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Invited Speakers

Invited speakers for the conference will include:

Dr. Ilsedore Cleeves (Harvard University):  Observations of Other Stellar Systems and Accretion Disks
Dr. Steve Desch (Arizona State University):  Chondrules and Their Physical/Chemical Processing
Dr. Paul Estrada (SETI Institute):  Growth and Drift of Nebular Particles
Dr. Ryan Ogliore (Washington University):  Cometary Materials, and Mixing in the Early Solar System
Dr. Justin Simon (Johnson Space Center):  Stable Isotopic Constraints on Early Solar System Processes
Dr. Cristina Thomas (Planetary Science Institute):  The Current Solar System and Clues to Its Past
Dr. Meenakshi Wadhwa (Arizona State University):  Radiochronology and Timescales
Dr. Kevin Walsh (Southwest Research Institute):  Orbital and Collisional Evolution
Dr. Benjamin Weiss (Massachusetts Institute of Technology):  Magnetism in the Early Solar System

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