Deliveries 
29-Dec 3 Venera-D: Venus Cloud Habitability System Workshop , Moscow, Russia/Virtual 


December 2021
13-17 AGU 2021 Fall Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana/Virtual 


January 2022
10-12 Rocky Worlds II, Oxford, United Kingdom 
11-13 Low-Cost Science Mission Concepts for Mars Exploraiton (#LowCostMars2022)  
24-25 26th Meeting of the NASA Small Bodies Assessment Group (SBAG) , Virtual 


March 2022
6-11 Cloud Academy II, Virtual 
7-11 53rd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (#lpsc2022) , The Woodlands, Texas 
21-27 Protostars and Planets VII, Kyoto, Japan 


April 2022
4-8 16th Spacecraft Charging and Technology Conference (SCTC) , Cocoa Beach, Florida 


May 2022
15-20 Origins and Exploration: From Stars to Cells (AbSciCon), Atlanta, Georgia 


June 2022
7-10 Mercury: Current and Future Science of the Innermost Planet, Orléans, France 
13-17 Meteoroids 2022 , Huntsville, Alabama 


July 2022
16-24 44th COSPAR Scientific Assembly and Associated Events (COSPAR 2022), Athens, Greece 
17-23 International Conference on Aeolian Research (ICAR XI), Swakopmund, Namibia 


September 2022
12-15 Brines Across the Solar System: Ancient Brines , Reno, Nevada 
19-23 Distributed Volcanism and Distributed Volcanic Hazards, Flagstaff, Arizona