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General Themes

  • Physical processes and dynamical scenarios of accretion

    • The nebula:  Diversity, turbulence, winds, and evolution
    • Accretion:  From 10–6 to 10+6 meters
  • Timescales of accretion

    • Durations, radial distance, and mixing
    • Jupiter’s effects
    • The Nice model, Grand Tack model, and others
  • Source compositions for our solar system and chemical processing

    • Chemical and isotopic tracers
    • Chondrule formation:  The broader picture
    • Mixing before, during, and after accretion
  • The influences of impacts

    • Collisional disruption and reassembly
    • Impact-induced differentiation and families
  • Linking dynamical, physical, and chemical models
  • Is accretion in our solar system relevant to other solar systems?
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