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Session 2: Orbital Dynamics and the Physical Response of Apophis to Earth's Tidal Torques

Monday, April 22, 2024, 11:00 AM

Naomi Murdoch
Yaeji Kim

Trajectory and possible physical effects on Apophis, resulting from its close encounter flyby past Earth. (All Times are CEST; GMT +2)

11:00 AM
Valsecchi G. B.* Tommei G.
Disentangling the Cascade of Apophis Resonant Returns [#2021]
We analyze the dynamics of Apophis after the 2029 Earth encounter, with the goal of understanding the sizes of the (now negated by the observationsl record) keyholes leading to resonant returns.
11:15 AM
Granvik M.*
Is Apophis a Fragment from a Tidal-Disruption Event at the Earth or Venus? [#2064]
Tidal disruptions of asteroids do occur in the inner Solar System. The orbit and size of Apophis match current model predictions for the fragments produced in tidal-disruption events at the Earth and Venus.
11:25 AM
Kim Y.* DeMartini J. V. Richardson D. C. Hirabayashi M.
Expected Tidally Induced Resurfacing of (99942) Apophis During the 2029 Earth Encounter [#2016]
We use a tidal resurfacing model to numerically investigate the motion of surface grains driven by the tidal forces on Apophis. Our current simulation result still supports the conclusion that surface grain motion will likely occur with a tiny scale.
11:40 AM
Ballouz R.-L.* Barnouin O. S. Agrusa H. Binzel R. P. DellaGiustina D. N. et al.
Tidally-Induced Tumbling as a Mechanism for Near-Earth Asteroid Surface Refreshing: Implications for (99942) Apophis’ 2029 Earth Encounter [#2062]
We discuss surface refreshing on Apophis through tidally-induced tumbling that causes surface destabilization and high-frequency seismic activity. We present supporting observational evidence that this mechanism may be operating on NEAs.
11:55 AM
DeMartini J. V.* Murdoch N. Garcia R. F. Richardson D. C.
DEM Simulation Results of Apophis’ Physical Response to the 2029 Close Earth Encounter [#2039]
We summarize previous results of our DEM modeling of the full Apophis encounter, examining body deformation and spin change, then present new results regarding the seismic activity that our simulations predict during the encounter.
12:10 PM
Murdoch N.* Garcia R. F. Sournac A. Wilhelm A. Drilleau M. et al.
Seismic Exploration of Asteroid Apophis [#2048]
The tidal encounter of Apophis with the Earth offers the ideal scenario for the first in-situ seismic investigation of an asteroid. The Compact Seismometer can monitor the seismicity of Apophis and be used to image the asteroid's internal structure.
12:20 PM
Dorogy N. A.* Sava P. C.
Remote Seismic Imaging of Asteroid 99942 Apophis [#2001]
Subsurface imaging is paramount in discerning asteroid structure and composition. Seismic interferometry using laser Doppler vibrometry enables remote, high-resolution investigation of asteroids like Apophis and relies only on natural seismicity.
12:30 PM
Open Discussion
12:45 PM
Lunch Break and Posters


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